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I lost my cord to my 30 video iPod. The one that connects it to the computer to charge. Can i buy one seperatly at like a local store like circuit city or target? Thanks

Of Course!! YOu can get it at anystore that sells ipods and some that don't.


what is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies from scratch?? include everything please.

If you buy tollhouse chocolate chips or just go to tollhouse.com there is a grrreat recipie!!
♥ L


hey im from the uk and you always talk about bangs. but i want to know what are they?
thank you

bangs are in the front or ur hair and they are useally cut short.


Hey i was just curious about dreams. Are they meant to predict the future, or are they just your brain's way of sorting through everything that's going on in your head. Is there an actual purpose for them or what?

Everybody believes different things about dreams. My personal belief is that dreams is what your mind is thinking about.~laura~


i feel like im growing apart from some of my close friends..is there any way to prevent this??


Missed Friend

Well thsi is going to happen. Casually invite them over to your place or go out to lunch w/ them just to talk. if worst comes to worst and they aren't interested in you anymore. Just move on and forget them. Who cares.-~laura~


my kid hates me what do i do they are turnin rebelous help!

Well you should develop a relationship with them. Take them and do different activities with him/her. I hope i am a good help if you need anything. Send stuff to my inbox-~laura~


I'm overweight... I participate in a lot of sports and i think i get enough excercise... i could be doing more... but my big problem is sweets... its like an addiction... i just cant seem to stop eating them!!!!!! does anyone have any ideas on how to help me eat more healthy?

Well nobody can really tell you what you should eat except a diatrition or your doctor.-~laura~


Just today i went on my column, like i do everyday, and all my info was gone and my pics and everything! And i never gave anyone my password.....how can i change my password so it doesnt happen again??

you should make a password be unique. say you wanted your password to be "dog" you could make it "dog6752" add numbers to make it unique-~laura~


On new year's eve, I have to go to my grandparents for 3 days. I really don't want to go because they live a long way away from us and all my friends. The only way I will be able to keep in touch with my friends is through text message because they don't let me use their phone and I can't afford to call on mine. They don't even have a computer so their's no msn either. I know it's only three days but I am going to be so bored, what can I do to stay in touch with my friends apart from texting? There isn't any point writing letters because it's only three days.

Right you said it your self. THereisn't any point in writing letters. So don't. Take a littel break from your friends and focus on seeing your grandparents. You don't get to see them much so, start a conversation or bring a boardgaame to play with them.-~laura~


How do you ask a guy out without making it seem like your completly stupid? Like, how do you make it come up in a conversation? because I'm talking to this boy online, and I really like him, and we're awesome friends, and I want to know how he feels about me. How do I do it? None of my friends will do it for me because they say thats "cheating"

You could like casually bring the subject up. Say somthing like "wanna hang out sometime" or you could be like "wanna grab a berger with some of my friends.-~Laura~


I have a twin brother and we are really close he's not spent much time with me lately and im scared i love him to death and if anything happend to him i would never forgive my self even if it wasnt my fault. He has thes friends lets call them bob and joe and they curse alot and thats not like my brother. I'm just worried. Somone pleez help me.

twin delama

Sit your brothe rdown and talk to him. Make sure that it is just you and him. Don't let his friends in on the conversation. Express your feelings and tell him that you want to spennd some time with him, because you miss the old him. OY u have to remember that he is growing up and maybe you aren't his best intrest right now-~Luara~


ok well I am kind of mad. I think my mom's b/f is just using her, And I am to scard to tell my mom. But when I do wont to tell my mom he is there. He is always over and he eats all of our food. But he never cleans up. My mom has not been dateing for a while because my dad went to jail. I dont know what to do.... PLEASE HELP

You have to talk to your mom face to face. Sit down with her. Explain what you think is happening to her. If that doesn't work talk to a counsler or another adult that you trust. I am sorry about your dad being in jaiol. What did he do?-~laura~


I really wanna make cookies but i have NO EGGS!! does anyone know a substitution besides going out to the store and getting some??

I hate to break it to you but you can't make cookies w/o eggs. However maybe you could ask one of your neighbors if they have extra eggs you could barrow.-~Laura~


Ok, this is a pretty basic question, but does anyone have any really good organizational tips for school and also study tips along with that...they kinda go hand in hand! I RATE VERY WELL:)

Ok, what helps for me is to get a planer for your self. You can document when all tests are and all the homework you have for the day. For studing it helps me to make a studyguide to look over and study cards to quiz myself-~LAURA~


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