im Kristin. 20 years old. Criminal justice major/psychology minor at Georgia Southern University - let the good times roll =]. i'm really laid back, love talking to people, and having a good time. i get on here when i'm bored so if you have a question, inbox me!


i take the time to lay out and tan and everything, i mean i'll lay out for a long time around an hour or two on each side, but when i'm done i BARELY have a tan. i mean you can't even notice it. does anyone know why this is happening? and of a way to help my body tan faster, i don't want to buy the spray on tan things. i use tanning oil everytime. i've used a little and alot but it never makes a difference. help please!

it must just be your skin type. im the same way.. naturally pale and im outside a lot, so if i could tan easily id probably almost look like a mexican haha but i just dont tan well and i cant hold one at all either. tanning oil and all that doesnt help for me, but tanning beds help some.. paired with some Dove Energy Glow lotion it makes me look super bronze. maybe you could try that. theres not much else you can do, its just your skins reaction to the sun you cant really change it.


soo my family might get a new husky,and we need some great names! anything unique. i dont want "people names" maybe a different language or something? its prob. going to be a boy, and huskies are kind of tough,so just anything you can think of thats cute/very boyish? ha thanks.

i love huskies! ive had 3 =]. How about Monster, Predator, King, Duke, Orion, or Grizzly? Or Ace or Sammy.. theyre not tough sounding but cute. ill add some more when i think of some =]


whats with girls and being all "oh my gosh, im so fat, i need to lose soo much weight" when they look really good? are they just fishing for compliments or really think that they are fat?

im kinda guilty. im pretty small and i know im not like obese but i do feel i should lose some weight. yes some girls do fish for compliments but honestly alot really do feel this way. its true look at the media.. celebs crash dieting and going anorexic or bulimic and every magazine having some new diet and workout in it.. it gets into your mind whether you really want it or not and girls worry. its totally a mind thing. i agree with the other columnist saying that it can also do with if you used to be heavier you still see yourself that way because i lost about 15 pounds in 8th grade and still dont feel like im small enough. i honestly do think tho that 90% of it should be blamed on the media and hollywood, but dont get me going on that topic.


What are good colors to wear if you have blonde hair and fair/medium skin? What colors should be avoided?

you sound like me haha. people always tell me black & pink are my colors, and blue because it matches my eyes. green looks good if you have green eyes. red usually looks good. brown can too. try not to wear yellow though or beige, thats one thing my mommy always told me =]


Ok is it wrong to go out with a 17 year old guy if you are 14? even if you really know him because he is a friend of the family.

i think its perfectly fine. i dated an 18 yr old or two last year when i was 15. i think thats not a bad difference, but 4 or more yrs older can get a little iffy. ANYWAY esp. if hes a family friend that always makes it easier =] good luck!


is it bad to have just met a guy, and it was the second time we hung out at his house, and he fingered me and i gave him a hj? does that make me seem easy or slutty?
thanks for any help!=)

to me it does make you seem a little easy, but not necessarily slutty. however to a guy that'll definitely come off as easy and he'll more than likely expect it from you whenever he sees you. you just better hope he's not one to go around spreading that news or it could snowball into a bad rep! =[


i really hate my hair when its straight. when its curly its okay, but i am so bord with it. its shoulder legnth and coming out dark so its multicolor. i am the one on the left

i really want it long but i am too impatient and i want it all one color it its long so im think i want it short and get rid of the old color. im not sure how short or what style. i want it to be cute curly and straight because i dont want to have to do alot to it. please send me links or pictures

honestly i love the color your hair was dyed. i think the dark looks great on you and contrasts with your skin. if you want to dye it again i say go with that color or maybe a shade or two darker. i agree with the others about the side bangs, and i think theyd look really great short, starting about mid-eye or ear level. if you want your hair to grow out, you could just ask for some layers around the bottom so youll keep your length but just add something new.


whats a good name for someone who is musical and poetic... for a girl...and a name that is also unusual, not something like everyone elses.(special)
so basicly i need a girl name that sounds poetic,musical, and is special, any ideas, thank you very much.
srry its a weird question but its important


thats all i got off the top of my head ha


hey i was wondering if anyone knew what hair color i can use without bleaching my hair

i have naturally brown/dark brown hair and i do not want to bleach it to dye it

i want colors like pink, blue, purple things like that

oh and i already tried loreals color rays and that worked really good but they do not have a wide variety of colors

thanks so muchfpr the help =]=]

Manic Panic has a pretty wide variety of colors and you can get it at places like Hot Topic, Spencer's etc.

dont quote me but i think it might show up on your hair without you bleaching it, but it just wont be very bright, because my friend did it.

bleaching it would make it turn out great, but if you dont want to, you'll just need some strong dye.


Im like so mad right now and I dont know how to deal wiht it. What do you do to get everyone off your mind?

sleep. lol seriously. i usually feel at least a little better after i get up. or listen to music - hard rock really helps me. it just gets the mad feeling out of your system. run. i hate running but surprisingly it does help. got a punching bag or a good pillow? punch it. im not the type to "talk about my problems", but if you have someone that you can vent to every now & again, just let it out! yell into a pillow or something. just dont hurt anyone =]


my boyfriend calls me sweetie and i wanna call him something like that. what are nicknames i can call him? i know there's baby, babe, honey. but what are others?


i call my boyfriend baby, boo, angel, sweetheart, sugar baby, etc =D


How would I practice to do that? (bend backwards into a bridge)

if you can already do a regular bridge without bending over, do that and hold the position for awhile so your arms will get used to supporting yourself. then stand in front of a bed or cough and bend over just far enough to reach it and hold the position. when you get that down, put some pillows on the floor so its a further distance to fall but still not all the way. when you get that down, try for the floor. itll take a little practice, but its fun to do when you get it down =]


This may be irrelevant, but I am 15/F. Anyway, a guy I work with is going to pierce my cartilage for me with a 16 gauge needle (I really don't know what that means), so I guess it is fine because he has done a LOT of piercings before, even some of his own... I am just worried because he does drugs (which I can live with because a lot of people do) but the biggest reason for my skepticism is that he is 16. Age is just a number but is this a cause for worry? Or should I just relax? Also, please remeber this is my cartilage he is piercing and it is said that the cartilage is more suceptable to infection than the earlobes and this guy is piercing my ear with a professional needle but at his house. So, should I go through with it? Thanks in advance.

any piercing runs the risk of getting infected - professional or not, although non-professional piercings can get infected easier. the key is to take care of it extremely well. ive pierced my cartilage, my boyfriends earlobe with a 14g needle, and a guy at my work's earlobes. so far all of them have been fine because i took care of mine and stressed to them to do the same. ears are the some of the easiest piercings though, so it should be ok. if you want it, go for it, but if it does start to get infected, take it out for sure. dont wait around.

also - do your parents know? if they dont know & they dont want you to have it, he could get in trouble if they find out who did it.

good luck! =]


does getting your cartilage in your ear hurt to get pierced?

nope not at all. its just a small pinch/sting. i even did one of mine myself. just be careful sleeping, changing clothes, & brushing your hair, because if it gets hit then thats when itll hurt & be sore.


In my about me section, when I try to enter a lin break( I use shift enter) it looks like it works but when I save everything it doesnt, what is wrong with it?

its just how myspace works.

do this: when you're ready to go to the next line, put < br > withouth spaces. < p > makes it a double space. its easy =]


well, i will be taking chemistry. I heard it was a very hard class, and i would like to know what to be prepared for. What basic things should i all ready know when going into the class, and what should i memorize (the periodic table???) Is there a lot of math work, and how hard would u rate it 1-10?
also, i'm taking physcology next year. If anyone's ever taken it, could you tell me what you do in the class? (I know what it is, i just want to know about the class) please, and thank you. =D

chemistry was a piece of cheesecake for me. on a 1-10 it was seriously about a 4. all the previous answers pretty much covered everything - some simple math in stoichiometry [sounds rough but really easy], converting mols to grams etc, the periodic table [im sure theres one in your book & my teacher gave us a cheat sheet with it], etc. its not a ton of math other than the stoichiometry, but like i said its not bad. just pay attention and take good notes. its one of those classes that if you miss a few things one day youll be behind from then on until you can catch it and understand what you missed. everyone in my class either failed miserably or passed with a really high grade. its just how you want to take it. i passed with a 94. the ones who failed where mostly those who just didnt care to pay attention. you should be fine!

as for psychology, i dont know yet, im taking that this coming year =]. good luck!


ok, so my friend just got her hair japanese straightened and it looks gorgeuos! her hair is pretty thick, but with the japanese staightening thing it is much thinner and silkier.
i was just wondering if anyone can tell me about it if they've ever had it done, also maybe if you have pictures you could show me just so i could get a better idea of it because i may want to get it done but i'm a bit afraid. See, i have really really thick poofy hair, and even when i straighten it is still thick and it's just hard to deal with because everywhere i move, my hair moves and it pisses me off so i was just wondering if the japanese straightening would make it appear much thinner.

thanks so much, and sorry it is long

i looked into it as well. it works wonders on hair but can be pricey. japenese straightening is about $400-$500 at the cheapest and alot of the time you`ll have to locate a salon that will do it, as many dont. what you could do is look into regular chemical straightening [what i did]. the result is basically the same [however i think with japenese straightening it dries pin straight whether you blow dry or air dry, i could be wrong, but with chemical straightening you still will have to blow dry it out and tame it some]. its cheaper.. about $150-$200 and most salons will do it. you have to get it retouched every 6-9 months if you want to keep up the look [i didnt] and retouches are usually about $75. there are also straightening & de-frizzing at-home kits you can find at Walgreens, CVS, etc that are about $30 that ive heard work well.. [just FYI.. my friend said the straightening kit makes your hair feel sticky but the de-frizzing one works great for de-frizzing & straightening]. yes chemical straightening is damaging but no more than say, flat ironing your hair every day or dyeing it alot, but i think its worth it because it makes your hair look great & lot more manageable. good luck!



I know a girl, and she can honestly lick her elbow. She`s shown me and other people how easily she can do it. I`ve always heard this is impossible, should she enter record books or is it somewhat common?

Haha, thanks for the advice! =)

haha i can do it. i can only do it one arm though. people dont believe i can do it either till i show them. i guess its a joint thing. i know one other person that supposedly can [ive never seen it] but otherwise i dont think its common!


whats the best type of bubble gum that tastes the best with the longest lasting flavor, and blows respectively big bubbles? thanks.. ive tried trident, stride, juicy fruit, bazooka bubble gum.. but idk.

Bubble Yum is definitely amazing. especially the watermelon =]


im planning on getting a 6 flags season pass but I really dont know how it works. I thought that you only have to buy the pass for 65 $ or whatever & you can go the whole 2007 year. But a couple of days ago when i asked someone else they said that you buy the pass just to get through the line quicker[i doubt it].
I really dont know what to think & i dont understand,so i just wanted someone[who bought it before] to explain EVERYTHING to me.
[the six flags website isnt working]
well thank you in advanced =]

take it from someone who went to six flags 12 times last summer, i love them season passes lol.

well firstly the sad truth is they arent $65 anymore.. the price goes up throughout the season.. now theyre over $80 i think.

yes, the season pass is to get unlimited admission throughout the season. thats it. but it does come w/ a coupon book with like 'bring a friend for free' days and that kind of thing.

it doesnt get you through the lines quicker. maybe they meant you dont have to wait in line to buy a ticket? you just go straight in and they scan your pass.

the Q-Bot thing [a little electronic device that ive never used] is what gets you through the lines quicker. i think theyre like $15 per day, and i dont really know how they work since ive never used it, but some rides have seperate lines for people with them, which are alot shorter 99% of the time.

hope all that makes sense. have fun!


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