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Q: my bff at school made me breackup with my boyfreind because i guess when i , was sick
she asked him ifhe liked my other freind halieghie and he said yes but some how i kenw
she was liying . but instead i walked up to him said it is thru and asked him if he liked her
he said no i thought he was liying so i slapped him. his ex went uo to her teacher and told on me . but i am smart and when she asked me if i did i said no . they asked my ex and he said no . so what should i do he wont get backwith me should i be mad at my freinds? aleia p.s we are only in the fith grade!!!!!
First of all, you're young. There'll be plentttyyyyyy of more boys that you'll meet. But slapping them and yelling at them is gonna do nothing more but push them away. Believe me. Two, boys are just dumb and immature at that age; although most guys never do grow up. You gotta find the right ones.

But, I see where you're coming from, it was stupid of her to do that, to jeopardize your friendship over a boyfriend. I think you should avoid the drama, confront her calmly, (that means without slapping anybody), and say:
"Hey, um, I don't appreciate what you did. When you're ready to be an actual friend, let me know. Because last time I checked, best friends don't try to break up relationships."

And that's all that needs to be said, to put it bluntly. If she is a true friend, she'll apologize. She may not say sorry right away, so give her time and be patient. But, if she really wants to be a douche about something this silly, find a new [best] friend; someone more trustworthy.


Q: I just logged online and saw something talking about Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) and her being dead! I love Miley Cyrus and I know a lot of rumors have been going around about her (like Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana is pregnant by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers) so I hope her being dead is false too!

So, this said that Miley Cyrus was taken to the hospital for something and actually died there.

So, can someone please confirm if Miley Cyrus (daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and star of the Hannah Montana show on Disney) is actually dead? I don't want Miley Cyrus to be dead because it would totally be the end of Hannah Montana and she wouldn't be on tour so I wouldn't get a chance to see Miley Cyrus in concert! Ah!

Does anyone know for sure if Miley Cyrus is dead or alive?!
Uhm, no, she's not dead.
Trust me, if Miley was dead, it would be all over the frickin place.

So, no, she's not.


Q: my friend cheated on her boyfriend. her boyfriend forgave her and they are on a break now. so i want to have a talk with her but i dont know what to say to her. we already know she made a mistake and all that stuff. but now i want her to make sure she appreciates everything her boyfriend is doing. for example: he is still talking to her, texting her and appreciates her. i just want to talk to her about that and remind her. how do i do that or what do i say?
Well, this is gonna be hard, especially if she has her own opinions and isn't open-minded.

I would say something like this, and have it be face to face.

"Listen, whether you care or not, i just want you to hear me out. you and your boyfriend are an amazing couple, and [insert name] is an OUTSTANDING boyfriend. he's forgiving, loyal, and is an all-around genuine guy. most girls would KILL to have a boyfriend like yours; i'm not trying to be pushy or anything, i just want to remind you of what you have, i don't want you to take him for granted again, to break his heart, and most of all, i care about you enough to talk to you about this. and as always, i'm always here for you if you need me for anything."

good luck!

Q: when you hang out with a boyfriend girlfriend what are some fun things you can do together in a house or outside at night besides watch movies?
Guitar Hero
Listen to music
Look at the stars

If i think of more, i'll let you know.

Q: what are some good christian songs/artists?
I love Krystal Meyers.


Q: what are some songs about starting over?
Lessons Learned-Carrie Underwood
The Lover In Me-Jessica Simpson
Feelin' Stronger Every Day-Chicago
I Can See Clearly Now-Johnny Nash


Q: I was wondering, is Lime Wire safe? My dad is really big on things being safe, so before I download it, I need to know. And also, does it use up alot of your allowed download usage to download it? We have alot, but sometimes we have exceeded our limit.
Well, i use it, and i haven't gotten any viruses. My best friend said to watch for sharing files, and sharing your files, because viruses can be contracted through the system.

It also depends on how many songs and/or videos (especially videos, etc) you download.

Basically, it's up to you. Of course you'll be taking a chance, but i use it, and it's fine.

good luck !

Q: you seem like a really good person to ask:] i am so in love with this guy. we've been friends with benefits, we were best freinds a long time ago but freind with beenefits screwed it up. then we got better hooked up a few weeks aggo and i promised myself i wont do it again because ik its just making things worse. we are kinda friends again but i cant look at him without feeling my heart break all over again. i want to get over him so much. i want to feel whole everytime i walk passed him. idk what to do can you please help me?
Well, the situation's gonna be tough at any angle. What i would do is literally just talk to him in person without anyone around, and tell him your feelings. If you don't think you could handle that, try to just be friends. But, as hard as this may sound, don't talk to him anymore. If you guys are meant to be friends, or more than friends, then it'll be. But if you don't talk to him, then distance yourself away from him as much as possible.; That means not talking to him. Don't come off funny, or it'll just push him away and confuse him if he does try and talk to you. If you decide to talk to him, but not confront him calmly, then keep the conversation short. I'll admit, it's tough, because I've been in a similar situation. But if you let yourself vent, the hurt will just bleed out, and eventually die down. I have a few songs that may help, also:

Up Against The Wall-Boys Like Girls
I Love You-Faith Evans
Everytime We Touch-Cascada
Realize-Colbie Calliat
Goin' Crazy-Natalie
Twenty Below-Hidden In Plain View
Take Your Sweet Time-Jesse McCartney
Let It Rain-JoJo
I Will Be-Leona Lewis
Homeless-Leona Lewis
Why Can't I-Liz Phair
Your Girl-Mariah Carey

I find that music's my best source of therapy.

good luck, and let me know if you need anything else !
kitty (:

Q: I just need a song that'll make me cry..
Preferably a sad breakup song.
I love all kinds of music.
Goodbye Song-Without Tomorrow
Better In Time-Leona Lewis
Save Us-Cartel
I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston
Car Underwater-Armor For Sleep
Congratulations-Blue October
Have You Ever-Brandy
Say Goodbye-Chris Brown
Without You Here-Finch
What Hurts The Most-Rascal Flatts/Cascada
Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
Until Tomorrow-Greely Estates
Bleed For You-Hidden In Plain View
Only Fooling Myself-Kate Voegele
Please Remember-Leann Rimes
I Wish You Knew-Mariah Carey
Goin Crazy-Natalie
Love Hurts-Nazareth
Forver-Papa Roach
Let This Go-Paramore
Without You-Rent
Will You Remember Me-Sarah McLaughlin
All The Same-Sick Puppies
When It All Falls Apart-The Veronicas
Best I've Ever Had-Vertical Horizon
Keep Driving-Woodale

good luck

Q: Does anyone know any websites that let you download free music that are in the charts or that we've heard of? I've had a loom around but I can seem to find any good ones!
I just use limewire; the free version, of course.


Q: I want to audition for my school's talent show with the song "I Hope You Dance"
please take a look at this video of me singing:
please offer some suggestions!
You're off key, but still good.
You need to work on your vibrato, and you still need to practice.

Work on your breathing,
and listen to the song and make sure you absolutely know the notes.

Also, be more precise and articulate.

good luck (:

Q: Could I get pregnant befor my minstral has started for the month?
You could at any time, so yes, it is possible.
Depending on how long it is before you start.


Q: -not liking or hating your friends

I'm Mad-Lil Boosie
Hate (I Really Don't Like You)-Plain White T's
Friend No More-Metallica
Seventy Time's 7-Brand New
I F****** Hate You-Godsmack


Q: i need to lose like 15 pounds in like 2 weeks..any good tips or diet secrets:)

thank you
Mariah Carey lost a ton of weight by doing the "Miniscule Diet".
It's where you take one bite of everything on your plate. It's hard, but it does the trick.


Q: i need songs about entering like new segments of your life, like hard times and over coming the obstacles

stuff that sounds like: valencia, four year strong, the cab, a day to remember, a change of pace, hit the lights, forever the sickest kids, metro station

or even specific songs by those bands

just anything about getting through rough times

thank you (:
I have a few songs, but they may not exactly match the genre criteria, but here:

Lessons Learned-Carrie Underwood
Sober-Kelly Clarkson


PS, i'll keep looking.

Q: 18/f
hey guys. well me and my best friend go to different colleges. i miss her like nobody would ever believe. she is about an hour and a half away from where i am. i was just wondering if anyone knew any good quotes about like friendship and distance. how distance means nothing and that we'll always be friends no matter what happens! thanks [:
“Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart.”

“Time or distance cannot touch the friendship of the heart.”

Right now that's all I can find, but I'll edit my answer if I find more.


Q: So i get all into the whole body language thing. I was wondering if anyone knows any type of signs of body language that mean a certain thing. It can be if a persons lying, likes you, is angry, sad, ect.

Please feel free to write anything you know :]

Some people hide it very well, but most don't.
It all depends on the person.
This should help.


Q: my bff has a really hard time shes bipolar n suicideal n goes threw so much, i am to but i can control it but i do all i can to make her better idc about me as long as she is ok. lately i have no idea what to say of do, she just got outa rehab she cuts every where n bleeds till shes dizzy last night drank ammonia n was gasping for air over the phone with me. she tries to hang herself and now cuts her tounge n stuff because her mom checks her n wont let her have blades or knives not even scissors i get scared soo easily she is my bff i love her idk what id do without her. im crying so hard i probly make no sense im sorry, but what can i do or say anymore?? iv saved her life sooo many times but now, idk. our lives are so screwed up, n i cant stop worrying about her, i have severe anxiety and am goin in to get sergury for cancer ina week im scared to death n im even more scared for her im jut flippin out what can i do, i cant take this. she has a shrink goes to the hospital n rehab regularly has a phsycologist n everything but their outa money they cant pay the bills for the hospitals. both her parents are juvi cops. sorry for typin so much but can you help me with any of this that you understand? i just dont know what to do anymore. im so scared
I understand pretty much everything.
But, you need to be there for her,
make her feel special, compliment her,
and support her.

Does her family have insurance?
I know mental hospitals and rehab can help,
and seeing a good doctor who can prescribe the right medication would help a alot. But, financially, if that's not possible, I'd suggest the suicide hotline.


Q: when people say how far have you gone, whats it mean as in what all is there? kissing.. sex.. what else??
Pretty much; they just wanna know 'how far you've gone'

Holding Hands
Feeling up
Kissing/Making out
Oral sex
Actual sex

hope i answered enough
kitty (:

Q: My best friend keeps trying to steal my bf and she keeps yelling at me and bringing my other bff in to this and i want to know what to do before i beat her @$$ and kill her....
Okay, well. One, if you and your boyfriend's relationship is strong enough, nothing'll break you two up. But as much as she gets to you, ignore her. Because beating her ass to a pulp isn't going to get you anywhere, seriously. Write, sing, play your emotions out on anything but people. Or talk to your bf about this, see what he thinks. I know it's hard, and I've been through it before. It's a pain in the neck. But as jealous as she is, you need to let her go, atleast for a little while. Let her realize that your friendship is more important than being jealous over a guy. Or, your guy, in this situation.

If you need more help, let me know.

Heyyyy, I'm jess. I love to help other people, no matter what. I've been through enough bs to know when to just stop and walk away. I don't judge; feel free to ask me anything. I have quite the temper. But, what makes me a good advice-giver is that for the most part, I'm genuinely empathetic and willing to help.

I've had a lot of experiences with piercings, bullying, family problems, and even sexual issues (no std's)- but with the emotional part of it. I love music, so I give good, basic advice about that, too. Also, I deal with severe anxiety and depression, and have been in treatment numerous times. On top of that, I have OCD (Obsessive Complulsive Disorder), and because I've been around people addicted to drugs, or cutting, I can help! Just give me the chance.

add me on myspace!


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