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HEY~~ my name is Jamie Park and i am 12 years old and i am in 6th grade...

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okay. i like this guy alot. We flirt alot, and he gave me his sn once. Well, he has a gf. he gets on every few weeks *almost every girl in school likes him* but he still flirts with me. But, i'm afraid to IM him i get nerve and afriad to emmbarrasse myself! should i? i mean he gave me his sn! and how to I NOT get nerve before i talk to him?!?!?!

just don't be afriad and just talk to him wut if he really liked u and he was planning to tell u online???(good luck)!!


I weigh about 131 pounds and I'm 5'4 (I'm a female) I'm kinda curvy, but I would like to weigh around 115. Is this seriously a realistic weight? If so, how should I go about losing the weight in a healthy manner?

juss excerise and eat right


ok i have these white dots on my nails. there in any random spot, anywhere on my nail. does anyone else have these or know what they are?? thanks

O!! i had those it's when ur nail get hit on something them the white thing get on ur nail it's like a bruse


ok so i have had my period for almost three years now and the first two were regular. But i had surgery in the begining of july and i had my period at the end of july. But after that i havent had it, its been 5 months and i know tis sounds crazy but i want it. It sso annoying not noing wen ur gonna get it. Is this normal after having surgery? if it is then y did i get it in july and not after?

my friends had some probleam like that and she told me that that happens sometimes or maybe u should go to the doctors


My mom seems to think that only black people wear brands such as Roccawear, Baby Phat and Ecko. I like the clothes and she wont let me wear them because on the websites the people who are modeling them happen to be black. So tell me really, do these brands are truly only worn by Africans?

I don't htink those brands are only for the "Black people" caz a lot of white and asian people weat them just tell ur mom that it's not only for The "black people"


Hey!I am about 5'6" or 5'7" and around 140 and 145 pounds and I want to lose maybe 10 or 15 pounds..if I do yoga and crunches will it help me any?If it won't what can I do to help me lose the weight?Thanks!

if crunches,and yoga don't work u should go to the gym


I really wanna make cookies but i have NO EGGS!! does anyone know a substitution besides going out to the store and getting some??

I think u have to get eggs caz i think u can't bake cookies with out eggs


Okay I am 40 weeks pregnant. I was due xmas day. I still have not given birth! What could be taking so long? I am becoming so miserable, uncomfortable and irritated, not to mention impatient. Please if someone has any suggestions please help!

I think u should just wait!! if you get miserable something could happen to the baby! (GOOD LUCK)!!


ok well im 13 and i like this guy but hes older, much older. We became friends cuz hes my friends older brother. we started to chill and talk everyday and got really close. then my mom didnt like that he was really old so she didnt want me to see him anymore. what should i do i really miss him??

I think the best thing is to move on to another guy.just forget about him...b/c there's a lot of guys out there and your going to like one of them..XOXO-JAmie


I just have a quick question, shouldn't take long.

See, I'm wanting to lose some weight in the tummy area, but... I've heard that if you work out a lot, your breast size drops. I'm a C cup, and I like it that way. Any tips on things I can do that will drop weight in the stomache and nowhere else?


Crunches!!!I heard that it works really good!!!!!! it makes ur stomach stronger!!!and you could loose weight. you could do crunches @ least 45 times a day i think that would be really good...^.^


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