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Q: kay so heres the deal ahaha:
i got my first peroid feb..16th i think
today is march 10. i should be getting it today.
i didnt.
i know that the first period are weird and what ev. but like will mine be normal? like not skipping and stuff like maybe i'll get it tomarrow? or like will i be getting it in a month or something..?

and like okay lets say you get your period for the first time like me. and then it skips for a long time or something.. will i still start to get boobs in that time period cuz right now im flat.. and i want something. haha. =] thanks
Your periods will likely be irregular for quite some time if you just started. Not to mention that cycles can vary from 28 days to 35, depending on the woman. Or more. Or less. Even when you're "established," so to speak, it may vary. Let's say you settle at 30 day cycles eventually. Well, if one time it's only 29, that's normal. Or it stratches to 31. That's normal.

Some woman can predict their periods to the hour. The rest of us just kind of know when it's coming.

Q: How do you become a model? I really want to be one but the problem is.. I'm not all that pretty. :/

Compared to most girls in my school. They all look the same and I.. look different I guess. My eyes are big and my skin isn't pale. My hair is not long. I'm short.

I've always been interested in modeling but everyone is so beautiful. So i don't think i can get anywhere. Are looks everything? Do you have to have perfect skin, beautiful eyes, blonde hair, etc?
Yes. You have to have good skin, lovely eyes, skinny waist.

Yes, looks are everything. It's modeling, for god's sakes, that's the point. There are some modeling positions for girls of different weights and heights, but even if they want a short, chubby girl, they will want her to have a pretty face and good proportions. Even plus size modeling requires certain waist to hip ratios.

If you're not beautiful, don't bother.

Q: does anyone know anything about it, i am so confused, please help, i will rate 5's!
Oh, yes, I can help.

Okay, a lot of our traits are determined by one gene, with two alleles. One from mom, one from dad. Lets take height for example. "H" is the dominant (tall) gene, "h" is the recessive (short) gene. You can get: both dominant, both recessive, or one of each.

If you get both dominant, then you WILL have this trait, and all of your children will have at least one dominant gene. If you get both recessive, you will not have the trait, and none of your children will have the dominant gene. If you get one of each you will physically display the trait, but your children may or may not receive the dominant gene.

Now, that's fairly simple and straightforward. Not all traits are. Eye color, for example is controlled by several genes, with many alleles. it gets VERY complex. Eye color is polygenic inheritance, because it deals with more than one gene describing just one trait. There are others, as well.

Q: what do girls look for in a guy, i think i know but i wanna know more! rate high!
It TOTALLY varies girl to girl! I almost started making a list of what girls DON'T like, but I realized some of them will like whatever I put down.

All I can tell is you what I like, but of course, that isn't a very large representation. Intelligence is a big thing with me. I like smart guys. It makes me drool everywhere when a guy can talk to me about physics. I also like someone who can accept my weirdness and play along with it without looking weird themselves. :P Make sense? No? Good. All the stuff that the girl at the bottom listed is true, too. Well, most of it, for me. Physically, I love red hair, long hair, not too skinny and not muscular at all, taller than me, nice smile, black, blue-green eyes...

I really place WAY more on personality than looks, but that is definitely not true of every girl. Some girls just want a hottie.

It's going to be different for everyone. Just be yourself and I promise you will appeal to someone. (Or several someones ;)

Q: ok my hair is really curly and all but like i dont know what to do about it like straighten it takes a long time and when i take a shower it just goes right back to curly and i also have bad dandruff and i dont know why its annoying and all but what are some things to do with my hair its very curly like i said

i rate 5
Well, straightening your hair only works as long as it stays dry. Which is why it starts to go back a little even in humidity.

Anyway, I second the chemical straightening route, because that works until it grows out, and in my experience, looks really good.

For dandruff, start by using Head and Shoulders (it smells really good) and if that doesn't work, try Neutrogena T-Gel. (does not smell so good..) if THAT doesn't work, see about getting something precription from the doctor.

Q: Im trying to make a slideshow for my best friend but I need a song to add... do you know any songs that are related to best friends that I can use?
Oh, younggrandma beat me to it!

I HIGHLY reccomend that song. *warm fuzzy feelings*

Q: i am 13 and i really like this guy anthony
1.what are some was i can make him want me??
Like today at school i wore a shirt that showed off my chest. You can see my bra and the sides of my boobs. Well today in class since my friend sits next ot anthony i leaned over on her desk so he can see my chest and he was looking!!! for now on i am wearing more revealing shirts!!
2.i mean i just want him to ask me out so i can hug him and kiss him and hold his hand. I want to do this as soon as possible,especially the kissing and the hand holding. But i never kissed a guy before. but i want this kiss to not just be a peck on the lips i want it to last over 1 minute and i want it to be as described:
first we are walking at school all alone with no one around hand in hand. We walk very slowly. We go behind the handball courts, we stare into each others eyes do a half smile. And then ill say o its cold outside and hell give me his sweater and get closer and grabs me and we kiss. It will be lasting over 1 minute with openmouths and if he wants to put his tongue in my mouth i will slowly let him and make my tongue touch his. And while we are doing this ill will have my hands on his hips constantly moving and his hands will either be on my waist or starting at the waist and moving up slightly touching my breasts. By then my shirt would be half way open. And after we are finally do we slowly break of lips apart and ill say i love you and give him a quick kiss on the will be the best time of my life so far i am only 13 but that is how i would like my first kiss to be and i would like it to be with anthony or with alex but i really wish it was with anthony, well does that sound like a good first kiss.
love always anthony b.
Oh, sweetheart, that sounds like a very nice first kiss, but it isn't going to happen like that. They never do. They are, however, usually fun, and ALWAYS interesting.

I'd have to agree that just showing your chest isn't the best way to attract boys. Unless you're that kind of girl and he is that kind of boy. If he is, though, I can assure you he will only be after you for your body and sex. This may or may not bother you, but it's the way it will be.

I also reccomend you talk to him as much as possible and are as interesting as possible. If you're boring as dirt when you talk to him, he's not going to ask you out no matter how close your boob is to popping out. Find out what interests him and strike up a conversation. :)

Q: hi im 12 and i have had my periods for a year now and b/c you said you liked tampons betta i decided i will ask you if they leak b/c i want to use them but im scared they will leak and i play lots of sport so i would prefer to use them but i just dnt wanna have to change in da middle of my sport b/c i dnt get time to so can u help me
Well, it depends on how heavy your period is and what kind of tampon you use. Every brand comes in at least three sizes/absorbancies, sometimes four.

Super Plus - Holds a lot. Is also slightly bigger than the others. Will last a few hours usually, unless your period is amazingly heavy.

Super - Hold slightly less, but still a lot. Will usually last a fair amount of time.

Regular - Not bad if your period's not bad Doesn't last as long if it's heavy.

And then some companies make Lite ones, which I generally find to be totally useless, but I guess it would be good for a really light flow.

Now, when you're first getting used to tampons you will leak some. It happens. However, unless you leak REALLY bad, it won't show. It might stain your underwear, but it's not going to be blood everywhere or anything. You can always wear a pantiliner, too, if it worries you that much.

They don't leak until they're FULL. So don't worry about it not being effective at all. It will soak up all the blood it can, and only then will it have to start dripping. Experiment with different absorbancies depending on your flow. If you find a regular only lasts an hour, you probably need to go up a size or two. Eventually it comes second nature which ones to use and when to change them.

If you're worried about sports, I reccomend putting in a super or super plus before you go out, and then you won't have to worry about it, unless you're out there for 6 hours or something. But that isn't likely to happen without a bathroom break or something.

I much prefer tampons to pads for convenience reasons. I think after you get used to them, you'll think so too.

Q: what if my vagina smells like fish?
Then you have an infection and need to see a doctor.

Q: My very very good friends birthday is coming up. We just started being friends a month ago, when I met him & he's super cool. I've been thinking of getting him some presents, will you tell me if you think it's okay: Headphones [for his ipod because his are broken & they sound crappy] & the exorcist [original movie, he really wants to see it.] then i'm going to buy him a card & balloons, and also I wanted to make him a small cake. I'm really tight on money, so i was also wondering do you think he'd be okay w/ just me making him a cake and decorating it all pretty? instead of buying a cake? thanks so much.
I think you're coming on a bit stong, but that's just me.

I'd skip the balloons, maybe. Everything else sounds lovely.

Q: Ok. This might sound kind of wierd, but here goes. When I go to use the bathroom and I pull down my underwear, there's this nasty, sticky, white, creamy looking stuff in there. It doesn't like cover the whole bottom of my underwear, it's only like a little bit. I'm not sexually active, so it couldn't be from that. What is this? Why does this happen all the time? I rate 5's on good answers!!!
It's normal vaginal discharge.

*sigh* Welcome to womanhood...

As long as it isn't ever any weird colors and it doesn't smell like fish, it doesn't mean anything bad. You can wear a pantiliner to save your undies if you want.

Q: i was wondering do cigars have a lot of nicoteen and are they addicting
Yes and yes.

Q: what are some sites like like i need a site that will tell me info on a book because i didnt read a book and i need to know what its exactly about! THANKS ILL RATE IF YOUR GOOD

...that's all I got.

Q: i think i am going to go trick or treating with my friends so what is a good group costume idea?? or any good individuals if you feel like it too. funny ones, pretty ones, but not like famous ppl or common things-cheerleaders, opposite sex, devil, cat, angel, fairy, etc

thank you
I'm going as an 80's prom queen. I got an 80's ish dress, I'll make a simple little sash out of felt and glitter pen, and then do my hair big and wear too much eyeshadow.

Time periods make cool costumes. Taking the most random shit you can find out of your closet works well also.

Try googling for costume ideas.

Q: okay well my boyfriend and i just like started dating or whtever.And like when he asked me out and everything i really really liked him.. well after like a couple of days i kinda had a weird feeling and like i didnt really like him anymore.. so i asked a couple of people what they thought about us and like if i should break up with him, cuz like i was ignoring his calls and i really didnt want to talk to him.. well like after a while i was gonna tell him that i just wanted us to be friends.. and so i waited for his call, and waited and waited.. well he never ever called and like i tried calling but no one answered.. well like now i realy do like him i guess i was just scared i would get hurt so i was pushing him away..well i duont know whats wrong, i dont know if hes mad at me and like he hasnt called in like 3 weeks and theres no other way i could talk to him.. so what should i do and is he mad at me... i am soo sooo confused.. please help me i really like him... and i dont want to lose him and he wont answer his phone so i dunno.. thnks soo soo srry for the length.. **hearts**
You don't like him. Sorry to be so blunt. I've been in that situation a few times though, and I can say with some certainy that you don't like him. If you still did, you wouldn't have doubted it after only a couple days. Hell, it's pretty bad to feel that way after a couple weeks.

You need to talk to him though, don't take my word for it (haha, reading rainbow). See for yourself if you still like him. If you can't see him, call him. Talk for a little while about nothing in particular. You should sort out your feelings before anything else. Then decide to break up or stay together. If he is not calling you because he does not like you anymore, there isn't a whole lot you can do. :-/

Three weeks? That sounds like a breakup, m'dear. :(

Q: My older sister is 17 (Im about to turn 14 in a few days) and today I was hanging out with her in her room while she was looking through her drawers for a pair of shorts. I saw something that looked like a condom wrapper but she covered it up so quickly, i thought i must have seen it wrong because my sister told me shes a virgin. Well, when she left the house, I snooped & turns out .. it was condoms, a few of them. And about 3 were un opened. Im MAD. She lied to me. And shes told me repeatedly how she wants to save herself until marriage. I dont know what to do, do i tell anyone? Im afraid she'll get an STD, or pregnant. But I cant talk to HER. Or she'll freak out at me and deny it - i know.
I think you should leave it alone.

Seriously, it's her life. You should be happy she's using condoms and not having unprotected sex.

Live and let live.

Q: Hi, I was wondering what the buddhist bible was called... I've searched on Google but it doesn't come up... please help me I really want to read it!
They don't have one. Most religions have a main religious text (Bible, Torah, Koran), but buddhists do not. Buddhism is less a religion and more an entire way of livivng. Unlike other religions, buddhists are not united. They have no set creed or dogma. They do not require you to believe anything you don't like. They are very tolerant of other beliefs and systems and religions.

Instead of a set of rules, they have something called Dharma (dar-muh), which is one's own set of rules to live by. Everyone's is different and you get to pick your own. There is also Karma, which, as we all know, is payback for bad deeds and rewards for good ones. And of course, they believe in reincarnation.

Not exactly what you were looking for, but yeah, they don't have a "bible."

Q: Whenever I eat a large amount of dairy products of any kind, particularly milk, I get this awful painful feeling internally right below my back...and then I get diarrhea. Could I be lactose intolerant?
Probably. Since only large amounts of dairy will do it, you're probably only mildly lactose intolerant. I reccomend eating dairy in smaller amounts, or getting those pills lactose intolerant people take before they eat, so they can have dairy.

Q: Well, things at home are not good for me. They haven't been for years, no I don't get abused or anything but I'm just not happy living here. I hate my living enviroment, and I really want to move out. I talked to my two best friends about it and they're really not happy with their familes either so we want to work as much as we can all of this school year and then next summer move in together (we have all of money problems figured out). Two of us would be 16 and one 17. My question is, what is the law for teenagers living together by themselves? We live in NJ and someone told me that you just need an adult to sign for you. Is that true? Anything is appreacited! Thanks.
You CAN get emancipated, but generally, it has to be REALLY bad at home (like, uh, abuse)

If you can get parental conesent, it might be possible though. You would need to consult a lawyer. You'd have to anyway, to do this.

Q: i have never had sex ,still a virgin.well i had my period a couple of weeks ago and i normally get it at the end of the month.but any way i have blood stain coming from my virgina.its not like lots of blood.just like blood that mixed with the fluids . whats wrong.i have had my peroid for 4 years
It's probably just spotting, but you might wanna get checked out. A lot of women get spotting inbetween periods. Just a little bit of blood. Yep yep.

My name is Deanna: aka manrashi, banana, deanimal

I'm 15 and I like answering questions. I try to be as competent, coherant, and helpful as possible. Everyone is welcome to ask me questions personally, as it it makes me feel special.

I LOOOVE cooking and drawing and other artistic type things. I also like altering photos and making avvies/icons in photoshop, so I will take any requests for those as well. (email or IM me).

Please rate my advice, and rate it fairly. If I deserve a 2, go ahead and give me one, you won't hurt my feelings.

Pet peeve: people who answer questions just to say "That sucks, I don't know. Sux 2 B u."(If you don't know, why are you answering?) and people who say "Hope I helped!" (Obviously, or you wouldn't have an advice column)

Haha, sorry.

I'm out.






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