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Question Posted Saturday July 9 2005, 6:37 pm

ok me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time, and we decided that we are comfortable having sex. well, i really need help! i thot this would be an interesting experience, but he has such an odd sexuality. example: he like practically ripped off my blouse, then like snapped oppen my bra and IT REALLY HURT, then like he takes my panties off and start rubbing them on himself,then when he had enough of that, he got whipped cream and sprayed it on my pussy, then licked it off. now that whippe cream thing may turn some weird girls on, BUT NOT ME!!! i'm like what the heck???? so then i just get dressed and leave because this was ridiculous, but we're really close so we made up. but what can i do so that next time, (its proabably not going to be for awhile tho) he acts NORMAL!!!

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ThugGirl041790 answered Saturday July 9 2005, 8:51 pm:
Yea i wouldnt want a guy to do that for my first time.. id want it to be special not some freaky kinky shit atleast not right away.. your boyfriend must of watched toooooo much t.v.. tell him what you expect for your first time.. and tell him what you dont want that way its okay and perfect.. or maybe find a more normal guy.. ♥ Dez

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Mandee answered Saturday July 9 2005, 8:12 pm:
Haha...yep! That's happened to me too.

You need to tell him that you weren't comfortable with what he was doing. It was really weird to you. If you don't talk to him about what he did wrong, he'll never change it. Tell him you'd like him to be more senual and gentle with you. Tell him the whipped cream isn't for you.

Keep in mind that telling him might make him feel awkward and like he did something wrong. So if you're going to tell him, sugarcoat it in the best possible way. Keep your words at heart and also mention the things he's good at. So he won't feel like a complete loser. But yeah, he needs to be able to handle it. I mean, he's a guy afterall.

If you don't want to dicuss it an other option would be to throw hints. Like when you're with him and he kisses you softly say something like " I love how you did that!" He should take a hint and realize that you like being treated delicately.


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Lovedoctor answered Saturday July 9 2005, 7:26 pm:
Um... how about don't have sex with him at all? But what ever... if you really MUST do it... then just try to talk to him and tell him how you feel about him doing all that stuff. Good luck babe

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X_Amanda_X answered Saturday July 9 2005, 7:16 pm:
Well..hmm wow..Just tell him that you don't feel comfortable the way he's doing it.


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Jman81 answered Saturday July 9 2005, 7:06 pm:
he probably got that idea from a movie of some sort, but just tell him you didn't like all of that ripping and whipped cream stuff, and just have normal sex. and use protection!

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Christine13 answered Saturday July 9 2005, 6:57 pm:
o0ohkay well is he a virgin? maybe he had like a sexual overdrive and got excited..thinking you would too and maybe he thought you would like his <sexy> actions. have you talked to him? be like ohkay baby im new at this and it should be a compliment im doing it with you..but you have to be gentle with fragile! lets just keep it slow and sensual at first and maybe after a while we can get more eurotic but not for now..kay babe?.....keep it nice and possibly make it a funny/learning experience. OH and be sure to use protection and you should probably try birth contral pills or the patch...just want you 2 to be safe! luv ya thnx for asking

hope all goes well hun'

[ Christine13's advice column | Ask Christine13 A Question

Sammerz619 answered Saturday July 9 2005, 6:56 pm:
Well it seems to me if your uncormfortable with this then you guys arent really ready for it. Tell your bf that you dont like it and your not ready to do *that*. Im sure he'll understand. Well i hope i helped!!Sammerz

[ Sammerz619's advice column | Ask Sammerz619 A Question

FrEe2bMe answered Saturday July 9 2005, 6:50 pm:
Well, with sex, it's common for people to have their different preferences. I think that if you and your boyfriend are close and comfortable enough with each other to have sex, you should also feel okay with talking to him about what pleases you and how you want to go about doing things. I know it may be akward, but if he doesn't have a problem being with you intimately he shouldn't have a problem with this and neither should you. Just explain to him that you felt like he was going too rough and weird for your liking and since the first time y'all got to do things his way, this next time you want to do things your way. So you take charge. Show him what you like. Comprimise, in other words. In time, you'll learn what the each of you likes better and come to a happy medium. Good luck. :)

[ FrEe2bMe's advice column | Ask FrEe2bMe A Question

orphans answered Saturday July 9 2005, 6:50 pm:
haha a kinky lil fella huh? ha well tell him if you do get close 2 it that your not into that kinda stuff... youu wanna go the normal way cuz you feel uncomfortable and that (well if your a virgin) your new 2 this. i mean seriously if you don't like it then you shouldn't have 2 put up with it.. avoid sex (thats like impossible! ha) for awhile i guess or juss tell him flat out you dont like it `&hearts;//

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