Haha hey babes! Well, I live in The Woodlands (In Houston), Texas. (Don't get the wrong opinion of The Woodlands, it's not just stuck-up rich kids!) I'm 13, and I'm in 7th grade. I love to go to the movies and the mall with my hott friends. Haha, well I don't know what else to say. Later babes!


ok me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time, and we decided that we are comfortable having sex. well, i really need help! i thot this would be an interesting experience, but he has such an odd sexuality. example: he like practically ripped off my blouse, then like snapped oppen my bra and IT REALLY HURT, then like he takes my panties off and start rubbing them on himself,then when he had enough of that, he got whipped cream and sprayed it on my pussy, then licked it off. now that whippe cream thing may turn some weird girls on, BUT NOT ME!!! i'm like what the heck???? so then i just get dressed and leave because this was ridiculous, but we're really close so we made up. but what can i do so that next time, (its proabably not going to be for awhile tho) he acts NORMAL!!!

Um... how about don't have sex with him at all? But what ever... if you really MUST do it... then just try to talk to him and tell him how you feel about him doing all that stuff. Good luck babe


I have a friend who cant keep her mouth shut! She tells everything I say and I always try to remember tp tell her stuff but sometimes i am just itcing to tell someone. I really wanna be her friend but then again I dont NEED her! any suggestions? 5 points for anyone who helps! xoxo

Try not to tell people like her important stuff that you wouldn't want any one else to know. Try not to tell anyone... unless you know that they'll keep it a secret.


do girls bleed when they have sex??? I'm so scared because I've heard that girls bleed when they have sex you know"popping the cherry" as some people call it and then I've heard that its just a saying and you don't relly bleed that it just hurts!!! HELP!!!!!

No, you don't bleed babe. Haha, don't be scared to have sex, it doesn't hurt either. Just promise me that you'll use a condom AND take birth control. You don't want to get pregnant and ruin the rest of your life. Trust me...


Hey guys
Do boys like it when girls give cute sexi looks from the corner of there eyes???

Haha yea babe!


Okay so there is this girl at my school who I think I might like..she is really good at everything she does, there is just one problem. We don't really like each other at all. She thinks I'm rude and over-obsessed with grades and I think she is occasionally a self-absorbed vindictive roller coaster. I sort of want to get things on a good level with her before the school year ends, any advice?

Hmmm, it seems like she's got the wrong idea of you. Try to talk to her, and prove to her that your not grade obsessive. And just to tell you babe, ALL girls are roller coasters... just to warn you.


My boyfriend and me live right down the street from each other and we spend ALOT of time together. Well all of a sudden thier MOVING 35 to 40 minutes away! OMG im freaking out and i dont know if i should stay with him and see how things go or what?!?!

Wow, CHILL! It's only 30 minutes away babe, this might be a GOOD thing. Spending TOO much time with a guy can lead to problems. Maybe this little seperation is good for your relationship. Then, yall will be more eager to see each other. ;) Good luck babe!


i've had under eye circles my whole life and sleeping more doesn't help because it just makes them purple from too much sleeping. stupid eyes. circles be gone!

Put cover up over the circles...


hey do u think that zeroordie guy is hot? i think he is wayyyy hot!

haha yea...


ok.. there is this guy that i like named ryan. For the past 2 weeks, everyone has been telling me that he likes me. Well i didnt believe them so i said i didnt like him. Then ryan found out i didnt like him, so 3 days ago he told one of my friends i was hott and he liked me but didnt want to go out with me anymore. Last night at church, he wouldnt even talk to me. I said hey to him and he ignored me. Then after church we was all outside and jordan asked ryan a question about me and he was like "i dont know adn i dont care right now". I havent done nothing to him, but he found out that i still like my ex. Also there is this guy name murphy that used to like me but i never liked him(we were just good friends, not no more tho, i hate him now!!). Well murphy has been telling everyone that i like him and i dont!! Ryan now thinks i like murphy and he thinks murphy likes me. So he is mad at me and wont talk to me. What should i do?

Hmm, well first of all the reason he hasn't been talking to you is because that's just the way guys are. They're kind of shy believe or not when it comes to talking to girls. If it's for any other reason, it's probably because he's jelous that you "like" this guy. I know you really don't, but that's what he THINKS. You just need to tell him you acually like HIM and not this other guy, or get one of your friends to. Just make sure he understands you DON'T like murphy. Good-luck!


it seems like whenever i get to school i feel like im dressing punkish. i mean i love punks, sept the druggies, but anyway thats not the question. the question is how to do prep up my clothes i have? thanks

Well, your kind of like me. I like the whole "punk" look and stuff. I'm popular... and I'm a prep. I just wear like prep clothes, like from Abercombie and Hollister. And then I wear like converse (black) and black nail polish. Try to wear like prepish clothes, with punkish accessories. You'll be like... a prunk... haha. Wow, that was cool.


im a guy who is shy and i like this girl who is like my best friend and i want to have a bigger relationship with her, what should i do to get her attention? please help!! thanks

Just try to talk to her more. Ask her if she thinks yall will every go out or not. Then tell her your true feelings. If she doesn't feel the same about you... just say it's fine... and that yall can stay friends.


how can i convince a girl to like me?what can i say to make her like me as a boyfriend

First, jsut try to talk to her. Be flirtatious. Don't be a jerk around her or try to show off in front of friends or you will just end up making yourself look stupid. Being immiture is a definant TURN-OFF! Heres a good website that will help you. http://www.femaleseducesecrets.net/


My best friend has this boyfriend (Hes a real pervert and a jerk to her friends but she doesnt care) , wen shes goin out with all she does is talk about how he gets in to trouble (which she like) or how she wants to break up with him, when he breaks up with her she cries and threatens to commit suicide! Then they get back together and the pattern continues! IM SICK OF IT, !!!!!
Sry its long, but i rate 5s

Hmm, well I think you need to tell your "friend" what you really think about this guy. Tell her he's just going to wound up hurtinh her again if she doesn't break-up with him or fix the problem. Just try to talk to her and remember to say your just trying TO BE A FRIEND.


i have blackheads and i dunno what to do!..i use clean and clear, phisoderm and they both dont work! so i tried clean and clear and that didnt help either!..does anybody know how to help me?!?!?!?

Just try to wash your face EVERY day with facial wash. The only reason you have black heads in the first place is because dirt and sweat get's into your pores. Try to use facial SCRUB. It works better. Try St. Ives facial scrub (Apricot) If that doesnt work, try going to a dermitoligist website and find other ways. I've already looked up a few websites for you:




After my boyfriend & I broke up, I started hanging out with my guy friend a whole lot. We got really close & end up having sex a few times. He was pretty much my rebound guy and it was a huge mistake. He thought that it really meant something & told me he loved me. Now, we are just friends. I told him I was sorry, but I didn't like him like that & liked being single. Everytime I flirt with a guy, he gets extremely mad/jealous and brings up what happened between us. I could never tell him it was a mistake because he's too sensitive & I just want to forget it ever happened. How do I tell him I want to be single & flirt without him getting all mad and saying I'm a slut? (20, F)

I think your biggest mistake was to have sex with this guy, but just talk to him and tell him that you don't have feelings for him. If he get's mad, just tell him you still want to be friends with him, and to just forget what happened.


If you have sex, And you havent had your period, can you still get pregnant or aids?

If you havn't had your period yet, and you've had sex, you can't get pregnant. There's a possibily of getting aids though. Try to search on the web fore more information on the web.


Hey! Okay, well I REALLY like this guy a lot...I've liked him since, literally, the second day of school. He knew I liked him because I asked him out...yet he said no. It wasn't in a mean way though or anything...he just said he didn't want a girlfriend. I got upset, but for some reason I didn't get all sad like I used to. Hmm..but anyway. Everytime I try to tell him I don't like him anymore, he denies it. He's like "whatever I know you do." or "you still like me I know it!" and stuff like that. I really really want to go out with him...but I can't just come out and say that because as I've already established, he doesn't like me that way. But see, he flirts with me sometimes, and ALWAYS smiles at me in the halls and stuff. We hang out sometimes too and we just kinda flirt back and forth. He gives the signal that he likes me, but I mean..he obviously doesn't.
What should I do? Please help!

If he flirts with you, he obviously likes you. Maybe he's just too scared to admit that he likes you. Just keep trying to flirt with him, and eventually, he'll spill his feelings. Ask him if he would EVER go out with you. If your too scared, then get one of your friends to ask him. I know that sounds cheezy, but girls do it all the time. Just because it doesn't seem like he likes you, he probably does. Good-luck!



I'm that type of girl who never wears make-up at all. Some girls that I know look, well, scary without make-up, but I don't really look that bad, and I'm pretty critical of my looks. I was wondering, is there any make-up tips that you can give, such as how to apply eyeliner, what shades look good on my skin type. I'm pretty tan so my skin is fair. Is there anything I can apply so I don't look like a make-up junkie, but people notice I started to put on make-up? I don't want to put on too much make-up, I'm only 14.

Haha, I can definetly help you with this. See, where I live (The Woodlands, TX) it's a pretty nice place. Most of the people that live here are rich, and stuck up. Here, there are 8 year olds that wear make-up. Here are a few placed you can look for good tips on make-up: Any girl magazines, there FULL of make-up tips. Here are some websites that will help also. http://www.teenpurple.com/make-up/ http://www.beautytipsonline.com/make_up_tips.htm http://www.wildaboutmakeup.com/

I suggest that you look at the last one first, it tells you how to apply DIFFERENT make-up. Like eye make-up, lip make-up, etc. If you don't have bad skin, it's best NOT to wear foundation or powder. It only makes your skin worse. If you have a pimple every now and then, just dab some liquid concealer on it. Make sure that when you apply eye liner, don't put too much on or else you'll make yourself look gothic. People are probably going to notice that you wear make-up, but as long as you wear it suttle, then it will look great! Good-luck. Keep me posted!


14, female.We recently took a fieldtrip to go to a skating rink at my school. While at the skating rink my friend broke up with her boyfriend. I tried to comfort him, I told him she was retarded and a bit*h, but in a goofy voice so he knew I was just kidding. Well one of her other little friends took it the wrong way and ran off and told her. She got angry and started dissing me behind my back, and saying I was a bad friend. We are sort of getting over it, but now I like her ex. Everyone keeps saying he likes me too and that we should go out, but I don't want to make my friend madder. What should I do?

There's no reason for your friend to be mad at you anymore. SHE broke up with HIM, there over, done, through, how ever you want me to put it. There just not going out anymore, the only reason that she would be mad at you, is because of jelously. But then, that would make her a bad friend, so I say GO FOR IT! Talk to her ex, be flirtatious, what ever it takes. Good luck.


ok i liked this guy and he liked me, but he waited too long to ask me out and so i got over him and then he asked me out but i didnt like him so i said no.... we stayed friends and we still are but he has a girlfriend and i like him again.... should i tell him i still like him

I think you should talk to him. Be FLIRTAIOUS! Girls do that best, then maybe he will like you again. Odds are, he's eventually going to like you again.


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