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i am really good friends with this guy. i never really thought about it, but he comes up to me one day and tells me that he likes me. now, dont get me wrong, but hes a really nice guy and i will feel really bad about saying no when he asks me out. worst of all, my neighbors are his aunt, uncle, and cousins. im basically in a loose-loose situation. what do i do?
Tell him how you feel. If you guys are really good friends, which i dont doubt your are, he will understand. Just be as nice as you can about it and give him a good and honest reason why you dont wanna go out with him. Its not worth it (saying yes just to make everyone else happy) if it makes you miserable. So dont worry about it and just tell him the truth. It will be ok.

There's this guy at school i like and he likes me. the problem is he has a girlfriend. he never liked her, but shes madly in love with him. i recently heard from his friend that he's dumping his girlfriend for me. but last week his girlfriend's friend yelled at me during PE and LA. If he does ask me out what should i say? either way i'm hurting someone. i really like this guy, though. should i say yes or no? (link)
If your really like him, dont worry about what other people think. Im not saying you should say yes just right after he dumps his girlfriend, because that would prove her friends theory, but wait a little while after she gets over it and then either u ask him or u say yes. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

OK i have nothin to do and my head hurts and i dont feel good wut should i do
Take some medicine, (tylonol or whatever), lay down or do something quiet, and wait it out. Once the headache goes away, do whatever you feel like doing.

my friend mari just got dumped by this kid zack and he likes my friend nicole.. and nicole liked him. well, mari found out about nicole and zack and she told nicole that she doesnt want them going out because she still likes zack. i tried to tell nicole not to do it because her and mari are friends. well, nicole did it to mari. and they are both my friends and i dont want to get stuck in the middle of everything. then they went to a basketball game. and nicole told me that mari went up to her and said that she is going to get zack back. and i asked mari if thats true and she said no. then she went and told nicole that i told mari nicole punched her in the face. and i didnt. and i dont know what to do! (link)
Just stay out of it. Dont say anything to either of them until they sort it out. But, the first and only thing you can say (for now) is..."Look, I dont deserve to be put in the middle of my friends problems, and i definatly dont need them lying to one another about what i "say". So ive decided not to talk to either of you if you wont have any consideration for my feelings. Or at least not until you sort things out." You can either do this or just every time they try to talk about each other just say "no comment" or "i dont have an opinion on any of this". I hope things work out for you and im sure they will. Friends get over guys. Its just part of life. Well hang in there.

Does anyone else ever get an itchy spot on their hand that, even when you scratch, doesn't go away?

HOW CAN I MAKE THE ITCHING STOP!?! Its brutal. (link)
Go to the store and get an itching cream. Then follow the directions on the label. That should work fine.

ok so this is the problem a month ago tommorow i started dating this guy. he treats me like a saint. he says he loves me and his brother and father tell me how good i am for fact that after his life went downhill, im the only thing to make him happy, but im unhappy. im not physically attracted to him. and i kno thats shallow, but he likes to be very physical. today this guy i really like asked me out, i said yes w/o thinking. i really dont want ot hurt the guy im with now. and i refuse to cheat. im so confused and hurting inside like u would not believe. he did nothing to deserve this, its just i felt like i was smothering. maybe im wrong. i kno i am, that i should be able to make myself love him the way he does me, but i cant... i just cant. god please help me, and tell me what to do. im soo confused (link)
You cant force yourself to like someone. And it would hurt this guy your going out with more to find out that your just going out with him because you feel bad for him. You also shouldnt go out with someone if it makes you unhappy. The whole point of a relationship is so both people are together..and that part makes them happy. But your not. I think you should tell this guy how your feeling...and break up with him. (be as nice as you can about it though). Then, the guy that asked you out, tell him your sorry but you cant go out with him just yet. You wait for your soon to be exboyfriend to get over it or move on. Then you go out with the other guy. That way he doesnt think you dumped him for the other guy. You might want to tell the other guy whats going on.(depending on if YOU want to). All these ideas are just suggestions or things to think about. You do what you feel you have to in order to be happy. Remember, time will pass...and so will this. Your (ex)boyfriend cant stay mad forever. But just make sure you stay friends with him after you dump him (if you do), or at least try to. Dont stress out too much. It will be ok.

How do I win back my ex boyfriend that cares for me and I care for him but he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now? I mean we flirt, cuddle, play around,and hug.I'm very confused. (link)
Just give him time. Let him come to you, and if hes not ready now, and yall care for each other, youll probably be the first person he looks up when the time comes. But just have patience. Remember, the best things in life are worth waiting for (as corny as that may sound lol). Just dont worry about it for now, and wait it out. Itll work itself our eventually. But if you must know a way to speed up the process, just be a really good friend to him. Let him know that you still care for him. And that you will still be there when hes ready. Whatever you do though, do not try to make him jealous. That will just push him away, and make him feel like your not there for him. Patience is the key to this one. Dont stress out. It will be alright.

Hey, snarfism here, I've been getting complaints about my answers. Like, They're too long-winded/too mean/ect. I was wondering if this happens to everyone, or if i'm just a freak bad advice-giver? (link)
No, I dont think that your necessarily a bad advice-giver. I think that maybe your honestey isnt exactly what people want to hear. But, that doesnt mean that you have to change your opinions to satisfy other people. Keep telling them the truth, and if they get mad about it, thats their problem. I mean, if they dont like it, they dont have to take it. But there are some people out there that will take that hard truth and use it. Focus on those people. Dont worry about the shallow people that only want it if it makes them feel better. Sometimes, what they have to hear may suck for them, but they still need to hear it. It can help them in the long run. Just keep doing what your doing, and if they complain. dont worry about it. Remember, its their problem, not yours. Give it your best shot, and dont stress out.

ok my xxbf sed i kissed to rough and my lasted xbf sed i kissed to low like on his lower lip! i wanna be a GR8 kisser.... soo how do i do it?? my xbf was SUCH a good kisser and left me breathless but how do i kiss then?? HELP!! me!!!! thnx

Well, you cant exactly rush these things. Remember practice makes perfect. Just keep practicing (with bfs lol). And then you cant help but improve. But if you really feel like you need that extra support, they're are some "Are you a good kisser" tests on the internet, and different information on it. It will be ok. Let it happen naturally, with a little help (tests and stuff) and dont stress out so much. Well have fun!!! lol. Hang in there.

ok one of my friends said your good at giving advice so here it goes..i really like this guy and everyone thought he liked me..well today i told him that i like him over the phone on an answering machine then my friend (who you gave advice to) asked him and he said no he dont like me...i dont know what to do because now i think my friend likes him so yeah marry chritmas to me and a wonderful year to start off well can you help me out please because i feel like i'm going to go balistick litterally well tell me what to do...

-lovedontexist (link)
First off, this sort of thing happens pretty often so dont feel bad. There's a few things that could be going through his head...He could be lying about not liking you (if he doesnt know your friend that well, y would he tell her who he likes?), he might like someone else, he might not have thought about it before he knew you liked him so he doesnt really know yet, he might just like you as a friend, or possibly, he could be gay lol. And then, theres a few ways you can deal with it. Keep trying and just be a good friend to him (now that he knows you like him he can think about if the feelings mutual), just forget about him and move on, just forget about it for a while and let it sort of work itself out,(as in, just kind of be normal and give whatevers gonna happen on its own a chance to), just give it time, (he could delvelop feelings for you later if he doesnt have them now). Just whatever you do, DO NOT obsess over it. Thats a big turn off and it gets you no where fast. In my opinion, I say you just chill out about it, explore other roads, and guys lol. But I dont think you should forget about him completly, just let him know the options still there, without making it really obvious. And about your friend, talk to her about it(your thinking she likes him), and tell her how you feel, see if its right, and if it is, you guys can work something out so you dont have to worry about it. Remember "Guys come and go but friendships last forever". As corny as that might sound, its completly true. But if you want to find out for sure what hes thinking, maybe you should try asking him yourself in person? This is all up to you, these are just ideas to get you thinking. Now ponder a little, and make your decision. Remember, it will be ok..and so will you.

This guy at my school has a big crush on me. He's the type who goofs off and tries to get laughs from everybody, so of course he makes it nice and obvious to every single person in my school that he likes me. Don't get me wrong, he's a good guy. But I really don't like him back. I can understand, I've been in his situation, but when I was told the guy didn't like me, I shut up. And I hadn't said anything before that. But it's real torture, and you should have heard the whole class laughing at me when the teacher unwittingly picked us for partners on a long project. It's awful. I've presented this to him, and I can tell he's trying, but he can't stop, even though I kind of swallowed my crush when this happened to me. This might even be something that would relate to us not getting along as an item, plus I'm not ready for a b/f. But nevermind. Anybody have some advice about how to make him hold off? or something??? (link)
Well, I say you should just sort of wait it out(i mean, at our age, sometimes you do just get short crushes sometimes), and whatever you do, do not lead him on (as more than a friend). If you havent told him yet your not ready for a b/f, you probably should. If that doesnt work just deal with it the best you can. And be a good friend to him. (i think we all know what it feels like to be hurt by one of our crushes and we know it does not feel good).Maybe, when you get ready for a b/f later, he should be the first person you look up. I mean, right now you might not feel like he's your type, but if he's a good guy, you could develop feelings for him as well. Also, it seems kind of like your basing some of your decitions on your friends and peers? The word of advice I can give you on that is do not worry about what other people think, because only you get to be you, and only your happiness matters. Oh yeah, but if your peers DO make some stupid comments, feel free to hit them in the face, lol just playin. But either way, just treat him like you would want to be treated in his situation. As hard as it might be, its possible that you might not be able to get him to stop liking you without hurting him badly, so you might just have to deal. In most of these situations though, they usually work themselves out (with a little help). Just hang in there. It will be ok.

My boyfriend will not be getting me a chritmas gift this Christmas. I have already purchased his gift and given it to him because he needed it early (an expensive snowboarding coat). I am trying not to be upset. Times are tough, money's tight, the problem is he spent $200 on his mom's CD player, and bought his dad a forutne in hunting gear and we went out all weekend and he had no money problems then. Sunday we went shopping and he mentioned that he looked at his account and he's going to have to write a bad check so that he get his sister a gift. I told him not to worry about me, he says he's really sorry (he's really beating himself up over it) and that he'll get me something great the next paycheck, which won't be until January 5th. Am I being stupid and girly because my feelings are hurt? (link)
Well, it's normal to feel this way...but obviously you care about him which probably means you trust him. If he says he'll get you your present in a couple of weeks, and he's beating himself up about not having one for you now, i'm sure he'll go through with getting one for you as soon as possible. Also, you can't deny, he's got to be really sweet to get all that stuff for his family. I'm sure your just as important to him as they are. But just because your getting your present late, doesn't mean that he doesn't love you just as much as them. So just don't worry about it for now. Your time will come (January 5th). It will be fine, and to answer your is a little girly, but that's to be expected..seeing as though you are a girl lol. And theres nothing wrong with that. And last off, your definatly not being stupid.

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for like almost 2 years and we want to have sex but i am a Virgin and i dont know how it would fell can i get some advice explain how it fells and what i should do (link)
First, you need to think about what your about to get yourself into. Consequences, you could get pregnant, diseases, etc. Second off, the first time is always painful and it can cause bleeding. You should only go through with it if you've completely thought through it. Also, to learn more about it, you should go to some websites, do some research. ALWAYS think through your plans before going through with them. KNOW what your about to do.

I wanted to work on a new look for the new year, I've been thinking about punk, not being way over board. . but adding my own looks, mixing and matching I don't want to be noticed, but I want some say in what I wear. . . For the past years I dressed to impress, now its time for a change. . . IM gunna be dressed cuz I feel like wearing w/e the heck I want! I love the color black. . and fire is pretty, but I wouldnt cal myself a pyro, cuz I dont really love fire. . There r ups and downs. . about fire ya know, And I feel depressed and silenced, and I write poems and write lyrics for songs. . Is that like gothy??? I mena The goth style is pretty nice, but I dont want to be a goth. . Iw ant to be maybe a skater punk. . or something. CAn you give me advice for this problem?? *I dont care what my friends think. . IM gunna chnage even if they dotn wnat me to, not my personality. . just my clothes. .why would they care right??* (link)
Your style or writing poems, doesn't determine if your a goth or not. I think you should be whatever you wanna be, or dress whatever is you. Or what you want to be you. Change can be good..just as long as you stay yourself and don't change your personality too much. Also, be careful...if your not (and you care what other people think), kids at school might call you a poser.(dumb kids lol) Maybe you should do a mix of everything you like. A little black here...punk there...or whatever YOU feel comfortable wearing. You might also like to keep a little of your old style. No one else can change what you are going to do and only you get to be you. So like you said, just don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Be you.

Ok, I still really like my ex boyfriend. But, he has a new gilfriend, that he supposedly really likes. *Rolls eyes* But, my friends and I have caught him SO many times staring at me while I walk in the halls at school. And I wrote my friend this hilarious note, and he read it and laughed. Like, a lot. But, he doesn't make any effort to talk to me or anything. My friends think he still has feelings for me, but he's with this other girl and he's afraid to pursue anything with me. My friends also think I should try making him jealous and "flaunt it". Any ideas on how to do that?

-Thanks. (link)
Well, I don't have any doubts you guys still have feelings for each other,and it's very possible he's trying to make you jealous, just like your thinking about doing to him. But think about this...If it's bothering you this much by what he's doing to you, why do the same to him? If you still like him, then you know that it'll just hurt him to do that. I say the best way to go about it is to straight up tell him. No guys like to play James Bond. Besides, making him jealous will do nothing but push him farther away. And judging by this email, i seriously doubt you want to do that. Not to mention, the guy you played would get hurt in the process of the whole ordeal. So, my word of advice is to just be honest. Tell him how you feel and go from there.

ok last night i went to the movies with my friends peter and jules we saw the return of the king well all threw the movie i would talk to peter and stuf but forget a bout jules (i was siting in the middle of them) but i like this kid sean and then my sister is haveing her bday party today and her friend brian came over hes my age (14) and he had his girl friend with yhim and i was jelouse can any one tell me what this means
boy crazy (link)
Alright, about your friends Peter and Jules, you obviously care about them or you probably wouldn't have sent this mail. You should let them know you do, especially Jules because your sort of left him out at the movies. About Sean, if you've liked him for a while, you should stick with him. And if the signs are right, you should let him know, or hint at,you liking him. You should probably leave the taken boy alone, because even if you do like him, it would only hurt him if you destroyed his relatioship with his girlfriend. I think all this means, your not really sure about who you like or what exactly you want to do about it. Hang in there, boy crazy.

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