I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


Is there any way to explain, in not such a really long, confusing way like they do online..The difference between a democrat and a republican?

please and thank you,
I have to decide in order to register.

I'd just like to add that you actually don't have to pick a political party to register to vote (if that's what you meant), you can select the option of 'Independent'. I've been doing it for years.


I need jeans for work and I honestly can't find them anywhere..No back pocket designs, jeggings/super skinny jeans, dark with no fading or rips or designs, and either size 0 or 1 with Long not regular length. That is overly specific for a pair of jeans but it is for work. Any stores that have that or jeans close enough to that would be greatly appreciated, I have been searching everywhere with no luck. Thankyouu!

Have you tried American Eagle? (Either online or in-store). They have a million jean styles, have the option of 'long' on every size, and are pretty reasonably priced for being high-quality.


Okay...so I know this is like a REALLY weird question...BUT! I want to start like wearing thongs...and I'm 13(yes I'm young I know) but I have no idea what to tell my mom I can't just say "Hey mom I wanna start wearing thongs let's go buy some!" not happening! I need some advice on how to ask/tell my mom what I want to do..help? Thank youu( :

You don't have to necessarily bring it up in an obvious way. Next time you guys are shopping, just say you need new underwear, then when you're there, point out ("oh these are cute) or just pick up some thongs. You could also say "would you be ok with me wearing these?" Be prepared for her to ask why, though.


My 11 year old sister likes to wear makeup. Any good makeup sites?

Also, don't say stupid stuff like "Uh, too young!" or "Ahaha. Wanna be 16 year old!" or anything like that. It's her choice.

To learn how to do makeup, your best source is youtube.

For basic technique and very wearable looks, Kandee Johnson is great:

Some specific looks that might be good for your sister-
soft and pretty- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivQAxz4zpjU&list=UU9TreTE-iXwfwQl72DzDurA&index=44&feature=plcp
Five minute makeup- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSVta42Wp60&list=UU9TreTE-iXwfwQl72DzDurA&index=81&feature=plcp

For playing with bright colors, I love Xsparkage:

I used to be really horrible at makeup and now I always get compliments, and I only learned off youtube. Just takes lots of practice and good products/brushes. At her age, she definitely doesn't need foundation or contouring or anything like that, either. She should just have fun with color in a subtle way- maybe colored eyeliner or mascara.

-Krista, 21/f


I put on a tampon just to try it on then I took it off.by the way I have got my pirods but I wasn't due then.then I have been felling dizzy and week for the past 4 days.then I typed up on the computer(can tampond kill you)they said yes you should not use them
Then I got sceard.could I die?

If you leave a tampon in for too long (i.e. more then 3-4 hours), you can develop Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be deadly. However, it is extremely unlikely that you have that.


Alright... There are a lot of things that go into this. I'm a 17 1/2 year old Senior in high school. I am a little overweight and have some very deep personal insecurities. In August 2010, I met someone on an online game and started talking to him. We got together in December of that year, and just passed our one-year mark. I've never met him in person, mostly because he's 22, and he lives across the country. For this Christmas I asked for a plane ticket. Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking; I'm crazy for wanting to do that. Granted, I've heard about the stories, and I'm NOT the kind of person that jumps into everything. I won't do something unless I have full confidence in it. I know he's not like those horn dogs people always talk about because he's just not like that. I know for a fact that he's different because of how he talks to me; I've talked to 'those' kind of guys before, and I knew not to get involved with them because I knew what was on their mind. But he's different. The things he's experienced in his life has made him mature and the kind of person that didn't lie and was a fighter. Ever since 7th grade I've been dreaming of having a boyfriend. I've never had one, never been kissed, literally nothing. I've thought about how my parents would feel and I acknowledged them on that, but they won't even try looking at my side of the situation. They don't know how much I've been hurt over the years or how deep my insecurities really go. I know for a fact that if I was able to fly out and visit him that I'd be much happier. I wouldn't stay there because I know now is not the time to do that. But if I could just see him, just for a couple days, they don't know how happy that'd make me. I practically poured my heart to my mom last night crying and telling her about how horrible I've always felt, and also that since I've met him just talking to him has helped; unlike them. They don't trust my word that he's different. I know I'm still young, and I really do appreciate how they are feeling, but at the same time I want to prove to them that he's a good guy and that I can do this. I know a lot more than they think I know and I'm a very thorough person when it comes to important matters like this. They will say one thing, I'll give them proof why they're wrong, then they switch to another excuse until it comes down to "There is no reason; It's becasue I said so!" Really, I don't ask for things often because I've only ever wanted one thing; and like I said, they aren't even willing to consider my point of view. I understand their concerns. But I want to reassure them that it's ok and to give him a chance and trust my word that I trust him, because I know I can.

Know that you can NOT always trust your own judgement- something you most likely haven't learned yet because you haven't had a boyfriend. I've known guys in person that I truly trusted, thought they were great, and they turned out to be lying, cheating jerks. The guy I thought I was gonna marry ended up breaking my heart in the worst way. That's just how life is, nobody is perfect or knows everything.

I understand wanting, even needing to know what's gonna happen.
So if it's so important, and he really is such a great guy, why don't you have him fly out to visit you instead? You could split the costs and have him stay at a hotel or whatever. Get to actually know each other (bringing a parent with you the first time to be safe), have a first date and so forth.
If he really cares, he'll understand your parents' concern and do that for you. It's safer and a better option.

-Krista, 21/f


I need help deciding on what to get my boyfriend for christmas he is 21 years old and iam 22 years old if that helps any.we have been dating since 9th grade on and off if that helps any.
any suggestions are appreciated.

Hard to say without knowing the guy, but here are some generic guy gift ideas:

- Instead of getting him cologne, Sephora has a set that comes with several trial sizes (to figure out which one you like) and a voucher for a free full-sized of any of em. I've given it to a few guys before and they really liked it.
You can buy it in-store or here:

- Movie tickets/movie gift certificate (You could also throw in some candy or movie snacks).

- Gas gift card (Not the most romantic, but guys tend to like practical gifts like that that save them money).

- A nice jacket or wallet.

- A gift card for fast food, his favorite restaurant, or Itunes.


i have really thick hair, is there any way to make straightening it not as long so i can get up later but still have time to make it stick straight?

I have naturally thick, wavy hair too, here's how I do it:

The night before, after I shower:
- Start blowdrying it about twenty minutes out of the shower (that way it doesn't take so long). Blowdry it straight with a round brush, making sure to add volume.

-Spray it heat protectant (I use It's a 10 Keratin. This step is so important, I ended up having to cut off a bunch of my hair after growing it out for months because it was super damaged from all the heat.) Some companies also make special spray to make straightening easier or keep your hair straight.

- Heat up your straightener and divide your hair into sections. I usually put the top half up and then do 1-2 inch sections.
Then straighten. Spray with hair spray, put hair up, and go to sleep.

In the morning I just touch up any 'bumps' with the straightener, doing it at night saves a lot of time.


21 F

I'm thinking of possiblity going to college but
the problem is i didn't take my SAT's i'd like to go to a community college my question is will i not be accepted because i didn't take my SAT's will it ruin my chances? That's what i'm afraid of

Thank you to whoever answers

I go to community college and the only test I had to take was their math/english assessment test. Could vary depending on where you live, though.


Well first off its sad how so many cute guys are playes, they cuss every word that comes outta their mouths, all they want is one thing, go out for girls for a day and then break up. I hate that it makes me sick! Well I was just wondering is it possible for people to change like when they get a little older like from a 15 year old boy to maybe 16 or 17 Or do you think they wouldn't? Thanks!

For the most part, not until they're much older...I'm 21 and most of the guys I meet are the same way.


There are these white ribbons that people hold on to and they can swing around, like they can hook their feet to it, and they can do acro on it..

You may have seen them in Zookeeper the movie, they are at this wedding thing and they were swinging on them.

What are they called..?!

Do you mean aerial silks?:


For the past year I've been really into organic/homemade bath products. (Soaps, scrubs, shampoos, bodywashes, aromatherapy, etc etc) Or even just things that are made to make your skin feel super smooth, soft, and take off dead skin cells - things like that.

The only places I know of that have the things that I mean are Belle Ame (http://www.belleame.com/home.jhtm) and The Body Shop (http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/)
The soaps at Belle Ame are EXACTLY what I mean. Does anybody know about other trusted websites (ONLY websites that are online stores) that sell what I'm looking for?


You'll have to check out the site to see if they're organic or not, but Fortune Cookie Soaps are all natural, smell delicious and come in a million scents (my fave is the pumpkin pie one). Some of their best products are the scrubs, 'whipped creams' (body butter), and hydrating body sprays. I also lovee their shampoo and conditioner bars, makes my hair super soft. Definitely worth checking out: www.fortunecookiesoap.com


So my boyfriend and I are creepin' up on our 6 month anniversary and Christmas is coming up as well. He is really hard to shop for, everything he needs/wants he gets himself or already has. I am clueless and need suggestions quick!

Depending on how open you guys are with each other, you could always just ask.

I can't give many ideas without knowing about him (age, what he's into), but a few generic gift ideas for guys:

- This: http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P299442&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=5823
It comes with trial sizes of several colognes and a voucher for a free full-sized once he's picked the one he likes. (Or both of you!) This is better than buying a cologne you're not sure he'll like, I've given it to a few boyfriends and they really liked it.

- Movie ticket vouchers/movie gift card

- Gas gift card (most guys really like practical stuff like this, saves him a bunch of money)


Ok I posted a question on here talking about anxiety. Well it's definitely not anxiety. So here's what happened I was at lunch and I had just finished my whole sandwich and my whole water bottle when it happened again. I was sitting down and there was nothing to be nervous about. What "it" is, is that it feels like I'm in a dream. I don't feel pain. I can read, talk, write, and hear perfectly fine. I know no one on here are doctors but does anyone know what this could possibly be? It's positively not anxiety. I asked my parents to make an appointment to a bigger hospital but my grandpa is in a hospital with cancer so my mom doesn't want to worry my other family members more while my dad thinks I should go. I also think I need to go because what if this is really serious? I'm not old enough to go to any doctors by myself yet because I'm still only 13. I really think I need to go to new York city as soon as they can fit in an appointment. If this happens again I swear I dont know what I will do. I need help!!!

I'm not a doctor, but I'm a psychology major and what it sounds like to me is an episode of depersonalization. (Feeling in a dream is the most common way it's described.)

Depersonalization can occur for a number of reasons- tiredness, anxiety, medications, mental illness drug use, or people can be born with a disorder. Around one-third of people will experience an episode sometime in their lives- I can remember having 2 or 3 as a kid when really tired. However, if it is recurrent and becoming a problem, you need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist asap. (It doesn't mean you're 'crazy' or mentally ill.)

You may want to do some research before you go. Tell he/she exactly what you're experiencing (making sure you mention feeling like you're in a dream) and that you think it may be an episode of depersonalization.

It may not be serious, sometimes it just happens. But it doesn't hurt to double-check, as Depersonalization Disorder can really ruin a life.

-Krista, 21/f


i got my spacers in about 6 hours ago and they really hurt. what helps the pain?

Advil/Ibuprofen is the only thing that helped me. It will get better, though.


Hiii people :)

I need advice on christmas presents for my boyfriend and his family okay for my boyfriend I was thinking about getting him,
- Sneakers
-2-3 Tops
- Jeans
-3/4 shorts
- Perfume

Is that good? or should I get some thing else please give me ideas he likes cars!
For his family, my boyfriend and I have ben dating for almost 6 months but the bond between his family and I is great they all love me and I want to get them all gifts however there is 6 in his family ! I was thinking about getting them all different perfumes, is that good?

To me, that's kind of a lot of stuff to be getting someone after only six months- it's up to you of course, but it might be awkward for him if he didn't buy you as much.

I also have one suggestion: sometimes it can be hard to pick out cologne/perfume for a boyfriend. Sephora has a really cool set, it comes with several trial-sized colognes so he (or both of you!) can try them and figure out which one he likes best. Then once he's decided, there's a coupon included that you bring back to Sephora to get a free full-sized of any of those colognes. It's one of my favorite things to get guys, they always like it.
This is it:

(There's also a women's version.)

Hope that helps a little.
-Krista, 21/f


Which phone is the best? please write pros and cons if you have had one of these phones or you know someone that had one.
-LG dare
-LG Voyager 2
-LG enV touch

please list as many as you can think of! and if you know of a better verizon phone similar to these please let me know. thanks SOOOO much! :)

I used to have the first Voyager (which is pretty much the same phone as the enV Touch). I didn't like that it was bulky, the touchscreen didn't work very well, and it just wasn't that great of a phone for how much it cost. It did have a niceish camera (although there's no flash) and I liked the keyboard. If you, like many people, tend to drop your phone, don't get it- the touchscreen gets messed up really easy. Mine broke once just from having it in a tight pocket.


do guys hate kissing girls who wear lip gloss

Most of the time, yes. It's sticky and gets all over them. If you still want some lip color, I suggest using a lip tint. (Drugstore options: Covergirl, Revlon Just Bitten. Higher-end option: Tarte.) They'll give you color that doesn't go anywhere.


I was wondering if asking the price of someone's wedding dress is considered rude, as in to most people. I asked one of my friend how much her sister's wedding dress cost while we were watching "say yes to the dress" and she said she can't tell me because it's personal. I honestly don't get how it's personal but then that's just my opinion, if she asked me, I would've told her. So do most people consider it rude or is it just my friend who thinks that?

Yes, to me it definitely is. Asking the price of anything can be rude, whether it's a car, phone, or wedding dress. A lot of people are very sensitive about anything having to do with money.


Hey Im 16 and a senior in highschool. I met this guy in an interschool competition. He's the same age but is a senior in some other school. We started talking after the competition and became good friends. We have gone out on three dates till now. And yeah, we have kissed each other and made out a little. We cannot resist each other at all. And hence the makeouts were a mutual desicion. I am falling for him. But the problem is that even though he says he is falling for me, he keeps on telling me he cannot date me cause he's a bad guy and he cares for me too too much to hurt me. He says he is not one of those dateable guys who will love their girl completely and he might find a new girl and dump me.That would hurt me and he doesnt want to do that! He hasnt had a past record of cheating or anything it's just that he tells me he wants to be sure before he asks a girl out that he will be completely loyal to her and not flirt around with other girls. He also liked this girl a year back and he says he feels guilty that he got over her and fell for me! But when we meet we actually act like we are dating, cause he gets me stuff, he tells me he loves me, we hold hands. we actually act like a couple in love. we also talk all the time. I dont know what to do. Because I really want to be with him. But cant figure out how to make him ask me out? and if he is really a bad guy? HELP.

Unfortunately, if he doesn't want to be with you, no matter what the reason, you just can't make him. And to be honest, what he's saying sounds like bs. It sounds like he wants a girlfriend, it's just not you, or maybe he just wants to hook up with girls and not commit to one. I don't think he's a good guy. Don't waste your time going after him- if he really wants you, he'll go after you. It's better to keep yourself from getting hurt now, before it gets bad. I know it's easier said than done but any effort on this guy is wasted.

-Krista, 21/f


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