Hello! I am studying esthetics at an Aveda Institute after spending years in retail. I am proof that nothing turns out how you think it will, and that's a good thing. When you think you've got it figured out, you don't. Life would be boring otherwise, right?
Makeup, skincare, and psychology are my passions and I'm also happy to give advice on relationships, particularly for teenagers (so many things I wish I could have told myself a decade ago!) I'm happy to help fellow abuse survivors as well.
I'm a diehard SF Giants fan and also enjoy watching the Sharks and Niners. Addicted to music, especially The Gaslight Anthem. Oh, and my name is Krista. :)


But how long will the koolaid stay in? And what color will it turn out to be for different types of hair?

Koolaid can permanently stain your hair, to the point where you'll have to wait for it to grow out for it to be gone. My cousin's (light brown) hair turned a weird green color and it took years to grow out. I don't recommend it, just try a temporary or spray-in hair color or colored clip-in extensions instead.


My stepmother and my father have been married for awhile now. She's the classic evil stepmother. She made it so we hardly see our father, he is wipped. She targeted my sister when she was my older 16 (awhile ago) when we didn't call for Mother's day the first year they were married. It was messed up but we were really polite. She emailed my sister mean messages, my sister was only kind back, she got my father to take her of of his insurance once she was 18 (when it would have been FREE to have her on until she's 26 because of the family plan and she's in college). She yelled at my father's sweet mother, threw a present at her head, is really mean to my whole father's side. There is something wrong with her I think, my mother took her emails to a therapist and she said that she is unstable and dangerous emotionally. Now I'm 18 and about to graduate. My father wants to bring her and stunned I said I would try to get her a ticket. Now she emailed my sister saying she "wants to rebuild their relationship" which has happened with my Grandmother in the past and my Grandma would apologize and then my stepmother would do something outrageous and hurtful again.

So I need to know what to do about this. My idea was to tell my Dad that if she comes she can't speak to my mother, sister, or younger brother (not my Dad's son). And that she also can't email my sister. He will probually think I'm being disrespectful but to condone his and her behavior would be the real disrespectful thing to do. Any suggestions?

Here's the thing. She is a person with free will, and neither you nor your dad can stop her from speaking to whoever she wants. You have no way to enforce that.
I don't usually recommend lying, but you could just say that you were unable to get a ticket for her. Or just tell your dad the truth...that you aren't comfortable with your stepmom coming and would rather it just be him. At worst, he'll just refuse to come...and ya know what, that's his loss, not yours.
You and your sister (and other family members involved) need to stay strong and ignore her attempts to suck you back in- you already know what's gonna happen, so why bother? People like that just don't change (at least without therapy), so just do your best to distance yourself. Maybe even change email addresses so that she can't contact you anymore.

-Krista 21/f


What is your input on tipping at restaraunts? I tip when I eat out but I also feel 'why tip when they are paid by the hour?' I understand that waiters/waitress make little but when one pays for their meal I do get why it is expected.

Example: Why tip a pizza boy when they are paid minimum wage hourly? Why tip a barista?

I am looking for inputs on how people feel, I feel both ways. We shouldnt have to tip... We pay for our food and we pay for good services.

You answered your question yourself- they make hardly any money (in some states, it's legal for them to get paid under minimum wage), and so they are pretty dependent on tips rather than a paycheck. It's also a hard job that requires a lot of patience, I know I couldn't do it (just working in retail is bad enough!). If a waiter is rude and doesn't do a great job, I wouldn't tip very much, but if they do a good job, why not? Being rewarded keeps them motivated to keep working hard, which is good for everyone.
I work at a regular per-hour job, and it can be very frustrating and demotivating knowing that no matter how great or bad I do I still get paid the same. If I was allowed to be tipped (in fact, I can get fired for accepting one) I think it might make a big difference.

-Krista, 21/f


I really need to tone my thighs in 20 days. I am going to be in a swimwear fashion show so this is crucial! I specially need to target my inner thighs and right under my butt! Please help!

Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up have a really great youtube channel with workout videos and healthy recipes (and often the workouts have printable workouts, too). This one is really great for your butt/upper thighs:
Printable version here: http://toneitup.com/blog/?p=5142

And of course, lunges and squats are essential for thighs.


If you use or used MAC and/or Sephora (

Depends on what you are looking for, no one brand is great for anything.

Make Up For Ever makes the best foundation, period. It's used by tons of pro makeup artists. Their HD foundation looks nearly invisible on the skin yet makes you look flawless- I lovee it. If you have oily skin, I also like their Mat Velvet+ foundation- great at controlling oil and for slightly heavier coverage.
If you like bright colors, they also make great eyeshadows (#92 is very popular), bright lipsticks, and super waterproof eyeliner.

To be honest, I don't use a lot of Smashbox...I know that they have good highlighters and I've heard a lot of good things about their BB cream. (If you like a more natural look for your skin).

MAC is awesome for some things, but I'm not a big fan of their foundations...tend to break people out and/or oxidize (turn orange/darker). They have a lot of really great eyeshadows, as well as lipsticks and lipglasses. (lipgloss). If you like glitter I recommend their dazzleglasses. Their blush, eyeliners, mascaras, etc are just ok, not really worth the money.

A great site for MAC (and some other brands) is temptalia.com. She's a beauty blogger that reviews tons of products and provides swatches (pictures of how the product looks on the skin/eye/hand). You can look up individual colors or go to her Swatch Gallery and sort it by brand. Really great tool.

I've found with makeup, it's best to mix and match from brands based on their best products and what suits you. Remember, you don't have to pick just one :)

-Krista, 21/f, makeup artist


alright so... i don't have the best skin. it's oily as hell. and the pimple... i'm not worried about that it's the blackheads. the makeup i use doesn't cover them nor the bumps they have NOR the holes they leave when i pull them out. and i'm not sure what to try now. i mean i'm cheap so i use drugstore, walmart type store makeup like maybelliene and covergirl... but i've been looking at MUFE, MAC, Smashbox, and other stuff...
but before i buy them i want to be sure they'll work because they are so expensive. so if you know any makeup good for covering blackheads or can find out some.. or even can find me a good article on this or a internet makeup tutorial please tell me.
and don't give me a lecture on how makeup won't help it, i'm not a retard i know that. but i would appreciate the help, not a LECTURE.

I wouldn't recommend MAC, their foundation tends to clog pores and it would probably make your problem worse. MUFE Mat Velvet+ really changed my life (as much as makeup can, anyway haha). It does a great job of controlling oily skin and gives awesome coverage. Definitely worth a try (and Sephora will let you return it if you don't like it).


I have to write an article over a journal on the internet. I picked Classical Conditioning.

I have to answer 8 questions which are listed on the class syllabus. I'm kind of confused on what a couple of questions mean. If you guys could explain what it means so I can finish my paper, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I tried asking my instructor, and he said if I don't know what it means than I should drop his class??


1) Where is the abstract located?
*What in the world does that mean??

2)What is the general purpose of an abstract?
*Again I'm lost. I have no idea what abstract means; if you guys could help me out, I can finish the rest. THank you so much!

The abstract is a part of the paper/psychological study you're reading. It's generally at the beginning and kind of a summary of all the information.

More info: http://psychology.about.com/od/apastyle/ht/abstract.htm


I'm being pissed off because of my oily face I wash my face using dove soap so of course the oil will gone but in few minutes the oil is there again and the oil on my nose never gone even if I wash it with soap. I also get painful bumps around my nose and chin and I've used every acne product you can think of even from my dermatologist.

Your skin is producing oil to make up for how dried out it is from washing it. As someone who has struggled with really bad acne and now has clear skin, I don't recommend using Dove on your face. It's too harsh and the scent could be irritating your skin.

What helped me was getting into a regular skin care routine, morning and night. Nothing too harsh, often simpler products will work better. I use a tea tree oil bar soap, the generic version of Sea Breeze toner (helps with the oil), and a plain Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with some SPF. Then spot treatment can be applied to problem areas.

It might take a while to see results (about a month for me), but it's well worth it. Also, if you wear makeup, make sure it's not clogging your pores. For a long time, I was wearing cheap, greasy L'oreal or Revlon foundation with thick maybelline concealer, and once I stopped using that, I saw a huge difference. Even if you can't afford expensive makeup, Neutrogena Healthy Skin or Skin Clearing foundations are really great and won't break you out.

Also, most major makeup brands (MAC, Urban Decay, etc) make a mattifying or oil-control gel you can try. Some drugstore brands even have oil-control moisturizer. Might be worth trying.
Good luck.
Krista, 21/f


How long does koolaid stay in you hair when you dye it

It actually doesn't wash out, even on dark hair...my cousin has brown hair and she had to wait for it to grow out. It took years. (And it turned this weird greenish color, not the color she wanted).


My bf's birthday is coming up and I want to get him a scent that will just make me want cuddle up next to him or jump his bones lol like the sort of scent worthy of spraying on my pillow or on tshirts that I wear around the house to remind me of him. He's in his early 30s and I have no idea what kind of scents I like on guys so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sephora has these really awesome sets, they come with a bunch of sample sizes of different colognes and a voucher for a free full sized-bottle of any of them, so you guys can decide what you like. I've given it to a few guys and they really liked it.


My boyfriend loves sex! I do to, don't get me wrong, but it's hard to enjoy it when it's so painful, and sadly my boyfriend loves the painful stuff. We did anal one time and I was practically screaming in pain and crying the moment it started. Not once, even when I was crying and trying to hold in the screams of pain did he stop or ask if I was alright. After that he promised he wouldn't put me through that again, but we've done it twice since then and it was the same everytime.
Then there's the "Blowjob"... I throw up every time. After he's finished I run to the bathroom to throw up what he's done to me, and he just watches me throw up from the bedroom like he's watching tv and my pain is nothing to him. I love him so so much but I don't want to have to be in pain to please him.

Don't ever think you have to be in pain to please him. If you don't like those things, DON'T DO THEM. Think about it- if there was something you liked that hurt him, he wouldn't do it, right? There are so many other things you can do, especially since he's being so thoughtless. Don't sacrifice yourself for him, not worth it.


Is there any way to explain, in not such a really long, confusing way like they do online..The difference between a democrat and a republican?

please and thank you,
I have to decide in order to register.

I'd just like to add that you actually don't have to pick a political party to register to vote (if that's what you meant), you can select the option of 'Independent'. I've been doing it for years.


I need jeans for work and I honestly can't find them anywhere..No back pocket designs, jeggings/super skinny jeans, dark with no fading or rips or designs, and either size 0 or 1 with Long not regular length. That is overly specific for a pair of jeans but it is for work. Any stores that have that or jeans close enough to that would be greatly appreciated, I have been searching everywhere with no luck. Thankyouu!

Have you tried American Eagle? (Either online or in-store). They have a million jean styles, have the option of 'long' on every size, and are pretty reasonably priced for being high-quality.


Okay...so I know this is like a REALLY weird question...BUT! I want to start like wearing thongs...and I'm 13(yes I'm young I know) but I have no idea what to tell my mom I can't just say "Hey mom I wanna start wearing thongs let's go buy some!" not happening! I need some advice on how to ask/tell my mom what I want to do..help? Thank youu( :

You don't have to necessarily bring it up in an obvious way. Next time you guys are shopping, just say you need new underwear, then when you're there, point out ("oh these are cute) or just pick up some thongs. You could also say "would you be ok with me wearing these?" Be prepared for her to ask why, though.


My 11 year old sister likes to wear makeup. Any good makeup sites?

Also, don't say stupid stuff like "Uh, too young!" or "Ahaha. Wanna be 16 year old!" or anything like that. It's her choice.

To learn how to do makeup, your best source is youtube.

For basic technique and very wearable looks, Kandee Johnson is great:

Some specific looks that might be good for your sister-
soft and pretty- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivQAxz4zpjU&list=UU9TreTE-iXwfwQl72DzDurA&index=44&feature=plcp
Five minute makeup- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSVta42Wp60&list=UU9TreTE-iXwfwQl72DzDurA&index=81&feature=plcp

For playing with bright colors, I love Xsparkage:

I used to be really horrible at makeup and now I always get compliments, and I only learned off youtube. Just takes lots of practice and good products/brushes. At her age, she definitely doesn't need foundation or contouring or anything like that, either. She should just have fun with color in a subtle way- maybe colored eyeliner or mascara.

-Krista, 21/f


I put on a tampon just to try it on then I took it off.by the way I have got my pirods but I wasn't due then.then I have been felling dizzy and week for the past 4 days.then I typed up on the computer(can tampond kill you)they said yes you should not use them
Then I got sceard.could I die?

If you leave a tampon in for too long (i.e. more then 3-4 hours), you can develop Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be deadly. However, it is extremely unlikely that you have that.


Alright... There are a lot of things that go into this. I'm a 17 1/2 year old Senior in high school. I am a little overweight and have some very deep personal insecurities. In August 2010, I met someone on an online game and started talking to him. We got together in December of that year, and just passed our one-year mark. I've never met him in person, mostly because he's 22, and he lives across the country. For this Christmas I asked for a plane ticket. Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking; I'm crazy for wanting to do that. Granted, I've heard about the stories, and I'm NOT the kind of person that jumps into everything. I won't do something unless I have full confidence in it. I know he's not like those horn dogs people always talk about because he's just not like that. I know for a fact that he's different because of how he talks to me; I've talked to 'those' kind of guys before, and I knew not to get involved with them because I knew what was on their mind. But he's different. The things he's experienced in his life has made him mature and the kind of person that didn't lie and was a fighter. Ever since 7th grade I've been dreaming of having a boyfriend. I've never had one, never been kissed, literally nothing. I've thought about how my parents would feel and I acknowledged them on that, but they won't even try looking at my side of the situation. They don't know how much I've been hurt over the years or how deep my insecurities really go. I know for a fact that if I was able to fly out and visit him that I'd be much happier. I wouldn't stay there because I know now is not the time to do that. But if I could just see him, just for a couple days, they don't know how happy that'd make me. I practically poured my heart to my mom last night crying and telling her about how horrible I've always felt, and also that since I've met him just talking to him has helped; unlike them. They don't trust my word that he's different. I know I'm still young, and I really do appreciate how they are feeling, but at the same time I want to prove to them that he's a good guy and that I can do this. I know a lot more than they think I know and I'm a very thorough person when it comes to important matters like this. They will say one thing, I'll give them proof why they're wrong, then they switch to another excuse until it comes down to "There is no reason; It's becasue I said so!" Really, I don't ask for things often because I've only ever wanted one thing; and like I said, they aren't even willing to consider my point of view. I understand their concerns. But I want to reassure them that it's ok and to give him a chance and trust my word that I trust him, because I know I can.

Know that you can NOT always trust your own judgement- something you most likely haven't learned yet because you haven't had a boyfriend. I've known guys in person that I truly trusted, thought they were great, and they turned out to be lying, cheating jerks. The guy I thought I was gonna marry ended up breaking my heart in the worst way. That's just how life is, nobody is perfect or knows everything.

I understand wanting, even needing to know what's gonna happen.
So if it's so important, and he really is such a great guy, why don't you have him fly out to visit you instead? You could split the costs and have him stay at a hotel or whatever. Get to actually know each other (bringing a parent with you the first time to be safe), have a first date and so forth.
If he really cares, he'll understand your parents' concern and do that for you. It's safer and a better option.

-Krista, 21/f


I need help deciding on what to get my boyfriend for christmas he is 21 years old and iam 22 years old if that helps any.we have been dating since 9th grade on and off if that helps any.
any suggestions are appreciated.

Hard to say without knowing the guy, but here are some generic guy gift ideas:

- Instead of getting him cologne, Sephora has a set that comes with several trial sizes (to figure out which one you like) and a voucher for a free full-sized of any of em. I've given it to a few guys before and they really liked it.
You can buy it in-store or here:

- Movie tickets/movie gift certificate (You could also throw in some candy or movie snacks).

- Gas gift card (Not the most romantic, but guys tend to like practical gifts like that that save them money).

- A nice jacket or wallet.

- A gift card for fast food, his favorite restaurant, or Itunes.


i have really thick hair, is there any way to make straightening it not as long so i can get up later but still have time to make it stick straight?

I have naturally thick, wavy hair too, here's how I do it:

The night before, after I shower:
- Start blowdrying it about twenty minutes out of the shower (that way it doesn't take so long). Blowdry it straight with a round brush, making sure to add volume.

-Spray it heat protectant (I use It's a 10 Keratin. This step is so important, I ended up having to cut off a bunch of my hair after growing it out for months because it was super damaged from all the heat.) Some companies also make special spray to make straightening easier or keep your hair straight.

- Heat up your straightener and divide your hair into sections. I usually put the top half up and then do 1-2 inch sections.
Then straighten. Spray with hair spray, put hair up, and go to sleep.

In the morning I just touch up any 'bumps' with the straightener, doing it at night saves a lot of time.


21 F

I'm thinking of possiblity going to college but
the problem is i didn't take my SAT's i'd like to go to a community college my question is will i not be accepted because i didn't take my SAT's will it ruin my chances? That's what i'm afraid of

Thank you to whoever answers

I go to community college and the only test I had to take was their math/english assessment test. Could vary depending on where you live, though.


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