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hey my name is ashley Im 13 yrs old and Im From ohio.
Gender: Female
Location: Ohio
Age: 13
AIM: Aeropostalebabei or XGr3enDaii0
Yahoo: xoshortshawtiox
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im 14/f and i really want my belly button peirced! i finally got my mom to say yes its just my dad. he says he doesnt want me to get infected and thinks im too young but i told him id clean it alot and everything but he still doesnt know. how do i get him to say yess?? pleasee helpp (link)
Tell him that this will be your test, if you can take care of it it proves that you can be responsible.

This is so embarrassing but i feel like my breath smells really bad all the time... i brush and use listerine twice a day and still cant get rid of it. Is there any good products out there or any suggestions on what to do? I don't think gum would help that much.
check the store for products but if its really that bad ask your parents if you can see a dentist. they shuld be able to help you out.

My friend cuts herself. And it really scares me she talks about killing herself sometimes. Like she thinks no one would miss her. Sometimes I wanna kill myself too but I realize how many people would miss me. But she doesn't seem to realize that. She doesn't cut herself often like she only did once but I am just scared it might become a habit. What should I do? And its not that serious enough to tell anybody yet and she would get really mad if I told anyone. I don't plan on doing anything until it gets worse like i see marks on her arms. What should I do to keep her happy and keep her not thinking about killing herself? I'm so scared right now please help me! I rate High and leave comments too! (link)
I have a friend that had the same problem. I thought shed be mad if i told but i did anyways. I told the guidance counceler at my school who told her parents. it turns out she really wanted help because she was scared. she thanked me and now she writes down her feelings. so i would defenantly tell someone if you care about her. you are only being a good friend, not a tattle tale.

14/f my friend got mad at me because of something i said. i didnt mean for it to hurt her at all, and actually i dont think its rude in any way at all. i told her i was sorry and she refuses to talk to me now. what should i do (link)
try talking to your friend about it again. if she refuses to talk to you then give her some time. if she never forgives you then well, shes not a good friend at all.

please suggest good rock groups/bands.. punk is ok too.. thats.. aren't that well known.. thx everybody (link)
i would say System of a down, avenged sevenfold, The used, Lost prophets, and My chemical romance.

I decided to get a hair cut today but I don't what kind i want! I have dirty blonde hair and it's very long! I'm 17 and a female! Any suggestions? (link)
IF you want a total change get your haircut to your shoulders or a little shorter. If you want something not too noticible then just get a trim.

my family and i have a major probleam.... we get into arguments a lot!!!! i think it happenes almost everyday!! and i get pissed by my family so does anybody know how to not have an argument and juss talk??? (link)
I would tell your mom that you want to talk to her without fighting with her. Sit down and tell her how u feel. it shuld work!

What are some really good movies to watch with 14/F?? Thanks (link)
Go for comedy or scary, something that will keep you entertained and wont bore you. Two good movies are Thirteen and Now and Then. Hope i helped ya!*!

I used to like this guy since kindergaten and he's been in my class ever since(except fourth). Now that I'm in Jr. High, I'm not interested in him or any other guy anymore. everyhting has changed since I started. Is this normal?
Yes, its perfectly normal, as you get older, and into a higher grade your interests in guys will change dont worry!

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