ok i have a xanga website and whenever im making a new weblog entry it says that im writing in "rich text" but the toolbar thing doesnt come up so i cant underline, bold, itilicize, make bigger or a different font of my words. does anyone know how i can do that? and if i cant get the toolbar what are some codes for making text bold underlined itilicized and bigger and stuff???THANKS

an easy way is it press crtl b for bold ctrl i for italics and crtl u for underlining


Hey julia whats up im really bored any idea were i could get a book that shows me how to make HTML see you at school lol :-)

html for dummies hahaha


What does it mean when you link a screename in aim?

it means that if you sign on to the screename you linked to your amni one, then it will sign both of u on


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