im Kristin. 20 years old. Criminal justice major/psychology minor at Georgia Southern University - let the good times roll =]. i'm really laid back, love talking to people, and having a good time. i get on here when i'm bored so if you have a question, inbox me!


Heres the deal.... my boyfriend just broke up with me and we had been going out for a little more than a year. This really hurt because he did not say exactly why. He was not perfect but I loved him. I need some advice on how to get through this because I am really hurting right now and could be use some support. What can I tell myself that will make me feel better?

i agree that you should try to stay busy with friends and such. i'll assume that you're in school and/or have a job. if so, focus your attention on that. this sounds really cheesy but i promise it does work. every morning when you get up, say one positive thing about yourself. it'll help your self-esteem and you'll start to not feel so down about losing him, because you'll see that he's the one that f-ed up and it's his loss. cry when you need to, dont hold it in. most importantly dont dwell on it and wonder what might have been. i read somewhere that you can moap around one day for every month you were together, then after that, get out there and start talking to/meeting some guys! you dont have to try to date yet or anything like that, just talk to them. they can lift your mood and it really does help. and just remember that you will love again, i promise. if it's meant to be it will be, if it's not, then there's someone out there that's better for you =]


I'm looking to get a piercing in my left ear, as I've gotten bored of the traditional one lobe piercing :P .

However, I'm not really sure WHICH piercing to get, and I don't know which one would suit my ear the best... I had my eye on the rook, and I still do, but I want to ask other people's opinions as to what they think, you might be able to reveal another piercing to me that would look a lot better :) .

Here's a photo of my left ear...

So.... which piercing would you recommend?

Please let me know what you think, I'm going to get it done next month and want to know, as I can't really be completely subjective about my own ear... :P

Thank you so much in advance!

i have my industrial done and i love it! people are always asking me about it. it's kinda painful, but not terrible. i also really love the tragus piercing, and i've heard that one doesn't hurt that much, but i've never had it done so i dont know. you could look into those =]

go to www.bmezine.com and go to the ear piercings, they have ALLLL kinds of piercings. then you can really decide what you like.


I've been a lucid dreamer for along time, However I remember this one dream I had about my Grandmother who passed in 2000. I don't remember the dream however I do remember I saw this light and heard a voice that said "You are my grand daughter and I love you"

1. Do you believe the dead can contact you in your dreams?

i believe that it's possible. however on the other hand it could in fact have just been a random instance in a dream.

my grandmother passed away in '04, and she has come back once to both me AND my mom [different occassions] and we're not normally the superstitious kinda people that would believe in ghosts. but we didn't actually SEE a "ghost" or anything. the point is, i'm a firm believer that the dead will find ways to contact you, and it could very possibly be through a dream.


I want to get somewhat of color in my skin. My family has a history of skin cancer, so I suppose tanning beds and laying out for hours wouldn't do me much good in the long run.

Any suggestions of some tanning products? I'm looking for more of a lotion with a tan tint in it rather than a tanning spray, etc. I've used Jergen's, but the smell is God awful and its to soupy to apply.

Any other suggestions?

i used Jergen's and i didn't like it. i agree the smell was terrible and it didn't even show up on me. i use Dove Energy Glow. it works really well and has somewhat of a smell, but not at all like that of Jergen's. it's kinda thick to apply, but not too bad. i've heard people say there's one by Neutrogena but i forget what it's called, but i've heard it works well too.


I'm seriously considering the NROTC program when I'm finished high school in 2010 (I'm a junior now). I've already checked the Navy website and understand what comes with the position. I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the program that would recommend it? And when should I stop by a navy recruiting office to get information? I'm 16 going on 17 in March.
I'm a also little worried that I might not be fully prepared for nursing (dealing with blood, needles, etc) though I have had personal experience being around them. Is it easy to get accustomed to? Is it possible that I could shadow a nurse or there is a program where high school students are allowed to do that? Thank you :)

You could go to talk to a Navy recruiter at any time as soon as possible. im thinking about a medical job in the National Guard, and a recruiter came to talk to us at school. she said that for the Guard, you can actually join and become a member as long as you're at least 17 and a junior in high school in good health, and all you have to do then is do a training program that's kinda like a pre-basic training, and you get paid to do it. i honestly have NO idea if the Navy has options like that, but it would definitely be something to look into ASAP, because you could join now and have almost 2 years of your contract finished by the time you graduate.

Also, talk to your local hospital. The hospital where i live offers a summer program for high schoolers that's similar to interning where you shadow someone. i took a medical class at my school where we got to go to the hospital twice a week and shadow someone in pretty much any dept. that we wanted to see for almost two hours. its pretty cool and you'll figure out A LOT about what you do and do not want to do. call around and find out if that's offered. good luck!


I am TERRIBLE with fashion. I can't put anything together right. Well, today I went shopping with my very fashion smart friend and she picked out red skinny jeans and one of those little black vests. I ran out of time to buy a shirt to go under it, and now I don't know what color/type of shirt to wear with it! Help?

white is your best bet. or gray, but not a real dark grey. either one would look fine plain or with red or black designs or writing on them. there's not a lot of other colors that will go together with red and black.


which one's easier... ACT or SAT??

i found the SAT to be way easier, and i did much better on it.

like the other advicenator said, unlike the SAT, the ACT has a science section, and i was a really good student in science, but that section was killer. i had no idea what on earth it was talking about and only knew a few questions.

the SAT is muchhh longer, not in terms of time necessarily, but in the way you take it. the ACT is 5 sections - writing, reading, math, science, and the essay. the SAT is the essay, and then they have the writing, reading, & math divided up into about 10 sections. the SAT is EXTREMELY tideous, but not hard.

i heard that the ACT is directed more towards the things you actually LEARNED in school; the SAT is your problem-solving ability.

most colleges will accept both, but some dont. it wont hurt to take both though. i did, because i took the SAT first but then thought i'd score better on the ACT - but i was wrong. also, the SAT essay is required, but it's not on the ACT, and several schools dont require the essay if you took the ACT.

oh & also, the scoring's differnt. on the ACT, it's best to guess on every question, even if you dont have a clue. on the SAT, if you absolutely dont know, you leave it blank. and its not counted wrong. ones that you guess on and are incorrect, you lose 1/4 of a point, so if you dont guess, then you dont gain or lose points. but they say if you can eliminate even one answer choice on the SAT, you should guess an answer. good luck!


my friend and i are going on a road trip to florida from michigan and we wanna look at the beaches and fun things. we are both 17/f. can anyone give any advice on what to do?
we are really fun girls looking for a good experience


I'm from Georgia so i can help there =]

Tybee Island is a beach in Savannah. It's wayyyy in south Georgia but it's pretty fun.

Also like the other advicenator said if you like rollercoasters, go to Six Flags! It's in Austell and it's muchoo fun. we go all the time. you can ride the new rollar coaster - Goliath. it's first drop is 200 ft tall & it's amazing! & there's a mini water park inside Six Flags or you can go to White Water which is a different location but it's owned by Six Flags now.

There's also Stone Mountain which is alot of fun. You can ride/walk up the mountain and if you go in the winter time [which i doubt yall are] there's ice skating at the top, but in the summer there's other things to do at the top & at night they have lazer shows which are pretty cool.

Calloway Gardens is fun too there's like a nature trail and a REALLY awesome butterfly garden with this huge dome thing and you walk around and butterflies just fly all around you. its insane. And in the summer they have a lake and there's things you can do out on the lake like those big things you jump off of and water trampolines and paddle boats and stuff.

and of course there's ATLANTA which has EVERYTHING. The Varsity is a fast food restaurant but it's really really popular down here. if you're from Georgia or even some close states - then you've eaten at the Varsity. i dont really know why it's famous, but it is. There's also this REALLY tall hotel called the Westen[sp?] Plaza and at the very top floor there's a restaurant and the whole top floors spins around really slowly so as your eating you can see for miles and miles around you! you can even see Stone Mountain from up there. it's kinda pricey food but really cool if you get to check it out. There's also the CNN center, ESPN center for sports, The GA Aquarium which just opened and is the biggest in the south.

that's all i can think of, haha. have fun!


I had a sidekick 2008 and I sold it 100 dollars more than I bought it for. And now I need a cute new phone and I was thinking of getting a blackberry pearl or curve. Now I don't know which one to get between the two since Im buying it off of Ebay and I want the best deal. Also if I get the curve/pearl which one is the newest edition? There's different numbers such as 8130,8100,etc. I also want a high quality camera and I want the phone under 200 dollars. thanks

a guy that i work with had a pearl and now has a curve and he said he likes the curve so much better. he said one big thing is that the curve is wayy easier to text on because it has individual keys and the pearl has like 2 letters on each key so it doesnt work too well. but thats all i know. good luck!


So, like, I heard that Taylor Swift had been dating Joe Jonas all of this time or something (does anyone know how long Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas had been dating anyway?). Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, of course (Jonas Brothers = Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas).

Anyway, apparently Taylor Swift is claiming that Joe Jonas broke up with her in a message that took like 27 seconds to say on the phone. I have no idea what could be said in 27 seconds other than, "Hey, Taylor, this is Joe...yeah, sorry but it's just not working out. KTHX. BYE!" Taylor Swift was supposedly all cool about it and said something like she probably won't even remember Joe Jonas broke up with her when she was 18. How in the WORLD would not remember dating Joe Jonas?! haha

Anyway, I'm just curious if all of this is true or if someone totally lied to me about Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers? My best friend said this happened back in October she thinks but isn't quite sure. Anyone have any additional information on this or websites I could read the story at if it IS true?

Taylor Swift made a comment in an interview about Joe Jonas breaking up with her. Apparently it was over the phone, and im sure it didnt take EXACTLY 27 seconds [in the interview she actually said 25], the point is it was short and pretty careless, nothing worth talking out. She said down the road she wont even remember, which she said enthusiastically & in humor, basically means she's over it and thought the whole breaking up over the phone was stupid.


On Thanksgiving my aunt brought over mashed potatoes for dinner with my family. I made a wonderful, moist turkey to go with it and my family loved it all. The mashed potatoes were talked about a lot though so it's been making me want to create fluffy mashed potatoes like my aunt did. Well, since she left I've tried to make the mashed potatoes all light and fluffy like she did but it always turns out thick and bland.

How do you make fluffy mashed potatoes?

I don't want to use instant mashed potatoes or anything weird like that. I want to mash my own potatoes but I don't want them to be thick like they are when I do them. My best friend said she saw her mom put some whipping cream into the mashed potatoes at her house and that they are fluffy--is that what I'm suppose to do? If so, how much would I use?

Please, I want to make some really great, fluffy mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner. Can someone please help me by giving me a good recipe for delicious fluffy mashed potatoes? Best mashed potato recipe, anyone?

Step by step instructions are happily welcomed!

If you dont add milk to them already i would do that. My grandma always added a little milk to her potatoes and they were always fluffy!


k so i wanna know if its possible to make a guy that doesn't want to be in a relationship change his mind. like are there things a girl can do to make the guy want to commit to her. i was with this guy and he really didn't want to be committed. he always hooked up with several girls at once. but he met me and stopped talking to everyone else and looked like he was about to commit but then changed his mind and backed out. so now were friends but i wanna know how to make him want me as a girlfriend...

first off stop hooking up with him until yall ARE together. if you dont, he's just getting what he wants and therefore doesnt "need" to be in a relationship. if he says he doesnt want anything serious, theres not much you can do. i know that feeling, and i know the feeling of guys trying to nag & push me into being with them. that just makes me want to be FARTHER from them. you should tell him flat out that if he doesnt wanna be with you, then you're going on with your life. dont flirt, dont hook up, dont show interest as more than friends. if he DOES in fact like you, this should change his mind and he'll want to be with you [it's been known to work ;)] you could even flirt in front of him to make it that much better. if he still decides he doesnt want to be with you, he's not worth waiting around on. good luck =]


Let's just say that my ex-girlfriend has done plenty of evil things to me, including messing with my current love life, and attempting to get me banned from places for "stalking" even though they were my hangouts before I met her, and such.
And at the moment, an opportunity to get back at her without consequence has arisen. Keep in mind, it's nothing illegal or life-threatening, more like a really really elaborate prank.
Some of my friends think I'm within my rights to play said prank, while others think that I should just not do it.
The problem is, I don't think the woman is going to back the hell off me unless I do something.
So, should I do the deed, or just try and tolerate the bulls**t?

honestly, i'd go for it, especially if talking to her wont work. sometimes it just feels good to get payback. i plotted revenge against my x-bf for doing me wrong. as long as its nothing illegal, and wont hurt her or anything like that, go have fun! haha. there's no reason to put up with her BS.


can someone give me a list of healthy snacks (ACTUALLY healthy, like natural foods not packaged quick bars or anything) i get hungry in between lunch and dinner and im sick of just eating a banana or just eating a salad its boring and usually isnt satisfying..

i agree smoothies are good. you could try fruit salad.. or something light like a chicken salad sandwich. yogurt is also a really good option and comes in tons of flavors!



alright so i like this guy. i met him at this halloween party. we started dancing together and talking and then later a bunch of us went over to our friends house afterwards just to hang out a little more. he shows up and we were talking and he sits down on a chair and pulls me down and sits me on his lap. we start talking a little more and then we move to the couch so we could talk to eachother better without the chaos of everyone else.

so we continue talking and everything is really good and we are just watching tv and cuddling on the couch. after i leave he turns to my one friend and says how he wished he would of gotten my phone number.

the next day as i'm walking to my classes i pass him and i didn't say anything because i was texting on my phone and didn't realize that i passed him. i get a text from him and he was like "so i'm not even worth a smile or a hi or anything.?" and i said "aw i'm sorry i wasn't paying attention." so we were talking a little more
and then from then on i'd say hey to him and smile
when i passed him and he would text me and be like "thats better." and stuff like that. he also said that we should hang out again sometime and i agreed. the next week i texted him and said we should hang out sometime soon and he said yeah that would be cool. the days go by and we still haven't hung out and haven't talked as much.

i texted him the one day and said "hey how are you?" and he didn't say anything back. then it was my one friends birthday and we were throwing him a party at our friends house and the guy i like was going. so when i get there he wasn't there so i texted him and said "so i heard you were supposed to be at the b-day party tonight, so where are you!? haha" and he didn't say anything back. and i didn't want to continue texting him day after day because i didn't want to be annoying.

so all of his friends kept telling me that they were gonna talk to him and ask him what was up and i didn't want them to because it would make things worse. so my best friend who has a class with him said that she would talk to him. and she did. she told him that i didn't want his friends to be bothering him about me and he said that he wouldn't of been bothered. and then she said that he should text me to hang out sometime because i was interested in him and he said that he would.

well its been a few days and i still haven't gotten anything. i passed him in the cafe the other day he said hey and i said hey back but then nothing after that.

then the other day i decided that i would just stop trying and try and make myself stop liking him because im sick of getting my hopes up and watching them crash to the ground. so when he walked by me the other day i didn't say hello to him.. but he waved his papers infront of me and said "heyy" and smiled.. and i just get so confused with what he wants!!

so i'm so confused.. i don't know what to do.
and i don't know what to think. and i just really would like some help!!

oh and for halloween i was dressed as a "skanky inspector" cause it's halloween and you are allowed to dress skanky.. haha
and my friend told me today that the guy i like isn't into "skanky girls" cause she heard him saying that to his one friend
and it makes me wonder if maybe he thinks i'm a slut/skank and thats why nothing is working out anymore...?

sorry its so long!

im sure your halloween costume has nothing to do with it. everyone knows girls dress slutty on halloween just to have fun and because they can, haha. its hard to tell, but he does seem at least somewhat interested, it's probably just because he doesnt know you too well so he doesnt want to jump into things too quickly. and you know how people are about saying 'oh we should hang out!' - it usually takes FOREVER to actually make plans.. even just with friends lol. dont totally shut him out... you could lay off texting but keep talking to him in the halls until he texts you. that'll keep his attention but not make you come off as obsessive. he could have lost his phone or gotten it taken away or anything like that. if awhile goes by and he still hasnt texted you, you could try one more time and just say "hey how have you been!?" or make a comment about something yall talked about or whatever. if that doesnt work, he may only want a friend. he seems like he has a really friendly personality, so he might not be looking for anything more. good luck girl!


Okay so this guy I really like likes me back (he told me) but he's a player. I mean all the girls like him. He's on the fb team and rotc and baseball. But he's been acting different like only hanging with me. But like he hasn't asked me out yet. He said he might. But omg I want to tell him how much I like him but all the girls are always all over him. How so I let him know that I REALLY like him?

if you like him that much, just flat out tell him! if he likes you too, he'll be super excited! if not, well then he's prob used to it from all the other girls. i dont have much advice for you but i can tell you this. last year, i fell for this guy who sounds exactly like your guy.. popular, like EVERY girl in school loved him and was always all over him, and he was a big ass flirt with them. well he said he liked me ALOT back, so we started dating. let me tell you that was a BAD move, he still had girls hanging all over him even though i tried talking to him about that, people including mine and HIS friends were telling me how he was always hangin all over girls when i wasnt around, and in the end i broke up with him because he was screwin around with some other girl. so yeah. just take time out and think about how much he really seems to like you. if he liked you that much, wouldnt he have asked you out by now instead of saying "he might"? he probably doesnt want to give up all those other girls and if he gets into a relationship thats exactly what will happen. im not tryin to discourage you, i hope it works out for the best for you, i hope he doesnt turn out like the guy i had & that he's actually a good egg, im just saying be careful and beware players! good luck girl.


17 female.
i really like this guy. i don't get to see him very much :( because he is always busy with sports and school so if i ever do it's on the weekends. well i hung out with him last weekend and he came to my house and i was with him for like two hours before he had hockey. i was hoping he would text me this weekend, and he did today. at like 5 he texted me and was like, what are you doing tonight. well i assumed he was trying to hang out but i was like well i'm just getting of work then i dont know. and then i was like what are you doing and he was like just hanging out at my house and i was oh thats fun and he was like so what are you doing tonight, anything? and i was like i dont know i want to watch the hockey game and then later i was like come over and watch this movie with me and he was like haha lame. because he doesnt like the movie and i was like your mean! and he was like no im not i don't like that movie! so then i was like your really not going to come see me? and he was like i dont know, do you want me to? and i was like yes and he was like i'll try and i was like alright well let me know if your going to and he was like okay well i'm at my friends house right now but i'll try to, are you going to be home? and i was like um yeah i think so my friend wanted me to come over but i'm not going to tonight (i made that up so i wouldn't seem like a complete nerd) and he was just like oh alright and that was it. well he never did end up texting me or coming over or anything which really upset me. i really wanted to see him, and i feel like a loser now because i sat at home waiting for him (even though i had nothing else to do) while he was out with his friends. i don't know any of them, they go to a different school but i feel like he stood up in a way. we didn't have definite plans but he texted me and acted like he wanted to hang out and so now i have to wait another WEEK to possibly see him. i'm so upset. this really hurt me. am i wrong for being mad and sad about this?

ill be honest, he doesn't sound too into you. if he really liked you, he'd be more than excited to come see you, and if he knew he couldn't, he would let you know that and not make you wait around. if he's not putting forth any effort, you shouldnt be puttin in extra effort to see him, he has to want to too. what do yall do when you're together? if yall have sex or anything of that nature, chances are he's just using you for that and doesn't have any real feelings for you, because he just got out of a relationship. dating someone for over 2 years and then going straight on to genuinely like somebody new is not likely. back off for awhile & make him want to talk to you and see you. give him the space that he needs, and if he wants to be with you after that, he'll come back when the time is right. good luck girl!


I was talking to my best friend yesterday and the idea of having a bank account came up. I am over 18 and have been working as a cashier at the local Walmart for awhile. Walmart offers a direct deposit to the back account of my choice, but I don't have a bank account right now. I've just been getting my Walmart check every two weeks and cashing it at my mom's bank (BB&T bank). I think it would help me keep better track of my money if I had it placed in a bank.

I asked my mom today if she thought I should get a bank account started up and she said it didn't sound like such a bad idea. She told me to find a bank that I felt was good and to see them one day this week about opening a bank account. I'm sure she'd suggest BB&T but she's been with BB&T for a long time and she is crazy about the BB&T free online banking. I am really afraid about going to a bank though since I don't know anything about bank accounts and I do NOT want to make a bad move, especially with how the economy is!

So, how do I start a bank account and where should I get one at? I know BB&T is where my mom banks but is it a good decision to go there or will they be filing bankruptcy like other banks have recently? What are some good banking choices? I know some of the big banks are BB&T, Citibank, Bank of America, and Chase but I have no clue if any of them are really safe to place my money in.

What questions should I ask when I talk to someone at the bank about creating a bank account? What do I need to know?

i've used Bank of America for awhile, and i like it pretty well. if you're in school, you can sign up for student banking. that way it's free to sign up =] and you still get a debit card and online banking and everything. Bank of America also has lots of little opportunities you can get. one is called Keep the Change and i used it for awhile. its whenever you use your debit card, the change left over from the dollar amount you spend transfers into a savings account. its pretty cool. i would go up there and just ask them about opening up a first time student banking account. they're really helpful and will walk you through the process and help set up online banking for you. good luck!


First off, Im 17, and my bestfriend is 21. Just lastnight he admitted that he really can't have fun without drinking (I noticed he drank every night, but never thought much of it). Anyways.. I promised him that today and for the rest of forever we would find better things to do so that he could hopefully have fun without alcohol. The problem is, we live in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania - also known as the 'coal region' where there's absolutely NOTHING to do. And I do stress on nothing. I'd say we could just walk around, but the weather is cold, and I hate the cold. Anybody have any ideas of anything we could do? Ive said bowling, but at our bowling alleys there's alcohol because your allowed to drink there. I also said laser tag, but the closest one isnt't opened today. Ideas?! please,thanks :]

build a bonfire! you could invite a few close friends, just so that it wouldnt be a big party, but enough to have some good times. go to the mall. even arcades, sounds lame but it can be fun to compete. most bowling alleys [at least the ones around here] have pool tables, yall could shoot pool. that's all i can think of.


I'm 15, and mature enough to get a nose piercing. I'm aloud to this weekend, if my grades are good- which they are. I have many questions about a nose ring you can probably help me with.

- how bad does it hurt?
- does it scar, bad?
- how do you clean it?
- can you take it out & in without hurting?
- does it get infected easliy?
- will i be an "emo" or "goth" with a nose ring?
(I dress sporty & preppy, I just think it's cute.)
- Will I be called a slut?
& Does the right side mean your gay?

Sorry, This is needed info. Thanks (:

i dont have mine done, but my cousin got her nose pierced last year for her birthday. so this is what she said.

- it doesnt hurt. she said it didnt hurt at all, and she didnt even feel it, but that it bled alot.
- im not sure about scarring, probably not.
- i think you just clean it with antibacterial soap and water. im not completely sure, but the piercer will tell you how to clean it when you're there.
- yes. as long as you wait the amount of time that you're told before you try to change it, then it shouldnt hurt. my cousin said that she prefers getting the nose rings with the straight posts, because the ones that are like "L" shaped are kinda difficult to get in.
- you wont be considered emo or gothic. all kinds of people have them these days. my cousin dresses kinda preppy, and it looks cute on her.
- i've never heard of anyone with a nose ring being called a slut.


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