hey!..my friends tell me im pretty good at giving advice so i decided to make one of these lil things..im 16 and live in new york..i love to shop and go tanning..i love the summer and boys and chillin at the beach with my girls..i have a crew who i chill with..the fine 9;)..love you girls!..

..i love going to parties and drinking..bad i know but heyy girls just wanna have funn!..i love shopping at abercrombie and hollister, dior, chanel, prada,louis vuiton..i love my purse collection!..currently at 32!!..hehe shoes are the love of my life!..well not mentioning my puppy louis..shes a maltese and i love her!..some people think im a lil stuck up but thats alright cuz i know im not!..

..i have a brother and a sister and live with my mom and dad..

..i play lax and im on the varsity squad for football cheerleading!!..

Loves:..boys, hockey, hockey boys, shopping, drinking, partying, new jersey nets, manicures and pedicures, my puppy louis, my girls


my friend at school is going out with this boy that i liked.i'm asking u do u think she is a true friend or no. but i don't like him now.please help me i will rate.

hmm..so you and your friend like the same guy and your friend started going out with him and now you dont like him..sorry just getting this straight..

..okay well even tho you liked the guy your friend still had feelings for him too..its not her fault..now i dunno the whole situation so i dunno exactly what to say..but even tho your friend got the guy, that doesnt make her a fake friend..talk to her about it if its really bothering you..even tho you said you didnt like the boy still..its obviously bugging you if you needed to ask this

..lemme know how it goes k?



i got invited to two things tonight. my boyfriend wants me to hang out with him and stuff. but a bunch of my friends want me to go to their party. half of the party my friends are going to don't like me and it's a sleepover. i want to stay at home tonight but there's no possible way i could get a ride home from a place 15 mins. away bc my parents will be wasted. but i want to go to both! what do i do! HELP!!

hang out with your boyfriend..buy a lil booze and watch the ball drop with him..aww how cute!


i feel like im growing apart from some of my close friends..is there any way to prevent this??


Missed Friend

hang out with them more..or get totally wasted with them..trust me drinking brings people closer!!


ok my best friend is going out with kid and he is younger than her and he is crazy and jumped her brother and pulled a knife out on him and said he was going to kill me and our other friend to but she wont listen to me,.. i tell her to dump him but she said she loves him and i dont no what to do and they had sex and he is two years younger (sorry i cant spell) and they have only bin going out for like three weeks and i dont know what to do PLEASE HELP!!!=(

umm psycho!


ok...i have turned into a complete and total prep..my family had ALOT of money...i get 100 every 2 weeks for allowence...and next month, i am getting a brand new SL55 AMG mercedes-benz...
but only my family knows about it...i dont want to tell anyone else, but people are starting to find out...my old friends have started calling me a "rich bitch" just because of the colthes i wear...and they completly kicked me out of the clique...so i started hanging out with the other "rich kids" and they are really nice...everyone thinks that they are evil, just because they have money...next semester, my parents are sending me to a private school..which i also havent told anyone about...and tuition alone is 18,000 per year, let alone books and uniforms...people are turning their backs on me just because i have money, and i am dreading to find out how many of my friends are going to leave me after they find out how much money i actually have..i feel really sad that my friends are leaving me just because i have alot of money...i could understand if i was bragging about it, but i havent told anyone...what do i do?

girl having money is a good thing..my family has a lot of money too and nobody looks down on me..as long as your pretty and nice and treat people right..it shouldnt matter..some of my classmates think im stuckup because i have money..but it doesnt bother me because my girls got my back..theyre prolly jealous..if you need anything else just holla at me:)


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