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Q: 16/f

hi so i have minor acne. just some really small bumps on my forehead and cheeks and some blackheads on my nose and chin that never seem to go away no matter what i do. what's a good acne product that i can use to help get rid of these tiny bumps and blackheads but not irritate or dry out my skin? help! thank you:)

Q: 13/f
okayy...well today i got a txt message from my friend telling me that the guy i kinda like likes me back..a while back he asked her for my # but i told her not to give it to him cuz i was kinda nervous..but now i REALLY wanna talk to him over spring break but i dont have his number...should i ask him for it..or what....any suggestions on what i should do??
Get his number from a friend, & text him "Hey, it's _____.watcha up2 over break?" (whatever your name is.)
Then, he has ur number & you started a conversation!

Q: Please dont say anything mean.


i come here from the phillipines. for those who know the phillipines we are not the richest country. i moved to washington just this last summer. my family comes from proverty so much so that we didnt own a tooth brush. so thats why my teeth are yellow. i was wondering is there anything other than brushing my teeth that will whiten my teeth.
Crest whitestrips from the drugstore!
You wear them for 5 minuites a day & they whiten your teeth! I did mine last summer &it lasted. Best of luck :)

Q: i don't know what to do i'm with a man i don't love, hes like 20 years older than me, i'm going crazy, cause i have no one to turn to. i have social phobia, no friends, i can't talk to ppl, cause i've got trust problems.....
i feel like a dead person just going thru the motions, i beat myself up constantly everyday, cause sometimes i hate myself.
i'm living a lie..
sometimesw i think i'm a evil monster
The only way to be happy is to be content with yourself. Close your eyes & take 5 deep breaths & think "i am perfect, i am happy, i am content"

There is nothing wrong with you. You are completely normal.
If the man you are with dosent make you happy, why be with him? Dont stay with people out of need, choose your friends out of want.
You dont need to depend on anybody. You have the most powerful energy inside yourself. You have the power. & you are strong.

Get dresed up pretty, go outside, smile, & be friendly to people. Youll be suprised at all the smiles you get back.

Have a great day =)

Q: 13/F - he is 14/M

Okay here are just some questions for boys only (or girls if you think you can answer them) that protain to a problem I am having now: (please answer them like you would if you were 14)
1. Do boys ever play around with girls' emotions for the heck of it? Like do they ever just get a laugh out of messing around with a girl's feelings? If so, WHY??
2. What are boys' reactions when a girl starts crying?
3. What would a boy do if he likes a girl but doesn't want a girlfriend? What should the girl do in this situation?
4. I've heard a lot of diferent girls' opinions, but in you opinion do you prefer to chase a girl or have her come to you?
5. What ( in your boy opinion haha ) should a girl do if the boy she likes (and he says he likes her too) is ignoring her? If he likes her why would he ignore her??

Please help me out guys, this boy is really confusing me... And you say girls are confusing... Ha.
1. Do boys ever play around with girls' emotions for the heck of it? Like do they ever just get a laugh out of messing around with a girl's feelings? If so, WHY??
WELL. USUALLY NO. MOST BOYS ARE REALLY DECENT! But some of them are really immature, & when they are with their friends, they think its funny to mess with girls & make them cry. Its a huge ego boost, & also, they dont realize how hurtful they really are & how they really affect people.

2. What are boys' reactions when a girl starts crying?
DEPENDS ALSO. REALLY, I WISH I KNEW THE PERSON YOU WERRE TALKING ABOUT. In my dreams, im with the love of my life on the beach, crying about somthing & hes wiping away my tears & promising its all going to be okay. But that dosent really actually happen, usually. From what ive seen, middle school boys think its weak when girls cry over small things, & that we are being insensitive.

3. What would a boy do if he likes a girl but doesn't want a girlfriend? What should the girl do in this situation?

4. I've heard a lot of diferent girls' opinions, but in you opinion do you prefer to chase a girl or have her come to you? IM A GIRL, BUT ID RATHER CHASE A BOY A LITTLE BIT, BUT FROM WHAT IVE SEEN BOYS WOULD RATHER CHASE THE GIRL ASLO, UNLESS HES EXTREMELY SHY & THEN HE WOULD RATHER THE GIRL MAKE THE FIRST MOVE.

5. What ( in your boy opinion haha ) should a girl do if the boy she likes (and he says he likes her too) is ignoring her? If he likes her why would he ignore her?? MAYBE HES SHY, OR MAYBE HE DOSENT REALLY LIKE HER, BOYS ARE FUNNY LIKE THAT.



Q: im nervous to make out for the first time. any advice?
Hehe! Aw this is cute.
Itll be fun dont worry
No matter what, youll laugh about it later.
Ittle run smoothly. Just take a deep breath, smile with confidence,& look them in the eyes.

Whoever your doing it with will appreciate how calm youll be. Or, if your nervous you can tell them. & they will calm you down.

Q: I am doing an essay "Is cloning right or wrong"

any ideas of what to inclue ;

I've written disadvantages,benefits,voting polls, different types of cloning etc

I want to do other people's opinion's but all I have found are just random people's opinions online - I'd like them to be from someone who states their job, particulary in the science industry

If you could find some opinions from other people, it needs to sound reliable that could help, and tell me some other things you think i should inclue
Theres an episode of Boston Legal about it.
Does that help?

Q: Ok i'm a very pale chick and for as long as i can remember after shaving down there its always pink. Today all day the lips of my vagina and the triangle of skin just above it have been itching like crazy but theres nothing visibly seen. Just normal. i shaved the night before and sometimes it itches afterwards but never the entire day afterwards and i got my period today too if that matters for anything. what do you think is going on? i could really use some advice i'm starting to feel paranoid even though i'ma total virgin and never have done anything down there with another person.
It gets extra sensitive around the time of your period.
So, if you take an advil or tylenol, you should feel better asap.
Its not a big deal.

Q: Im 13 and female ,I have been dating this romantic,sweet guy and i like him alot.
I want to kiss him and i did but, the problem is hard to explain.
I want to kiss him and i think about how good it will be but when it come to actually doing it i chicken out, and when he asked me to hang out i did and i was soo nervouse i didnt talk at all. I feel soo weird inside when i think about him and i always think about kissing him but , in reallity i cant.
I need advice!
Aw!!! Young love :] your making me so happy right now!! This is really sweet

Just take a deep breath, look him in the eyes, & say "kiss me" & he will

Q: I'm 13(m) and I think I love a friend! We've been friends for over 4 years and we are like a crew a group (of 3, but the other one we are not talking about). My question is, should I ask her out or will that ruin our friendship?
It will complicate your friendship, but its worth it.

If your good friends you should make a good couple, & have a LOT of fun together but your young so eventually its going to end, both of you are going to be hurt, & its going to be sort of awkward.
But youll get over it, & youll be even closer friends now that you went through the experience

I say you go for it

Q: Ok,so I am a dark skinned male. My skin tone is something like an average person from Hawaii. Sun-tanned dark-middleish from brown to orange.

What color shirts should I wear to look lighter and good? Yeah I don't just want to look good,but I want to look fairer as well.

My pants:I usually wear dark blue jeans. I have heard white,khaki,grey and baby blue goes well with my skin tone. But I also heard white makes my tan skin look darker in comparison? And that I should stay away from black,but black makes my skin look fairer. So what are the colors that you suggest to make me look not only fairer,but nicer as well. Thanks!!
Light colors!
Light pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, anything light.
But not white.

Best of luck :]

Q: I was wondering if anyone knew of any fun interesting clothing stores. I like stores like Heritage 1981, Delia's, the way clothes were at Forever 21 before it became kinda trashy, Anthropologie, Lucky, etc. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I'm not exactly rolling in cash, so anything cheaper than the last two stores mentioned would be preferable.
American Eagle has nice shirts, sweaters, etc.

I love shopping in the boys sections of stores, even though im a girl, because then i end up with unique things.

Lisa Kline is fun, & Wet Seal, or you could try Girlfriends.

I really like Bananna Republic, or Ancor Blue, or Planet Phunk

Best of luck!

oh wait, Image also! & Anat B!

Q: i want a tattoo meaning survivor...
survivor of depression, rape, molestation, abuse.
basically a survivor of my life...i grew up horrible...but i still survived and i am a survivor
A rose, because even though theres thorns & prickly things around it, the beauty survives.

I think a heart with small tears in it, would be really nice.

Q: i need foundation that has good coverage. i have a bit of acne and i can never seem to hide it. right now i use maybellene mineral power liquid makeup and the concealer. i like the way it isn't thick and cakey, but i feel like it doesn't have enough coverage. what is a good kind i can get at a drugstore (no really expensive ones) that has good long lasting coverage, and is oil free?
Covergirl whipped foundation


Does straightening your hair give you split ends...
If so, how do I prevent this? Can I prevent this?


P.S don't bug me if this is in the wrong category.
It does
"Its a 10" is an awesome shampoo & conditioner, & leave in condition that will help
Also, heat protector spray

Q: Hay! well i have a reallllly short torso,so jeans with a medium rise go up to my belly button and always look awkward on me!where can i find super low rise jeans,because those are the only kind that seem to fit my body normally? i've tried hollister,but they're too tight around the waist.pacsun doesn't do me too good either,where i used to get my jeans until they changed the style. thanks
American Eagle! I love them

Or Pacsun online, because there they might have the style you used to like

Best of luckk

Q: the guys i go for ALWAYS hurt me, as a result i have become pretty negative as far as relationships go. the person who messed me up the most though was this boy david. my neighbor jake brought me to a party where i ended up meeting a bunch of guys from his all boys school. the host was cute and we ended up making out but i found out he was a womanizer. well anyways, david had a girlfriend at the time of the party but i guess he got messed up and ended up making out with this really slutty not very attractive model. that was the night i met david. he gave me and jake a ride home from the party and he was cute and charming and asked for my number just in case he got lost going home and needed directions. from that night forward we began calling each other best friend and texting all the time. i eventually began to like him. we kept texting and he was very flirty and we went to the mall together. we were talking about a good 2 or 3 months while he was with his gf untill he finally dumped her for me. we started to have a thing immediately after and i was so happy but i wasnt sure i trusted him considering he has cheated on his gf and the fact he dumped her for me. he told me how we werent going to see anyone else and he was very protective of me. being my dumb self i bought into the fact that i was different. i told him about this guy who had reallyy hurt me and he promised he would never do that to me. i turned down many guys for him and went to a couple parties without him where i was completely loyal. he at one point told me i wasnt as skinny as most girls he goes for (i am 5'5 and 118 pds with a flat stomache and boobs). i had never been body concious until he said that. he ended up getting mono from his previous gf and lucky me, i got it too about a week and a half after him. i got it alot worse though and had to go to the hospital for three days because of it. he didnt visit me. then when i got out about two days later he came over and that was when i started to realize just how dumb he truly was. like this kid is actually a complete idiot! well i lost 10 pounds from the mono he had given me that i wasnt yet recovered from and i looked so disgustingly skinny but he told me how much better i looked and how i shouldnt gain my weight back! he pounced on me despite the fact i wasn't fully recovered and shoved his tounge down my throat. he had recovered mono and men cant get it a second time so the fact i still had it didnt matter to him. oh and i left something out, throughout our whole relationship he ALWAYS mentioned to me how ugly that model was and how he regret kissing her, and he would make fun of her and her ugliness every time she put up new photos on facebook. well anyways he went to lax camp that weekend but he made sure to call me every night. friday night was the night he decided to give me the rule that i was no longer allowed to talk to any other guys. that saturday he was texting me all day as usual, but at night he decided to spaz out on me about the fact that i dont tell him i like him enough therefore i must not like him. he was being rediculous. the next day he was normal and i called him out for the night before and he took me all wrong and got super offended. he was comming home that day and had wanted to chill but he stopped talking to me. that night he didnt call and i knew something was up. the next day i texted him and he broke things off saying he wanted to be able to do stuff with other girls but still wanted me as well. i knew something was up. that night, pictures went up and i got to see a lovely photo of david from the previous night making out with the ugly model. i was in shock. it was a terrible feeling. i moved on quickly to this cute senior and didnt reply to any of david's texts that week. the next week he began to beg for me back when i actually replied to him. i didnt take him back and he stopped talking to me again. then he tried to get me to be his "friend with benefits". i was NOT for that and intentionally gave him worlds worst blue balls. then he tried to get me back several other times after that. he also came to a party at my house, puked in my sink i clearly told everyone not to use bc it doesnt work properly and didnt confess untill he wasnt even at my house anymore. i got grounded for the rest of the summer. i kind of left out the fact that after things didnt work with the senior i made out with a TON of different guys. i was so hurt that i thought it would make me feel better. well we ended up talking again and being friends again and he asked me to his homecomming and i said yes. we talked over the fact we were just going as friends despite the fact he still liked me. i wasnt over him he didnt know that though, and i am not dumb enough to ever go back to someone who hurts me like that. the whole night he kept trying to be all touchy feely and was trying to make out with me. i distanced my self a bit and of course my other friends from his school new everything so i looked dumb even being there with him. i dont know if it was the fact that i didnt want him or what but he immediately ditched me at the after party. me and this girl stole the alcohol bottel and i drank untill i was no longer upset. i dont remember much of that night, i guess i meade out with 6 guys though including david. 2 of which were at a different party i dont even remember being at. i left david a couple drunken voicemails then went to bed. the next day i tried to call to appologize for being an emberassment and thank him for taking me, he didnt pick up. he never called back. my good guy friend later informed me how proud of himself alex was over the summer when he did stuff with the ugly model and that he had gotten head from her! also i guess he was talking about how he wasnt going to call me back or respond to my texts. i was really hurt, all i wanted was to talk to him. i had ALWAYS heard him out and he couldnt listen to me the one time i messed up? also my drinking buddy told me he had planned on trying to get with her and texted her earlier in the week trying to see if shed do stuff with him at the afterparty. i wonder if that was before or after he tried to convince me to go as more than just his friend. i wonder if he planned on kissing us both! basically he hates me, i probably dont even cross his mind and i am pathetic and i still think about him all the time. and i still starve myself sometimes because he has me so afraid of my weight. i dont know what to do, or how to deal with it or him. everyone at his school hates him now because he ratted out a ton of kids including some of his best friends for having drugs and alcohol just to save his own skin from getting expelled. he got two kids expelled 1 of which is not on probation and 10 suspended, all just to save his own ass. how do i still care about someone so selfish and decietful? how can i get over him? and honestly do you think that one night mistake i made was as bad as everything he did to me? please just tell me anything you think. thankyou. sorry this is so long.
Hes an evil abuser.
Serously. you wer in an abusive relationship.
im so sorry.
there isnt anything positive that you can get from him. instead, go to grownups that can help. find a specialist to help you get ovr the body issues that hes forced on you. speak with a therapist about how much you miss him. hes ABUSED you mentally. its going to be difficult to heal from this alone.

Q: (I'm sorry about the length)
Weeell, I'm 14, and I kind of need some help. See, this is pretty much what I'm like: I'm pretty, not beautiful, but, you know, pretty high above norm. I'm smart, I guess. I laugh EXTREMELY EASILY-not in an obnoxious way, but I have a very boy-ish sense of humor, and I'm pretty funny myself, too. Last part, I'm very shy in school. But, anyways, I've noticed boys really like being around me. And I feel totally comfortable around them. A lot of popular boys are always teasing me, talking to me, you know. A LOT of boys like me, too, which makes them fool around with me a lot more, and I totally LOVE my "gift" as most people call it! I'm so lucky. But here's my problem. None of them have ever asked me out! Ok, well, quite a handful of boys have asked me out, but they were all... weird. And I don't get it! Do they want popular girlfriends so they don't look bad? Do they expect ME to ask THEM out? I've never done that before. So, I need some advice! How do I get boys to ask me out? They already like me, so, I don't know what else to do.

If ur always with awhole bunch of guys none of them are going to ask you out. You need to find the one your really intrested in & make them feel really special, let them know you like them the best, & then theyll ask you out. Otherwise theyr afraid of rejection.

Be careful though, if you have a boyfriend those adoring fans of your might just disapear.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best curl-enhancing styling product? Preferably a drugstore product, but i'm open to anything.
I've been using Sunsilk Captivating Curls Gel&Cream Twist, along with the scrunching mousse from the same line and they're...okay. My hair is naturally wavy, kind of like it really wants to curl but it just can't do it on its own. I'm looking for something that gives me curls like this:

Thanks a lot :]
I have wavy hair too, & if your hair is like mine its not going to get THAT curly. It might get curly though. Mine does!
Matrix Curl.Life shampoo. Green bottle, available @ target. I suggest getting all the steps (shampoo step one, conditioner step two, etc. Thers 4 of them.)
& blowdry with a diffuser or let it airdry outside. No brushing after you get out of the shower, & no towl drying either.

Q: I'm 20/f, and I dunno if it's like, a hormonal issue (that time of month...), that I'm becoming anemic, or something, but since I ran a mile today, my heart rate has been randomly speeding up and slowing down.
It feels like I'm constantly nervous about something, but there's nothing to be nervous about.
My heartbeat wasn't erratic in any way during my run, it was steady as it always is. I started feeling odd before work, and actually calculated my pulse as 102 bpm a couple of times, which is ridiculously high for me. Normally, it's 78 or so.
I was standing in place when I did the calculation.
Also, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my left leg has been killing me for the past two days, somewhere in or around my hip. I had a stress fracture, but I think it's okay now, which is why I went running.
But this whole heartbeat thing is really freaking me out. I know, "stop freaking out, because when you freak out, your heart rate goes up." Got that covered. What could be causing this?
I know no one's a doctor, I'm just looking for nonmedical ideas, unless you think it could be a medical problem. Has anyone had experience with something like this, or...?

My names leona. Im 14 so it might be a different issue but i had the same problem 3 years ago. It got to the point where i was dizzy & blacking out from such a fast heartbeat for 10 minuites straight, so my mom took me to the doctor & they did a ton of tests & decided i had a heart condition. Im not sure of the name anymore but ill check on it & edit my answer when i know it.

After medication didnt work, i finally got surgery 2 years ago. I got the surgery because the doctor said it could be very dangerous when i started driving, since somtimes you cant pull over & if you dont stop the quick heartbeats it can lead to fainting.

Im not saying you have the same thing, but definately go to the doctor & check it out if it continues. I only went to the doctor because i started getting these quick heartbeats daily.

Im pretty sure the doctor said leg pain might come with it, & somtimes it went as fast as 120 beats per minuite from just sitting down.

Anyway the point of this long story is please get it checked out & make sure it isnt dangeorus. Any questions, please inbox me.

=) im glad your geting it checked out by a doctor! Let me know how it goes

A friend will let you borrow their umbrella but a best friend will take yours and scream "Run Loser Run!!!"
we are all angels
with one wing
and we can wonly fly
with the help of somone else
my friends are my wings


you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose! but you cant pick your friends nose

killers stab you in the head
Frenemies stab you in the back
boys stab you in the heart
but best friends dont carry knives

a best friend will never ever come to bail you out of jail so never use your one phone call on them
i tried that, but she wouldent pick up. when i got back to our jail cell, i asked her why she wouldent pick up her phone.

theres no thing as strangers. there are only friends we havent met yet

ill give you advice the best that i can
im only 13 so the advice i give you may not be the best
but ive made tons of mistakes so i can relate
and im obsessed with shopping so anything with clothes i can help
and im always here if you want to talk or hang out or anything
im giving you the truth straight up
i am a brutally honest person
Im also fun-loving and adorable
I consider myseld a happy person
I just happen to love black
Do not call me gothic or ill kill you


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