im Kristin. 20 years old. Criminal justice major/psychology minor at Georgia Southern University - let the good times roll =]. i'm really laid back, love talking to people, and having a good time. i get on here when i'm bored so if you have a question, inbox me!


Ok so it's like...

chorus; I'm tired of you're la la la la, la la, la la, etc.
Why you all up in my earrr

youd better reconginize, this love is one of a kind,

you know why I'm talkin about? And another part I'd like

I guess someone told you I was with some other boy, and when I got home then came the la la la la la la la la la etc.l

Please help quick!!

la la la - auburn ft. iyaz


So there is always commercials on TV for this website that has every car in the US on it and you can browse it to buy a car...BUT i cant remember for the LIFE of me what this website is!! Any help?


there's a couple. hope one of them is the right one!


you're soo gorgeous! how do you keep your skin so clear yet sun-kissed?

awe, thank you! =] i wash my face everyday and use duac topical gel on my face to help keep it clear. & also use foundation & bronzer to make my skin smooth and bronzed. Stilla has a really good bronzer with SPF that i used to use, but it's kind of expensive - like $25, but now i use Glitter Bronze by Bonnebelle. it's like 4 bucks at walmart and i love it just as much =]


Lets say you quit a job after paid training, do you have to put it on your resume?

Nope =]


i have blue eyes, light but not pale skin, light/medium brown hair and i was wondering what kinds of makeup i should usee. i already wear like mascara and eyeliner (both black) but i was thinking eyeshadow? what color would make my eyes stand out the most? i was thinking silver? and i also need some kind of face makeup that will make my face look tanner but i have noo idea what to use (foundation, cream, bronzer?) and do you know any good brands? preferably non oily, i dont want pimples lol thank you!

I have blue eyes too, and neutral colors make them really stand out. Browns, bronze, golds, etc. One thing that can ALWAYS make your eyes look better is to use a lighter color on the inner half of your eyelids [such as ivory, light brown or gold] and darker tones on the outer edges [darker browns, etc]. One thing that really makes blue eyes stand out is applying a yellow-gold on your lid, with a orangey-coral to the outer edges. Also another thing i do that i seem to get compliments on is applying an ivory-white all over my lid with a medium/dark purple on the outer edges for a soft smokey look.

Bronzers are amazing for giving you a sun kissed look. Stilla makes a bronzer with SPF that works really really well, but it's kinda pricey, about $30. If you need something cheaper, Bonnebelle makes bronzer called GlitterBronze or something like that that's available at walmart/drugstores for about $4. i use it now and love it =]

if you have any more questions, inbox me.


Hey, I'm a freshman at college and just can never seem to feel well rested. I will have a good week, where I get motivated to go to the gym a few times and get up early. But most of the time, I can sleep 12 hours a night, and wake up still tired. I also lose complete motivation to go to the gym because I feel so down and not energized. Like, today... I went to bed at 11:30 last night, and woke up at 12. I was planning on going to the gym, but not that Im awake its so hard to get going. I just want to know if theyre are any ways to stay energized and awake. I eat pretty healthy and everything. And although I do go out on the weekends, its nothing too crazy and I make up that sleep too.

I dont want to be tired anymore! lol

You're probably oversleeping. That can make you just as tired as not sleeping enough. Try sleeping only 8-9 hours a night. It may be hard to adjust at first but eventually you should start to feel more well rested. If you start to feel tired during the day, take a 30 minute power nap. Naps longer than that can make you more tired because you're body will start to go into deep sleep mode, only to have you wake up an hour or two later. Also stay away from caffeine & foods and snacks high in sugar because those can make you crash and feel super tired. Try to eat more fruits which are naturally sweet. I've heard eating an apple in the mornings will give you more energy than drinking a cup of coffee, without the crash. Good luck!


im 15f, still in high school and keepin my options open. i plan to go to college, but i was wondering if there was a site that listed all the jobs out there (literally ALL the jobs.) just trying to t\get the ideal of what i want and this would help me a lot. Please and thank you :)

i'm not sure where you live, but i'm from Georgia & i love this website. www.gacollege411.com

go there & go to career planning at the top, and you can either do the "learn about yourself" option to see what job suites you, or go to "explore careers". it has EVERYTHING, tells you what classes/requirements you need out of school, how many years of training it takes, salary, etc. the only thing is the salary is geared towards georgia other than the national average and things like that. you should check it out, it has lots of info!


So for my 16th I really wanna get my tounge pierced. Can anyone tell me like anything about it? If you've had it done, if it hurts etc. I know it swells up for a while, is it only for like a week?


i just got it done about 2 & a half weeks ago. i thought it hurt, but everyone else says it didn't hurt for them. the guy said i have really big veins in my tongue, and the needle usually goes through a lot easier & quicker than it did with me, so that's why mine hurt more. mine's also kind of crooked because of my veins. it does swell for about a week but if you take ibuprofin when it starts to swell up it helps keep it down a LOT and it'll help you talk a lot easier. it's veryyy awkward to eat at first and it'll be sore so eat soft things. also DON'T drink beer. it's very very very bad for the piercing at first, they told me if i must drink, drink liquor, but even that's not the best thing for it. use mouthwash 5-10 times every day to keep it clean and you should be fine. it completely heals in about 4 weeks, but after the first week you'll barely even notice it's there anymore. if you have any more questions, inbox me!


So I was just thinking, and I'm getting kinda worried... Is it true that when you enroll for school, they give out locker numbers out in order? Do you know what I mean? (I'm a freshman in high school by the way.) Like if one person enrolls and gets locker #387, would the person right after them get locker #388? Is it true that if you enroll before or after (or on the same day) with your friend(s) you'll have lockers close to them or right by them? Maybe it depends on the school, but I'm just curious. I think I'm enrolling on the last day possible and this is not giving me a good feeling. I really don't want a 'bad' locker or anything. Can anyone give me any info on this? Sorry if this was confusing!

at my school we had 4 classes a day and you're locker was given based on what hall you're 3rd class was on and then what section of lockers was determined by alphabetical order for each class. we had lunch during our 3rd class so they did it so you'd have two classes, locker break & then you're next two classes, even though you could go to your locker whenever if you had time, so every school is different. i hope that made sense, it's kinda hard to explain the way they did it.


i have a few things i need to know about outdoor tanning..i use hawaain tropic dark tanning lotion, and i dont really get a tan on my sides..my front and back are tan..but not my sides..
how can i get my sides tan without having to lay on my side or anything??

is it true that if your skin is wet it tans better??

i seem to get tanner when my skin's wet, so yes i guess it's true. like the other person said, being in water helps you get tan because of the reflection. also dark surfaces will get you darker because they attract the sun. if you have a trampoline try laying on that or if someone at your house has a truck, lay in the bed of it. it does help! i'm not sure what you can do about tanning your sides other than layin on your side...


I'm 17. I have tons of long, thick hair. I usually wear it straight. I love being so healthy looking and get complimented on it all the time.

I don't want it to really look thinner or anything but I want a change. I was thinking of getting layers and side bangs. Right now I just have long layers (and no bangs) but I would be getting lots of layers done if I did this. How would this look though since my hair is so darn thick? Would my hair still look thick and full or would it look thinned out or something?

long layers can make it look thicker or more volumous. short layers or razored layers will help it look a little thinner because it'll give it shape but it won't make it super thin =]


So I dated this guy for two years. I always felt like something wasn't right. I finally broke up with him. And he isn't handling it well to say the least. I want to be his friend. And he says we can be friends, but he is still in love with me. I really care about him so i can't just cut him out of my life. we argue a lot. He is under a lot of stress at home and I feel like he needs me. His friends are all distant now and don't act in a way either of us approve of. So I'm really the only thing he has. I feel like an idiot but what do i do? He still acts like my boyfriend. He's extremely jealous even though I am not dating right now. I just have A LOT of guy friends. And I do like one of them. He gets mad when I don't answer my phone or don't reply to his texts and its driving me crazy. I know he needs time but how much time?! How long will it take for him to get over me and what can I do to make sure I don't hinder the process of falling out of love. I need him to turn into my friend. Is this even possible?

i am going through the SAME EXACT thing so i totally feel you! the previous answer was right, you have to let him say his goodbyes and remove yourself from his life or he'll never grasp the concept that yall are over and move on. i went to a guy friend of mine for my own advice and he said honestly that in a guy's eyes, if you stick around talking to him, trying to be his friend, anything, that he'll have all the false hope in the world that he can get you back, whether you show interest or not, he'll be flat out determined to try to win you back. i know what you mean by being all he has, but you can't let that burden you and i'm coming to terms with that myself. honestly, his life WILL go on without you. yes it'll suck, but it will go on. yes it'll hurt and you may feel like you're betraying and abandoning him, but you have to do what's best for you. being friends right now is NOT possible. maybe in time, but not now. give him closure, and then step out of his life. the sooner you do, the easier it'll be. good luck! inbox me if you need more help =]


I saw these commercials for 5 hour energy shots. I think it said the energy drinks had no sugar or carbs. I heard somebody say they were better than the other energy drinks (NOS, RockStar, Monster, etc.) and I want to buy some.

Where can I buy 5 hour energy shots?

just about every gas station has them next to the register. they dont tast too bad, especially the berry ones. they taste like good medicine ha, but they didn't work for me. it was $4 wasted.


so, my old phone, the Sprint Mogul had 2.0 megapixels for its camera. The quality was pretty good, i couldn't complain too much.
i just bought the LG Rumor 2, and it has 1.3 megapixels. it has less, but thats not too bad, is it?
(i'm stuck with this phone for the next 2 years, so i'm hoping to be happy with the camera, lol)

it should be ok. i don't know about that exact phone, but i had a Motorola Rokr from T-Mobile with a 2.0 megapixel camera, and it was decent. like you said, couldn't complain. but then i got a Samsung Katalyst with a 1.3 megapixel camera, and it was way better. however my mom has the Samsung Gravity with 1.3 megapixels, and her camera is pretty bad quality. so it just depends on the phone.


Do more people dislike miley cyrus than like?

I was just wondering because she "seems" popular in america, where I live , the uk, not many people seem to be that keen on her.

So my main question is how popular is she in america, and within in certain age groups do the opinions change on her?

I know this isn't a proper question, but I'm just wondering why she is so popular....

i'm 18, and i watch her show sometimes because i think it's funny & cute, and i also enjoyed the movie.

im not a big fan of her music though. and i've heard she's really stuck up and bitchy in real life, so i wouldn't in any way call her a role model and she doesnt appeal to me that way. i couldn't care less about seeing a concert, meeting her, or anything like that.

i also agree that she got a lot of her fame from her father. the younger age group & tweens are her main target audience, but other than that, she doens't appeal to too many people.



I recently started hanging out with this guy. We went to the movies and things went really, really well. As we were leaving he said to me "I will definitely call you tomorrow" and he did. He called me and we hung out the next day. He came over to my house and everything was perfect. We went on a walk and things were just perfect. We talked the next day and he said that he could probably hang out one night this week after he got off work if I wanted to and of course I said that I wanted to. I was talking to him today and we didn't talk as much as before. I feel like things are changing already and I don't really know what to do. I asked him if he wanted to hang out this weekend and he said that he was busy friend and hanging out with friends saturday so he'd 'let me know' but it was just different from before. I try not to get my hopes up but I do and it ends up not working out.

This might not make a lot of sense but I just don't really know whats going on. If he likes me or not

don't freak out yet. he seems like he's interested. if he wasn't, he wouldn't be calling you and telling you he wants to hang out. he probably just got busy, so give it a few days and ask him again about hanging out towards the end of the week. if he can't, just tell him he owes you =]. there's always a chance he's not interested in dating you, but if that's the case, just forget about him. he's not the only guy out there. for now, just give him an inch, because if you seem really determined and crazy about hanging out with him, you could end up running him off. i'm sure everything's fine. good luck!


so i want to get a base (to put on before eyeshadow to make it stay longer, etc)
ive read lots of reviews about urban decay primer potion but its soo expensive! 22 dollars? not thanks.

are there any drugstore bases that are comparable?


hmm.. unless they went up on price, there must be two different sized tubes, because i use that and i use a $16 tube. i'm not sure of any other kinds that work because i use urban decay, but let me tell you, i was iffy about buying it because it's so expensive, but it works AMAZINGLY! and you don't have to use much at all for it to hold your eyeshadow, so it lasts for a long time. mine lasted around half a year and i used it just about everyday. i know it's expensive, but you should really consider it if you want a product that works well.


I do not tan in the sun or in a tanning bed. I am looking for GREAT! tanning lotion, non streaky, lasts long (doesnt wash away with water) and gives you a real natural (preferably gets dark(with several applications or not) or somewhat dark)

Thanks, 5 stars with good info

(store, brand, price (if known))

i use Dove Energy Glow. Jergens didn't work on me and plus it smelled horrible! Dove doesn't smell bad and it shows up well. you can get it at walmart/target/walgreens or anything like that. i think it's like 6 bucks.


For prom I have picked out a multi-colored dress , is that okay? Because for most, alot of girls pick out one prom dress that is only one color. I want to stand out, but I'm kind of scared to wear this dress to prom. It is a prom dress though. So is it okay to wear a prom dress that is multi-colored or is it too over the top for prom?

(P.S.) This is not my prom, this is my boyfriends prom.

multi-colored must be the thing for prom this year, because i know a TON of people who've bought multi-colored dresses. you'll be fine. have fun!!!


This is more a question for the ladies, but men are perfectly welcome to answer it too.

I'm a guy (obviously) and I've had long hair since I was about 17 or so (I'm 23 now). From a personal standpoint I like having long hair but I'm beginning to wonder if people see something different than what I really am when they look at me. This is especially true of the women I've dated. I seem to attract the type of women who are the complete opposite of me. Myself I'm fairly deep into the conservative side of things, I'm religious, etc... But my exes, who were attracted to guys with long hair, were almost my complete opposites on many views which eventually resulted in break-ups. I've been called a "hippie" and a few other things when I'm actually a very conservative soul.

So I guess my questions are... Do some women (possibly the ones that I would like to be with) take guys with long hair seriously? What is your first impression about the personality of a long haired guy? Do we all seem like flippant elf-boys on first glance?

I'm looking for honest opinions, not what you "THINK you'd think" but rather what you really do think if that makes any sense. And if you find this topic funny, feel free to laugh, as I am laughing right now when writing it. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong category, but I couldn't think of a better one, even the relationship category.

i'm 18, and my family has sort of directed me towards guys with short hair after i started getting old enough to be interested in guys.

if i ever point out a guy with long hair, my mom will instantly snap "he needs a hair cut!" and will kind of turn up her nose. that's not to say that she or i would reject a perfectly caring, honest, sweet guy just because he had long hair, because personality TOTALLY plays the bigger role, but it's the first impression thing. i've been raised to assume that guys with shorter hair and more clean cut and presentable. i would kind of view a guy with long hair to be more hippie-ish or rockish, but i wouldn't judge a guy solely on that. as far as taking a guy seriously, i'll take anyone seriously as long as they give me a good reason too, i dont care what their hair looks like. good luck!


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