hiyuhh. my name is annie.
and i'm sort of a big deal.


Well, I really like this girl. I'm 16 and shes 15. We've been hanging out after school for like 5 months, and I've been trying to ask her out for at least half that time. But everytime I'm about to, I freeze up. I'm pretty sure she likes me back. This is especially annoying for me because I've never had a problem like this before, I've always been perfectly smooth with the ladies. I really like this girl, and I dont want her to get bored and move on. She's been amazing to wait this long for me. What's wrong with me!?

She's probably wondering why you haven't made a move yet, and trust me, girls do not like to wait that long! haha
It definately sounds like she likes you a lot if she's been hanging out with you for five months. It's normal to freeze up adn be nervous, but really, once you just spit it out, you'll feel so much better and you know it! If you wait too long, she'll do exactly what you said, get bored and try to move on. So next time you see her, ask her out, or make plans for the summer, or something. hope everything goes well!


Okay so, I'm going out with this guy, and I think I might be in love with him. I posted a question like this before but the answers didn't really work outt, people said you just feel it, I think I feel it but I want to make sure, I think I may be in love with him.
So my question is how do you TRULY know if your in love?


Okay, we were talking about this in my religion class, and there's no definite way BUT there are guidelines (courtesy of my religion notebook):

-The happiness, security, and development of the other's is at your attention
-You put the other person's needs before your own
-Love with that person brings you closer to the other people that love you (parents, grandparents, friends) because real love makes you whole

-Love is also emotional, intimate, sharing, caring, acceptance, understanding, forgiving, committing, and includes some physical attraction

...so that's the checklist. But love is different in every situation, those are just the occaisonal common characteristics

There's a chance that it's not love but just infatuation, which is basically all about the physical stuff, and it's normal, it just doesn't last long.

good luck


Does Anybody Know good stuff to make my Curly Hair so not Frizzy I hate how it gets to wavy to how do I straigten the top please help I'll rate BIG!!!!!

there are a number of products you can try:
1)Got2BMe "Got2B Dazzling Shine Spray" it also controls frizzes. It's a clear spray bottle about 6 Fl. Oz and is available at drugstores or Jewel Osco.
2)Garnier Fructise has SEVERAL smoothing milk formulas, and you can get them at drugstores and\or Jewel Osco. Just look for a lotion-type bottle that is green and says "Garnier Fructise Sleek and Shine Smoothing Milk" (the word phrases might be a little different but it basically says that).
3)I have never tried the Pantene Pro-V products but I am sure that they work great because the shampoo is really good.
*** Make sure you always condition, then when hair is damp (not dripping) apply product and blow dry using a round brush with a BIG barrel so it blows straight.
*** At beauty salons you can find other smoothing cream products and pomade and stuff like that. Ask the person who cuts your hair (if you have a regular one) for more tips.

Hope I helped! I wish you the best.


I was lighting a candle when I misjudged the distance from my arm to the candle. Hot wax spilled all over my pants. Does wax come out of pants? I love these pants, I hate the big wax blob on them. help me out? if you can?

This is how you get wax out of pants: Iron the spot that has the wax BUT dont iron it directly; put a brown paper bag in between the pants and the iron. Then, iron hard and the wax should come off. This is how my mom gets wax stains out of tablecloths, so it should work on pants. Good luck


my friend always steals my friends. like just recently i started talking to this girl anna* and she goes and starts talking to her and they are good friends..well sorta and it pisses me off! and last year i met this guy jack* and we became BEST friends (still are) and whoa hey, shes friends with him all of a sudden! wow! what a surprise..not! ugh i know i sound selfish but it annoys me..like she has to have everythign i have and its starting to get to me! plz help

Well, I suggest to go by either of these three options:

Joke about how coincidental that is how when you become friends with someone, she becomes friends with them too.

Pretend to become friends with a big nerd or loser. She'll eventually follow up, as expected, then you can have a big laugh.

Do nothing. She obviously likes you so much she'll befriend other people you like so she can get along with them so she can be close to you! Be flattered!

Either of those three options should work.

Love, Annie


Are you suppose to wash your hair everyday?Not Because I wash my hair everyday.Someone told me It like ruins the hair or bad for it.Thanx

Well, if you use a lot of conditioner, then yes, your hair will become greasey, so try sticking to conditioner like every three showers, or only using a little bit each day. It really depends on your hair type, so if you are an African American, most ones I know wash their hair about once a week. But people with thick hair like to use more conditioner because it weighs their hair down and thins it down a little, and people with thinner type hair don't need that much conditioner. Hopefully this somehow helped. :)


Is masterbation a sin? Some people think it is, and some people think it's not. Some people think it is-- only under cirtain circumstances. Like if it's for lust, then yes it is, but if it's not for lust then it isn't..> Is it? Or isn't it?

In the Catholic religion, yes it is, but under circumstances, it's really okay if you think it's okay. I believe that single people, who have been single all their life and are depressed because they have no one to share their love with, can masturbate because sex is scientifically essential to creatures. So yeah, I guess masturbating would be okay in that department. But hey, whatever floats your boat is fine. Just don't make it all public, because people don't really wanna know if you masturbate or not (Ones who do are perverts lol).


Hey this is xo_sherry_ox. I think your Irish so I need some help. My friend who's birthday is in February (I know a long time away..) well I want to get her a good present. She is obsessed with Ireland, and Irish people and all that jazz. She like wants to become irish and she even looks like shes irish...which doesnt help with the obsession haha. I want to get her someting irishy(lol)..but what? Thanks!

Good guess, I am Irish :). Anyway, I bet you could go to an Irish imports shop and find something real good. Check in your yellow pages phone book and look under Irish or Irish Imports or something like that. http://www.shopirish.com is a good site too. That is shopping online and they have pretty dolls and stuff like that. Some things you could get her are a pretty Irish doll; an Irish tin whistle or flute with a book on how to play it; a T-shirt that says something like "Irish Princess" or "Kiss Me I'm Irish"; or some pretty (not too expensive!) Irish jewelry, like a necklace with a shamrock or ghillie shoes (shoes they wear for step dancing). I'm sure that anything you give to your friend will be very special to her, and that is all that matters :) Happy Shopping!


I'm wearing a sweater and wasn't sure how to do my hair. It's a big, off the shoulder sweater from American Eagle. I'm just wearing it with jeans. I've have pretty long hair, down to the middle of my back. What can I do?

You can do low pigtail braids, a messy bun high on the head, ponytail (high or low), or crimp your hair and pull it into a half ponytail (top half of hair up, bottom half of hair left down). Whatever you do will look cute, I'm sure. :)


I think I might have paranoia. I have a wonderful gf. I love her todeath, but she talks to the one guy, who constantly flirts with her and it pisses me off. She says dont worry about it and that she loves me, but I still get worried. What if she will start to like him? I know nothing will happen. Were perfect for each other but I feel like bad things will always happen. Can anyone give me sties to read up on it or tell me what I can do to not be paranoid? I dont want to lose her over my problems. I want to be normal.

Okay, do these things:
Number One: Take a long hot bubble bath. People think that only girls take bubble baths, and I know you are a guy, but really, it feels SOOO good and is one of the best stress breakers and it relaxes your tense nerves.
Number Two: talk to her about how you feel. Let her know how much you care about her, and ask her to let you know when you are too clingy.
Number Three: Think of how lucky you are to have such a great girlfriend! She asks you not too worry, because she loves you so much, and she wants to ALWAYS see you!
Number Four: I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you talked / flirted a little with other girls. It's okay to have a girlfriend and other friends who are girls.
Number Five: Plan a movie night. Seriously, just have her come over and watch a nice movie together with a bowl of popcorn. Do cute stuff, like put your arm around her or kiss her or offer to rub her feet. Girls love that stuff.
Number Six: Start to trust her. A relationship would be no where without a bond of trust.

Good Luck :)


my friend i have decided is not a good friend but how should i tell her to just leave me alone and that i dont want to be her friend cause like she thinks were like best friends. but shes always makeing me upset and so how should i tell her that i dont want to be her friend any more?!?

Well it is very hard to get rid of people who aren't good friends. When she invites you somewhere, say, "I'm not sure if I can go." When she calls you say, "I can't talk right now -- I'm helping my mom clean the house. Bye." If she ever asks to come over, say, "I'm not sure if I can have people over." It will be tough, but if you persist, she'll take the hint. If you feel bad doing this, that is a good thing, because that shows you care about people and don't like to hurt them. It also means when you're trying to break relationships off with someone, you try to be nice about it. So that means you are a good person in the heart. :) Good luck!


i have this one friend and shes always making fun of my bf and telling everyone oh shes going out with ...... then shes like u shouldnt be embaraced to go out with him... then she turns around and makes fun of him like oh hes so fat. shes getting me really mad!! what should i do.....i really dont want to breck up with my bf for her.......thanx

Whoa, that's not nice. Usually friends should come before boyfriends, but not when your friend is being a jerk. Instead of blowing up in her face, tell her gently that you care about your boyfriend, and that anything she says won't affect your choice to date him. Tell her that you don't like her making fun of him, and if she has anything to say, say it to his face, because you are sick of hearing about it. Tell her with a firm hand too, otherwise, if she is not willing to respect your wishes, find someone who will.


I like this guy, but whenever i talk to him i get shy n think mmore bout what i say. I always do this around guys i like but he is also pretty popular. I am usually loud n talkative but it just doesnt work round him. Please give me advice on what i can do so we can talk more!
I will rate go0od if u try ur best to answer this.

x0x Thankz,
In Love & Lost

Just try to forget about all your nerves and talk to him about anything... your crazy math teacher, trouble with homework, anything! If you don't know that much about him you can ask him questions too (What classes do you have, do you have brothers or sisters). That will lead you to telling about yourself, and possibly some funny stories you might have. Eventually the conversation will flow better, and you may learn things you never knew! Whatever you do, keep your chin up and smile, because confidence is a major turn-on! Good luck! :)


I need help dumping my b/f of 1 week..I mean he is cool but I don't feel a *spark* when I'm around him or even talking to him! He is one of my friends and I'd like to keep it that way.. but I dont really wanna date him anymore.. can you help me please??


Well tell him that you really like him but, that at least for know, you two should only be good friends. Maybe later you two could go out again. Who knows? :)


Ok, so I'm in jazz band I play the trombone. Theres this boy and we share music and stuff. I'm really shy and stuff, like insecure of my playing (when its not totally with the band, and today we were practicing as just sections) and I wasnt play loud and stuff. So then I was in study hall and my sister comes out "aww someone likes you" to me and I was like 'duh nuh uh.' and shes like 'yeah someone from bannnd' so I was like 'whatever.' and she names off the guy who I share music with in jazz band. Well she's like (her friend) was talking to him and he said something about there being this freshman that plays trombone but sucks and just fakes it and shes cute (or some other compliment I dunno) and I've been sitting around for a day and a half just wanting to cry since this. I'm CRUSHED. How could he say this about me? I know I'm not the GREATEST but I didnt think I sucked. And I dont fake it. It really hurt my feelings. I dunno how to get over this...like its hard. I'm thinking about quitting band but I dunno. Any suggestions?

Wow, what a jerky thing to say! That boy is so not worthy of sharing music with you. Prove him wrong by practicing every day, 15 minutes at least. Not just for him, but to show that you do not suck and do not take poo lying down. If he asks if he can share your music, say in a sarcastic voice "Well, I'm not sure because I'm gonna really need this music, since I SUCK so bad." Pack lots of venom into that last bit. If he doesn't know what he's talking about, just don't waste your time with him. Work hard and do your best and don't let him bring you down, because you deserve better :) Try to build up your confidence more too (Self confidence is a turn-on!)


Ok, well, my friend recently broke up with her boyfriend...FINALLY! He was definatly not a very nice guy....DEFINATLY!! but today, i found out that this other girl-which we will call (kt) is going out with her ex....and my friend is going out with kt. Yeah, she isnt really bi, but when she told me, i was like shocked. What should i say to her? it is a very wierd situation. thanx for all who help!

I don't think that you need to say anything. If she is bisexual, then that's just the way that she is, so there isn't anything wrong with that. Except I think that going out with two people is kind of... well selfish because some people don't even have ONE person. Anyway, if the subject comes up, don't freak out. Just play it cool. But if it really bugs you, then you can be open with her and tell her your feelings about it, and that kt is also going out with another person. But make it clear that her preferences on who to date isn't going to affect your friendship. :)


There is this guy who I met this year and is really nice. I think i might like him.. and i wish i could tell if he liked me or not. One of my other friends seems like she likes him too, and in my opinion he likes her better. Ive asked and she say she didnt, but she is always hanging all over him. I dont want to tell her or anyone for that matter that i like him because i think they would tell him, and i just trust very few people. I mean im not ugly at all, actually ive been told im really pretty, but i have NO self confidence at all!! i just wish i could know what to do. And this isnt like a weird situation because i am not awkward around him or anything.. we are actually friends. I dont usually tell guys that i like them, and i dont really wanna lose our friendship or embarress myself so if you could help that would be great

Sorry I haven't answered this in so long... it's just been taking me awhile to think it over. I think that it is great that you two are friends, and maybe all that your crush wants to do is keep it at that. Maybe you can drop a few subtle hints, but if he doesn't seem to get it, then maybe he just wants to keep you two at a friendship level. It's okay, maybe someday he'll see you as more than a pal. And maybe your friend that's a girl is all over him because she thinks that it's okay, and if she knew that you like him, maybe she'd be a little more restrictive. If you can't stand to see her over flirt with him, you can let her know. But if you don't want to, that's perfectly fine. Whatever happens, go with the flow and good luck ! Sorry if I didn't help. :)


Ok, in school I'm in the "popular group" and my friends are really nice and everything but sometimes they really annoy me. Here's why. Whenever a guy asks them out they'll like automaticlly say yes (even if they don't like them), and when a guy dumps them or they dump a guy they'll be going out with someone else within an hour. Anyway, for some reason this really bugs me. I don't really no why either. Now a guy asked me out and I said no because I don't like him and now they keep calling me too picky. What do I do?

Maybe if the time is right, you should be jokey about it. Say, "Hey, just because I don't date every guy who asks me doesn't mean I'm picky. I'd like to wait for someone I really care about instead of leading someone on." I think that it is great that you don't take poo lying down and you can make a stand instead of being girlish and giggly and nodding when someone asks you out. That's cool. ;-)


I have been friends with this girl named Emily since about second grade and this girl named Katie since fourth. We are in 9th grade now. One of my best friends whom I have been friends with since fifth grade is extreamly upset with those two other girls. The story is, My friend from 5th grade has liked this guy for a while and Emily knew about it. Saturday we had a Winter dance at my school and Chelsea (the one from 5th grade) Caught Emily making out with the guy that she liked. No more than 5 minutes later she started making out with a guy that really liked her. Chelsea got mad and left. I was on my way to the bathroom and I saw my friend Katie giving head to some guy that she isn't even dating. The next day we were all hanging out with a group of friends and Emily had one of those small containers of icecream. One of the guys we were hanging out with was horny (so he said) so Emily decided to give him head. The thing is, she put the icecream all over his penis before she did it because "it would taste better". To make things even nastier, Katie started doing it too. They were both giving him head at the same time with ICE CREAM. They've turned into complete sluts and I can't take how they are acting any more. Chelsea is not speaking to them and I can obviously understand why. I'm completely on my friend Chelsea's side because they've done the same thing to me as well not even 2 years before. Should I confront them or should I keep it quiet? I really don't want to start anything because even though we have a big school, things can get around quickly. They are also more of the "popular" type if you will. I don't know if I should say anything to them. They also act like five year olds when they are with eachother, they are so immature! What should I do? Please help. I apologize for the lenghth of this question.

I totally understand, and I don't think of you as being prude... I personally think giving head is disgusting, and doing it in front of people is even more disgusting, with ice cream on top?! That is gross. Do you really want to hang out with those kinds of people? I mean, this will be really hard, but gently (not angrily) tell them that you realized that they have changed, and you're not sure if you can keep up to their standards. If they are really so shallow and desperate to get the attention of a guy they just met that they are willing to suck on their dicks, then they aren't the most secure people I know. Really, if people at school find out about this, they'll be known as sluts, and then since you hang out with them, you'll be called a slut too. I suggest you avoid Emily and Katie for a while, and start hanging out with Chelsea, because she deserves nice and concerned friends like you :)

P.S. My mom's friend, who is a nurse, once treated a girl who had given head to guy. The girl had Climidia (a pussy, bacterial infection, sometimes leading to a STD) in her THROAT!


I don't believe in anything but still feel I need a spiritual playground to frolic in... What should I do???

Well, I am a Catholic Christian, but I suggest that you don't become one, because you will find several things that contradict each other and probably make you frustrated with the religion. Long ago American Indians worshipped the sun and moon because they brought light to help crops grow and light during the night to help them harvest even on late nights. That is kind of interesting, too. A faith I have always wanted to try is Buddhism. It is much like worshipping the Sun because that is the source of our life. You do a series of stretches and yoga exercises to emphasize the belief and to relax you. Strong Buddhists believe that if you treat all with respect and kindness and are in a peaceful state of mind, you have reached "nirvana". That means that you are in a peaceful mind and will stay like that and will live a good life. You don't have to believe in multiple gods or anything, but a really good thing about Buddhism is that you can be a bi-religious person; part Buddhist and part- anything else (I do not recommend being part Buddhist and part Christian; it isn't allowed in the Christian Church). The thing is, there is a way that everything got how it did today, and Earth didn't start by itself or anything; so therefore a stronger spirit-like figure that controls the universe and the super-natural world (which yes, does exist, as some serious scientists say). Christians call it God, and the Indians of the 1700s and 1800s called it the Great Spirit. Call it what you like, or say that it is not there, but whatever you do, good luck! :)

P.S. I think that it is great to turn over a new leaf. As Buddha once said, "A life unquestioned is a life unlived."

P.P.S. Avoid cults.


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