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Hey! my name is Andrea but I like to be called Andie* I am 14 I love helping people out with there problems. I'm SpUnKy . BuBbly . outgoing . trustworthy . responsible . and fun to be with! Please dont hesitate to ask me anything! I understand that teenage years will definatly be the hardest to go through..it has for me at least...Boys*Friends*Family*Death all sorts of stuff so I will answer every question you have! I hope I'm helping you guys out! ♥Andie

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hey... nice advise column.... i like punk/rock music.. any ideas for some songs? thanks! =D

There are too many good songs but i will give you bands. haha
All American Rejects,American Hi-Fi, HIM, The Used, Unwritten Law, Blink 182, Dashboard Confessional, Hawthorn Heights, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Matchbook Romance, The Ramons, Led Zeplin, Marlyn Manson, The Beatles, Sugarcult, Yellowcard, Papa Roach, Seether, Evanescence, Weezer, Senses Fail, Simple Plan, Something Corporate, Box Car Racer, If you need anymore, just let me know!


how do i get rid of red bumps after shaving my legs??!!?! please help! i rate HIGH!

After you shave use your body soap and rub that on your legs and then either pat dry your legs after or let them air dry. After they are done drying put after shave gel on! thats what I do and it works like a charm! haha ♥Andie Hope I helped!


I have started cutting.I know it is bad but it is a way to punish myself when i screw up.After this year everything has been different. I just feel like everythings my fault. I have never told anyone this because i dont want my friends to know, the teachers or the hole school. I just dont want attention its been happeneing for awhile.i cut when i feel sad or mad expecially when i know i really screwed up.i can never do anything right.I always get yelled at when i make a mistake, my parents always want me to do everything right, and it hard. I just want things to be the same...again. If you know who this is please dont tell anyone,please

Ya, I dont know who this is so dont worry about that. Anyway I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was just depressed for a long aount of time to this year and I also started cutting(but I only did it like 2 or 3 times, but I havent done it for like months..and I dont do it anymore because I found a healthy way of relieving my pain. I write in a journal or when I'm really pissed at myself I have a rubberband(like the ones you put in your hair) and snap it 3 times so I dont get tempted to do anything. I write in my journal almost everynight before I go to bed and keep it under my bed. Another thing for me is to just listen to music! that seems to help me the most. and trust me, when you think its your fault, it isnt, you may think it is, but its not. Stop being so hard on yourself and dont worry about the little things. I really hope I helped! if you ever need me, I'm here for ya hun! ♥Andie


ok i've been goin out with this guy for about three weeks now. but i swear to god i am the shyest person ever. basically, i rarely talk to him and he doest really talk to me either.i really do like him and he does me but i just cant seem to talk to him my friends got him to come over by me at a track meet and we talked a little but mainly i was lookin at my friend.so idk what to do. any advice at all will be greatly appreciated!!! thankx

yeah a lot of people have that problem when they first start to go out. I think you just shouldnt be afraid to talk to your own boyfriend. I know it might be hard but you just gatta do it! lol it will take some time, but eventually you will get the hang of it! I hope I helped! ♥Andie

P.S. just talk to him about some sports that he likes, or what he is doing this weekend and see if you guys can hang out so you will have more things to talk about!


I have had a cough for 6 months after i had the cold the cough stayed i have had anti biot from the doctor but this has not stopped it when i cough i start to gag and can not get breath it is as if i am chocking.

I think you should see a doctor right away, and drink lots more water. I prefer going to a different doctor thou and get differnt help and tell him what your doctor is currently perscribing to you for. I hope i helped! if you need anything else just leave me a message in my inbox! ♥Andie


i cant stop bitting my nails and my mom wont let me get acurlic is there anthing that will make them grow ffaster or make me stop bitting thx bunches!

OMGosh! I have that same problem to! what I'm doing now is I dip them in nail polish remover. Because I will get so tempted to bite them, I pick off the nail polish lol ya..gross Ik..so ya..I hope I helped! ♥Andie


Well I have a party on Friday and it is a pool party.. but I am also just starting my period... I know I can use a tampon.. but I am afraid it will leak.. will it? and should I use it?

No, it shouldnt leak! that is the beauty of it! haha..it just might feel werid , and if it is uncomfortable take it out and try again! ♥Andie


Does anyone have any tips for swallowing pills? I have some pills from my doctor for a bronchidal infection, and they were huge, I had to cut them up into fourths, yet they still are tough to get down. Tips or tricks?

What I did when I first learned how to swollow pills is with those mini m&m's and then I tried bigger pills! I hope I helped! ♥Andie


first of all, i apologize for the misspelling of 'skating', and the general idiotic appearance of the title. but it worked, didn't it? you came in here to correct me! :P

i am a 16 year-old rookie skater (female) who can't ollie yet.

i was at the skateboard-city.com forums, and this guy posts a rather mean post about how most of the girls that skate are posers, who skate to try to get with 'skater boys', or to get the whole 'skater punk rock' look.

whe someone calls you a poser, the first reaction is to deny it. so of course all of the female skaters on that site protested, but it made ME wonder...

am i a poser? i wish i could say no, but i honestly don't know. there are various reasons why i started to skate (about six mo. ago).

i can definitely say that i didn't start skateboarding because i thought the 'skater style' was hot or anything. i am a "girly-girl" however, i'm not so sure about the skater boy factor. what if i unconsciously DID start to skate because i wanted to meet skater boys? i know it's definitely true that i wanted to make some friends (regardless of gender) through skateboarding.

also the fact that skateboarding - just skateboarding around your town and on the streets itself looked "cool" was a part of the reason why i started. but is this necessarily bad? don't guys get inspired, after seeing a skating video, to do better because of how 'cool' it looks?

and, is it possible to start off as a poser (start skating to look cool or meet guys or whatever) but to change along the way?

sorry about the length. however, i'd really appreciate it if someone (hopefully a skater themselves) replied. thanks in advance. i rate.

I personaly think that your only a "posure" if you dont skate at all and wear skate clothes and act like you have skated your whole life or something like that. I personaly think that you are NOT a poser at least you are trying to skate unlike a lot of real posers I give you props! and who cares if you cant ollie yet there are some people that I know that have been skating for like 4 years and still cant do one haha so ya. and keep trying! you'll get it sooner or later! hope I helped! ♥Andie


I am a 13 year old girl and in 7th grade. I would describe my clothes style as preppy. However, the music I normally listen to is (in my opinion, I really don't know) far from preppy. I listen to bands like Green Day, The Killers, Linkin Park, and Evanesence (I don't think I spelled that right). I was just wondering if anyone thought this was weird. I can listen to some "preppy" music (a.k.a- stuff you would find on TRL) but most of it really bugs me, because it doesn't soud like they are the people singing. Again, does anyone think that this is odd? Sorry for the length, but I was just wondering! Thanks in advance to all that reply!

No, I dont think it is werid at all I know a lot of people that are like that! theres nothing wrong with that! =) ♥Andie


hey there! im 5'6(i dont kno if that has anything to do with it..) but anyways..my jeans always fit tight when i first put them on..and by the end of the school day their baggyish in the butt..the other girls get their jeans to stay tight through out the whole day..yet school day..i dont kno wat to do..is there any tricks.. or something..lol? thanksss a bunch!

I want nice-tight fitted jeans!! :-/ and i buy..AE..EXPRESS jeans..and they fit perfect the 1st time i put them on..but as the day goes on..they stretch out or something!> again THANKS

I think you should get a size smaller they might seem tight but then they might get a little loser but hopefully not baggy. that happeneds to me too hope I helped! ♥Andie


Hey! I

OMG I LOVE SHANIA TWAIN and that is one of my favorite songs its "Your still the one"


there's this guy at school and he always like bumps into me, and says sorry. before i didn't think anything of it, but now it's happening like almost all the time! does he like me? or is this just some weird coincidence?!

I think he is just trying to be flirty with you, or I think he has a little bit of a crush on you. As you tell it I dont think he is like in "love" with you or anything but I think he might like you a little! lol Hope I helped! ♥Andie


i just broke up with my bf because i noticed i really did like him anymore and i liked this other guy alot more. but then i thought i got over my bf from last year but then he all of a sudden he came on last night and we talked for 2 hours, and it seems like he still likes me. but i get the same feeling inside whenever i talk to or see either of them, you know when your stomach drops and you cant stop thinking about them. So i dont know what to do! can i like both guys? should i say anything to either one of them? have my friends hint to both of them i like them?!!? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! please help. thanx in advance

I think that you feel in a way guilty for dumping the guy, and that you like the bf from last year, and feel bad about it. I think that you shouldnt get mad at yourself over liking him because you cant help your feelings for a guy. [I know the feeling I like someone too right now :=)] I think that your friends should definitly give him a hint that you like him, because he might have the same feeling in his stomach as you do for him. I hope I helped! ♥ Andie


~13/g~ok i really like this kid at my school and I wanna go out with him and stuff but idk if he likes me back?! he flirts with me and stuff and always smiles at me and purposely bumps into me during class and in the hallway and stuff! I really like him but i dont know what to do!?

I think he likes you or just likes to be a big flirt, FLIRT BACK WOMEN! lol maybe within the next couple of days/week he might ask you out! you never know! ask some of his closer friends to see if he likes you! I hope I helped! ♥Andie


Is it true that chewing bubble-gum will help your ears to pop?

Yes, I was just on a plane trip the other day and gum does help, or you can swallow ( sounds gross but it works) and you can move your jaw up and down, ALSO you can plug your nose and close your mouth untill you feel it pop. I hope I helped a little! ♥Andie


What can you use to get rid of stretch marks/ and or scars? Thanks in advance!
I rate 5's

I dont think you can get them completely gone but you can use cocanut butter and some other perscribed or some lotions to have them faded away. I hope I helped! ♥Andie


I am 14 years old and me and my friend were ''playing'' around w/ this guy and after my friend gave him a blow job he fingered me. I would like to know how many days until I can take a pregnancy test and what are my chances of being pregnant. I am very worried because I am very skinny from anorexia and I'm afraid I will die if I am pregnant.

Well if that is all you guys did, you cant get pregnant. The only way to do it is to have sex with him. (aka.having his "thing") inside you if you know what I mean. But you can take the pill I think after 2 days, but I am not 100% positive about it thou. If you need anything else I am here for you! ♥Andie


Hey Andrea!! I have a question.. my weight tends to flucuate hah idk how to spell it. And idk why it does this liek sometimes it is say like 110 and then 114 and it bugs me because I always say I am fat, because well I think I am, normal teenage girl attitude right? But I am thinking about going on a diet but everytime I "mention" it to someone they freak out at me and start saying that I am going to be like anorexic it is soo annoying! Please help me.. because I don't know what foods I should eat and what I should do about some of my friends.

Friends- I understand what they are trying to say, becasce it seems to me that you dont need to go on a diet, but if you feel that it is best for you, go for it! and they just dont want you go go anorexic on them because they are worried about you not doing it the healthy way.
Diet- I think you should start having only 3 meals a day, and 1 fruite or veggie snack between your meals. Dont take seconds with what you are eating, one is enough. Take a good run for about 30 each day ouside (starting to get nice out), or inside on your tredmill or even while you are just joggin in place infront of the tv. it doesn't matter where, all you need to do is run because it works every part of your body. Next you could do 20 crunches each night, and then excrease the about every 2 days. If you need anymore excerise tips go to www.toneteen.com its kool! I hope I helped! ♥Andie


ive got a friend everyone picks on. no this isnt the old proverbial "im the friend" type of thing. my friend never did anything to anyone and they just pick my friend apart. its annoying. what do i do

I think you should go tell them, to go fuck themselves..seriously because I am sick of people making fun of people that they didnt do anything to them. THey just make fun of them because they are bored with there own pathetic lives. I hope I helped! ♥Andie


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