hey!..my friends tell me im pretty good at giving advice so i decided to make one of these lil things..im 16 and live in new york..i love to shop and go tanning..i love the summer and boys and chillin at the beach with my girls..i have a crew who i chill with..the fine 9;)..love you girls!..

..i love going to parties and drinking..bad i know but heyy girls just wanna have funn!..i love shopping at abercrombie and hollister, dior, chanel, prada,louis vuiton..i love my purse collection!..currently at 32!!..hehe shoes are the love of my life!..well not mentioning my puppy louis..shes a maltese and i love her!..some people think im a lil stuck up but thats alright cuz i know im not!..

..i have a brother and a sister and live with my mom and dad..

..i play lax and im on the varsity squad for football cheerleading!!..

Loves:..boys, hockey, hockey boys, shopping, drinking, partying, new jersey nets, manicures and pedicures, my puppy louis, my girls


Does anyone knoe a site that has song lyrics for free?


..no website charges for lyrics hun♥


okay i am trying to make a rock cd with only emo and punk rock on it... (im a rock kinda girl) and i was wondering what are some good emo or punk rock bands these are ones i have so far

-senses fail
-taking back sunday
-fallout boy

any others? thanks i'll rate 5's for some good bands :-D



please suggest good rock groups/bands.. punk is ok too.. thats.. aren't that well known.. thx everybody

dashboard confessional
taking back sunday
something corporate
the early november
the ataris
will hoge...((not many people know him))
tyler hilton
the tragically hip
snow patrol

..i know a lot of them so just lemme know if ya need somemore:)


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