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Just came back to advicenators after a LONG break! I'm so excited to be back and share my perspective now that I'm 22. I started on here when I was like, 14 so I GET YOU. :)

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where is a good place i can get cute khakis?

hollister! they have them most of the time, i've gotten 2 pairs there and they fit like a dream.


I don't think my periods are normal but my doctor keeps telling me that they will sort out as I age. I am 22 years old and have been having a period since I was 11, actually, so I kind-of think that they should be better than they are.

I have a period every 13 - 17 days. They are pretty lengthy and very painful. I pass a LOT of blood clots and bleed so heavily that I cannot wear tampons. I've take time off of work before because of how seriously ill I've been. I've passed out a few times at work during my time of the month (or should that be timeS of the month?). I almost always vomit during the daytime while on my period. I run a fever but I am really pale and weak when I'm menstruating. This cannot be normal!

My doctor keeps telling me that I'm young and that my symptoms will clear up as I get older. I don't want them to clear up YEARS from now. I want normal 28-day periods that are moderate flow for the right amount of days...NOW! :(

What can I say to my doctor so that he takes me seriously? I seriously want this to change if at all possible. I seriously want him to understand me and try to help me rather than shrugging me off like a kid. What do I say to him?

Do you go to a physician or a gyno for this issue?

I'd highly recommend a gyno because they would actually see that this is an issue.

what you could do is ask to go on birth control. it regulates your cycle so it happens every 28 days like clockwork and also controls the pain a little bit. you're obviously old enough to go on the pill or another type of birth control so definitely look into it.

for now, just go to a different doctor.


Hey guys,

I'm curious to know if any of you know some great teen (ish) books that are about romance, any that include sex, relationships, etc. I've read plenty, but I'm still looking for more. Any help is much appreciated :) the ones I read are more PG 13, so I'm looking for books that go into more detail.


I just got into these kinds of books a year ago!
my favorites are:
take me there by colasanti
sloppy firsts and second helpings by megan mccafferty
any of the books by ellen hopkins... its sex and love... on drugs. literally.
i just signed up on amazon and gradually ordered all the books they recommended for me.

if you're into more hardcore stuff, go to the romance section... teen romance books are pretty limited in detail.

i hope this helps!


Should a girl use lubrican the first time she has sex?

it's not always necessary but it might be a good idea. it depends on the person- if you're usually really turned on or wet when doing other sexual things, you might not need it. on the other hand, you might be nervous and not be as turned on so a little extra help would be good.



so my boyfriend and i are planning on having sex underwater for the first time. I was just wondering if condoms would work? Are they waterproof. I really dont want to end up pregnant. And, when we have sex underwater, will water go into my vagina? Is that bad if it does? Water with chlorine or something. Is it safe?


it's definitely the worst place to have your first time: you'll be super dry, the condom won't work because of the friction and it's just gross cuz the water does go up there.

that's not to say you'll never wanna do it underwater, but the first time, stick to a dry surface.


i know universities have sororities , but i never hear about technical colleges having them .. do technical colleges have sororities too ?

Most likely not because sororities (NPC) are for four year schools or women pursuing a bachelor's degree. I can't say for sure but I'm almost positive thats the way it is. If you transfer to a 4 year school, most of the time you are able to join a sorority at that time.


3 to 4 months and this is what happend this month on the first of december i got my period all normal for the first two days but then it got light then really dark colored and then stoped so obviously i got worried i took a pregnancy test on that thursday it came negative but i was still woried so i took another one on tuesday. that came negative. so im hoping im not or am i taking the test to early my boyfriend almost cums in me al the tiem and we have sex about 3 to 4 times a week at least. is it my birth control or me.?

it's definitely the birth control... it changes your body randomly so don't worry about it.

even with the pill, make the effort to use a condom every time.


hey i need an idea for a college esssay

i need my essay to STAND OUT
any advice will really help!

my first sentence was "have you ever seen an elephant in toe shoes?"

risky, but the rest of my essay had to do with me, an ex athlete, learning to dance ... etc.

just think about it and make it unique... what do you care about? what did you work hard at and enjoy?
also, you gotta sell yourself... tell them something that wasn't asked on the app. did you have a job? do you enjoy babysitting? what has it all taught you?

hope that helps!


should i got to a community college for my first year. or should i go to a university? my mom says that its cheaper to go to a community college first and then transfer my credits to a university after i take all the basic courses. but all my older friends that are already in college said that is way more fun to go away to a university and live on campus. im really torn between the two. any advice?? thanks :D

honestly, i've heard it costs your more money in the end to go to a community college. Some colleges won't take certain credits or they count them for something else, so you end up losing that way. Also, it's impressive when people graduate from community college in 2 years. It seems that the majority of students take longer. it's really up to you, i considered it, but of course a college campus is much more fun that comm. college, and at least at a college you're with people that are as smart as you, not just eveyone that wants to attend. if you're strapped for cash, I say go to the community college and work it out. if not, really consider a state college or university. most state schools have reasonable tuition costs.
if you need anything else, lemme know. i'm currently a college student!


I am a 17th year old female and I want to ask my dad for Birth control.
He has told me before that if I want it, don't hesitate to ask but when the time comes its going to be awkward and weird. So when should I bring it up and what should I say.
My dad is very understanding about everything, I just will feel awkward.
Thank you.

Assuming you're talking about the pill or any other prescription bc, to get it, you'd most likely have to go to the gyno... so just ask him if he can schedule an appointment. you can go on the pill for all sorts of things like cramps and things so it won't be that awkward. hope it works out!


I'm trying to drink more water and I heard that some brands of water are much better than others. I know water is REALLY important to my body and I do want to take care of myself so I don't end up with nasty skin when I'm older. I know there is Dasani and Aquafina at WalMart. There was even something called a SmartWater that came in a really long bottle. The Fiji water (in a rectangular bottle) looks expensive but if it's the best then let me know and I will try it. That's really about all the brands I know about and I haven't really drank any of them either. What is the best tasting water available?

i drink nestle pure life water. my mom buys it in bulk at sams and it's not expensive at all and it hink it tastes great. if youre not used to drinking water [many people are not] you can try getting the flavor packets and adding them to a bottle. they come in all flavors and are mostly sugar free. you can ween yourself off of them til youre ready to drink water all the time. take care!


Ok, here goes... I guess I should tell you a bit about myself, at least the basics: 17, female, and a virgin. Great, right? Now, onto the question.
Last year there was a guy in a couple of my classes that we're going to call "Aaron." He was a year older than me but I was in his classes because I am on a more advanced track. Well, Aaron sat in my little group during math class along with his other friend, "John." I had known John from before so we all got along really well. It wasn't soon before I started to really like Aaron. Besides celebrities, he was the only guy I had ever felt sexually attracted to. It was apparent he liked me too. As the months progressed, we started being more open with each other and joking about sex. One day when we were sitting in Spanish (our table was WAY in the back), we got on the topic of boobs somehow. I made a comment like "I don't get why guys like boobs, they're just big bags of fat!" to which he retorted, "Well, if you were a guy and saw your chest, you'd be attracted to them too." With that, he cupped my boob. I was kinda shocked! I mean, we were in the middle of the classroom! Part of me thought it was strange and the other part was in heaven! It felt really good and I completely trusted him. This continued on and we made out a few times. One day, we were eating lunch and he told me to meet him up at his locker in ten minutes. We each got locker passes and I follwed him up shortly after he left. I was really happy. His locker was located by a guy's bathroom. He told me to follow him inside. I was REALLY scared to go in. The big taboo, you know? But I was so enamored that I followed him in. He asked if I would give him a blowjob. He did not pressure me and asked very sweetly, making sure I was ok. Let me tell you, I've never wanted to do anything more in my life. I was so ready for it, but in a bathroom? No. It felt so wrong. It was then that our male science teacher walked in. We were shouted at but in the end we didn't get into too much trouble. After that Aaron became a recluse. I don't know if it was because he was embarrassed, angry, or scared, but he stopped talking to me. It really hurt me and I gave up the hopes of ever being with him.
Skip to the end of this year:
We eventually made up, but he still didn't really talk to me. It wasn't until a week ago I actually spoke to him for more than two minutes. We were confined to the auditorium, setting up amps for an assembly later that day. We talked, but we didn't mention the year before or anything sexual.
Later that day, Aaron sent me a message on facebook asking if I would give him a blowjob.
I really didn't know what to say. This was really unexpected and I wasn't prepared at all. I decided in my mind that I still really wanted to do it. I liked him a lot, and this was basically for my pleasure as much as his. He wants me to do it behind our stage, in a loft that holds all the costumes after school. It's hard to find the time, but I really want to!
So here are my questions:
1) Am I really wrong to do this?
2) Should I lie to my parents so I can do this?
3) At school?!
4) How can we find the time?
Thanks for everything and I'm sorry this thing is so LONG! I'm hyped on Caribou right now and my fingers just keep going!

i agree with pretty much everyone that answered before me... the only thing i can add is... if you do it, make sure he eats you out. better yet, have him do that first. I'm not into the whole guy-only pleasure.


I'm thinking of buying a MacBook real soon. For those of you who have experience with MacBooks, do you like it? Are they easy to use? Are they worth the money? Any general reviews?


buying a macbook was the best decision i ever made! i have 2 windows laptops... both crashed in like a year so i was spending way too much time and money trying to fix them. they are worth every single dime! i regret not buying it sooner! i have the white one... its only $1000 now which is not bad at all. it's basic and has everything you could ever need.


Ok here's my problem. When I first buy socks they usually feel soft, flexible and all of that...but after washing them they begin to feel tighter when I put them on and don't feel as soft as a brand new pair of socks. It's almost like they get thinner, too! Is it because I use a washing machine? Is it the detergent I use? Is there something I can do about it?

it depends on the socks. I get the athletic ones.. the solid white ones with a champion or nike logo and they last forever! i mean obviously they start to wear after a while but even after a year they don't feel gross. try a nicer sock, not just run of the mill kind or the ones with patterns.. go for the thicker ones. good investment!


when a girl gets wet, do you think its gross or does it turn you on?

i'll answer this the way my boyfriend would::
"its so hot!!!"
they love it.


Do guys prefer the fun, athletic, adventurous type.. or the girly type. Or a balance of the two?

depends on the guy, but most don't like the superrr girly girl. Don't get me wrong, they like girls that wear dresses and girly things but excessive make up or being afraid to get their hair wet usually annoys them.


Smell is important in my book. But what scent do you guys love a girl to wear.. vanilla? fruity? perfumy? anything else? Lots of different responses would be great.

my boyfriend loves the way my hair smells when i use garnier fructis shampoo & conditioner and sunsilk.. the curly hair one in the green bottle.


I've hung out with this guy a couple times. There's been soo many PERFECT places and times to kiss him. How many times should two people hang out alone before something happens?

I'd say a few times... like 3-5 times maybe. It all depends on experience/age tho. some guys have no problem kissing girls when they first meet but some are shy. don't worry about it.. the time will come.


What's an ideal outfit for a girl to wear to hang out with a guy?

it really depends on the guy and what you're doing. If you're going out to a movie or something, jeans and a shirt [like 2 layered tanks] works but if you're just gonna watch tv or something I'd wear sweats or jeans and something more casual. in other words, you can't go wrong with jeans and a top.


I want to go to brown, i'm only a freshman but i reallyy have my heart set on it, the only thing is i suck at math, i don't like to study it either. I hate math so i'm afraid if i keep having a b,that Brown wont take me, thats my only b but like i said, i have my heart set. I'm also in swimming so i don't have the time to do any other extra curricular activites since i leave the school every day seventh period to swim so... i have a feeling brown wont take me since i go to a public school, have a b in one class and i'm not in any extra curricular activities, but i am only a freshman, do you think they would?? and also, should i be doing stuff now to give me a better chance of getting in??

my advice is to start reading SAT books and take a couple practice tests! those scores can reallyyyy help you get into good colleges. i'm glad you have high aspirations! good luck!


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