i ♥ giving advise .. ANYKIND! so dont be afraid to ask me. i love this site and im on it all the time so your questions will get answered pretty quickly. Some things about me .. my name is candace and i live in georiga. I love hangin out with my friends and doing stupid stuff. My favorite color is green!! green rocks! my favorite places to shop at are 1) american eagle 2) abercrombie 3) hollister 4) aeropostale 5) old navy ... these are the places i shop at the most but i do go other places sometimes! my favorite animal is deffinatly a monkey! they are soo cool. i have monkeys all in my room (fake ones of course!). well if you want to know anyhting else, just ask!


I have a bit of flub going over the top of my jeans. Do you know any good work outs for abs? Preferably the lower abs!! thats where i need it the most

i would do 100 or so crunches a day.


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