About Me: Hello & welcome to my advice column! My name is Jennifer and I'm 19 years old. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Eric, as of 06.09.07! ♥ He is in the United States Navy, and right now we are stationed in Virginia Beach. Eric is my best friend, and my hero..I love my sailor! I also love helping people and giving advice on all kinds of things- I'm a very good listener. I'm in my sophomore year of college, majoring in psychology, and will eventually be going to med school to be a psychiatrist. Feel free to leave anything in my inbox. I'm always looking to meet new people and give advice!!

My interests: my fiance, music, eating, sleeping, gymnastics, dancing, partying, going to the beach, shopping, taking pictures, & there is so much more to me than all this! ;)


is it possible for a girl to get pregnant if a guy cums while hes in a pool, hot tub, or bath tub while hes with you?

yes, it is possible. one of my friends got pregnant when she was in a hot tub actually, so i know it is possible!! ♥ Jenn


Hey, um...there's this guy I like and I don't have a chance to see him much, but we've got like everything in common. I can't tell if he likes me, but if I catch him looking at me, he either looks away nervously or smiles. Sometimes he acts macho or like he's trying to impress me.
I've never felt this way before. If I ever think about him, I smile and get all excited, and I miss him when he's not around. I keep thinking about him, it's driving me crazy! But, if I want to see him more, how can I do that? I'm too nervous to ask him. Help me!

It really sounds like he's interested in you, the best thing to do is talk to him!! =) Who knows, maybe he feels the same way about you too! Good luck! ♥ Jenn


where can i buy etnies shoes? ebsides journeys and pac sun?

If I were you, I would google them online. You might be able to get them cheaper off of ebay, or any off-brand stores. Surf around the web and see what you can find & good luck! ♥ Jenn


they come in like almost every color and they're really comfortable and they have holes in the top of them. does anyone know what they're called and where you can get them? pictures would be nice too :]

They're called 'Crocs'!

You can buy them at payless, journeys, kohls, targer. Just about anywhere. I have like 4 pairs of them and I love em!


Why do your eyes get bloodshot when you smoke pot?

Hey! I searched all over the place for you to see what I could find- and it wasn't much. But on this website..

I found this little paragraph that could be the answer to your question. Although, the doctor states that he is not absolutely 100% positive.

"I believe that the answer is that
marijuana (specifically, cannabinoids) produce vasodilation (increased
caliber of blood vessels)."

I'm sorry I couldn't find anything better for you, but if you want a better answer try going to www.ask.com and type in some keywords for your question & see if you can find anything else! Good luck!! ♥Jenn


can some one tell me some good come backs if a guy calls you a lez.?

just tell him that even if you were, you'd get more girls than he would anyway. =)


Lately, I kinda have been wanting a thong or like something pretty much like it. Just the thing is im kinda too embarrassed to get one. and if my parents ever saw it (mostly my dad) would like make jokes about it or pick on me about it (really embarrassing). anther thing is if i were to get one, id prob. want it from a&e or victoria secrets or something but im like really small. for my pants im a 14 slim (thats in abercrombie) && in pac sun im a 00.i dont know if victoria secrets would fit me or what. and then even if they did i find it embarressing just to go shopping for underwear/thongs!

When I was younger and I got my first thongs, I used to wash them at my best friend's house so that my parent's wouldnt find them cause I was embarassed too!! I know how it feels. But victoria's secret should definitely have a size for you- and don't feel embarassed girl! That's what nearly everyone goes to victoria's secret for! The people in there are nice, just go in and tell them you're wondering if they have anything in your size because you are so thin- you dont even have to say for thongs. They will point you in the right direction & they won't think anything about it, that's their job!! We're girls, that's what were supposed to do! =) Have fun and good luck finding the right size! ♥Jenn



okay so i woke up this morning, looked in the mirror & i see this GIGANTIC zit on my nose. i'm not exaggerating. i'm going roller skating tonight with a bunch of my friends including the guy i like! so i need to get rid if it FAST. i have already washed my face like 8 times & used oil free acne wash on it twice. what else can i do to make it go away by tonight??? thank you soooooooo much if you can give me any advice at all.

Hey! First of all, stop washing your face so much- that's making it worse!! My Mom taught me something a couple years ago to bring zits that are just big red bumps to a head so you can pop them. Take some baking soda, and add a LITTLE water to it, just to make it kinda gooey. Then cover the zit with it and wait for it to dry completely, and it will start to flake off. Once it does that, brush the rest off gently. It will dry it out so it comes to a head, and then pop that sucker! Put foundation on it to cover up the redness and have fun tonight! ;) ♥Jenn


Are there any products that get rid of stretch marks?

Use Cocoa Butter. My friend's aunt used it for a couple week after her pregnancy and her stretch marks faded alot! ♥Jenn


what are some foods that are high in iron?

I found this for you on the internet!


· clams, cooked, 3 oz (23.8 mg)
· tofu, 1/2 cup firm (13.2 mg)
· raisin bran, ready-to-eat, 3/4 cup (4.5 mg)
· sirloin steak, cooked, 3 oz (2.9 mg)
· shrimp, cooked, 3 oz (2.6 mg)
· black beans, boiled, 1/2 cup (1.8 mg)
· chickpeas, canned, 1/2 cup (1.6 mg)
· turkey breast, 3 oz (0.9 mg)
· bread, whole wheat, 1 slice (0.9 mg)
· chicken breast, skinless, 1/2 breast (0.9 mg)

Hope that helps! ♥Jenn


What are some good photoshops
that lets you whiten teeth and fix blemishs?

I've had the free trials of Jascs photoshops,
any other good ones that let you do cool stuff?

I have Adobe Photoshop, CS2 Upgrade, and I LOVE it!! ♥Jenn


how long into pregnancy does spotting occur?

Hey! I found this for you on conception.lifetips.com...

"Implantation spotting may occur if pregnancy has been achieved. This happens about 4 to 12 days after ovulation. This is a result of the egg implanting into the uterine lining which may cause a little bleeding. This does not necessarily happen with every pregnancy."

Hope that helped you! ♥Jenn


Whenever I like a guy, I feel nervous around him and feel it hard to talk calmly with him. In our computers class, i sit next to this reallynice guy, but I'm afraid to just talk to him. I don't want to be rejected or seem desperate. In fact, i don't even want him to know that i'm interested, because then i'm afraid that he'll be weirded out.

hey! whatever you do, be yourself! don't try and be somebody that you aren't to make guys notice you. ask him a question about something, or find something you have in common with him to point out to strike up a conversation. then gradually begin to talk to him more. try not to think about rejection.. i mean after all, whats the worst that can happen from trying to talk to someone? he's a person just like everyone else! just because you talk to a person doesn't necessarily mean you have to be interested in dating them, or that you're desperate. you're simply trying to make friends! good luck hun, don't be shy! ♥Jenn


my friend is totally against kissing and making out before high school. i am only in 7th grade but for our school people make out all the time. when im talking to her i tend to tell her that im against it too, because i am. but my boyfriend kissed me the other day and i was so happy i ran into the cafeteria and i was about to tell her but then i remembered and acted like nothing happened. i dont know how im going to tell her and i want to tell her because i dont want to keep something like this secret from her. help please!

hey girl! just be straight up with her and tell her. just because she is against it doesn't mean YOU can't do it. if she is truly your friend, she won't judge you by something like kissing your boyfriend, it's a normal thing to do. she might not be HAPPY for you, but if you wana be honest just tell her! she'll get over it sooner or later. good luck! ♥Jenn


im planning on asking this guy to the sadie hawkins (barn dance) tomorrow. hes a sophomore im a freshman. but im scared. i know that nothing will happen unless i ask him but im scared of rejection. Any tips on what to do? Also do most guys say yes to these kind of things? cause hes my friend.. but he might wanna go with another sophomore. and idk then ill feel weird. so would most guys say yes?


A great majority of guys will say yes if they are put on the spot. Just be yourself and be confident! Age doesn't really matter all that much, me and my fiance are 3 years apart. Good luck and have fun at the dance!! ♥Jennifer



is this eyeliner a good one? if not what is? but not a expensive on eplease

Avon products are usually pretty good quality. But incase it doesn't work well for you, I use Mary Kay eyeliner and I like it a lot. I have tried many different kinds of eyeliner, and if you are willing to spend a little money it's a very good eyeliner. If you are looking for something cheap though that is also pretty good, try Cover Girl eyeliner. I usually only have to re-apply that stuff once or MAYBE twice a day and it goes on very easily!


Does anyone know where I can listen to the song "Pumps and a Bump" by MCHammer on the internet? Limewire and any other downloaded players are out of the question.

If all else fails- use Yahoo music player. Go to Yahoo.com and click on MUSIC and search it!



how do you get you webv site up on the profile like ours. thanks.

What are you talking about?! Leave another one in my inbox, or just IM me on AIM. (SmoothiesFknRock)


I'm writing an article for my site about Proactiv and how it works (or how it doesn't work ;] )

So, people with expieriences with Proactiv, could you tell me a bit about it?
How long you used it, if it worked, any side effects if any..ect.

If you chose to reply to this with your expiriences I may or may not quote you on the article on my site.

I've been using proactiv for probably.. 5 months. I'm actually not very pleased with the results. It worked in the beginning, but it's really starting to disappoint me now. Like, when I'm about to start my period- it does absolutely NOTHING for me. Maybe my skin is just getting to used to it, so it's not working as well.. or something along those lines. No side effects tho. I use it twice a day, usually morning and night. Good luck with your article, hope I gave some useful info. =)


for homecoming, do you usually bring a date or what? will someone please explain the situation to me??

You can bring a date if you want, but I'd suggest just going with a big group of friends, and dancing with everyone! It's alot more fun to not be tied down. But when prom comes around- thats when people usually worry about finding dates. But you can do whatever makes you happy.


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