14/f...my friend told me that she was going away this weekend so i didnt invite her over..bu then i saw her profile on AIM and it said she was at her other friends house..so basically she lied to me and i now i dont know what to do..i am afraid to ask her about it..and i really dont want to..=/

You really should, because that's really mean! You should ask where she was, and if she still claims she was "away" then you should tell her what you saw. =)

Hope I helped!



ok, well I just turned 13 not to long ago and I have a boyfriend. But if my parents find out they would kill me. If I'm on the phone with a guy or whatever and my parents ask who I'm talking to I always have to lie and say one of my friends names thats a girl. And if a guy calls me and I don't answer the phone everyone keeps asking me questions about why there calling and stuff. I really love my b/f tho and when i wanna go somewhere with him I have to tell my parents that I'm going sumwhere with my friends. I just wanna be allowed to have a b/f so i can hang out with him all the time and everything without having to have at least one of my friends there. What can I do?

You should sit down with your parents and tell them that you and another guy like eachother, and ask if it's alright if you go out. If they say no, ask them if there is any particular reason. If things still aren't right, then accept it, and ask yuor b/f if you guys can not be b/f and g/f, but still technically be together.

Hope I helped! =)



ok, well i dont want to make this too long so here it goes

my sis 14/f and this 1 kid down the street(eddie)13/m and i are all best friends. but me and my sis are starting to think he likes my sis, he called her his WIT (wife in training)and we thought it was a joke but were now rethinking it. She likes him but she doesnt want to, but then does want to. weve been best friends 4 a long time and she doesnt want to ruin that, i need advice, should she ask him out, or should she leave it alone???plz help

Why don't you ask him? You never know, he may have something...

But also, if they've been best friends for a long time, then she might want to think about it if he does like her, just in case the relationship ends bitterly. I've seen the ex-couple still be friends, and I've also seen them hate eachother.

Good Luck! =)



Hi! I just bought a pair of Etnies...and didn't watch the salesgirl lace them. I switched the laces and was wondering if anyone knew how to lace shoes straight across in bars, aka not crisscross! Thanks I'll rate high if it works!!

yeah...i have a good website, http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straightlazylacing.htm

go there=) hope i helped!!


is it better to do crunches all at the same time, but like do 20 crunches then do 20 crunches and so on.. or do it throughout the day? i do my crunches at the same time and do about 60 crunches, but i rest in between about a minute

It really doesn't make a difference


Hey. I'm a cashier at a store thats like Linens and Things. Its my first job (i'm sixteen) and I've realized that its not the kind of job I want. I don't like the fact that its a big place and its busy allll the time. I enjoy interacting with my co workers. At my place, I feel like I can't do that. We're all busy helping out the customers, which is good... but I feel like I don't know the people I work with well. What are some good places to work at, where you're working...but you still have opportunities to get to know your co-workers? Preferably not a fast food restaraunt, a grocery store, or big places. I want something small and fun. I was thinking about working at a tanning salon?? Does anyone have any good ideas?

Before you decide to get a new job, go job hunting. Try wroking as like an assistant for someone, because they would take in more money.


there is this one girl that likes the same guy as me and she keeps on stealing him. I know he likes me b/c he has admitted it, so why did he go out with her?? I really like this kid. Should I ask him out again when he breaks up with this girl, or should I find someone else?

That was reallly rude of him to do that!! You should ask him why he did that, and also confront your friend. If he has a reasonable explination, then yes i dont see why not. If he has a dumb one, then find someone else cause he issnt worth it. =)


I have really straight dark brown hair..When I blow dry my hair i have little fly aways.. so I straighten it a little... so then my hair is even straighter then what it normally is... But.. I would love to have like wavy curly hair.. is there any products i could use to make this happen without having to get a perm or doing something that will make it that way forever?

Yeah, my hair is really straight also. Don't straignthen your hair after you blow dry it, those fly aways are only there because your hair isnt COMPLETELY dry yet, and yeah. =P Get a big curling iron and then just loosely curl it with that, and use hair spray!! :) Hope I helped!!
♥ Julia


i comfort eat a lot, how can i stop this its starting to make a difference in my weight. thanks appriciate it

Yeah i kinda eat when Im bored too, the best way to get over it is to plan more things for you to do, because then you wont be that bored anymore! Hope I helped!!=)
♥ Julia


well i love this kid named phill..when ever i havnt seen him for a long time (1 week) then when i see him i love him!! he just got out of a 1 year relaship (sp) with a girl named gina. phill likes me and stuff..but idk i love him..should i like ask him out or wait a little bit! i rate high


Yes!! Go ahead, because you never know, he just may be to shy to ask you!! But also if you take him out, youd have to pay, unless he is nice enough to pay for you!! And also, if he offers, a great way to make a second date an option, say something like, you can pay next time!! Hope I helped!! =)
♥ Julia


I know this isn't a question relating to "advice", but I'm going to ask it anyways. I was wondering, does anyone know any sites that you can go on to listen to music without downloading? (You just look up your song and your able to listen to it!)

This one is reallly good http://uk.launch.yahoo.com/ =)


*16 yr-old female*
Okay well me and this guy were together over the summer and our relationship was kind of, well lets just say he wasnt so good at being a boyfriend to one girl. The thing is though that i fell for him and hes the first guy ive ever felt this way for. And i mean hes done some pretty shady things to me but still through all of that im there for him and i support him with everything (*making the college basketball team/new jobs/new car..everything*) and he knows how i feel. Well the other night we were talking online and he was telling me how amazing i am and how he really does love me and what not. Now normally id believe him but i cant because i know that if he truely did, he'd be with me right now and not a bunch of girls, ya know? So what im asking for is what is your perspective on this whole situation. Do you think im worng for not believing him or do you think he really does care but he wont be with me because he doesnt want to hurt me..thanks in advance..x0x
and im sorry its so long

He seems like he really doenst mean it, or else he wouldnt be with so many girls. You need to find a guy that only wants to be with you and nobody else. Its gonna be hard, but it will be better in the long run=) X♥X♥


Alright, these past two nights I've been crying myself to sleep because of my boyfriend.

I RARELY get to see him because we go to different schools, maybe once or twice every TWO/THREE months. :/ But we talk on the phone like every 2-3 days, and on the computer a lot.

So, a few days ago..Thursday, I was expecting him to get on the computer, but he never did..and I didn't call, because, I dunno. i just hate calling when he doesn't tell me to right at the moment..even though he told me I can call anytime. So, I don't know..I just started crying because I was so upset and stressed out from not seeing him anf stuff. Tonight, he hasn't gotten on, and I started crying again. I think a lot of you won't understand really, because you don't know how much I miss him, you have to know the situation better.

But..what do I do? Because, he hurts me a lot. I mean, this has happened multiple times. But like..a couple days after this goes on he finally comes online and says 'hi', and I CAN'T be mean to him..or tell him that he just made me cry. I don't know why, I just can't do it. It's like emotional abuse, and i just don't think I can take it anymore.

He may just have been like banned for a few days or something.


there is this guy i go to school with and he is popular. All the girls think he's so cute. (including me)He is a hottie very cute. Recently i was in the liabary and he walked up to me and asked me out on a date i was shocked out of mine. I could not understand why he asked me because i am not one of the SKINNY, PARIS HILTON, popular brand name, expensive close wearing girls. I shop at target. I was so flatterd i said yes quickly. we went out on our date and it was heaven. He kissed me passionatley and asked me to be his girl freind. Just when i thought this was the man of my dreams he turns to me and says.... "Oh yeah about tonight and our relationship don't tell anyone about us. I'm a private person and i would like to keep this to my self." I was so offened by this i could not speak.I just nodded my head and went along with it beacuse he was still so cute. When he sees me in puplic it's like i'm thin air he says nothing to me. As soon as his friends are not around it's all hugs and kisses. My question is could it be that this guy is embarrassed to be seen with me?

That could be it, but I doubt it. If he was a nice person and all, he would tell you the truth, maybe he is a private person. =)


ok well when i was younger i had an agent and i did small tv things, and i remember it taking up a lot of my time. ITs been awhile since i have done n e thing involving tv and broadway, and now my dad thinks its a good time to start up again. I have been re hired and everything but when i talked to my agent she says i would probably have to quit a lot of my activites. I am involved with a lot of things right now and i dont no if its the best for me to do this. I really want to act right now and do this again but i dont want to regret it in the long run.

Plex Help

Try to make a chart and write down the activities your doing and how important they are to you. If your really good at something, try to keep that. If your not, thnink about leaving it. You really just hafto go with yuor heart, and whatever you think would be the best thing to do=)


I have a math test tomorrow and I really don't understand some of the stuff! We're doing subtraction of postive and negative integers. Some examples are:

3 - (-6)

40 - (-14)

17 - 15

Can anyone please give me the answers to these problems and tell me how you got that answer? PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'll rate 5's!!!

Its actually reallly simple!! If your subtracting a negative number, its like adding a positive!! ie 3-(-6) is the same as 3+6!! and another ie 8-8=8+ (-8)!!!


I have a list of names that I like a lot. For my kids. *(I've always loved names, and making them up, and stuff)* Im Almost 15, and wont be having kids for atleast 7 more years, but i would still like to know some of the names for boys and/or girls that you all like! and you can add middle names too, if you so desire. Also, I use a lot of the names that I like when I play the Sims and the Sims 2. So If you could please tell me the names that you all like for boys and/or girls, that would be great, thanks! I'll rate a 4 or a 5 if you leave a *real* name! thanks!!


I happen to adore the name Hailey!! I also LOVE Jennifer, Patty, Angie, Justine, and for guys, Jeff, Chad, Brad, and many more I can't think of=)


i have a fever and my throat feels like its bleeding and when i swallow it hurts really badly, my mouth also produces thick spit which is kinda nasty... if any of you have any advice as to how i can get rid of this please help. thanks

Try seeing a doctor, he may have some advice, please rate me


I have been sick since last night...I ate left overs and about 3 V-day Chocolates. Well I feel as if I want to throw up and yet and I can't and I occaisionaly get some pains on my side and of stomach. My mother said I could have Appendicitas. (Spelling?) In my family Appendix, is a big deal. (My family has a history)
I have tried to google info but perhaps some of you could tell me some main things that go along with appendixcitas.


ummm....i dunno


so im 13/f, 4'9, and 66 lbs. there are rumors (sorry if i spelled that wrong) about me being anorexic, but i am not. i try to ignore/stop them(rumors), but i cant! its getting worse and worse! and no matter WHAT i tell people, they think im a physco anorexic person.

There is a reason y people are saying this. That is really really skinny. You should seriously check with your doctor and see if something is worng. If not, tell people that your doctor said u were healthy. If you eat really healthy stuff, throw in cookies and junk like that a lot. They'll cut it out if you have a firm voice and look at them seriously. =)


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