hi, im marissa, and im HXC, and im a hippie, and im opinionated, and im fucking crazy. and i have gone through alot of shit in my life, so i have answers to some problems from personal expirence. im almost 16, but i want out of my house. im in a relationship, and its been going on for over a year. he means the world to me. i love my life, and i cherish it. but i do live on the edge, and i like to go fast. i know breaking laws is bad, but its like an addiction to me. i am the treasurer of my schools gay straight aliance, and i get alot of shit for it. but it dosent affect me. i havee alot of friends. and im with them 24'7. and i would not have it any other way. im always faced with tough decisions and fears... long story. but im a pretty interesting person.


do most people use the old or new facebook? this is more of a poll.. but for advice purposes, why do you like or dislike either of them?

i just wanted to know so i could get adjusted.. i hate the new facebook

ew i hate the new one... i really hate it. like i cant figure out how to use it.


im 14.and ive been with my boyfriend for about a year&& 4 months.when we have sex he just pulls out.we havent been using protection for about 7months.i really dont like the sex with condoms.should i start using protection.do you think its safe?

hi- i know people who have been in situations like yours. and they got pregnant. and they had to get an abortion. please, dont stop using condoms. because your only 14, and i know im only 15, but your only 14 you have your whole life ahead of you, a baby or an abortion could mess things up badly. so those sayings like "pulling out works" or "do it in water" ... they dont work. none of them. well kind of pulling out but there is still a 85% of pregnancy... we learned that in health a couple days ago. please use protection. i hope i helped.


Hi im having a party and Im looking for good rap and hip hop music. Like Lil Wayne-type stuff. Nothing light and poppy like the Black Eyed Peas. Preferrably newer songs. Thanks.

well, i am like in love with that song 'lets go' its by Lil Jon and Trick Daddy And Twista. but it says the n word alot.
'4 minutes' by madonna and justin timberlake is pretty good.
'sexy can i'
'whats your fantasy'
hmmm stuff ying yang twins is pretty good :].
that song like shorty is a killa, i think thats the name, dont take my word fo that one thougggh.
'the anthem' by pitbull :]!
'move shake drop' have no clue who its by, but is on the radio like 24'7.
'shawty get loose'
'swing' by savage..
yeah hope i helpeddd:]


is my myspace gonna be deleted if i hide the advertisements? i found the code but people said that i might get deleted.. is there any proof in this?

hmmm i dont really know, but i have a code on mine hiding the adds, and i have had it up for over a year. and i have not gotten deleted. so maybe my code is different, maybe the people below are wrong.


how do i put a picture in the about me section on my profile?

use like www.tinypic.com. it will give you a html code. use it, it should work. if not use something like... < img src = picture link here >


my friend kept asking when i work two months ago, i was working and she text me "when you off of work?" i reply soon i am just closing the store with the crew. she relpy again "so you not off yet?" "no iam not, why do you want to know?" she didnt reply. then the next moring she ask again when i work. i told her then ask her why, she said "just curious" i reply "okay? you kept buggin me when i am off and when i work and you just wondering?!?!" i called her a "stocker" and she said "your point?". Now this moring she ask again! so i ask her why and she was just wondering??? if she wants to do something she should ask me. geezz!! i see her every mondays and wedendays because w have class those days. i just dont get why she asking without a point!

fyi:am a bi/girl

hey, jeeze your situation sounds annoying. but she sounds like she is a stalker, lolz. but she probably wants to hang out with you. or she is like watchin you at work. but she might just be a creeper like that. but i would try and talk to her and be like it bothers me that your on my back about my schedaul. she might have a crush on you, :]. who knows? hope i helped.



okay, long story short my girlfriend and i want to start having sex again, but the problem is we have absolutely nowhere to go, the car is okay, but its cold outside, (freezing!!) and both our parents are always home. Is there anyone who could think of somewhere we could go, aside from like a hotel or something???? Thank you so much!!

well, theres always the movie theatre. lol, im kidding, but i know people that have done that. but if your car has a heater, the could work. but while your parents are at work, maybe? or maybe convince your parents to go out one night. or if your parents arnt like hawks, and watch you 2 24/7 you could try it while they are home. thats a lil risky though. but the person who answered before me is smart. like waiting till it warms up would work, make it more spechail. i hope i helped.


ok I didn't know it but while I was sleeping, pimples started growing and when they do, my skin there is really itchy.

I have long nails so my nails dug INTO my skin and made this jagged line on the side of my nose.

It's been 5 days and there's no sign that it's healing or anything.

What else can I do? Is it going to scar?

um, i get the same kind of problms, and i use to scratch them. mine scared :[. i would deff. get some scar cream to make the area not scar. i dont know what the cream is called, sorry. but also lookinng for a ance cream would help. i hope i helped.


what are some of the scariest movies you've ever seen? i need a really scary one! thankss =)

um... hostel is scary, but like half of it is porn. and then like a gore fest. um the saw movies are pretty scary. the omen was scary, i think. scream movie, they dont scare me, but my friends get scared by them. 28 days later && 28 weeks later. (i never saw this one but i heard it was scary, cold creek manor). texas chainsaw massacar (obvious). the decent. house of wax. (wasnt uber scary, but i loved it, cry wolf). wolf creek. an american haunting(SPELLING?). black christmas. rest stop. stuff like that. hope i helped.


i just made an account there, and i have two questions.
1. does it allow virgin mobile?
2. when i was putting my number in i put 1716 and nwo it thinks 171 is my area code and 716 is! so my number is ALL wrong how can i fix it!?

hey. im pretty sure it dosnt do virgin mobil(SP?). but my friend signed up for that site, and after getting the 4 free ringtones, she started getting charger 9.99 a month. i hope i helped. oh and i dont think you can fix it...sorry


a REALLY good tom hanks movie? i dont think this is in the right category, sorry =/

cast away. the terminal.


ok i have only stuck my pointer finger in my vagina and i use super plus tampons and i was wondering, is my cherry popped? it was a long time ago so i dont remember if i bled or not. my finger is about 3 to 3 1/2 inches long.


hi :], i know people already answered this but whatever. it dosnt sound like you popped you cherry. it is possible though. you can pop your cherry from mastermating/using tampons. but you bleed a little after you pop your cherry. um honestly, i dont think it is. i hope i helped.



the song playing on her page.
what is that song?

cue the sun or daphne loves derby


can your cherry pop if you do masturbation for the first time? and are you supposed to be sore? and for me i didn't have an orgasm. how long until you r not sore? and how long until you have an orgasm? just in general. because i know it is different for all girls. just an estimated time.
tank you

hello :]. yes, you can pop your cherry while masterbating. yes, you can popo your cherry while masterbating for the first time. um i have noticed that the soreness from masterbating/fingering lasts for about 2 to 5 days... for me at least. theres not exact time for how long it takes to get an orgasm... matters on you and your boby & how good the pleasure is. i hope i helped.


suggestions on loosing belly fats

hey. i dont know to much to do. but you will need to burn more calories than you. i dont know, im so sorry. but i would check out this site if i were you... http://exercise.about.com/cs/abs/f/abslosingfat.htm


heyy i have light brown, dark blonde hait and i want like a beige blonde/ baby blonde colour for my hair is there any decent brands that you can recommend that will definately work on my hair n make it how it looks on the box :] :]

http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w23/babee_rae_of_hornc/hair2x.jpg i want it similar to this.. ^

thankyoo xxxxx

hey. i dye my hair SOOO much. and i normally have brown hair. then i dyed it to blond, and i had it about a year and a half... the brands i used were.. loreal, aand Garnier Nutrisse. hope i helped.


what exactly does it mean when a girl is giving a guy head? and can girls get head too? thanks guys

head is when a girl sucks a boys dick. but no, girls can get head.


my boyfriend calls me sweetie and i wanna call him something like that. what are nicknames i can call him? i know there's baby, babe, honey. but what are others?


um i have a couple nick names for my boyfriend. emo kid, uhbugaboo (lol), cowboy, or baby. lol. but um, some names my friends use are names like boo, cookie lips, huney bunches of oats (lol), dimpels, poochy, pookie, pop tart, goober, i cant think of any others. i hope i helped.


ok, i was in the showerr, and like this kid -__- told me that you have to like do this thing, and it was basically masturbating, and my friend fell for it, and convinced me, and then so i did, and yeah, im pretty sure it was masturbating. but i was just wondering, like i know its just water, but yah.. it like hit this really sensitive spot, and then i started like twicthing, is that what happens? i mean it felt good, but weird. so i was just wondering, was that like an orgasm? anyone ever had that happen to them??

yeah that is one way you can masterbate. i never tried it, but yeah its masterbating. just because you twitch, dosnt mean your having an orgasm. but its a part of a orgasm.


I have been looking for some books for summer reading and have yet to find one that sounds interesting. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or recommendations. :]

um some books i like are... prep (AMAZING). crank (good but confussing). the knife (one of fear street books). tithe (AMAZING). summer boys, and the sequal, next summer (really good). speak (sad, but moving). i hope i helped.


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