i ♥ giving advise .. ANYKIND! so dont be afraid to ask me. i love this site and im on it all the time so your questions will get answered pretty quickly. Some things about me .. my name is candace and i live in georiga. I love hangin out with my friends and doing stupid stuff. My favorite color is green!! green rocks! my favorite places to shop at are 1) american eagle 2) abercrombie 3) hollister 4) aeropostale 5) old navy ... these are the places i shop at the most but i do go other places sometimes! my favorite animal is deffinatly a monkey! they are soo cool. i have monkeys all in my room (fake ones of course!). well if you want to know anyhting else, just ask!


I'll be going for a pool party tomorrow and I really wanted to swim but my periods came unexpectedly today. So I was asking, is it okay to swim while on your periods?

i used to be so scared to swim on my period , but one week we went to disney world and i was on mine . i never used a tampon before until then but i had to start using them so i could get in the water . so as long as you wear i tampon in the pool - you will be ok !


Does anyone know where i can find some really cute myspace layouts?


they have alot of cute ones there!
you can also look at mine ...


if u like mine and i have time, i could probly make you one.


okay i want a guys opinion or answer since its about a guy. how can a gurl tell if a guys likes them. like my ex boyfreind said we broke up b/c he thinks of me more as a bestfreind than a gurlfriend and he like is always looking at me and like teasing me and stuff like that but he has a g.f. and i have another freind that i likie but i cant tell if he likes me..there r 2. like a games and stuff we joke around and he puts his arm around me and stuff. HELP! i rate 5z for good answers!!!

me adn my ex boyfriend are just like that but we are just good friends. But your situation might be differnt, i think you should just ask him!!


do you like this pocketbook :


and do you like it better in black or natural or pink??

i like the black one the best .. but it mostly depends on what color you wear the most


My friend says that blink-182 is a band which mainly girls listen to. I was like, no dude, blink-182 isn't like that. There are about the same of both. It's not a guys or girls band, kind of something which everyone listens to. Who would you say is correct?

all of my friends love blink 182 and they are girls and guys!! so i would say you were right!


I'm 14, soon to be 15. He just turned 19. He's so sweet and calls me baby/beautiful/sweetheart. All that stuff. I like him alot, and he likes me too. We've hooked up }not sex{ and I told my close cousins. They all make fun of me now saying that he's 19 and stuff like that. It really pisses me off because they don't know him. He's amazing and he likes me too. We live 2 hours apart, but I see him when I go up to my cottage. Which is alot. I really like him and I want it too work and so does he. But I want my cousins off my case. Should I tell them that I broke up with him??

IF you have any other advice about my situation I would greatly appreciate anything you have to offer.

Thank you soo much.

- Ashley

omg the same thing happened to my best friend. her name is mendi and she is about to be 15. well the dude that she likes and all is 18. her mom found out about them and forbidded her to see him. well she ignored her mom and she sneaked around callin him still and then we all hung out on july 4th. they even made out. well her mom found out and now she is in so much trouble. so if i was you, i would just tell them to back off ...sry this isnt much but thats wht i would do. sryy


is it wrong to wear a thong? i want to get one but i dont want people to think of me as a hoe

no i dont think it is. everyone that i know has them. lol


i'm 13 and i'm going to get my belly button pierced..but i have no idea wut to expect. heres some questions i have:
Does it hurt?where should I go?how do they pierce it?what is a clamp?i have an weird belly button. Its between an innie and an outtie .can I still get it pierced?
how long do I have to keep it in?
If you guys have experienced it..ypu can leave ur screename or email so i can ask u other questions.
Thank you ! xOxOx Lauren

it doesnt hurt that much at all! i hate pain and i had mine done. I went to Ink Wizard Tattoo parlor. what they did to me was sterilize the ring iwanted, then wiped my belly button with alcohol and i had to lay down on my back on a chair thing and then he stuck the needle through and then changed it. I only waited a week to change my ring, and then about 1 month later i left it out for like 6 hours. and i can still put it back in. Some peoples belly button bleeds when they do it, but mine didnt! you sure cna still get it done! if you need any other advise ... Ox b3aCh baBe xO is my aim screenname! and specialchick913@hotmail.com is my email. im always on the computer so ill answer pretty quick! hope thsi helped.


i have this reallllly good guy friend and he likes me a lot. i feel bad denying him everytime he asks me to go on a date or anything but it just would feel wierd for me. he says im leading him on because i flirt too much but thats the way i am with all guys. i kinda cant help it. do i give him a chance or stick with the no? how can i stop flirting with him when i dont want him?

same thing wtih me. one of my good guy friends keeps asking me out and when i say no he says i always flirt with him. i cant help it tho! i would say still stick with no if you dont like him like that.


There's this guy named Jeff and sometimes, he is soo nice and funny to me..but other times, he always tells me that I'm ugly..he says it in a "just kidding" voice but idk if he is being serious or if he really is just kidding. It hurts my feelings. What can I do?

make fun of him back. i know its not alot, but things will change after you do that a while!


I am a 13 year old girl and I have a really close male friend. We hug all the time and a lot of people think we are a couple. I love him to bits as a friend but I don't like him as more than that. Recently I have started to 'like' this guy. I think I might have a small chance with him but there is a problem. My male friend has a crush on me and as we all hang out together it would make things really uncomfortable. I don't want to lose my friendship with him but if I got together with this other guy then we wouldn't be as close and I don't want to hurt him. What should I do?

wow have i heard this before! this guy name murphy liked me and i liked his friend josh, well we all hung out and all. i decided to go ut with josh, and ever since then things have not been the same with me and murphy((even after me adn josh broke up)). i would say not go out with the other guy. You will probly break up and then your friendship with your really close guy friend will never be the same, trust me. I know its hard trying not to like someone more than a friend, but if you want to keep your good friendship with that guy, i would say get over the other guy!! hope it helped. bye!! ohh please lemme know how everything goes!!!


Okay here's the story, me and my bf have been together for over two years now and it's getting to the time where I need to decide on a college there this is one college that I was looking into because it had a an excellent animal sciences program but it isn't exactly close and I would have to live on campus. He told me that he couldn't handle me being far away and if I left that he would break up with me. Now there is a school closer to us that I could go to but then I'd have to pick a different major. So wait I am trying to figure out is should I go or should I stay?

you should definitly go! you cant let him tell you where to go to college. go to the one you really want to go to, not the one he wants you to go to.


My mom won't let my peirce my belly, and i have wanted it for two years now. I have tryed to convince her that i want it done but she still says no! Any ideas? Please help asap!!!!!

thats how my parents were at first too. I just had to show them that i was responsable. I got like really good grades on my report card, i cleaned around the house, i helped them with whatever they needed. basicly i sucked up to my parents ALOT. lol. but if they still wont let you .. you will just have to wait till your 18.


well, i recently broke up with my boyfriend. before we broke up, we told each other that even if we did brake up, we still wanted to be friends. it has been almost a week since we broke up and the jerk won't even talk to me. i have tried talking to him, being as nice as i possibly can under the circumstances. what is up with this? is he taking time and wasting away what we could have or does he not want anything to do with me? thanks in advance.

confused & ready to kill the dude

the same thing happened to me. before me adn this guy broke up we always said we were still gonna be close but when we broke up, he wouldnt talk to me. I tried talkin to him but he wouldnt talk to me either! Its been 7 months since then, and we still arent talking. i would day just give him time and try to talk to him again in like a week, and if he still doesnt talk to you i would say just not to be friends. i know it will be hard, but it might be the best thing. hope it helped!

♥ candace


Ok so i am 7th grade 13 and I like an 8th grader. We aren't going out; yet. I really like him, my friend asked him he said he liked me too. Tomorrow we don't have school and it's supposed to be like 88°. Well he lives really close to me. He was like, what are you doing tomorrow, and I was like i'll be so bored. He says well, maybe if you can, you can come over and chill with me and austin (his friend). Then he said I have a pool and it's supposed to be hot so maybe we can all go swimmin'! I was like sounds awesome. Well I really want to go but i'm afraid what my mom will say if i ask her. She isn't home tomorrow she's at work and i WILL NOT sneak out. But i'm afraid she'll be like, i'm not letting you go over to a boys house you're to younge. WHAT DO I DO OR SAY OR DO about my mom.... i REALLY WANT TO GO!

i rate high

tell her that he is just a friend and just explain that your not going to do anyhting wrong. Tell her that you want to go over and spend time with friends instead of staying at home alone and being bored all day. hope it helped!


O.K., Im thinking about downloading AIM onto my computer, but Im afraid it will give me a virus. If I get a virus my parents will KILL me! Does anyone have it and can tell me whether its ever given you a virus or someone you know? Thanks! All my friends have it and they've never gotten viruses before, but I need to make sure. THANKS!

ive had AIM on my computer for a lloonngg time and i have never gotten a virus from it!


i want to go to north carolina..wat are some other good colleges?

University of Tennesse!!!


is it possible to get pregnant the very first time u have sex, and don't wear a condom?

yupp .. i would say take a test.


I like this guy named patrick, but im not shure if he likes me. we talk a lot though, like at school and stuff. what should i do?

since you like him .. i would just go on and tell him. If you are too shy to do that, get a friend to go up to him and ask him if he likes you. hope this helped!


ok well last night i went somewhere and after, i went to this guys house.. we were alone and stuff and we did some sexual stuff... but like i mean i have a boyfriend... and i totally hate myself for doing this to him... i dont want to tell him, but what if someone finds out and tells him...help?

you should tell your boyfriend. It would be very bad if he found out from someone else other than you. And plus a relationship is suppose to have trust, and if you dont tell him and someone else does, he will never trust you again. so if i was you, i'd tell him!!


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