i ♥ giving advise .. ANYKIND! so dont be afraid to ask me. i love this site and im on it all the time so your questions will get answered pretty quickly. Some things about me .. my name is candace and i live in georiga. I love hangin out with my friends and doing stupid stuff. My favorite color is green!! green rocks! my favorite places to shop at are 1) american eagle 2) abercrombie 3) hollister 4) aeropostale 5) old navy ... these are the places i shop at the most but i do go other places sometimes! my favorite animal is deffinatly a monkey! they are soo cool. i have monkeys all in my room (fake ones of course!). well if you want to know anyhting else, just ask!


could you guys give me some cute quotes about love, friendship, life...really anything it doesnt matter...thanks!

Hes the type that can make tha worst day evrt be the
best with oNe simple hug....Tha way he wraps his arms
around you...Tha way the taste of his lips
lingers oN yours
The way he smiles aNd makesz u feel like yoUr tha onllii
person in the world..aNd most of all tha way He says
_____________________[ i lOve yOu

theres aLways that 1 peRson who
will aLways have your heArt.. x33

forget all the reasons why something may not work
all you need is one good reason [ why it wiill ]

i want --» to fall in your arms
when nothinqs goinq my way *
and i want you to hold me...and
tell me *' e v e r y t h ii n q`s
qonna be okay `'* _________x3

» in every girls life there will .
always be `*' those 3 guys... `'
[ the one she loves ] // [ the one '
she hates ] + [ the one she can`t
Get enough Of ] .... & in the end '
Their all the s . a . m . e guy«`

a best friend is someone who
can make you have the best`*
day of your life* even if y o u*
are having t h e* w o r s t x33

·´¯`-» sometimes i wOnder* where would i be
i f i d i d n t kno y O u & you d i d n t know me*
who would i laugh «--and cry with a t the end
? where w0uld i be without my best * friends

Always pullin me throuqh _ when my lifes a mess
my Life_my world the very |[ b e s t ]|

.. hope this helped!! if you need more, drop it in my inbox, i have PLENTY more!! haha


does anyone know how you can see your favorite disney channel original movie by either requesting they play it, or could you maybe rent it at a local blockbuster?

i think you can rent disney things at blockbuster .. and for everyone who keeps buggin you, they need to go fuck theirselfs because alot of teenagers watch that show! Its ok if you do. Dont listen to them because they are just fuckin assholes! hope i helped. if you got any other questions, just ask me!


i used to have this friend named stephanie and she thinks she's all that so i stop being her friend.i told her that im not her friend but she can still talk to us but she asked if i can stop talking behind back but like i mean we arent friends anymore so i was like why?!?!then she said because it's not nice!i was like your not that nice either so and she said she didnt talk behind my back but i bet she did a million times and i really wAnt her to leave me alone but i dont know how im afraid i might make her cry!wat do i do?

dont talk behind her back because thats just mean. Maybe if you stop talkin about her, then she will leave you alone, because it seems like she is talkin to you because she wants to know why you are tlakin about her. Tell her if she stays away from you, you wont talk about her behind her back anymore! hope this helped.


hey guess what? i talked to my guy friend and everythings completley cool. now just to conquer my best friends.
good luck with josh, he is so LUCKY to have a girl who gives such good advice liking him!

thats good! i knew things would be good for you! If you talk to tasha and christina and they still have problems, then dont worry about them, cuz you didnt do anyhting and after you talk to them, you will have tried to be friends again, and if they dont want to be your friend still, then you dont need them! awww... ur so sweet. thanks and he should feel lucky. haha. lemme know how things go with the friends!


i think you should get over him and go for murphy. I KNOW murphy likes you alot. I dont talk to josh anymore because i dont like him that much. This is dustin. I was just thinking of over the summer, the day josh asked you out and i told you to say no, but you didnt listen. And then at six flags that same day you told me not to make out with lydia cuz she was no good, but i didnt listen to you either. I guess we both got screwed. lol. But if you really like him, i guess you should go back out with him. Why didnt we ever go out? i mean we both liked each other?

OMG ... dusitn i miss you so much!! we used to be so clsoe then you left for florida. I didnt know you came back to georgia until a few months ago and i ahvent seen you! i was gonna call you but your phone has changed. I know murphy likes me but we are better as GOOD friends than anything else. Yea .. i remember josh got pissed at you for trying to tell me to say no. But i know now i should have listened to you nad maybe i wouldnt be like i am now. About you ... lydia is a hoe adn i told you not to do that! lol. about us ... i have no idea .. we used to like each other alot but i guess it wasnt the right time. And plus now we havent tlaked in like 8 months until now, and i havent seen you .. actually i ahvent seen you since that six flags trip! lol. but i miss you soo much. i really do!


Well i'm 13 and i'm skinny. Its not like i'm afraid i'm too fat or anything. I'm quite happy with my weight except for the fact that i'm one of the smallest girls in my class. I eat. I dont work out or do any sports. Why am i so small? My height is very normal but not my weight. It hurts when my friends call me annerexic.(sp?) Is there anything i can do to gain more weight? My family or doctor dont say anything about me being to skinny.

This is a hard question because im having a problem being to fat (im 138) but my cousin is 13 and is only 79 pounds so i know how you feel. she gets teased all the time. The thing she is doing is eating alot and drinking these drinks called ensure. you can get it at walmart. They are near the medicine and slim fast things. They help you gain weight and stuff. It has worked for her! So maybe you should try those. If you need anymore help or need to know mroe about the ensure .. ask some more! i have no prollem with it! you can ask on here or in email! hope i helped. lemme know how it goes!


you rock!! and i think your hott. you could do much better than that stupid ass josh. im not saying this to make you feel better, (Even tho its a plus!) im sayin this because i know you can! there are alot of guys who like you, but you still want josh after all he has put you through. I think he still likes you, but i think you should move on because he might do the same thing to you again as what he did last time. If he asks you back out, are you gonna say yes?

aww .. ur so sweet. but who is this? I really dont know about anything with me and him rihgt now. i still like him so much, but you are right, he might do the same thing to me again. You think he still likes me? has he said anything to you? If he asks me back out .. i will probly say yes because i truely do love him. What do you think i should do? .. who is this?


what is a red ruby?

It is a red gem that is mostly used in rings. Some of them can be worth alot of money too!


yeah you helped make me feel like this isnt a big of a deal as i thought.. i can im you and show you the conversation about it if you want.. i know if i was the one giving the advice i would want to see it.

sure! my aim is angelinluv6767 .. i hope you and the guy stay good friends! how old are you btw?



my grandma wont let me have a boyfriend and all of these guys like me and i like one of them but i cant have a boyfriend but the thing is i have gone behind her back and dated like 3 guys (not at the same time) and she didnt find out so should i just go out with him or not and how would i convince her to say yes bc my mom did alot of bad things with guys when she was my age and my grandma thinks i will turn in to her but i wont so can you help i rate 5's

Im in the same situation. My dad wont let me date any guys because my older sister got pregnet at the age of 16 and now she has ruined mine adn my other sisters dating life. But i talked to him, and told him i am not like my sister and i saw what happened to her, and i dont want my life to be like that. And i let him meet the guy and the guy came over to my house and hung out there with me and my family a little. Then after 2 weeks, he let us go out on a date by ourself. So i think you should talk to you grandma and then see if the guy can come over for a little and let your grandma see how he acts and all .. then maybe she will let yall go out! hope this helped. lemme know how thigns go!


What are your favorite names for guys and girls??

Middle names are always appreciated too!!


*(no worries, Im NOT having a kid anytime soon!)*


for a guy i would say .. josh, daniel, darrell, chirstopher, and nickolas and for a girl i would say .. victoria, mendi, lindzey, and rachel are cute i think!


no i dont like him at all! hes more like a brother to me, alot of people think we like eachother tho, because we talk all the time.
the story was about why she supposedly hates me, but its like the stupidest thing ever. that i only wanted to spend the night with her one night in a weekend instead of two. and it happened to be that one of those nights we were supposed to hang out with him and i said for her not to spend the night that night, but only because the next night we were having alot of ppl over.

that is a very stupid reason to hate you! if she was your true friend, she wouldnt be acting this way. so just forget about her! and him .. tell him the truth. Say "i dont like you like that, i just like you as a GOOD friend. and i dont want things to change between us just because of her." and stuff like that. I hope things work out. Did i help at all? if you need anything else .. just ask! lemme know how things go.


&; i love you!

thnxz... who is this?


im really good friends with this guy, like we tell eachother everything and talk all the time. yesterday he started going out with my best friend who decided a week ago that she hates me for no reason. and now he's suddenly thinking that i like him because "it fits into stories she tells" i told him i didnt but i dont know what to do. i really dont want our friendship to change,and im afraid it will. he says that no matter what it wont because of him going out with her, but i think now that he asked me that it might. PLEASE HELP!!

first off .. do you like the guy? and what was the story about that she told him?

i would tell him that you are glad yall are GOOD friends and you dont want nothing to hurt your friendship. And if what the girl told him was lies, then i would tell him that she is lying about it to try to make you and him not be friends anymore. Hope this helped. and send something back to my inbox about the questions uptop and i can help some more!


june 2004 my cousin died from a mistake a police officer made. i cant seem to get over his death and i dont know who to talk to. i still cry all the time over him, and i htink about him a lot too. the rest of my family has moves on it seems, and they dont like to talk about him. if u have been in this situation... or one like it please shre advice. thanks

my advise would be to pray. Pray to god and ask him to make everything ok. Just remember your cousin is with him now (god) so he is in a better place. One day way later .. you will see him. As for now, just remember all the good times you had with him and thank the lord that you used to have so many good times with your cousin. Just keep your cousin in your heart. I hope i helped!


okay there's this new boy in my town and one of my friends like him but she don't come to the same school as me and he's really cute. what should i do, should i go up to himand.... but i don't want to hurt my closet friend please help me!!!!

i would talk to your friend and tell her that you and him go to the same school and you will see him more than her and you probly like him more, and see what happens. Just tell her you think it would work out better if you went out with him. hope i helped.


My cousin's family invited me to go on a cruise with them to Cancun and Cozemel. I really want to go but if my cousin and I spend at least 2 hours together, we don't get along. She will get mad at me and I will have no one to hang out with because her dad's side of the family is coming, too (I don't know them because we're not related) But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity...Should I go or no??

i would soo go on the trip! lol. Me and my sister are jsut like that. we cant be together more than a few hours and we start to argue. But i have learned to forgive. Try not to fight on the trip and if you do fight, try to hang out with other people! hope this helped.


My best friend dated my ex. It was a tough thing for me to see.They are totally over and you would think everything is fine. Wrong. I still like him. At least I think I still like him. I even have a boyfriend who I love very much. But then I read a note from my ex that was about me that was to my best friend when they were together, and now I feel sad. He liked her a lot. And I feel like a bitch. I need to know what is going on! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

What was written in the note about you? After you tell me that .. i can help you with the advise! thnxz


Im not sure if i should break up with my boyfriend or not. Lately things havent been going good for us. We been going out 3 months by the way. I just got back from a trip and he only texted me twice while I was gone & i just called him to see if he wanted to go somewhere and he didnt barely talk at all, he didnt ask how my trip went, or that he missed me or anything. Right after I asked him, he said no & said bye. I dunno how I should break up with him though, I cant do it in person cuz we have spring break and I cant see him all week for different reasons and I sure dont want to call him again... I dunno please help me.

if i was you, i would break up with him, but whatever you do, dont break up over text messenging! lol. i broke up with someone over texting before nad i didnt get to see how his facial expression was or anyhting adn i didnt get to hear his voice, and we havent talked since and its been like 6 months! lol. so i think you should call him and first talk to hi madn ask him what is up with him, and later on in the conversation if he still acts like that, then break up with him! hope i helped.


Over the past few weeks my boyfriend has seemed [for lack of better words] wilted. He isn't happy, around me that is. He just came over so we could study for a test, and he was TOTALLY uniterested in me.. like over and over I asked him if I was that uninteresting, and if I was that unatractive and he said no to both, but that didn't change his mood.. I'm getting mixed singals here. Yes I have talked to him about this but what else can I do?

If he is being uninterested, and you talked to him about it, but he still ahsnt changed, maybe you should look for another boyfriend who will be interested in you!


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