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okay there is this guy i really like, sam, i've liked him for a long time, yeah i told him, hes all like i like you alot but maybe we should star friends for now but who no's what can happen... well we are REALLY good friends now we talk all the time he always lylas which kills me!!!!!!!!!! it makes me sad anyway
valentines is coming up... well im not sure if i should get him anything... what do you think and if you think i should get him somthing what should it be?!?!? PLEASE HELp i rate high (link)
ok well lets see even if you guys arent going out then yes i think that its ok to get your guy friend a gift anyways you might wanna buy him a cd or some candy or maybe bake hiim some stuff.

Justin and I dated for like, 2 months and one week. We broke up because he said I couldn't trust him, he cheated. But he admitted it to my face.

Now, we both like each other again, after being broken up for about a month and still talking and stuff. He called me a couple nights ago just to talk, which he's never done before when we weren't together. He wants me to ask him out this time though, because he asked me out last time.

Should I do it? Or wait for him to? I mean I'm pretty sure he likes me, he's said it and he even purposely got kicked out of class so he could come see me (I got kicked out of class too, lol.) (link)
i dont know to tell you the truth if you really care about him and are willing to take a chance of getting cheated on again then ask him out but if your a little shaky about it then wait for him to ask you out and then think about it don't make any harsh decisions without thinking about it first.

I have liked this guy forever. I dont really talk to him in person, but I do on AIM all the time, and we fight constantly. The wierd thing is tho, at school, he stares at me all the time. We just got back from a retreat type thing, and there he always sat pretty close to me, like right in front of me. Yesterday, he IMd me saying "Ive changed, im sorry for being mean to you". But then a lil while after that he asked me if i had done this assignment so he could get the answers. Do u think this guy likes me, or just wants to use me for school related stuff? (link)
ok heres the thing he may really like you but i wouldnt take a chance your best chance is not to give him a chance and to not give him your assignments either trust me you can find someone else easily.

please help me me best friend is starting to become well i dont know but like wen ever i say something she goes, "that wasnt funny" if im tryin 2 be funny or not and wenever i say something "like honestly i dont want to tell you" she calls me a bitch and she is not on my team in school and she is becoming a totally different person and i miss the old her and im not tryin to sound mean or jealsous or anything i just miss my friend o and she started straightening her hair and since then she has this ridiculous amount of confidence -- way too much please help ill rate 5's if ur not rude to me (link)
yes i understand where you are coming from sometimes people just change especially as we all get older so maybe you just need to start hanging out with so different people or you should just confront her face to face about this and just be like you have changed a lot lately and i dont like it.

hi im really confused because me and my boyfriend got into this really big fight and its all because he thinks i like this other boy and i kinda do but i dont wanna hurt him by dumping him because i really like him two and theres these to other boys i also like so this makes four boys that i like i dont wanna like that many but i cant help it there all soooo hot i only want one tho what can i do to try to just like one boy??? (link)
ok first of all yes i know that it is best to have like this wicked hot guy but your goal isnt to have hot guys it is to have the guy with the best personality but to tell you the truth what you are doing to your boyfriend is not right at all.

I have liked a guy for a year now. And as we all know, Valentines day is coming up. My school is having a Sadie Hawkins Dance in honor of it. I really want to ask this guy but Im not sure how. Im so nervous...Im friends with him and some people say they think he likes me. But know one knows for sure. Please help. I rate high :) Thanks. (link)
i say hey go for it the worst thing that could happen is he says no and trust me its not that bad. or you could ask him as a friend then when you look amazing when he comes to pick you up he'll realize that you mean more to him than just a friend.

Well there is this girl i like and we are really good friends and i want to ask her out but i dont know if her parents let her date im in 8th grade so i dont know if i should ask her out i dont want to make our friend ship all akward please help... (link)
well talk to her like jokingly like ask her if she likes you and if she would ever consider going out with you trust me yes it may end up bad but i went out with my best friend and it ended up great we have been going out for about a year now and we were in 8th grade when we started going out too.

I really like this guy.. but when my friend asked him if he would ever ask me out.. he said no. He is a shy guy.. so maybe if i ask him out.. he might say yes.. the only t w i s t is..I am tooo scared to ask him.. so how do you ask out a guy? and i think that he doesnt like me.. so what should i do? (link)
well i mean the worst that could happen is he could say no wow its not that bad ive been shot down enough that im used to it well yeah i mean i have had my share of boyfriends but i mean i have also had my share of shoot downs maybe just give him a chance and ask him out but its like if you know that he doesnt like you then you might not want to have the chance of like getting really upset over being rejected. good luck!

i just got my hair permed 2day and i was wonderin if i can get it wet and just not wash it??? thanks (link)
dont wash it for at least 24 hours and dont get it wet otherwise the curls wont be there anymore.

There is these 3 boys on the bus that keep bothering me and my best friends. They keep saying that we're a "threesome" and in three days they've made me cry 5 times. They call us sexy and say I love you. We know that they don't mean it.. they're all a year older than us (we're in 7th grade) and they always try to steal my stuff and call me and my best friend gay. I've tried EVERYTHING!! Nothing works.. a little help on handling these people? (link)
ok see guys are total jerks in middle school i learned that the hard way you just kinda have to shrug it off and act like its nothing to you once guys get older and mature more (because yes girls do mature faster then boys) they will stop teasing you im in high school and not many people tease you its just too immature to do in high school well good luck!

when making out... does the girls bottom lip go inbetween the guys lips? ive been told that but then how is the tounge involved? (link)
ok yeah making out may seem kinda complicated but its not if you do the bottom lip then there really isnt any tounge but then is you want to use tounge then you kinda have to both tilt oyur heads side ways and then open your mouths sounds weird but its fun haha!

hello im a 15/m....theres this girl at my school that is a year younger than i am but i am really atracted to her and her to me, but the last bf she had ended up losing all of his friends because of her. but it really wasnt her fault. but i have alot of the same freinds as he had so im worried i might lose most of my friends over her. thanx for the advice- i rate high. (link)
ok see the thing is yes go out with her but make sure that you always put your bros before hos as my friends always say just make sure not to like cut your friends out of your life just because you have a gf. good luck!

Hey im 14 years old and I really like this kid..lets call him brian...I mean i knew it from the min. I first saw Brian..I used to like this other guy for like 6 years..lets call him steve..and from the min i saw Brian I was over I thought i liked i told him I liked him...and he laughed...which sucks..but then a month later...I thought I like this other guy named...Joe...but now i dont think i like now im really confused on who i like...I like Brian...but it hurts me so much to like him since he laughed and since i have no chance in hell with him...So does anybody have any tips on how to get over someone you really like? ill rate good...please help me.. (link)
ok see to get over someone that you like is hard trust me i know i have had 10 different boyfriends and liked so many different people and to tell you the truth i dont think that there is a way to stop having feelings for someone unless you stop likeing him but you have to kinda just slow down with the guys trust me i really used to be like you but now im trying to slow down you cant just like anyone you just meet ive learned my lesson there so just slow down and try to get over some guys and stuff if you get really upset about sit around in your pajamas and eat ice cream all day that works. good luck!

Sorry about the lenth. Anyways, my boyfriend and me started having sex last Augest. (i'm 17/f) and my mom found out a couple of monthes after, and she found out we weren't using condoms and such ... anyways, ever since she keeps blackmailing me. If I don't do this for her or kiss her ass for the rest of my life she'll tell his parents everything ... and he'll get sent away. We love each other to death, but if we were seperated I don't know what I would do. This blackmail stuff is really getting to me ... i get all stressed out by it and depressed. Really depressed. Please help, i rate high (link)
ok well see your mother should not be blackmailing you, you are 17 almost legal age to move out shes just uptight about something obviously you should start using condoms first of all because thats how my friend got pregnant when she was 15 by not using condoms and then secondly talk to your mother and if she doesnt lighten up about the whole thing you can easily tell the authorities about it blackmailing is against the law you know and you mother especially shouldnt be doing it thats horrible. good luck!!

Hey yeah.....My best friend likes my boyfirend...and shes trying to brake us up and I dont know what to do...cause i love my boyfriend to death and I don't want to lose him....and my best friend I dont want to lose her either I don't know what to do please help...I rate high!!

-Amanda Marie

ok see the thing is you have to put your friend in her place you have to tell her that yeah you and your boyfriend are happy and that yeah you know she likes him but you guys have been going out and you dont want anything bad to happen and you want everything to go smoothly in the relationship so she should just back off and that if she breaks up the relationship then she isnt the true friend that you thought she was.

ok, well one of my best friends in the world REALLY likes me and i kind of like him to, but hes not exactly the best person to have a relationship with. you see he has a bad reputation for goin out with girls just to "get somewhere" and then dumping them after he goes as far as they r willing to. he also has been known to get a little crazy at parties and drink every now and then just to drink. since i am the typical "goody goody" it doesnt make a whole lot of sense. he knows i dont want to "go" even close to as far as he has gone before, i wont drink... ever, and im not a party animal like him at all. easy decision, right? wrong. he claims that he wants to change all of that bout himself and wants a girlfriend like me to help him do that. he is truely sincere and really sweet and always there for me when i need him. i dont know what to do! if thats not hard enough, he lives almost an hour away and cant drive yet (neither can i) so the whole seeing each other face to face is kind of not gunna happen much. my parents arent exactly fond of him either, and im sooo busy right now with sports and school that im afraid i wouldnt be able to be a "good girlfriend" and that if he hasnt or doesnt change it will just get messy and ill loose a best friend. should i take a chance and see what happens, explain that being best friends is how i want it to stay, or explain that right now timing is just bad and delay the relationship until i know he has changed? (link)
ok well my theory is everyone diserves a chance ok i have seen a lot of people change all my friends that were totally druggies and alcoholics including myself when it comes to alcohol well we all cleaned up and we are all better people now and i sincerely mean that i havent had a drink in about 2 years and my friends havent smoked pot or done coke in about 1 1/2 years so we are all doing good and my ex boyfriend and shaped up i mean yeah he used to force me into doing stuff with him and stuff like that but now hes better he is a better friend and boyfriend to his new gf i would give this guy a chance and see the thing is ok well yeah the long distance is hard yeah but my brother and his gf were able to do it they have been going out for almost 4 years and they just got engaged recently so i know it can work out trust me they are happier then ever. good luck hope you make the right choice.

At youth tonight, these two guys were like flirting with me and my two friends. They sat down by me, pointed at us, looked at us, and asked me for my number. And my friends and I were like laughing because they were doing this. We didn't like them either. It was just so funny. And then we had to leave early because we had this dance. And they like followed us out the door and we were like bye. It was kind of funny. But the guy that I like was there, like on the next couch. And would us laughing would have made him think that we liked those boys that were hitting up on us or what? I hope that it didn't, because we really weren't. And why were those guys doing that? They go to a different school and are older. Thanks and I rate. (link)
ok see the thing is not everytime you are laughing and telling a joke with a guy means that you guys are hitting on each other you guys could just be friends and talking and you know how bout the next time that you have youth group you go over and sit next to the guy that you like and then maybe he'll realize you like him. so yeah anyways about the older guys hitting on you trust me all guys do it they think that younger girls are vulnerable or something its something stupid like that but anyways its happened to me before im a freshmen in high school and these guys that were freshmen and sophmores in college hit on me it was creepy but yeah good luck with your guy!!

I went out with a guy for 3 months and we eventually told eachother we loved eachother and we both meant it. he dumped me and i have never gotten over it. Recently my friend told me that he is thinking about getting back together. Should we try again or just stay friends? (link)
if you really like this guy and if you know that you can try to make it work then you might want to try to get back together with him and make sure that he wont break your heart again because it will just be horrible if he does if you arent certain about these things then you may want to think about jsut staying friends.

i've been hanging out with the druggies and gangstas at my school. my best friend which is none of those got mad at me because shes going to think im going to do drugs or change my style. i was always hanging out with the gangstas though so shes mostly worried about the druggies. she makes fun of some of my friends and i act like i dont like them but i really do. i dont want her worring about me and who i hang out with but its sorta hard. i've always been the one getting in trouble or bending the rules but shes never really seen that side of me because i act like a totally diff. person around her. what should i tell her so she can stop telling me who to hang out with? and make her stop talking about my friends???

thanx (link)
ok well see the thing is you have to reassure her that you wont change and that you will listen to her advice and stuff but then again you may want to listen to her and maybe hang out with her and tell her that there are just different sides of you the side that likes hanging out with her and the side that likes hanging out with them and if she cant handle that then maybe she should just leave you alone.

What is the #1 thing a man can do to make himself more attractive?

What is generally the least attractive thing about a man? (link)
ok well the things that turn me on are that the guy will mess around and stuff but then again he isnt forceful and he is nice and sweet and has a good sence of humor. things that turn me off are when all they are looking for is sex and they are always really forceful and try to get you to do stuff and if they arent funny and dont know how to go out and have a little bit of fun and if they are rude and they dont have a sweet bone in their body.

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