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Question Posted Sunday December 18 2005, 3:43 pm

Im 15 female and ive never had a boyfriend before. Im not going to say im ugly becuase people will just say "youre beautiful inside" blah blah. But my question: Will a guy still want to go out with me if i dont want to do anything past makeing out? Well at least him doing to me..or until i feel more comfortable with my body.

So am i considered prude?
Will I ever get a boyfriend if i feel this way?


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Eissac answered Tuesday December 20 2005, 5:30 pm:
you know what guys will still date you..but all ya have to do is wait until a guy really likes you and then just explain that thats all ya wanna do until your comfortable with him and yourself and if he really likes you he will wait..good lucks

[ Eissac's advice column | Ask Eissac A Question

Gret answered Tuesday December 20 2005, 7:50 am:
let me take it this way, im not that good at advice but, from my experience, my ex broke up with me for another girl that could offer him a sex life(thats what others says) but i dont want to judge him. anyways if someone loves you , then he should know that sex is not what makes a relationship stronger, then when u find that guy consider yourself lucky cause hell be loving you for what you are not for s....x

[ Gret's advice column | Ask Gret A Question

Nablith answered Monday December 19 2005, 10:16 pm:

[ Nablith's advice column | Ask Nablith A Question

skippy_pebbles answered Monday December 19 2005, 10:39 am:
you're gonna get a boyfriend it might just take some time. If you cant find a bf that is okay with not going past making out then, well the dating world just sucks for girls. even if you think that you're ugly theres a guy out there who'll think you're beautiful! if my friend says that i look pretty i'll SAY awww thank you, but THINK girl, what is wrong with you! But I promise that there are guys who'll want to date you and be fine not going past making out. good luck!

**hope i helped**

[ skippy_pebbles's advice column | Ask skippy_pebbles A Question

advicegodesses2 answered Sunday December 18 2005, 9:29 pm:
I think that someday you will find a guy that likes you for who you are and not what you look like. It might sound cliche but eventually you will find Mr. Right.

[ advicegodesses2's advice column | Ask advicegodesses2 A Question

Conniefan1 answered Sunday December 18 2005, 8:31 pm:
i think that you should not care if u have a bf and if your not getting a bf because your not a slut and wont have sex with somebody and they should like you you and not for your body. And if you go out with someone who seems like they like you for you and then all of a sudden like you for your body then i say your not prude and YOU NEED TO DUMP THAT GUY, GIRLFRIEND becasue he is not worth it.

[ Conniefan1's advice column | Ask Conniefan1 A Question

BeautifulMadness answered Sunday December 18 2005, 5:01 pm:
The majority of guys your age will probably think so, yeah, because let's be honest, most guys are horny assholes aged 15 lmao. But I know plenty of people (and I am only a year older than you) who won't go further than holding hands on a first date, and guys (guys worth bothering with anyway) respect them all the more for it. Decent guys, who will really love you and give a damn about you, would prefer you to be a 'prude' than a slut.

[ BeautifulMadness's advice column | Ask BeautifulMadness A Question

BrokenWings answered Sunday December 18 2005, 4:53 pm:
Of course they will! Ive had quite a few boyfriends and im not that pretty and i wouldnt ever go further than making out, well not for a long while anyway.

No you arent prude, you are sensible to be honest. I admire people who are strong enough in themselves to say they wont go further than making out.

Yes, yes you will, but in my experience guys are generally annoying so i wouldnt rush it lol!

Take care xx

[ BrokenWings's advice column | Ask BrokenWings A Question

LoveNJstyle answered Sunday December 18 2005, 4:46 pm:
there are guys out there that like you for you and won't want to go past making out, trust me. you just have to wait for the good ones to come around. my friends & i were playing truth or dare last night and the guy i thought was too experienced for me for some reason turns out has never gone past makingout. no, you're fine... guys will respect you more. <3

[ LoveNJstyle's advice column | Ask LoveNJstyle A Question

advicenator55 answered Sunday December 18 2005, 4:31 pm:
if a guy will only go out with you just to do it with you he isnt worth it you want a guy that will call you beautiful not hot and no i dont think you are prude if you feel that way i bet alot of girls feel that way

[ advicenator55's advice column | Ask advicenator55 A Question

iiloveyou answered Sunday December 18 2005, 4:11 pm:
aww doll its okay to still be prude at your age it doesnt mean that you're ugly because guys dont wanna be with you, it means that guys dont have the common sense to be with you . but of course, you have to wait for the right guy to come around and sweep you off your feet . for real, i mean most guys dont actually love their girlfriends, they just want them for the "fun" if you know what im saying . but also, i know from experience that its wayyyy better to find the right guy then moann over the guy that you know you cant have, or the guy that you've always wanted and he'll never like you . not that im saying this is what you're going through, but just to wait it out . and of course you will get a boyfriend ! one that loves you for who you are and not for the sexx .

xoo hope this helps !! &hearts;

[ iiloveyou's advice column | Ask iiloveyou A Question

soccergurlie1220 answered Sunday December 18 2005, 4:10 pm:
Well, some guys might not want to go out with you cause you won't "put out" lol but if he really doesn't like or love you then he will wait for you to feel comfortable. But don't let him rush you into doing anything you dn't want and if you two are really right for each other he'll wait and your be happily ever after! lol hope i helped

[ soccergurlie1220's advice column | Ask soccergurlie1220 A Question

everykissbeginswithkay answered Sunday December 18 2005, 4:05 pm:
No your not prude at all (atleast not in my oppinion) And there are plenty of guys that will go out with you even if you have your boundaries. And any guy who denys you because of that, is definitly not worth getting involved with because sexual activity might be the only thing on his mind if thats a trait he looks for in a girl he wants a relationship with.
Yes you will get a boyfriend. Theres somebody for everyone. And im sure theres a guy out there who will respect you enough to want a relationship without all the "extras".

[ everykissbeginswithkay's advice column | Ask everykissbeginswithkay A Question

DeeSireDiOr answered Sunday December 18 2005, 4:00 pm:

I am going to be 100% honest with you. Most boys ages 14 - 23 only think about sex, and how to get into a girls pants. There are exceptions but they are very little, and especially at this age. About your questions : Will a guy still want to go out with me if i dont want to do anything past makeing out? Well at least him doing to me..or until i feel more comfortable with my body: I myself am a virgin and i had many boyriends in the past, and we never had sex, so yes you can find a guy that will not force you into having sex, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to! As you guys start dating sex will come up alot at this age! About you being prude! i don't know. You never had a boyfriend before you said, but you never said anything about kissing, or making out with a guy! If you never kissed a guy then yes you are prude, but hunny there is nothing wrong with that! It's better to have your first kiss with someone who actually cares, and loves you! You know?? Sweetie don't worry you'll get a boyfriend sooner or later but don't rush, he'll find you! Take your time finding the right guy! I know you might be thinking but everybody else has boyfriends. HONESTLY think to yourself do those guys really like those girls that their dating or do they just want sex! You'll be surprised with the truth. Concerider yourself lucky, most boys only go for the easy girls. You must respect your body so much that guys don't even bother because they know they have no chance!

If you want to talk some more about this just leave a comment in my inbox or IM me at DiOr BARBIEE

&hearts; maria &hearts;

[ DeeSireDiOr's advice column | Ask DeeSireDiOr A Question

xOaLimIcHeLLe answered Sunday December 18 2005, 3:55 pm:
xO _ aLi mIcHeLLe <3

[ xOaLimIcHeLLe's advice column | Ask xOaLimIcHeLLe A Question

girlish answered Sunday December 18 2005, 3:55 pm:
Sure you will get a boyfriend. There are allot of girls insecure about their bodies it's kind of normal, and you should have a boyfriend that loves you, and who's not all about the sex

well yeah, I hate it when people say you are beautiful inside.. arrrg, cause they know it's not really a full 100% true.


[ girlish's advice column | Ask girlish A Question

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