My boyfriend was with a girl for 6 months. Now weve been together for almost two months, but the other day he called me his exs name. What do I do?

It was probably a mistake. He probably is still thinking about her a little because they were togeth for a long time but now hes over you and he oviously like you so dont worry aobut it if he does it again talk to him and tell him how you feel honesty is very important in a relationship and you should always express your self if you feel that hes talking about his ex alot or thinking about her or whateve let him know. Hope i helped good luck with your guy ;) Americangirl ♥


I'm starting to get really pale again because summer is over : (. So i was wondering which way is the better way to get tan? Indoor or Outdoor tanning. Which one is the safest and will do the least harm to your skin? Thank-you!

Out door tanning will make your skin look more tan but if you spend hours and hours at a time you may be at rist for skin cancer. But i would do indoor tanning it does lots of damage. Iwould outdoor tan for a while but not for long periods of time maybe like 2 hours at the most each day and then in about a week BAM you'll be tan again! Hope i helped! oh yeah where at least 5 sp or else you'll burn! you dont want that. Americangirl ♥


ok, how do you write an essay, because i have to write an essay on grease the musical? thanks in advance

Ok well it usually depends on the teacher. The way I've been taught to do it is in 5 paragraphs. But it also depends on the the grade im in 8th grade by the way ok. So every paragraph is 5 sentences long. The first paragraph is the introduction the middle 3 are the body which is the whole essay topic in depth, and the 5th paragraph is the conclusion which wraps it up. I hope I helped good luck with your essay!! ♥ americangirl ♥


ive had my braces for over a month and the color bands they put on them some are fading and some fell off? I dont know how it happened but could anyone tell me what they did that and im not going back to the orthadontist for a month

Well alot of times bands will fall of the braces. A couple of reasons is to much sugar will make the glue disove and also acidy foods. Sticky foods even like peanut butter will sometimes make it fall but gum and lafy taffys and starbursts and other candy will make it fall off. If an actual bracket falls of you should definatly go see the orthadontist ASAP! Hope I helped
Americangirl ♥


I am female and 15 years of age...The relationship i have with my mum is becoming strained and we are becoming further apart and arguing more. Things are getting really difficult as she is too over-protective and i am starting to want to move out and get my independance. We argue too much and i'm worried i'll stop being able to talk to her. What can i do to get my independance and keep a strong relationship with my mum?

Ok first things first find something that you both like I know its hard me and my mom are total oppisites but we found something that we both like and we do it together. So figure that out and spend some time with her. Shes freaking out her daughter is become a teenager and growing up parents hate that they want there child to always be in there control and never leave them its hard for them. Prove to her that your responsible and independently trust worthy. Join something and stick to it she will relize that your very loyal and trustworthy to that club or team or whatever. Talk to her and say mom this is my time to talk and i want to tell you that I feel that your not letting me be independent but just be calm about it dont be harsh or yell. Parents always think that they are right no matter what so you have to really let her know. Try your best and I hope I helped!! *Folow your heart* Americangirl


im 15...i got my period when i was 13...ive had it until this may....and its september now and i havnt had it in 4 months..i havnt had sex but..im wonderin whats wrong...plz help...mail me....nicole908@aol.com

Hey. sometimes girls have irregularits. I did for a while i would have my period every other week and trust me that sucked! I would recomend seeing a doctor. im not sure why they happened but they can tell you and treat it. sorry i cant tell you to much about it. Good luck! *Follow your heart* Americangirl


I'm doing a project on rules in schools, the good and the bad. However, I need rules that AREN'T just at my schoo or in my state.

I was wondering, what kind of dress codes do you guys have at your schools? Length of shorts, tank tops, ripped jeans?

Also, what are the rules on PDA? We get suspension if we're caught hugging.

Just any rules you may feel strongly about or just ones you guys totally love!

Thanks so much!
Female, 14.

Well if this helps at all i go to a public school and we have dress code. Solid collard, color shirt. Solid color pants and skirts and shorts and closed toed shoes, no hats, no hoodies and plain colored jackets. Skirts and shirts have to be the same length as your arms as if they were on your sides straight down. Its ok i guess. I mean sometimes i wish we didnt have dress code but its good sometimes if you dont know what to wear in the morning all you have to worry about is the color ;-] hope i helped! good luck with your project *follow your heart*i Americangirl


so 5 months ago after my botfriend (adam) and i have broken up i meet this other guy (brandon). and he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. i went out with him before i was all the way over my ex. and i treated brandon like shit. i called it off and havn't seen or heard of him in 5 months. after i did that i gat back with adam, and now i called it off with us one month ago because he was doing things with other girl and i didn't know. now that i really am over adam, last weekend brandon shows up at my door. i was so happy to see him, i missed him. he asked me back out the next day, and i didn't know what to say. i want to go back out with him, but i don't want to hurt him again. i told him that, and he said that 'if you give me another shot i will make up for everything that adam has done wroug to you, and you will see me as me and for that there will be no way you can hurt me.' i think i'm going to say yes today or tomorrow, but i wanna know from you, what should i do?

Well it looks like Brandon really cares about you. if adam did someting wrong to u like cheat on you and right now you could probably use a guy like brandon he seems sweet. I think you should 100 and 10 percent take brandon back. He loves you and you can tell. Hope I helped! *Follow your heart* Americangirl


I just started high school nad i'm running for 9th grade officer (it's llike class prez) well this guy who i saw in the halls the first day and is really cute and from what ive seen hes nice he walks by and and pats me on the back and says good job kid i really like him but i figured out that he is in 12th grade should i tell him i like him or keep it to myself because he thinks of me as a little kid, but at least he knows i exists

Well its never good to keep secrets built up in you trust me i know. I liked this kid for 3 years never told him he broke my heart when he got a girlfriend. Ok anyways if you think that he will think your a little kid show him that hes mature. Talk very sofisticated and stuff like that. Eventually you should let him know when you think your ready. One important thing to do is become his friend. Boys will mostlikely not open themselves up to girls if they like them if they're not good friends yet. I hope I helped! O yeah maybe ask him if he can help you compain. This is his last year at highschool make it a good year for him and you!!! *Follow your heart* Americangirl


So theres this guy I really like named Adrian.
Hes wicked funny and nice.
We talk all the time and share some of the same intrest.
But anyway..
yesterday he told me that we could only be friends and we will never be more.
That I shouldn't like him anyway cause
I need someone who is nice,happy, and cool.
But even though he says he doesnt like me
he still acts like he does.
Like in Chorus he looks over at me all the time
&& he flirts with me and ughh
I dont know what to think,
im so confuseedd.
Thanksss :]

Well I think that he does like you. Boys seem to play a little game with girls. Trust me i know I have a twin brother. So what they do is say they dont like you because they want to be your friend first before it gets akward does that make sence? well i hope so. Anyway I would continue to flirt a little and just get to be his friend a little more 9 out of 10 times the guy will ask the girl out when they fell that there is a strong friendship. Just hang in there. Im always here and always listening!! GOOD LUCK!! *Follow your heart* Americangirl


My boyfriend and i have been living together for 8 months now.We decided to do this so that we could help each other through school and with other neccesities.I his girlfriend finished college first and already got a job,he is yet to finish,we have kept our living together a secret as we do not want our parents to find out that we are living together before marriage.We plan to formalise our marriage when he finishes college and gets a job.The only fear we both have is for me to get pregnant and we have tried to abstain or use condoms any time we wanna make love.Do you think we are doing the wrong thing?

There is never anything wrong with love! If you truely love him and he truely loves you back then yes you are doing the right thing. I know that its wrong to hide things from your parents but i kow they would freak if they found out that you were living with ur boyfriend. Try to lay off the sexual contact because the one thing you do not want right now is to get pregnet. try to hold out intell you guys get really serious about getting married and set the date and all that. I hope i helped! *Follow your heart* Americangirl


OK, well i think i like these two guys but i cant decide which one. Theyre both my really good friends but how can i be sure that they even like me before i make my choice? and what could i do to make them like me more of they dont? any help woulod be great thanks

Ok well first of all you have to find out if they really like you. Flirt only a little bit. and if you want ask friends to find out who they like. Second get two peices of paper. Draw a line down the middle of both of them. on one write the good things of both the guys and on the second wright the bad things about both.i know its hard it always is. But this method always helps me. Goodl luck and *Always follow your heart* Americangirl


My 14th birthday party is coming up soon... its in fall. I really need help planning what to do. I was thinking of having the girls and I go to a place where they have some sort of make-up artist and that person can do our make-up... after that we rent a limo and go to a restaurant and then do a photo-shoot at home with everybody. My question is if this is a good idea? Also I dont know any good make-up companies and where they will be. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota... so if anybody could help me find a company and a place where they do our make-up. Thanks you. Oh and also another question is if you have any other fun birthday party ideas... there will be about 3 girls including me ((dont even ask why i'm not having more people, my other birthday partys have had 6 girls including me and it was a DISASTER... for all of my other 13 birthday parties.. so i'm having less amount of girls)) there will be 3 girls including me... I've already done Bowling, movie theaters, shopping and swimming in the past... I want to do something fun, cheap, and allowable for 14 year olds. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME AND TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS.

Ok I love your idea! Sorry i dont live in minisota so i cant help you there. But its a great idea!!! Maybe what you can do its just an idea, but you can take your friends and spend the night at a hotel! Its so much fun i did it for my 14th b-day and we had a blast staying up all night finding cute boys and figuring out where their rooms were and fun stuff like that. Maybe that could go with your make up idea i dont know. Ok well I hope I helped have a fabulous b-day!!! *Follow your heart always* American girl


my best friend likes this guy for 3 yrs and i just recently just started liking him too and my friend is like totaly in love w/ him but he dosent like her and i told him i liked him and he might like me so if he asked me out i want badly to say yes but at the same time i dont want to loose my best friend. what should i do

I would talk to your friend and say "listen, I really like this guy to and I know you like him but he doesnt like you" I know it will hurt her but then tell her that if she is not comfortable with you dating him then you should respect her opinion but its your life. If she was your really good friend she would understand! Hope you get your guy! ;) American Girl


i have this friend and she doesnt eat very much and me and some of my friends think shes anarexic or belemic and we have tried talking to her but she says she just doesnt like to eat. One of my other friends say her in the bathroom after lunch and she ran out when she saw her. We have tried talking to her and we are all worried for her to. do we try talking to her again or just not worry about it?

If I were you I would talk to her again but just say Im really worried then you and your my friend and if anything ever happened to you i would be crushed. If she doesnt answer or listen after that you might want to talk to your parents and maybe they can talk to hers because its very serious if shes not eating she can die and Im sure no one wants that to happen. I hope I helped dont worry about expressing your feelings.


Ever since I've met this guy, and went out with him, dating people has slowed down for me. I went out with 8 guys last year and this year only 1 because all I do is think about him. I really want to start dating different people but everytime I want to forget about him, I get a sick feeling and think that I DON'T want to forget and not have feelings for him because I want to be with him soooo bad but he likes another girl. We still talk though. Is there any advice? should I forget about him or go for him? I'll rate fives for every answer except smartass ones!!

Well, my advice is that you try to find someone you like date him for a little and if it doesnt work you feel to many strong fellings for this guy go out with him than you can really see if hes the one. I hope my advice helped. GOOD LUCK!!!!


Hi.. I dont really know where to start but first off i cut myself... and i do it beacasue my life is so hard.. Many of my family members have died and in January 5th my friend Joe died and he was really specail to me .. and so i took out the blade.. and i started cutting.. and i have lied about me cutting myslef but if i told my mom she would kill me ... most of the time her and i get along but some times we have issues and she yells at me sometimes and it gets me all fired up jus wanting to cry .. and then i have an older brother ((15)) and he hits me sometimes.. and he annoys the crap out of me and that fires me up 2 .. and then i have a little brother ((6)) and he does everyhting in his power to annoy me .. lik for instance hell make faces at me and make nasty commments about me lik how much he hates me and i cant take it anymore.. and so i bring out the siccors and i cut myself.. Now i go to this Christain Youth Center and we talk about god and isssues and just things that come to mind.. and the lady incharge i talk to her about me life and how i feel and i tell her that i cut myself and last week we all got into a discussion about anything we wnated to talk about and then someone starts to talk about Depression and then it gets deeper into cuttin yourself.. and im just sitting there thinkin .. y is she talkin about this ... and it hurts me bad to hear this women say that its stupid to do it and its not right to take it out on myslef.. and so im wondering if i can really talk to her about my life anymore.. but im askin if i should continue doin this if it makes me feel better (( maybe not inside)) but i cant talk to my mom 4 certain reasons so imaskin you people....
Ashley PiNkPrEp092591

I know life is hard. But you have to hang in there. If your mom will blow if you tell her talk to like one of your friends about it and stuff. If the youth center doesnt really help then you have to diside on the inside if you still want to go. I think you should stop cutting I know that it might make you feel better but it sorta leaves a scare in your heart everytime you do. I think you should defently take away all of your sharp objects and try to kick a soccer ball or scream in a pillow evertime something happens to you if you ever need anything im always listening.


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thanx! urs is awesome too! ur on my list as fav ppl. :D


**Just want to thank everyone who responds to this. I know it's a long post and if you give me great advice, i WILL rate you HIGH**

There's this boy that I've known about 3 years. We used to not get along AT ALL but when I started taking the bus again, he started talking to me more and more and now whenever my friend gets off, he comes and sits across from me and talks to me. He also suggested we see a movie together but I don't know if he means JUST AS FRiENDS. People say he likes me but I'm not sure. I know I like him because my heart is always racing when I think of him and I dream about him and I know I have a crush but I'm unsure about the signals he's saying. Does the movies ALWAYS signal a date? Also, I can never really talk to him about "us" because there are all these other kids listening. =(


I think you should ask for his number so you guys can talk more. Ask him if he means as friends. And also talk to him when nobodys around just ask him if he wants to be ur boyfriend you know? Good luck and follow ur heart!


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