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iim 13. lol i go to mt.pisgah and im going into the 8th grade. I have a b.f named josh. and Ive got Blonde hair and green/blue eyes. As u can see in that HORRIBLE pic of me! lol my Best friend is Angie. uhh.. Shes going to move in with me.. Yes. Lol... I live in Memphis TN. the dirrty south.. lol aka Bum Vill. i like to talk on AIM and be on the fone i like 4 weelin ridein jet skiis and ridein horses. I like to hang with my friends. and its fun. If you need advice just ask or im me.. i make alot of s.ns... alot.. lOl my current new on is xx i love you x3 but im on kImMiLiCiOuS xXx.. yes. lOl.. well.. im me if you need advice or just like.. ask.
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Age: 13
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I've been really good friends with this one girl for nearly my entire life (I'm a girl too btw) and I've always considered her my best friend; however, she's never been very nice to me. She's not a very nice person at all actually. We may have had laughs and great memories together, but as long as I've known her she's always done incredibly bitchy things to me. She would give me something for my birthday and then take it back and give it to her bf. She's stolen the guy I liked right infront of me (and whenever I'm around she calls him on her cell just to make me jealous), she invites all of my best friends to her parties so they won't come to mine telling them that if they go to mine instead of hers that she won't be friends with them anymore... she constantly complains about how stupid I am... and other things like that too. I know that she's not a good friend, and I admit that I don't like her at all anymore! but she thinks that I'm her best friend... and it makes me sad to look back at all the things that we've gone through together. I can't just stop being friends with her can I? We've been "best friends" for over 11 years now! I don't know what I should do. If I told her that I don't like the way she acts I have the feeling that she'll punch me in the face because she's done that before... what should I do? (link)
wow.. well. I think that you should. Bakc off from her for a little while. Personally. Shes a bitch! I've never met anyone who is like that! i dont think you should call her your bestfriend. at all. she doesent seem very nice at all. Just back away from her. and get some new friends. If she comes crawling back to you. then just say im sorry this is the way you have treated me. This is your problem not mine. and if she stars talking bad anout you behind your back ignore her. shes not worth it. If you need to ask me more questions please IM me kImMiLiCiOuS xXx


im a 14 yr old female. ive got a boyfriend and hes recently aske me 2 give him a blowjob. im scared my parents will find out

wat shud i do???
If your parents findout say its your life. But if you end up pregnat. Its accutally their problem. But. Do it somewhere that you wont get caught. just... dont do it in public do it while they are gone are while they are sleeping. or maybe at his house.

well..ppl always make fun of me for this so what is the best way to lose it? (link)
Ignore them. They are just jelous. If they are speing their time wasting it making fun of you.. They have no life. AT ALL. so just ignore them. hey. Noone's perfect. But if you really want to lose weight Work out 2 or 3 times a week. and eat healty foods such as- Salads Fruits and Veggies. No sodas or junk foods. Just glide along. Go swimming about 3 times a week. The water helps you loose more weight when you walk torwards it. Dont forget. No sugars or Fats or Carbs. and DO NOT go on that atkins diet. Its going aginst everything. it has more fat then any other diet there is to go on.

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