Yesterday and today I was with my friend, and when I'm with my friend I'm really hyper n stuff. When she left my boyfriend called and said that he doesn't like when I act the way I do, and he'd rather me act the way I do around my friends n stuff. I do act allot differently. I try not to I'm just really shy when I'm just with my boyfriend. What should I do?

That wasnt a nice thing for your bf to so at all, and it seems like you dont like him that much if you act shy and stuff around him. But if you really do like him, then you should try hanging out with him and your friends more often, because then youll feel a lot more comfortable around him than if you were just with him alone. Thats the best way to start breaking away from being really shy around him. =) Hope I helped please rate me!! ♥ Julia


Ok ive always kind hav been a ladies man... well latly ive been seeing guys in different ways... im afraid to tell anyone but i really think im starting to like a guy...PLEASE HELP ME

You should sit down and write down questions for yourself and answer them compared to what you "used to like". If you really are gay, theres nothing at all wrong with that,but the best thing you need to do is to tell someone you trust about this. If you decide you aren't gay, then you may be bisexual, you might like girls and guys, which is great too=) ♥ Julia


When I started Junior High, I noticed this guy and he seemed pretty cool. At first I kind of thought he was weird because of the way he looked (long hair,converse high-tops..etc) but then I got to know him and sort of developed a crush on him. By the end of 7th grade I became OBSESSED and one night with a box cutter, I just carved his name into my arm. He never noticed. It seemed like he had a crush on me too for a while, he would call me things like "cutie" and "sweetie" . The beginning of the year he seemed like he liked me still, and I hadn't told him about my scar. I needed to get it off my chest, so I told my friend who has him 6th period to tell him and she did. After school he looked scared and luckily he didn't see me. The next few days he would look at me and the stare at the ground. He supposedly said he "hated me" because I carved his name into my arm. It doesn't make sense, how could he change his feelings that quickly? Now he thinks I'm this weirdo. What should I do? I still have major feelings for him, even though I don't show it. Because I feel like I can't. Please help me.

You can't erase what you did on your arm...but you can talk to him about it. Tell him you really care about his feelings and that your sorry it bothered him. If he's a nice guy, he'll forgive you, but if not, he'll keep on acting like a weird mean person. If so, it's time to move on.=) ♥ Julia


online some of my friends say: sos when i ask whats up. i dont know what sos means and i would feel so stupid to ask one of them!

sibling over shoulder


does anyone know how do put icons and things like that one our adive column? thanks a bunch

for a background, get a google image, then paste the full size thing to the background url, and for a picture, save the picture, then where it says upload a picture of you, click browse, and click the picture=) ♥ Julia


I found out yesterday that a good friend of mine was killed at a party. Someone had slipped ecstasy in her drink and then she was brutally raped while she was passed out. I feel like this is all my fault. The reason being is because I always went to parties with her and I would always tell her "Beck, don't drink at parties". She'd always yell at me and tell me that I acted like her mother. But I knew I was right, I don't trust the drinks that people hand out at parties. The guy that raped her was my ex-boyfriend. I still feel like this was all my fault because, had I been there, he wouldn't have done anything to her because he's afraid of me. I'm sure by now you're all probably thinking "This is a load of bull" but believe it. This actually happens to people. She was my best friend. I knew I should have gone with her to that party. I'm completely miserable right now. She was my best friend. I always figured that nothing like that could ever hit so close to home. I'd always see stories like this on the news and I'd think to myself "How could they be so stupid?" Or, "That would never happen where I live." But it has. I don't know how to handle this. My ex boyfriend was arrested and my friends family is waiting to go to court but in the time being, I don't know how to handle myself. I don't even have the courage to go to her funeral tomorrow. I need help getting through this. Please help me... Thank you for those who take this seriously. I would really also like a non-sarcastic answer because this is a touchy subject for me. Thank you.

I apologize for the length.

I'm sooo sorry about this, it cant be easy handling this!! Just remember, everything happens for a reason, and you tried your best to protect your friend from this, but its just too bad it never paid off. If any of this was your fault, wouldnt you be on trial also? Go to the funeral, its going to be verrry sad, but I bet your friend would be very disapointed if you didnt go. Don't be afraid to cry, but remember to smile about all the great times you had together. =)Hope I helped, and best of luck!! ♥ Julia


i have really really REALLY sweaty armpits and i need advice on wut kinda deoderant would actually work for me.. its really very embaressing and its really embaressing to ask u all rite now so please don't reply and make fun of me... neway cya hope u can help

First of all, make sure whenever you shower, you wash them with a good shower gel, and always use dry stick, the white stuff, because its the BEST=) ♥ Julia


the other day, my boyfriend came over and we were sitting on the couch. then we started kissing. he slipped his tounge into my mouth and i did the same. (we were kissing for like 10-15 seconds) is that considered just french kissing or making out?

making out is more extreme, so french kissing=) ♥ Julia


well im going out with this boy my 2 friends but i like him alot alot and they want me to dump him and i dont want to dump him cuz i like him ALOT but my 2 friends want me 2 and if i dont they arent ever going to talk to me again

what should i do???

Think about it, friends are forever, but bf's last maybe a few years. but if yuor really desperate, then talk to your friends about this. Fights between a guy are always soo immature, so dont make this one and slove it beofre it really starts=) ♥ Julia


My boyfriend and i were together for almost 4 months.. and i fell in love with him.. we never really got to see each other.. and we both cheated on each other. But we were in love, so it didnt really matter. He broke up with me a few days ago.. i begged and pleaded and tried everything to get him back. I just want it all to be ok. I cried for 2 days.. and I wrote him a letter explaining all my feelings and how much fun I had with him. The letter made me feel a little better.. but I just need a way to get him off my mind.. its horrible..

please help me! i rate 5s

Try to go out and see all the better people out there for you, like the mall, or even places like your school. You never know who may be out their, but make sure your having fun, cause then it wont be so hard=) ♥ Julia


I have a boyfriend, Justin. We have been going out for what will be two months tomorrow. Anyways, he came over Friday to hang out and stuff. When he went to leave he said he would call me when/if they got home. It's Monday and he still hasn't called. Now, I'm the type of person that totally stresses over things like this. I'll play out every situation in my mind and possible outcomes.

Of course, they did have to go back and paint a house, and they are moving, but that wouldn't be it I don't think. What if he doesn't like me anymore or he doesn't want to talk to me? Ah, I'm totally stressed and it's so dumb. I just, can't see myself without him and I don't know. I know I'm being totally stupid, but could someone offer some advice? What should I do or what could have possibly happened? Thanks! And if you want a little more info, IM me! askchristeena

You have to call him yourself!! You need to see why he hasnt called you, because he may have something decent to say, but if not, leave him, there are plenty of better guys out there=) ♥ Julia


okay..well there is this boy i like...his name is mike..an well i was talking to him online not to long ago...an we pretty much just met. he probly only saw me like 2 times..an well i told him i like him just last week an we were talkin online the other day an he said he liked me too...an yeah but he wants us to meet up somewhere...an im okay with that its just that....what should i do...i mean he only saw me about 2 times this year an we onyl talk alot online...so yeah..what should i say to him....?? HELP ME PLEASE...i rate VERY good

No doubt, you should meet up!! But its a better idea to give him your phone number, so youll know its actully him=)


i like this guy and i have for awhile. and then someone finally told him that i liked him and he said that he liked me a little. and then it became vacation and i havent talked to him in a awhile but i still like him and i don't think that he will like me @ all nemore. how do i make him like me? should i still like even if he doesnt like me?

Never quit liking someone just because they dont like you, youll find it reallly hard to move on. You cant make someone like you no matter what, and if they dont like you for who you are, just remember, its their loss=)


My best friend has OCD... and she reminds me of it like 24/7. Whenever she leaves the house she asks like over and over if she left sumthin on and such. I keep reminding her that OCD is just that she is detailed and stuff like that (my parents are both doctors and explained it). It's driving me NUTS! help! what do I do?

This may sound weird, but thats probably part of her OCD, being obsessed with OCD. Tell her that you know its hard and everything, but if she minds toning it down a bit, and trying really hard not to obsess over it. =)


i was at my friends birthday party and she liked this guy and so i kind of forced him in the direction of asking her out. And i am not really sure that he wanted to. But then i have been talking to him online and a couple times on the phone and i have started to like him.I have hung out with him a couple times. Then the most recent one is when me, my friend and him just went to her room and watched a movie. I wasn't really watching the movie all that much because i was drawing but my friend said that he wasnt really watching the movie either cuz he was watching me.
Then later on in the movie he moved really close and started drawing with me and i dont know why but when he touched me it made my heart beat faster. But right after the movie was over he had to go because he was going somewhere with his girlfriend and some friends. Since then everytime i am online he isnt on and everytime i have an away message up he gets on and leaves me messages like hey or why are you always gone or come back.i don't know if he likes his girlfriend but i am too afraid to ask him. what should i do? i want to tell him that i like him but i am not sure if i should, what do you think? help me please.

Whatever you do, dont bring up his gf, because then he will obviously know that sumthins up, and he'll get kinda worried ya know? I know what your talking about with the gf and everything, but dont get yuor hopes up, cause then youll probably end up dissappointed. Time will tell if he realy likes you or not, but if yuor desperate, tell him, and you never know=)


ok so you met this guy and you like fell in love with him and he liked you for awhile but he lives in a different city and you talk to him all the time and you see him occasionally but then he starts liking this other girl who is a slut and your still like in love w/ him and you cant get over him even though you have tried.and then you thought you were finally over him and then you saw him for a weekend and fell for him again and that is what happens everytime you see him. what do i do?

Why are you still seeing him? He likes another girl, and just seeing him hurts you. Stop seeing him, and find another guy, unless this one starts to like you again, then give him another chance.=)


ok lately my boyfriend has been telling me hell call me back in 10 minutes...and he wont for like 3 hours...i know things come up and ive talked to him but he still does it...we were on the phone pretty late last night an d he was like hey can i call u right back?? and i was like ok and we hung up...and he never called back...he still hasnt called...im supposed to call him @ 12:30 and we were goning to make plans..but i dont know if i should just call ..or if i should just do what he does to me and not call him....but the thing is i dont know if his dad said he couldnt call me back last night...because it was pretty late...what do i do??

The best thing to do is to ask him why hes doing that, cause thats the only way youll find out=)


hows does a person shed some weight quickly?? ive been trying to lose weight for along time now and nothing seems to work. i work out 3 hours a day and that doesnt help much either.. and im not good for holding diets. i do eat healty thou... any advice?

and my friend has bulemia.. im trying to help her.. how can i help her stop and how on earth does she make her self throw up?

Stop exercising so heavily!! If your body burns sooo many calories, then it makes up for the ones it's lost by gaining more. Good job for eating healthy! The best way to get slim is to have a system and stick to it. Like, crunches, areobic and flewibility exercises, and even some running. I'm afarid theres nothing you can really do but get help for your friend and support her all the way. She probably sticks her finger in her throat, thats the most common...=)Hope I hlped


ok what should you do when you have parents that buy themselves alot of things but nothing for you

I dont get exactly what the problem is, who really cares? Just be thankful for what you DO have, because your parents are probably good parents, and any good parent knows what their doing=)


Im 15/f and i really like this boy that is 13 and he likes me too. we are very close we talk on the phone and he even had told me that he had fallen in love with me.Everyone thinks that we go out cause we always together. I dont know what do to because he ask me out, and he is waiting for an answer, whats holdin me back is his age and that peoples might be talking like am too old for him, So im really confused what should I do?

If you really like this guy, you should go out with him. Who cares about his age??? What if someone said that about you? If you are really soo concerned, then forget about him, because thats such an awful thing to accept. Best of luck to you=)


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