Hey everyone. I love giving advice, dancing, playing the piano, flute, and piccolo, talking on my cell, being on the computer, watching tv, eating, sleeping, and hanging out with friends and stuff! Yep. Ask me a question. I like those. I heart you!
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Why is it that whenever a person tells another person a secret or something ...some kind of news.....and that person is close to the other person...and no matter how much you BEG them...and PLEAD NOT to tell the secret...they still ALWAYS do.

What does this mean? Should I stop telling people secret stuff?...I mean....How can I NOT?....I tell my own SISTER stuff....and she spills the beans.

How can this be stopped?

What should I do if I crave to let my emotions and secrets out? Because there's a lot building up inside of me over time. And I can't be trusting of ANYONE anymore...since like all of them (the people) basically stuck a fork up my ass. And backstabbed me with a dagger.


Tell a pet. I'm pretty sure they won't say anything. :]

Sorry if u don't even have one, causing this advice to be completely useless. :/

But in that case, writing in a journal or something like that might be helpful. :]

♥ Erin


my cell phone is being stupid
like its forzen
but its not cold
like it wont let me type
and the sim card and battery thing is in it
any ideas
and it wont turn off.

it wont let me dial a number or click anything. like it does but it doesnt work

please help
if it helps
its a razor phone.

uh mine does that sometimes. except i have the chocolate. idk if they're similar, but i just take off the back of the phone and put it back on and turn the phone on again. except i don't even know if the razr has a removable back, so this advice could be completely useless. if that, i apologize in advance. hope this helped. :]

♥ Erin


This isn't a job search, but a question about a job. How old do you have to be to become a bartender in the state of PA? thanks

Well I live in PA and I think you have to be 18 to serve alcohol and 21 to drink it. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that's right. =]
♥ Erin


Hey. Do any of you guys know what "SOL" means, because a tee-shirt says " Ur SOL pal" (from Hollister). Thanks!

SOL = Shit Out of Luck :]


Tomorrow I have to get my first cavity done.. ever! I'm so scared because I know they have to numb your mouth with novocaine by putting a needle through your gum! I have such a fear of needles or anythign sharp but I still have to get this done. Does the shot really hurt that much? What can I compare the pain too! Thank you

I just had a cavity not too long ago and the actual process doesn't hurt at all because your mouth is numb. The needle thing though, doesn't really hurt, but it might make you wince and your eyes might water. That's what happened to me, it could be different for you though. But it doesn't hurt that bad, and it only lasts no more than 5 seconds. I don't mind needles, but I'm terrified of what they use at the dentist on your mouth, so I know how you feel. And also, in case you wondered, the numbness should go away in about 4 hours after it's done. Ok I hope I helped answer your question and good luck! And don't worry, it will all be over sooner than you think. :)
♥ Erin


I'm going to be going to Hawaii in a week and it's a 5-8 hour flight. I'm TERRIFIED of planes...I have this phobia that they will crash in the middle of the ocean and I'll die. I would really like some advice about things I can do on the plane to take my mind off how scared I'm going to be and some techniques I can use to help me not be so scared. I own a laptop and I'm 13.

I'm afraid of planes too, but I go on them every year and this is what I tell myself. A statistic says that you are more likely to die from a donkey attack than die in a plane crash. Also, I've heard that air travel is safer than land travel since there's nothing you can crash into. My dad also told me that each year, only about 3 planes crash. Every day, approximately 10,000 planes take off. What does that tell you? And to keep your mind off of it, bring music to listen to, your laptop, or anything else you think will keep you busy. Sleeping also helps quite a bit, since you won't know what's happening. I really hope I helped! I tried, haha! Have fun in Hawaii! ♥ Erin


(17/F) Okay, I had arcryllic nails put on for prom and I just took them off because they were starting to come loose. Anyone who's ever had nails put on knows how crappy your real nails look after the fake ones come off.. My question is.. Is there any way to make my nails look less damaged? Is it safe to file away the jagged edges on the surface of my nails? They look sort of raggedy. I don't know how else to describe it. Any advice that you have to offer will be greatly appriciated. I rate 5's for good advice.

Yes, this always happens to me. If you don't feel like going out and buying expensive stuff to fix it, here's what I do. Just put one of your fingers in a nail polish remover bottle (the kind where you twist your nail in the sponge) and keep it in there for about 3-5 mins. each, twisting your finger around. And most of the glue and crap will come off. Well, I hope this works! Good luck! ♥ Erin


i have an mp3 player and i want to clear all of the songs off of this, does anyone know how?


that is the one i have if it matters.

thanks...ill rate 5s if you tell me how!!!

Wow, that's exactly what I have. Ok well you know the folder where you put your songs in? I think it's called the Removeable disk when you click on My Computer. Well you just go there and take the songs out. That's what I do and it works. Hope I helped! ♥ Erin


okay so im going to get my new contacts tomorrow, but my right eye is really bad! and im afraid i wont be used to the contacts in time!!! but im not getting too strong of a prescription. and you cant fail an eye exam (at the drivers ed place) with contacts can you??? do yall think i will be okay? and is it hard.. like the test to get my permit??? i really want my permit please give me your advice

I think your eyes will be fine. And I really couldn't tell you if it's easy or not, because obviously, we have 2 different places to take the test. Mine was easy. As long as you read the book, you should be fine. Good luck!!! ♥ Erin


this is more directed toward the guys...
i am in my highschools marching and concert band. is this a turnoff for most guys??

Well I'm in marching and concert band and play the flute, and all the guys I know don't think of it as a turn-off. My boyfriend even thinks it's cute, so I wouldn't worry about it. Hope I helped!
♥ Erin


Does anybody know a website that has test to find out if you have OCD?? plz help thx:D

Hey, I think I have that, too! Haha! Well I searched on Google and here's a link for you:


Hope that helps! ♥ Erin


well im going to disney world in the spring (june) and i need some ideas what to bring. anything special or special clothes that are better than otheres

like i def know im wearing a bathing suit but i dont know what else to wear and bring that would benefit me the most because i dont want to bring my whole closet but i dont wanna go in like jean shorts and find out they dont work and not have any other kinda pants

and i live by kennywood and go there everyyear so its not my first expieirnce at an amusement park!

Hey! I go to Kennywood too! (by Pittsburgh?) That's awesome! Well, anyway, I went to Disneyworld this past March. It was still warm in March, so it will probably be even warmer in June. Just bring jean shorts, comfy shorts like Soffes, and maybe some cute jean skirts? Bring tanktops and stuff like that. Bring sunscreen, obviously. Also, bring bug repellent, because there are tons of mosquitos down there. Make sure you have lots of money, cause things aren't always cheap there. :(

Well, I hope I helped and if you need any other information, just leave one in my inbox. :)

♥ Erin


14/f__ i was just asked out last night by the guy i liked...who obviously likes me back. he asked me 'wanna go to the movies on sunday?' i said sure. and you kno how everyone puts like 'guys name 1/2' - something like that to signify that they're going out. well, my question is: what would i put in my profile? like do i put the day he asked me, the day of the actual date, or do i wait until more dates? like i dont kno since...well...its my first. yes u can laugh. hahahaha.....and also if we stay together for a few months or what ever...how do you kno what day the '# month anniversary' is? i would ask my friends..but i dont really want to. haha

thanks so much.
sorry its so long

Awwwww hun, that's sooo cute! Don't be embarrassed, it's all good! Haha! Well, I'm not gonna lie, I'm single, but when I was goin out w/ my ex, I put the date that he asked me out in there, along with the "I luv u". I never put hearts in there, but that's a cute idea! And the 1-month and 2-month anniversary is exactly 1 month after he asks you out. So for you, the 1-month anniversary would be February 13th, then March 13th and so on.. (today is the 14th, and you said he asked you out last night, which would make that the 13th..) Well, hope I helped and good luck with your guy! ♥ Erin


what is the best medicine/pills for mentrual pains (im 13 and overweight if that matters)

Nope, being overweight doesn't matter at all. My mom and I take Motrin IB, and it works really good. You could also use Pamprin, I heard that works good, too. Also try laying down with heating pads, that always makes me feel better! And CHOCOLATE!!!! Lots. Haha. Hope I helped! Feel better hun! ♥ Erin


does anyone know of any good ways to get better at sight reading? i'm really bad at playing runs [going up or down a scale]. i think it might be because i can't read music as fast as its supposed to be played. does anyone have any advice. thanks

Hey, I have the same problem. What you should do, is take it home to practice. When you keep playing it, it gets easier and easier. And if you have any more problems, ask your teacher, I'm sure they'll be glad to help! Good luck! ♥ Erin


okay sometimes i have these blackouts i guess you could say there not to bad like passout i just see nothing but black its only for a sec. tho im not sure what it is tho they scare me sometimes cuz ill just be walking and it just gos black and im only 14 so im not sure what it is can anyone help me?

Does it usually happen after you get up from sitting or lying down? That happens to me a lot, especially during the summer when I'm lying around all day. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm just saying you're not alone. I wish I knew what it was too. If you find out though, let me know. Sorry I wasn't of much help, but good luck! :) ♥ Erin


hey ok well i am 15 and i am in love with ym best friends little sister. i have known her my entire life and i have never thought of her as more then just like a litte sister i guess but her bro is like rele protective of her how do i ask her out without making him pissed and risk hurting my relationship with either of them or theirs with eachother she has been acting wierd around us when i am over there adn she doesnt hang out with us as much and she has a bunch of guys that r just friends that r over there all teh time too adn i feel weird like i suddenly become all protective like her bro! please help

Sorry for taking so long, I've been really busy. I hope I'm not too late answering. If you really want to go out with his sister, try talking to him first to see if it's ok. If he doesn't want you going out with his sister, then don't. Friends always come before relationships. It sounds like you really like her, so I hope things work out for you. That's cute how you're all protective about her, that means you really care about her. Good luck, hope I helped! ♥ Erin


hi i am a girl in the 9th grade and i am having a problem with my Basic algebra math teacher. like she is soooo weird!!! her name is Mrs.Dissenger. shes is not that old, but really hyper ALL THE TIME!!!!! and that is what gets me in trouble ALL THE TIME!!! like i almost got kicked out of the class a coupla times!!! but there is no other class i could go to so i have to stay in her class!!!!! she likes to pretend that we are little kids and talk like a mom does tpo her little 5 year old!!! it is sooo annoying! and then i get busted for laughing!!!! is that stupid, or am i just over reacting?????

Nah, you're not overeacting. I hate when teachers treat you like little kids and act like they are your parents--they're not. Just try to contain your laughter until after class. Cover your mouth if it helps. It's embarrassing if you start laughing in the middle of class. That's happened to me, so I know how you feel. Haha. Good luck with your math teacher. It'll be fine. Hope I helped! ♥ Erin


My friend just gave me Jergen's Natural Glow tanning lotion. I want to know if it really works, or if it makes me turn orange before I use it. Has anyone else ever used it before?

Hey, I have it, and it works really good. It doesn't turn you orange and it doesn't really give you blotchy spots. As long as you rub it in good, you shouldn't get any. Try using an exfoliater before putting it in, that should help. ♥ Erin


I wanna show the nation my appreciation: Girl your my angel, your my darling angel. Girl your my friend when I'm in need, baby

does anyone know the name of this song...and who sings it? easy 5

That's Angel by Shaggy.

♥ Erin


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