i ♥ giving advise .. ANYKIND! so dont be afraid to ask me. i love this site and im on it all the time so your questions will get answered pretty quickly. Some things about me .. my name is candace and i live in georiga. I love hangin out with my friends and doing stupid stuff. My favorite color is green!! green rocks! my favorite places to shop at are 1) american eagle 2) abercrombie 3) hollister 4) aeropostale 5) old navy ... these are the places i shop at the most but i do go other places sometimes! my favorite animal is deffinatly a monkey! they are soo cool. i have monkeys all in my room (fake ones of course!). well if you want to know anyhting else, just ask!


What are some good country songs?

I am making a binder with a TUN of awesome lyrics! its sorta got a good start, but I Love country and i dont ever remember the names of songs or who sings them!

So if you know of any good country songs, and you know the title and(but its okay if you dont) the artist or group! thanks so much!

and if you have any other awesomely amazing songs that you think are just great, leave me those too, and i'll look them up and add them as well!

thanks so much in advance!

:) *KeLs*

live like you were dying- tim mcgraw
trying to find atlantis- jamie o'neil
thats what i love about sundays- craig morgan
here for the party- gretchen wilson
red neck woman- gretchen wilson
i can love you like that- john micheal montgomery
back where i come from- kenny chesney
nothin' bout love makes sense- leanne rymes
mr mom- lonestar
kissable, huggable, loveable, unbelieveab;e- rascall flatts
party for two- shania twain
babygirl- sugarland
girls lie too- terri clark
a little less talk and alot more action- toby keith
stays in mexico- toby keith
whos that man- toby keith
X's and O's- trisha yearwood
... if these arent enough, leave it in my inbox and ill give you more!


My boyfriend, Linds, and I have been together for about a year and half. Well, I still like him and want to be with him. But, there's a problem. There's a guy in my Physics class that I tend to flirt with ALOT and he flirts back. I know that I don't like this guy; I'm just extremely attracted to his looks. He's not a bad guy or anything, he's actually pretty sweet and nice but Linds is so much more than that (hott too! :D). I always tell myself that I'm not going to flirt with him before class but of course I do.

Well, this past weekend, we were at the same party that Linds wasn't at and we almost kissed. I stopped myself and I'm glad I did. I don't know how to stop this and I don't want to ruin such a good thing with Linds. I have no idea what to do. I try to stay away from him but it never works. Any help with this situation is really appreciated, thanks.


if you truely love linds then tell the other guy that you just want to be friends. But if you dont turely love linds and you like the other guy, you need to break up with linds. I know its not alot, but i hope it helped!


My 'friend' is ruining my life!!!!!!! She talks crap on me and ALL of my other good friends all the time! She spreads rumors that arent true! She is a SLUT and she is pround of it! You just can't stop her she is like this bug you just can't kill and I don't know what to do! What can I do to make her stop doing this?!?! She has new friends now, and I know she is going to ruin their lives as well. I dont want them going through the pain I went through because of her. THey say they don't like her at all, but they still are nice to her and hang around her. I know if they keep making her think that they are freinds that she will go around and screw them over jsut like she did to me and my other good friend. What can I say/do to make it stop before it happens? Thanks! I RATE HIGH! :)

i think you should tell your 'friend' that she is ruining your life nad you want her to stop. Talk to her new friends and tell them everything she did to you and maybe tehy wont hang out wtih her no more either. If she keeps on goin after you talk to her, i would do the same thing to her! i mean spread rumors and all. You might think its wrong, but it will help. lemme know how it goes.


well on friday night i went to the movie with my best friend and we saw a scary movie, and well i was like leaning up against him and i would always hide my face in his hood whenever i got scared, and well his mom picked us up afterwards, just me and him, but we went with like 10 other people, like 5 girls, 5 guys, but they were going out and we werent, only 2 other people werent, so i walked inside and my dad was like, so which one was your date? and he was like hastling me all night. and then i went over to my best friends house on saturday and he told me that his mom was doing the same thing, and then she took us to the movies again that night, but this time it was just me and him, and she was like, "you know i think you guys should consider it because your really cute together" and personally i think so too because we both have brown hair and he's a tiny bit taller than me, and well i didnt say anything, but anyway we saw another scary movie, and i dont know how it happened but we ended up kissing? and my brother was there and he saw it and he got us a ride with his date's parents so while we were in the car his date was like, aw guys come on i swear you two are so cute together. well we didnt think anything of it. but yesterday i went bowling with my brother and we had to take our baby cousin so our other cousin who's our age went too, and my best friend called me and he asked me if i could hang out and i told him what i was doing, but my brother was like, "no you should go hang out with your boyfriend" and my best friend heard it, so he asked me out today, and in school we were hugging and we got in trouble?? but anyway i'm REALLY afraid we're gonna break up, i mean, he tells me he cares about me and he loves me and his mom has always liked me, but i dont know im really scared our friendship wont last. do you have any tips how i can get over this??

sorry its so long.

i think you should just tell him that if yall ever break up, that you still want yall to be best friends. But dont be scared because he wouldnt have asked you out if he didnt like you. Hope it works out!


hi i am 13 and i am a girl.my very best friend talked about me bhinde my back and she keeps telling everyone i am a liar and i am not i feel like i have lost everthing i think i want to die please help fast

you need to talk to your friend and ask her why she is being a 2 faced bitch behind your back. Dying is not the answer tho. I used to be so depressed i wanted to die, but i soon found out it wasnt the snwer so i tried to change my ways, and now things are better. So just talk to your friend and see whats goin on!


Hi, can you give me any flirting advice for SHY people? Because i really like this boy (people have told me he likes me too but I don't know). It's just that when he looks at me I immediately look down in case he sees me blushing or looking at him, and when he touched my foot under the table I pulled it away. I wanted to keep doing it, but I dunno, I just got nervous I guess. Help please? Thank-you xo

i hate it because im shy just like that. But when i liked this boy and people said he liked me too, i was so scaed and shy i didnt know what to do. I think that when he looks at you, instead of looking down, smile at him nad when he is touching your foot under the table, just keep playing around instead of pulling away. When yall talk, dont giggle all the time, unless somethign is funny. Because some girls just giggle the whole time adn that gets annoying to most guys. Talk to him alot, get to know him and become close with him. Hope this helped. if you have any more questions, just leave it in my inbox!


well i just got dumped by the one boy i love..so you should pretty much get where this is going. he was my first boyfriend and we went out for a pretty long time..and i was also his first too. he dumped me a couple of hours ago and i cant stop crying..and the worst part is..he broke up with me for my best friend. he likes her and she likes him..its gonna be hard for me to see them together at school..and i dont think ill ever get over this. i feel like killing myself..and theres no one really there for me..like i mean..i dont have anyone to talk to cuz they've never felt this. its usually my best friend that i come to for advice but of course i cant talk to her cuz she already knows how i feel but obviously shes not helping..how can i get over this? i still love him with all my heart and it hurts a lot more than i thought it would..and i never expected him to dump me this soon..please help me..its killing me.

its really hard getting over someone you love. trust me. Me and my first real boyfriend broke up 6 months ago, and i still love him so much adn want him back. I really think you should get the part about killing yourself out of your mind, because that is crazy! dont do that! and i think you should tlak to your best friend adn tell her how much you love him and how much you are hurting and see what she says. If she still goes out with him, i dont think she is a true friend because she will be picking the boy over the friend. Hope i helped and if you need anything else, just aim me on angelinluv6767 or leave it in my inbox!


There's this kid, Sam* and he was dumped by my best friend, Katie* in February.. Sam is the nicest kid you will ever meet..and Katie I think is just boy crazy. Well anyway, Sam and Katie went out for over 2 years on and off. Sam lives about 2 hours away though. Well this real jerk starting going out with Katie and she doesnt like him and is actually kind of attached to Sam still..but Katie wants him to dump her, because she doesnt have the heart to dump him..so my job is to try to make him break up with her..and its all confusing..but any suggestions?

Sorry Its long

i think you should either dump him for her or you can start up stupid rumors and tell him so that he would break up with her. i know its not alot, but hope it helped!


Aright well just 3 weeks ago...my b/f broke up wit me cuz he thought that i cheated on him, when he was the one that slept with sum chic that he met ova the net...so basically he's blaming everythin on me! So anyway...ever since he broke up with me ive been kinda wantin to go bak out with him, but i kno that if i do all he's goin to do is hurt me again! I mean i guess i still kinda love him in a way...but i hate him at the same time,cuz of all the pain that he has put me through...i don't even talk to him anymore! so like i said before i wanna go bak out with him but then again i don't! Please sumome help me!

lost and confused!

thats the same thign with me. i went out with this guy ove rthe summer and he cheated on me so we broke up, and havent talked since. i still like him alot, i even think i love him. But i hate that he cheated on me. I still want to go outw ith him too, but i dont want to go through all the pain again. I think you should talk to your ex more instead of not talking at all. Then get closer again and later see if he would ever go back out with you. I know alot about this situation cuz like i said, i am in the same situation. so you can aim me on ((angelinluv6767))!! i wont mind at all. hope this helped adn hope to talk to you again soon!


I hae to close friends that are pregnant. Unfortunantly one was raped and the other one was by her boyfriend. They are both considering abortion. Why is it that people think it is all right for my friend who was raped to get an abotion and the other one isn't. Both are still killing and innocent child...Please help me understand the difference!!

i think most people think it is okay for your friend that was raped because she didnt want to have sex, she was forced to, but your other friend had sex willingly and now she is pregnant. Personally i htik it is wrong for both of them, even if one was raped because they are giving up a life of an unborn baby. But i guess i could understand the one that is pregnant. Hope this helped.


i'm 14/f.. me and my ex.. zack.. went out for 3 months and 6 days in 2003.. then we went out over christmas break for like 4 days and he has a gf right now.. he dumped me during christmas break for her because he missed her. well i miss him so much! i cant stop thinking about him and i smile when he talks to me. when i look at him i feel sad though because he was a lot of 1sts for me. 1st time lying to my mom to go on a date with him, 1st time making out at the movies, 1st time holding hands, 1st time having his arm around me, i know.. pretty pathetic but i miss him! i'll always have feelings for him but i want him back, he knows and he was kind of weirded out because i talked to him and.. well.. he wasnt weirded out but he thought it was.. odd and so i told him i was over him but i'm not.. i dont want to tell him though.. i know i cant get in the way of the 2 of them.. but i want him back!!!!! but then i have like.. side feelings for other guys and they like me back but they dont want to go out or anything.. its weird but i need help! if you want to ask me specific questions you can IM me on msn ( sisofasoldier23@hotmail.com ) or aim / aol instant messenger ( xoxo pink rosez ) thanks!!

plus. he was my 1st boyfriend and my 1st love..

im in the same situation right now!! thats funny. Well what i want to do is talk to the guy and see how he feels about it. I want to tell him that i still have feelings for him and all .. so i think you should do it to your guy too. if you have any questions, im here for you! i would love to talk to you more about it on aim .. so if you want just im me on ((angelinluv6767))!!


I was babysitting at a place over an hour away (I was spending the night there too), and I was charging my cell before I left, and I guess I forgot it was on and charging, so I had left it at home when I left (accidentaly) and it was charging until about noon the next day... maybe later, so if I estimated it would have been from 4p.m to maybe 12:30p.m, not quite 24 hours, but about 3 and a half hours less.

2 questions...
Is it bad to leave you cell on when you're charging (my cell will still charge)
And is it bad to keep it charging for so long (even if it was on accident) Thanks!

the answers are no to both of your questions. i do it all the time. Like at night when my battery is almost dead, i leave it on just in case iget some calls, and it is still charging. Hope this helped


Hey, I like this guy alot, but he always wants me to do stuff with him more than kissing. Im 14 and I dont really want to b/c Im a Christian and I dont like to do stuff like that ..but I like him ALOT HELP ME!

just tell him you are not doing anyhting like that. Tell him you like him alot, but you dont want to do all of that. And see how he feels. hope i helped!


i have a boyfriend and he nevers calls or any thing with his old girlfriend he would call every day but when i call hes never home and we never hang out with his old girl friend thay would always hang out but his friends say he really likes me but then one only ONE of his friends say he doseint like me wut should i do dose he like me?:(

thats how it was with my ex boyfriend .. except i was the one he always called and hung out with and all... now his new girlfriend, he never calls her and they dont hang out but few 1 night a week. But he says he likes her, so i think your boyfriend likes you, he just might be shy. My advise would be to go up and talk to him and see what he says. Talk to him about it. And if nothing changes, then i would break up with him! hope i helped!


Okay my friends b-day is coming up and i want to give her a mix CD well I duno how to get the music. I know how to make the cd and everything. but is there any sites where i can get the music to put on the site?? thanks so much i rate high

i use bearshare .. its really easy and free. the site is www.bearshare.com ... just make sure to do hte free version!


My friend Ray introdcued me to his best friend Jason. In the beginning Jason and I got along fine, everyone thought he was interested in me. But soon Jason started asking me about other boys.. whether I liked them or not. It wasnt really any of his business so I would just respond to him without really answering his question. Now all of a sudden lately Jason has been extreamly rude to me. A friend of mine seems to think Jason has the hots for me and is upset Im talking about other boys. I think he's just plain rude. Other opinions would be nice. I rate.

i agree with your friend. I think he likes you, and is jealous about other boys. I would say go up and confront him and ask him what his problem has been lately and see what he says. DO you like jason? as a friend or boyfriend? ill be able to give you better advise after those 2 questions! drop it in my inbox and lemme know!


i asked Frank to the prom, but he said he didn't know because he said he can't dance. i asked him again and he back with the reply "dances aren't for me". what should i do?! i really want him to go because the 2 of us will have a fun time.

tell him that alot of people cant dance, they just go to have fun and thats what you want yall to do!! (have fun) and if he still says they arent for him, tell him that you can teach him to dance! and se ehow that goes. hope this helped.


well..this is how it went...i had been going out with this guy for 5 months and had grown so attached to him and the first4 months he was so attached to me... i mean he would take me on dates and to the homecoming dance(which were things he was not used to doing) and then it hit the fifth month and he just didn't care about me. before he wouldn't even consider ditching me for his friends and now he was doing it everyday and well one day he had been at a party with his friends and he called me and said it was over and i tried to talk to him when we went back to school but he wouldn't talk to me and he has changed so much from who he used to be...he used to be a punk rocker and is now a prep. how we started going out last year was i had asked him to go to my party in may and he came...should i ask him to go to the one this year and how should i do it on the phone, in person, alone, with his friends there? i am 16 and female

i think that you should ask him!! it will be a good way for yall to get closer again. Dont do it on the phoen tho because you need to see his face and his facial expressions when you ask. So do it in person, also i would do it alone because alot of guys act different when they are around friends. Tell him that you want yall to become friends again and see how he reacts. Hope i helped. lemme know how things go!!


ok i recently just read a conversation my friend and crush had a while ago. When i read through it he acted like he didn't know me... but he does.
So... should i just forget about him (which will be impossible) or forgive him for trying to look kool infront of friends. I mean i know you shouldn't go for guys that act different around friends and then act like they don't know you and all but i just can't help it. But i also think he's alittle to insecrue about himself.
but serioucly what should i do? i really need to know.
(i rate high)

im in the same situation .. sorta. there is this guy that i used to go out wtih and we broke up after 4 months adn havent talked since. But he always acts different around me than everyone else. So sunday im going to talk to him and see why he is acitng different around me and all. So my advise is to talk to him and see why he was being like that if front of friends. And then start talking to him and get closer. He probly likes you but is to shy to say he does. hope i helped. lemme know how things go!


tomorrow night im going somwhere and there is going be some lads there. how do i get a guy 2 notice me? and if they ask me out shall we ask loads of questions to each other?
please help xxx

for your first question .. i would say mostly just be yourself. Dont be someone your not. Adn also try to mkae the guys have fun with you. Flirt with them alot but not too much because you dont want to seem like a slut. And for your second question, YES!! talk and talk and talk!! Ask anykind of questions you want to and just remember to keep it going. Dont be boring and just stand there the whole time. You gotta talk and have fun! hope i helped!


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