On One Tree Hill, Brooke takes a baby who needs medical help to her home and cared for her until she could get that medical help from volunteering doctors. Then she sends the baby home back to her parents in some third world country. Is there an actual program like this? If so, how can I do what Brooke did?

just like the person below me, this is something that you might want to do some thorough research on. i personally love one tree hil, and think that the program is great for mothers to be or people wanting to adopt in the future. but i have a question. in this past episode i didnt think brooke sent the baby back. is that in the next one for monday ???


Does anyone know how to change the black screen on ipod touches?

when you say black screen you mean when its on hold? if so you cant. but if you want to change your background, for when you unlock the touch, you go to settings, then General, and then wallpaper and choose a picture from the photos provided or some you uploaded


Okay so I REALLY AM TRYING TO GET AN IN TONED BODY. I have tried for like two years and I can't get my legs to look the way I want them to. What do I do?

what i do is go to a cardio at my school or you can go to any gym.
start off with doing the bike(its basically a bike loking thing) for 15-20 minutes at leel 2-4 remembe to set the level, if it starts hurting in less than 5 minutes then bring the level down.
also do the tredmeal fro about 10 minutes starting on speed 3 wich is basically walking.
do this twice a week
once you legs get more toned go a up a few levels.
it will be about 2- 3 weeks if your consistence. after one to two months of training you cant get up to 8-10 level on the bike for 24-35 minutes(with incline) and 6 spedd with 1.5-3 incline for 10-15 minutes.
anymore questions about abbs arms etc. jsut ask


hey, i really want to be an advice columnist when im older, but the thing is, i need to do work experience first. the concept itself is okay, its just the fact that the only bit near me that i could go to is a newspaper, and that doesn't appeal to me much.

So what im asking is is there any other forms of work experience that i could do?

Any advice will help, thanks :)

starting one here is a great idea.
you get good feedback and can prctice you writing skills.
and learn from mistakes, also you get to see what other people say in certain situations.
until you get a good job(like the person below me said submitting your column here to a different big column)
so until then this, and even the crapy newspaper job are fine.
people like people with aadvice and life experience.
so anything like newspapers are rreally good practice and good for resumees


In lunch yesterday these kids were hitting on me. So being that this doesn't happen all this much i was a little in shock, plus who wants a table of upperclassman hooting at you?!!?

After this i was telling my friend about it and she got mad at me? i am not really sure why. i was iming her the story, and in the mean time she was like omg! i just got this new belt! I told me whole story and she kept answering back to what i was saying. And at the end only joking around i was like who would blame them!?! so at the end of the whole thing i went back to what she said about the belt and said omg! pretty much. and she stopped answering. i am not really sure why she got mad at me. this happens alot. Alot of people dont like her and i dont understand why... she is nice and everything. she just gets mad all the sudden.

did i do something wrong?
what should i say to her?

this has happened to me
whenever you tell a good friend about people hitting on you
like her
shes probably jealous
that upperclassman hit on YOU and not HER.
maybe she just got annoyed.
tell her your sorry.
ask if something is wrong.
or just dont do anything
things like this should blow over
or even confront her about getting mad.
you may not think its the best idea.
and i used to hat talking to people
but now i think its a good idea with the right aproach.
take my advice


hey i have a school skirt thats way too long and my mom won't hem it anymore, so i have to roll it to make it shorter. but the problem is it's also too big, and i cant get a new one (i have really good reasons for that so dont suggest getting a new one=p)

so anyway, when i roll it theres a dent in my shirt so you can see that i roll it so how do i make it less noticeable or make it look shorter? and also how do i get my skirt to stay up? it keeps sliding down cause its so big!

any tips or advice? please answer soon i have school tomorrow!! all answers appreciated

i have these problems all the time.
all the schools i have been to. have uniforms.
instead of rolling it a bunch of times.
unzip it a bit and do one big roll.
like a big fold.
it its to big to do so.
theres not much you can do.
try wearing an undershirt.
or get a baggy shirt to go over it.
and if its big on the wasit.
pin it.
i know you are currently in school.
but use this in the future.
you could try hemming it urself.
hard.yes. but just look u how to hem a skirt


I'm auditioning for the fall play at school, and i'm looking for some really good monologues that are fairly serious. Preferably one that is from another play. Any suggestions of monolougues, or websites would be grealy appriciated


practice any shakespear monolougue. those are very hard at times. and good practice.

but the best monolougues to use are nes taht are IN the play you are auditioning for.

practice with a few from other plays.
check on google for some good ones.
anything shakespeare is great.
or just tpe in plays. or monologues..

once you think you have had enough practice.
or once the scripts are handed.[or if not. just ask for a copy.]
use a monolougue from the play. so you get used to the format of the writers writting. and you get a learn what the play is about.
which you may be able to do by reding on imprtant monolougue.

hope that helped


Ok,so this year i want to take cheerleading and volley ball.


I really want to take it, i've wanted to take it since i was a little kid. I also want to take it to have fun, meet new people, just really get into school clubs. i have no experience,but i'm light, flexible, and i think i would be good at it. The thing is, i'm afriad i won't make it, should i go for it? Any tips, and what i need to do to get in?

2.Volley Ball:

I want to take this cause its fun,i'm really good at it. The problem is i've never tryed volley ball with out a hard ball. I'm kind of afriad i'll get hit in the face, i'm clumsy like that. Any suggestions on getting better?

Anyways, anything you know tips, how to get in, what you need to be able to do. Also, you don't have to answer both(even though it'd be greatt.), just answer the one you know,i wont mind. :]

thanks so much!

this is a toughy.

i say you practice at both before school. leanr some cheermoves.
do cheers.
tumbling[like gymnastics]
and everything you need.
flyig will be taught.

for volleyball
do the same.
buy a ball and pump it up like a volleyball you play with would be.
i dont uite understand wut you mean by without a hard ball.
but hnestly if your good at volleyball just practice.

try out for both.

whicever one you make do that. and take the other sport in a sports leaugue.
if you make both i say volleyball. much better.
but i play volleyball so you know. me : D

but choose what ever oe you think you might succeed in.

if you dont make either.
dont be sad
just keep practicing til the next year


Oh my gawd! In Book Burger's interview with Lisi Harrison, she said that the rights were just purchased and that there will be a clique movie! I want to know if anyone has heard about when and where the auditions are going to be held!?!?!? i am desperate to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok wackyjacki is wrong.
thre is a clique movie.
for any details that you need
visit lisiharrison.net

im like cliuqe obbssessed.

a few details.

if you have an agent. ask him.her

if not you can go to jointheclique.com

or go to lisiharrison.net
and there is a link on her page.

just make a video to audition for massie or claire.

if your the best you could be icked to go audition. for real

i dont think its open audtions.


my friends grandfather died this morning. hes really hurt. but i dont know what to say to him. im scared ill say something wrong. what should i tell him?

one of the onl things really to say is that your so sry.

anything more jsuts digs a whole into a world of unknowns.

sometimes when this happens people need to be alone.my grandma died, and i liked ust talking about her.

spend time with him and let him vent. theres not much to say. its easier to do th listneing when things like this have happened.

take him out, or do something to get his mind off things. do what ever he feels like doing. giv him a day. these are always the best

dont say you know who he feels becasue really the pain he feels might bedifferent then yours.


I have a Myspace, a Vampire Freaks, a Hi5, and a Buzznet. I'm am getting very bored of all of them. All of the chat/ message boards on those sites, are very inactive.

I'd like to meet/talk to some new people. I'm not looking for dating, so don't give me dating websites. I just want some place where I can go and chat/find new people, preferably teens.

Any site suggestions?


it has fun games and its very fun to interact.

it has chat rooms.

but i say the best is when you play the game and chat. you will get it once plying the game.

also try searching on google for chat places


I dont know if i should keep the friends i have right now. All they do is complain about their lives and critize other people and when i complain about my life they are all like im sorry i cant do anything about that. And they are rude like it doesnt even matter to them! One of them never even calls me and shes my BEST FRIEND. she never trys at all, like she always tells me that she never ever askes people to hang out. but i told her she needs to ask me because im her best friend. so i just wanted to see what she would do. and now my other best friend is all like calling her all the time and now they are best friends and they always leave me out. we always have history of alot of drama so this time i really want to make our friendship work. OH YEAHH our other friend went to mexico for the whole summer and all she does is gossips about her... and she gossips about my other best friend too so i bet she gossips about me too. and thats the whole reason we got in a big fight last time because she said I gossip to much! but now i try to hold back and shes being a huge hypercryte. Im moving from San antonio to houston and i dont no if its worth being friends with all of them anymore. i feel like ive matured so much and i dont want to be in a little group of gossip anymore, i want to change for the better and just be alot more independent. do you think i should just not be friends with them or what?

i had a similar situation, except i didnt move cities, just schools. but any sort of moving can break friendships. my advice is to keep in touch, but to me it doenst sound like a friendship that will prevail in life. so keep in touch and keep them as friends, maybe see them everyone once and a while. but start a new life, being the same person you are. but trying to find new friends. and if that means having to go througha few, trust me ive been through that at my new school, and it sucks, but its better to be happy. which you dont seem to be at this moment. once youve got new friendships explain to them in truth that its hard to always hang out so far away, and with your new friendships you want to hold onto those while your in you new city, so you might not have enough time for old friends.

o, and im not ure ifyou mentioned this, but you seem to be feeling left out. i say you should make an effort to hang out. notice how the other girl did and now there closer. while your still in san antonio try yur best to still feel a part, but if that doesnt work, maybe a little alone time to think about what the deal is, is what you need.

these type of situations are very hard, and sometimes the best thing to do is just to let go. but be suttle about it, while you dont cause drama.

and dont be afriad of them saying anything about you behind your back, it may be true, but it WILL happen. and even after you leave if they do, jsut know your leaving and it will be better, your tire dof drama and gossip leave it behind. soon what they say wont matter because truly, wut most gossip is, doesnt matter.

take this into consideration.

hope it helped. Lauren


what does it feel like to be in love? theres one kid who i cannot stop thinking about for anything and when i think about him sometimes i wanna throw up i feel literally sick to my stomach when im not with him and i cant stop smiling when im with him and hes such a sweetheart and idkkk i pretty much think i am but like is it possible to fall in love with someone within a 6 day spann? cause ive talked to him for like a month and ive always kinda liked him but we have been hanging out for the past 5 days straight and i realize how much i like him and when im away from him, all i wanna do is be with him i mean i think its pretty self-explanatory but does this sounds like love?

i agree with every word the people below me have said. but o far what your feeling DOES sound like something that could become love. i might be young but i loved this guy once...and i couldnt do nything when i wasnt with him. this will happen. you didnt really ask what to about it.so ill leave it at, it seems like a formation of love. and once he since it, you will love him. truly.


Can anyone give me ideas for a screenname (AIM)?
(My names Leah, & my lucky numbers are 7 &4, if that helps?)


here are some:


get creative, use interests in your screenname. my favorite is boom.itsleah and if you dont get the LEtspArteH. the capital letters spell you name.


OK My name is Lexi and I want some name to go wiff it is like Lexi Lethal cool? Like I like punk music and want it to be something like that wiff my name yu kno? HELP PLEASE

one cool thing is to just put your name, but make it flashier by putting x's...like xX__lexi__Xx

something like that with the _ underdash.

another thing is to ut your name in perenthesis like [[lexi]] or ((lexi))_lethal_

something like that. use symbol keys on your computer using your name, and quite possibly lethal as weelll

symbols like:

you could also go on a websit like codemylayout.com, go to myspace generators, scroll down until ou see like symbol fancy writing, in a drop down box, well click on that, nd you can alwas write you name just lexi in crazy writing. but its always good to have your name, as the main thing remmber, becasue if your adding, you want people to know who you are.


Ok so some chick stole my gf's ipod. now are vice principal says if she can tell us the serial number, he can get it back, but the probleam is we're not sure how, we searched apple.. com but couldnt find anything. does anyone know a way to get the serial number if you don't actually have the ipod with you

well, you could lok on itunes, or..becasue i dont work for mac and have no clue, you could always go to an apple or MAC store, and ask them personally. go too google maps and get a location, that would be the best way to find out


im in seventh grade and a girl. well theres this boy i like a lot and ive liked him almost the whole school year. we used to talk and laugh all the time in the beginning of the year when we sat across from eachother in science but since then we barely talk. im still in lovve with him tho. its the end of the school year and im woondering if i should tell him how i feel? im afraid that if he doesnt like me back, things will be awkward then. should i tell him?

ok, first things first. i wouldnt tel him if you not that close anymore. try to get closer, and if he sees you putting th effort ino bcoming friends, he might think you like him, and once youve become better friends, tell him. but not just.. i like you. ask him if he just wants to hang out over the summer with some frends, and over that period of time, either tell him online, or pul him aside and say...'[name goes here] this has been really hard for me to try and tell you, and i think you know what im going to say, but i like you." try and leave it at that, and if it goes anywhere, THEN tell him youve liked him the whole year. dont be to stalkery or pushy about i either. guys dnt like that.

the worst thing that could happen would be he doesnt like you back. and thats ok, its happened to the best of us. tell him you dnt want it to ruin your friendship. and you still want to be friends. and maybe it works that way....

hope i helped



hi im 13 and i have masturbated about 10 time with back of pens cucumbers and random things in the house which you shouldnt masturebate with im scared about my period i turn 14 in 3 weeks will this affect my period coming im scared about if i damaged something i have stopped masturebating now please help im really scared thank you

no, of course i wont. i used to think the same thing, but it doesnt. it doesnt push back anything.

some people dont get there period until 14 or 15.

if you dont have your period when your 16, there is another problem, and you might wan to consult your doctor

but for now your fine and have nothing o worry about



In this picture, there is a pair of pointe shoes.

Ive had my pointe shoes for like .. 2 months now. They are very very unflexible. They don't bend like the ones in the pictures do.

Is there a way for me to get them like that?
Thank you!

walk around in them to get the more flexible and try dancing in them at your house so when you actually dance in studios theyll be better....just get you foot used to them...and it will loosen


i straighten my hair almost everyday and i have a lot of split/dead ends.. what could i put in my hair before i straighten it so the heat dosnt distroy it even more?

thankss =]

well first of all its really bad for your hair to straighten it everyday..find alternative ways to keep your hair straight or loking good wihtout bruning it...its bad....go online and find products...there is this one that you can get at any salon that protects your hair, just ask for something liek that....they sell things like that everywear...but stop now, becasue your hair is buring and will be destroyed befor eyou know it

hopw i helped


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