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Love means giving somebody the ability to destroy you & trusting them not to do it.

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omg does anyone know this one love story online. its like this guy sees a girl by a flag pole at school. he calls her and they eventually go out and really love eachother. Then he starts treating her bad and like towards the end their in the car and shes crying. they get out and they hear a gun shot and she gets shot and dies in his arms. On the page of this story theres a rose. Its really long too. i been searching for it all night online and i can't find it. i read it a long time ago but i remember it was so sad . It would be wonderful if someone found the sad love story for me. k thanks. (link)

ok i got a pimple in between my eyes, right in between my eye brows. I know ur not supposed to touch it but i did last night and i woke up with my eye all swollen! and its been like this all day! what can i do for it to go away? ive tried ice but it doesnt seem to help, thanks in advance. (link)
Take a teabag and let it stay in boiled hot water for about 2 minutes. Let the teabag cool a bit for about 5 minutes and apply it to your eye but make sure your eye is closed. Do this for about 2 minutes. Apply the teabag to your eye about 5 times a day or until it goes away.
It sounds weird but it does actually work.

all the sadness turns to rage'til everything's bloodstained.I will not be the victim.I will not play your makes me sick to my stomach I'll turn it around and you will fear my fucking face

what song is this? (link)
Death Before Dishonor- Born From Misery

My brother is 3 years and he's breaking my family apart. My family consists of only me, him and my mother. He's been acting really badly and it's been going on for the past 4-5 days. He's been pulling my hair, throwing down stuff, pulling my hair, banging into walls, breaking cups...and pulling my hair.

We try to enforce the naughty corner but he stays there for only 10-20 seconds. We've also been giving a little slap and pinch now and then..but he only laughs and pulls my hair more!

What can we do to get him to behave? I know this is wrong but I'm thinking of getttin a belt for him. I don't know...we're at the last resort right now and I'm terribly afraid that he'll grow to be a naughty bad child!

Distressed Sis! (link)
I know this might not help much but my brother used to be the same exact way when he was around that age. It was horrible. But as children get older, they begin to realize that what they are doing is wrong. Give it time. You have to make him listen even if he doesn't want to. Give him a time-out. Take away his favorite toy(s) until he learns to behave. Just because he's acting like this at age 3 does not mean he's going to grow up to be a bad kid. He will eventually grow out of it. You have to be patient with him and not let him get away with all the bad things he is doing.

I am 16 years old and a Junior. When I took the SAT practice sample test I pretty much failed it. Like I got a pretty low score. Out of 20 questions, I got 3 right. I wanted to punch myself because everyone else got like at least 10 right. I tried studying for another practice test but I never get any better. I really don't want to waste 70 dollars to take the SAT and have a horrible score on it. So what are some tips and strategies I can use to get a good score?

I am not like a real smart person, but I am in average classes, passing all of them. My school is known to not do-so-well but I was below my school average. I also know that there is a book to help you with your SATs/ACTs. Is it good and how can I get it?

I feel so stupid right now that I should be put back into the 2nd grade. I am frustrated!!

PLEASE HELP!! I want to get smarter and do better! (link)
I know people that have used that book. It's a really big book and it will help you ALOT, if you study. You can get the book at a bookstore.
To get a better score on your SAT, you have to study. Not just study for about an hour but actually study and work hard. Go online and google SAT practice tests and take them online. Form study groups with friends/classmates. It's better to have a study group so you guys can test each other and help each other out.
You need to relax a bit and not stress yourself out to much. If you keep getting yourself worked up about this, you won't be able to really concentrate enough to actually do better.
You can also try to get a tutor.

I am blonde (naturally) and always have been. I can't imagine my life without blonde hair. It is a huge part of who I am today. Anyways, my class mates decide to be sterotypical and now everything thinks I am just another dumb blonde. I am so tired of it. I didn't do my homework assignment once and I now I am dumb. They look at me as if I were an idiot. I'm no though. I have A's and B's and I am in honors and seminar classes! What can I do to prove to them I am not a dumb blonde? or should I just let it go and let them think what they want? (link)
You should just let it go. Don't care what they think of you. what truely matters is that YOU know who you really are and that you aren't dumb. Poeple will always think what they want to think and if they don't want to get to know the real you, that's their loss.

I've liked this guy for awhile. neither of us have gone out with anyone before. i was convinced to ask him out, and being the idiot he was he didn't answer, just invited me, my friend and his friend to a chat acting as if the whole thing was a joke. so as i continued to ask if could answer the question my friend was fighting with me saying melissa take a hint the answer is no, get over him, blahblah. the fact is he didn't answer, i don't know what his answer is idk if he's telling me. but even after my friend stopped fighting with me i feel so pressured to get over him. but i don't want to, i don't care if theres no point, it's my life. and he called me yesterday and i answered and he didn't even say anything which makes it even more confusing. i have a right to still like him, it's my feelings, idc about other guys, it's not like i need a bf desperately at this age anyway. but i feel so pressured to get over him and i hate it. i have a right to still like him if I want right? (link)
Yeah, you do have a right to still have feelings for the guy. You can't really help who you like, it just happens.
Don't let your friends tell you what to do. Like you said it's YOUR life, not theirs.
Maybe the reason he didn't answer was because he's really shy and is not ready for a serious relationship or maybe he really did think you were joking around.
Try not to bring the question up again and just stay friends for now and see what happens later on. Don't stress yourself about this.
Remember, whatever is meant to be will always find a way

If anyone read Raisin in the Sun in school... what grade were you in when you read it? (link)
I read it in 10th grade.

I was searching in my files for something that I haven't listened to. Most of my music is.. sad. I need more "happy" music. Any genre really. Random lyrics are good. Nothing that sounds sad or has sad lyrics.

THANKS! (link)
American Express - Find Another Way
ATC - Im In Heaven When You Kiss Me
ATC - My Heart Beats Like A Drum
Danity Kane - One Shot
Gym Class Heros - Cupids Chokehold
Jazmine - Makes Me Go Mmm
Karaja - She Moves
Me & My - La la superstar
Sarina Paris - The Single Life
Starstylers Ft Michy - Keep On Movin
The Go! Team - Huddle Formation
Vitesse - What A Feeling

After a brutual breakup with my boyfriend
(one month ago)
I've noticed I haven't had hardly any of the
self-confidence I had before our realtionship.
Now a days, I find myself skipping meals,
complaining about my looks, and drowning myself
in wishes to be prettier. I'm actually
a decent looking person, I used to have
self-confidence. I hardly cared what people
said or thought about me, I was always crazy
and outgoing, doing something to make people

Now, I spend hours infront of a mirror
complaining about my looks. I compare myself
to prettier people, I think twice before
I dare do anything funny, and I'm ALWAYS
of afraid of being embarressed!

How do I get my old self back? (link)
You're not over your ex-boyfriend that's for sure. You are letting the break-up really get to you in ways that affect you so much. You need to learn how to stand on your own two feet again and that you do not need a guy in your life to be happy. Go out with your closest friend, have a girls night out. Try something new. You need to let go of the past, that is the only way you will truely be yourself again. It may be hard right now but it will get easier. You are letting your thoughts take over you. You need to stop looking at life from such a negative perspective.

Sit down and make a list of all the things you love about yourself. I'm sure there are plenty but you're just not letting yourself see it. List all the things you're good at. List all the things you want to accomplish in life. You have to let go of the past. Stop being so afraid and take a risk. You have to face your fears, that is the only way you will get rid of them.

well i reallly need a good photo editing program. & it has to be free or at least a 30 day free trial & i already used my 30 day free trial for paint shop pro so i cant download that one. id really like a program that could maybe do something like this;
I use Photofiltre, You can get a free download at this site:

Ok so i wanted to know if anyone knows any good techno/electronic music if so please and thankyou (link)
4 Strings
Above & Beyond
Angel City
Armin Van Buren
Blank & Jones
Candee Jay
Da Buzz
Dance Nation
Darren Styles
Dj Avalon
Dj Danny D
Dj Encore
Dj Hybrid
Dj Inphinity
DJ Melodie
DJ Prada G
East Clubbers
Milk Inc
Neo Cortex
Shiny Toy Guns

Im going on a one week cruise in the middle of february and i have no idea what to pack. Like what kind of clothing. Im going to places in jamaica, the bahamas, and mexico. There's supposed to be 2 formal nights and a few "smart casual" nights.
1. What should I pack?
2. What does smart casual mean? (link)
Pack clothes that you would normally wear in the summer ( skirts, tank-tops, shorts, capris ).
You can take maybe two dresses for the formal nights and just jeans and a dressy top for the casual nights. Also you can pack shoes or cute flats to wear with the jeans and dresses.

I dont want to have sex until im married. Do guys respect that or not? (link)
Some guys do and some guys don't. If he truely loves you and cares about you, then he will respect your decision. Never give in just because he wants to and you truely don't.

What are some good songs/bands to put on iPod? I listen to ALL kinds of music so anything i'd appreciate it. :) (link)
3 Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You
4 Strings - Until You Love Me
311 - Love Song
Acceptance - Bleeding Heart
Alexz Johnson - Liar Liar
All 4 One - I Swear
Amanda Perez - I Pray
Ashley Parker Angel - Let You Go
Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending
Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane
Candee Jay - If I Were You
Hope Partlow - Sick Inside
Ivy - Thinking About You
Jack's Mannequin - The Mixed Tape
Jimmy Eat World - Disintegration
Lindsay Lohan - Over
Mandy Moore - Only Hope
Mest - Kiss Me Kill Me
Willa Ford - Did Ya Understand That
Skillet - Whispers In The Dark
Something Corporate - Konstantine

Okay, I'm 16/f... I walked into a restaurant and they asked if I wanted the kids menu... for 11 & under! I am thin, have a young face, no shape, and the blonde curls don't help either! Any advice? (link)
You can try wearing makeup like eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. You can try different hair styles. Play around with your hair with different hair styles to see which ones look good. You can straighten your hair, wear it half up half down with layers out, high ponytail. You can wear heels with jeans or even cute flats. You can try dressing a bit differently like cute turtleneck sweaters, or just a cute top.
Keep in mind that looking younger then you really are isn't a bad thing at all especially when you get much older.

okay some of my friends say that actually "starving" yourself helps lose weight. is this true? I know its extremly unhealthy & I personally wouldnt do that to myslef. Im just curious =) thanks! (link)
Yes, it does but it is VERY unhealthy. you're stomach can shrink and you gain the weight back quickly when you do start eating again. There is no point to starve yourself at all. It can cause a lot of problems. If you want to lose weight, a healthy diet and exercise is the way to go.

I don't know if my boyfriend is controlling. He wants to know where I am and who I'm with at all times. He says he loves me all the time and he wants to get married when I turn 18. I'm just about to turn 17. He wants all my time and he calls me a million times a day and expects me to spend all my free time with him. I don't think hes controlling, but I'm not sure. I love him though. How can I tell?? Is there any certain way?? Please help me figure this out. (link)
I wouldn't really say he is controlling but I would say he is clingy. Only because it shows that he really cares about you, worries about you, and wants to be with you all the time because he misses you. You should be straight-foward with him. Tell him that you need a little space and for him not to be so clingy. Be honest with him.

okay, so the deal is my hair is thin, and crispy, and drier than burnt toast. I straighten it maybe once a week but i use hair protecter spray, and just tonight i did a 15 minute leave in conditioning creme and still, dryyy!!!

what can i do so my hair is healthy looking again?! (link)
The only thing that I can suggest is to go to a dermatologist so she can suggest you something because if your hair is as bad as you describe it, nothing from the pharmacy will really help you. Also talk to your hairdresser about this and stop straightening it.

k, so i'm going to the mall this week, with a BUNCH of guys. & I know were gonna eat there, because they said we would. for like dinner, & i'm not entirely sure on what to get.. I usually go to that steak potato or whatever the heck its called, lol I know i'm off, but oh well. Anyways, & i just get a smallthing of fries. But, i heard that makes your stomach get bigger?! like.. how quick does that happen.. what else could I get at the mall?thats like small.. I don't want to look fat.. but I don't wanna look anerexic. [I used to get teased all the time that I was] I just actually, don't really like to eat alot. So, what should I do?! (link)
You're worried way to much about this and you shouldn't be. It's not a big deal at all. Just get a salad or french fries. French fries do not make your stomach bigger. You might have heard this from people who can eat small amounts and their stomach can get bloated pretty fast.

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