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My daughter is currently 13 years old. She's fairly mature and doesn't dress slutty. Now, she has liked this guy for about half a year. Today, he asked her out. They want to go see a movie with another couple their age on monday. I don't know if I should let her go. What is your stance on this? Is 13 too young to be dating? (link)
i think if she's mature enough to know not to do anything stupid then she will be fine. be glad she told you all of this though! i never told my mother anything because she treated me like i was way to young to have a boyfriend even though i did. if you treat her like an adult then she will act like one and you will be just fine. good luck!

ok last night i went to the movies with my friends peter and jules we saw the return of the king well all threw the movie i would talk to peter and stuf but forget a bout jules (i was siting in the middle of them) but i like this kid sean and then my sister is haveing her bday party today and her friend brian came over hes my age (14) and he had his girl friend with yhim and i was jelouse can any one tell me what this means
boy crazy (link)
as a teenage girl you naturally going to be attracted to any guy that's attractive. however, dont decide you like someone until you actually talk to them. looks arent everything. make sure you know the guy before you let anything happen. good luck!

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