Hey people
My name is Ixchel, Im a high school student. Im curretly on my last year of high school. I do Help my friends out when they need help. When I get out of high school I want to be pshychologist and I thik that this is a pretty good start.

It's been a couple of years sence I last logged in.
I am now 24 and I look back at this web site and see what I did on my time off..
Well I'm re opening for edvice . Ask away I have alot to chare with all of you . And hope I can help in some way ..


i am a freshmen in high school and i am 16 i have been in a long distance relationship for 4 months and he broke up with me because he said he does not know what to do anymore so what should i do should i give him space or what????

my opinion is for you to let him have his space .. In guy talk that means he wants to be with other people .. Zz

Avoid being cheated on and just brake it off .. Your to young anyway .. High school is a time to have fun a long with school work .. Don't seatle just jet , explore ..


Well I am a 14 year old girl and I feel like out of my friends I am the ugly one. The guys always talk to them and ask them out but never me. I know I need to be more social but I don't know what to talk about. I need advice on how to make myself prettier and get guys to notice me.

Hello ...
If you feel uncomfortable in your body or the way you look , you don't have to change your self or rge way you look ... I was not so pretty when I was 12-15 i started coming yo my own at about junior year .. I ne'er wore make up till then ... Now I think I'm really pretty ..
The way you brush your hair you can change but don't trow on all kie ds if make up .. Do a very natural make up set up a lil blush skin color lip gloss .. No eye liner may a lil masquera .. They have tutorials on YouTube on make up .. But don't do things different ly once you start getting asked out .. Be more talkative .. My younger sister Is 13 and she is one of ge popular girl and she is her self to tge fullest mad goof ball ..


Ok so i had sex with my boyfriend and im scared that i might be pregnant and i can not tell by if i miss my period because i dont have mine. do to my birth controll. so im afraid that i might be and my parents wont give me any money so i dont have any way to buy a test... im also 18 and still in high school.. I DONT KNOW WHAT IM GOING TO DO IF I AM MY PARENTS WOULD LIKE KILL ME IF I AM PREGO..

Go to a free clinic they will give u a Medicare green card. Tell them you thunk your pregnet and they will give you the free test and ig you are pregnant will ask you what you want to do .. If you get an abortion it's 50$ for that ..
Search free clinic . Not planet parenthood they charge you .. Everything Is free at a free clinic .
By the way the clinic will give you a note for school so you don't get a truant ..


I'm very depressed. My mom died 8 months ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer. When she first found out, it was still at an early stage, so she could have cured it, but when she told my dad to go to the doctor with her, he said 'I don't give a fuck', so she ended up just living with the cancer for 3 more months or so till it reached the last stage and spread through her entire body, and she died. You see my dad hates my mom, and he's been abusing her since before I was even born. And I hate him because of that, I truly hate him, and I also hate him because he hates me and hates my sisters and he physically and emotionally abuses us all the time, but I can't send him to jail because where I live and in my religion, the father does not go to jail or is not punished for abusing his children. So i came up with a plan of leaving home, and I've been saving up ever since I was young, and I'm going to leave home at the last day of college, because I don't want to leave my sister alone, and by the time I finish college, hopefully she would've started her own life away from the house. So I still have 3 more years in college, and I also can't leave now, because I have to finish college and my studies, and I need money from him to do be able to do that. But the thing is, I can't take it anymore, I wanna leave now, but if I leave now, I won't be able to go to college, because then he'll find me, and bring me back and abuse me again and more. I keep having all those thoughts of killing him and stabbing him and I pray to god all the time that he dies, because I've been miserable since I was born, and he made my mom miserable and my whole family, and now my mom is dead, and he killed her because he wouldn't take her to the doctor when she first told him. Me and my sisters are the ones who took her to the doctor when she finally told us, but it was too late. And I am mad at her, I am mad at my mom, because she had the chance to divorce him so many times, and yet she didn't, and when she got sick, she knew that she was going to die and she knew he'd abuse us and make our lives miserable, and yet she didn't do anything about it. I just want to leave, I want it all to end, I am so depressed.

We here in the US have ways to help women and men that are going threw negative things in there own country .. For instante Cuban they get help once they touch US soil ...
I'm going To fiend a way to help you amd your sister ..
Give me some time and you will be free .. You can email me when ever you need to talk to someone ..


Im gay and 19 now and I met him at 12 , I didnt realize that I love him he just came onto my life first time we talked and never separated,Hes a straight guy , his porno is straght , what he says is straight lol but the ways he acts with me makes me think thas hes not, sometimes he touches me a little to much and once he tried to kiss me but now things appear to be different , he thinks that im gay and he still touches me...closer to me legs on me (weird I know) now hes lost in hes video games and Im tired that he doesnt show much importance to me( other subject)We got many projects. IM always after him but now it hursts to much and I dont know if I should forget him even if there no one I love more

Hello ... I read your question, I happen to have a lil back ground experience .. I'm a lesbian who did have the same problems ... I was madly in love with some girl in my high school , she was just Like this guy is with you.. I was so confused about this girl .. One day I finally asked her out to a club in West Hollywood , she said yes and she made out with me that night ...
Take him to a please you know is a gay cafe or gay restaurant something of that sort .. See how he acts around that inveorment ..
I your in LA I'll give you a couple of good ideas of where to go ..


Ok, so theres this one girl i like ( im a girl as well) and i can't tell if shes gay or straight. I just know she acts different around me. Today me, her and another friend of mine went out to coffee. We also went to high school together. She always laughs at things i say, regardless if they're funny or not. She told me i looked cute today, and that my eyes looked good. and i can't explain it. I know shes not laughing AT me. It's just kind of akward, because like i feel something towards her, and i kind of think she might feel it back. my stomach flips every time i see/ think of her. I happened to look away at one point, staring out the window, and staring at her at the same time will still looking out the window, and i noticed she also faced out the window, and i saw it, so then i faced my other friend, she lingered at the window for like 2 seconds, and then cautiously faced back. Is there any chance that she could like me too? sorry for draggint this out. when she talks to me online she uses hehe like every other word and Lots of smileys, more than ive seen her use on anyone else in like facebook and stuff. Thanks for your help, and reply quickly please!

Hi... As luck would have it I'm also a lesbian and I was i'n your same situation .. Ull never know if she is gay if you don't do something about about ....
Ask her out alone just u and her ask her questions .. Does she know ur gay ?
If you are gay and she is jut curious be very careful ... It sucks being someones experiment ..


So here's my question... im a girl and im 16, but for some reason i am very nervous about doing things with this guy i like in school. We always talk about doing stuff and having sex. I asked this question before and i got an answer saying watch some porn videos... well i did and im still nervous because they are pro. How do I boost my seflesteem so i can actually do what i say i want to do? And im not looking for an answer that says do what's conftorable or if youre not ready dont do it. Im not looking for those answers. I want to do stuff with him but im scared, how do i become unscared?

I remember being 16 and having the same feelings ... I lost my virginity when I was 16, I was so scared I was mostly worried about not knowing what I was doing ..
Its going to be weard at first because you really don't what you are suppose to do . I mean I don't think u should do it just yet . But I guess that's something you have to fiend out for your self ..
Make sure what ever it is you do , you use protection .
Btw I don't think porn is the answer ...


whats the code for ohio is for lovers, by hawthorne heights... i wanna put it on my myspace... but i cant seem to find a code that works... i could use either the musicvideo one (prefered), or just the music is fine too... thanks!!

Go to www.musicfeet.com they have every song and video there
and look me up on my space


Well my exboyfriend and I decided that we wanted to go back out. But he found some one else..so he started rubbing it in my face that she is so much better than me. And it really hurts my feelings, him and I were together for over a year and im only 15. I cry every day, and everything that happens reminds me of him or a memory of us. And then last week when he was "hooked-up" with the other girl, he came over, and it was the first time that i saw him in a month. He said he wanted to make love to me, and i said if you love me then get rid of the other girl and be with me. He said i cant right now but when she calls me tonight then i promise i will tell her. So we had sex and then he said that he didnt want me right afterwards. Basically he used me. We still talk like every other day and i want to hate him so much but i cant. I am in love with him, and there is nothing i can do. Now he is going out with her, but hes always saying "I still love you" and crap like that. I just dont know what to do anymore im so confused and he is breaking me to a point where im so depressed. He was my best friend and now he wants to throw away a year for some girl. Please help me...Ill rate high

Girl come on. Why did you fall for that. I mean he might love you but he is only 15/16 right. He whants to live life he wants to to out with alot of girls. He wants to have sex with as many girls as he can. I have the same problem you do. My boy friend of almost 3 years broke up about 3 months ago. I still love him but he has put me trew so much, I cant take it. To star he whent to jail for about 2 months, I was still with him then. then ones he got out he told me that about 6 months ago he had chided on me, nothing good came of that, well the girl that he chided on me with was going to have his baby. I still stayed with hime because "I loved him" Not long after the baby was born I broke up with him. But he still came to my house telling me how much he loved me but had to be with natash the babys mom.
Im just telling you this so you dont let it get this far. You need to move on, its not going to be esey but you have to do it unless you wan to live a sad life like the one im likving inside.
Hope that in some way I helped. Im sorry about what that guy is making you o trew.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*LoVe ChElLy~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~~*~*~


Alright i have been dating this guy since July 3rd its the 26th today. first off i havnt seen him in 2 weeks and 1 days !!well i got grounded and i wasnt able to leave the house but yet my parents agreeed to allow him to come over. and every time i invtied him over its like no i cant i gotta go home and so and so answer everything and when i got ungrounded and he got grounded his mom said he could still come over and use the phone he hasnt called me once When i call him and he promise to call me back he doesnt. i really do love him i mean when i actully do get to see him we have so much fun together he holds me in his arms if im sad comforts me if i get hurt that kinda stuff and i dont no what to I RATE HIGH

Well, Im sorry to tell you this but, I mean I dont know him but I have been trew what you are going trew. An when a guy does not call you its not because he cant talk on the phone, becouse a guy will find a way to call you. he might like so other girl or he might have some problems that keep him from calling you.
And dont say you love him because you dont.
Its just puppy love 23 days is not enough time to fall in love with some one.

~*~*~*~*~~*~**~*~*~Chelly ~~~~~*~*~*~*~~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~


does anyone know what song this is--laguna beach the cabo episode when they're at the pool..its like

"your love makes me say oooooh la la la la la"


What episode. is steven in the pool.


Is this just life?
Like almost all my friends has a boyfriend and i have not even had a good relationship with a guy. i feel like im not too good enough for other people. Is there going to be someone there? Is there any way i could do to make someone like me? Please Help!!!

You are to young to go trew this.
You will find the right one. He is going to find you.
If you dont have a boyfried its no there is domethig wrong with you.


hi this may sound stupid but was is a dildo and vibrator used for?

well They are boh used for plesure. but there not just for lesbiens. guys use it well gay guys.


Hey guyz i have acne on the top of my arm and it is spreading down...what do i do..besides going to a dermatologist(i dont like ours) is there like any kind of stuff at walmart or sumtim?? plz help!

Proactive I dont have acne but I do brake out some times.
But this really helps you and its only 60 dollars.

p.s. rate me



hey does neone know how to do the heart things on a myspace? i know its like ♥ .. but im not sure.. can sumone help me? thanks a ton!

Go on my page on my space and just copy and paste its faster that way.
Go to http://myspace.com/2930458
or just use my email to find me. its on my column.


okay i'm only 13 but i have a lot of problems. this guy asked me out like an hour ago. i kind of know him..but not that well...but he seems really nice and caring and he really likes me a lot. the problem is that i feel weird. i kind of like him, but theres some other people i kind of like too. he seems to care about a lot and really like me. should i give him a chance? i feel really guilty..but should i keep going out with him for awhile and give him a chance?

You should go for it you wount know if you like this guy more then the others until you go out with him.
But remember your only 13 so dont do anything stupid and dont kiss him dont let him kiss you. be good make sure he nows that you wnat to be friends before anything ells.


I have been married for 5 years and have been with my husband for 6 years. He is a Army soldier. We have lived in Germany for the past 4 and half years. My husband just recently told me that our hole marrige was based on lies, and that he has never been in love with me!!!! He told me the truth about everything!!!! He has cheated on me so many times that he can't remember!!!!! My question is what can I get in the divorce? Do we have to split everything, and can I make him pay for pain and suffering?

I am so sorry about that. A man like that will never find happines, sleeping around is not the answer. Well my uncle is a attorney I will ask him what you should do. i know that you cold take his possetions, you could sue him for lost time, for chetting, there is do many things that you could get him for.


how can you qet an std if you use a condom while giving head? i rate high!!!

If there is any kind of unprotective contact with the guys/girls private then yes you could get stds. Lets say that the girl discharged or the guy nuded and you some how got it in, then if I were you i would run to the doctor.


I am throwing my best friend a surprise party. She's a girl, 16. I already sent out the invitatations to all of her girlfriends, but I can't decide if I should invite boys or not. She is not friends with very many guys, and the 3 or 4 she is friends with may not even all be friends with each other (I don't really know all of them well). I don't know if I should invite them or not, because they aren't even people she hangs out with outside of school, and I don't know if it would be awkward for them to be there. However, I think that the party should have boys, I mean we are 16 years old. What should I do?

Well If she has a sister or brother that are close to her age you should ask them. But I think that you should just invite everyone that she is cool with. Or kinda ask her who she likes so you could invite them.

Well this is helpfull.
If your paents let you then you should just have an opend party.
You and her will have a blast
Just make a couple of fliers about 100 so you have xtra.
I think that your old enough to have a flier party.



my brother is 17 and he just came out. i mean he told us he was gay. im shocked and i dont know what to do because me and him are close but i feel okward now. im having a hard time accepting this. what do i do?

His your brother so that wount change. It must be hard to now tha your brother is gay. But what can you do. Don't turn your back on him, his going to need you more then ever.
Let him now that you are there for him. He is still the same person the only thing that is different is that he likes boys.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chelly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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