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Where is a good place to get really cute sundresses. I'm looking for unique places. Not places that everyone knows about. For example, Forever 21 and charlote rouse(sp) everyone knows. I jsut want cute dresses that not a lot of people will have. Websites would be great. Also, even boutiques would be awesome. Thanks!!

H&M, Bebe, Nordstrom, & Guess have cute sundresses. You might have to wait a bit though because the summery clothes are just now coming out.


Are ponchos out?



Well I'm 19, my girlfriend is a really beautiful 22 year old woman, and since the past month we've been having an excellent relationship: for instants we do things together that she told she never did with anyone else before. Now I don't want to get into what things that they are, but just trust me, because I'm not one for BS.

Now the problem is that valentines day coming up, and I have no idea what to get her, perhaps besides just her favorite kind of roses (tri fade red/org/yel). The only intel I have from her side is that she wants to eat somewhere, and she will be wearing a special dress. I also neglected to mention that in accumulation to this all we have agreed to try, and have sex for the first time finally on that day before we rape each other so what should I get and do for her?

Please consider that we've only been dating for a month, but also that I've known her for a very long time, and always liked her, even more now.

If you're planning on having sex, & if its on your bed, then get rose petals & candles. Put the rose petals on ur bed, dresser floor, etc. & put the candles around your room too. It'll make it really romantic (: Or for a gift, you can buy her lotions, perfumes, body sprays, bubble bath stuff, a necklace, or any type of jewelry. I think you'll find some reall cute things in Victoria's Secret too. Good Luck (:


Hi! I just got a jacket from Aritzia and it is adorable. I just wanted to know if it was worthy. Anyways should i get uggs with them. What kind of boots would you recommend?

If you like it, then its worthy. & deff. get the Uggs. I got a pair last year & this year. They're worth it. Mine were $160 at Nordstrom, and then plus $10 more for the waterproof spray. So they were $170. You should get the spray though, because then the Uggs can't get ruined (:


i had sex 5 days before i was supposed to get my period ..and it was unprotected. my period was supposed to come on the 24th but it was late and i got it today.. so does that mean i could still be pregnant or not? if so, what are the chances?

No, you're not. But next time, use protection.


my hair has become so burnt from all the straigthening and highlights and product that ive put in it. i HAVETA strighten it now cause scrunching just poofs and its so discusting and frizzy. I dont know what to do with it! my mom says japeneeze straightening will just make it worse . frriizz stuff does not work. anything i can do or get done at the salon?

You can get treatments at some salons. They can treat your hair with really good products. They'll also recommend good shampoo/conditioner for your hair type. Also try getting a ceramic straightener if you don't have one already.


i need a dress and leggings type of thing with flats and i dont know where i can get a proper dress for it , so could you please help me, just a link to the page of a store sight or something thankss:)

You can try:
- Forever 21
- H&M
- Express
- Urban Outfitters
- Charlotte Russe
- Nordstrom
- Lord & Taylor


I really like these:


But I'm not sure what shoes are supposed to be worn with them. I'd wear the socks with a denim miniskirt, if it helps. In the picture, the model is barefoot. Any ideas? TIA.

Like the girl under me said; Black or red ballet flats (: Or some boots. Uggs would look really cute. Maybe even some cute sneakers? Like the Coach or Guess ones (:


What is a good purse that will go with almost everything i wear and will be fashionable?

I think Chanel & Coach purses match with anything. I have a black and white Chanel bag. It's really big & matches with everything I have. Plus, it's really cute. But if you want something less expensive, try Forever21 & Target. They have big bags that go with anything. But try to get black or white because they deff. go with everything.


What would be some outfit ideas for a black and white casual party? Any examples or websites would help. I'm totally clueless.

I found this at Forever21, but you can get it at many different stores probably:

- This is really in right now. & they have many different colors/patterns for you to choose from.

& then you can add some dark skinny jeans with small black heels or flats (:


Hi! Well I'm looking for a new perfume to get now that my current one is running out. I was thinking either Vera Wang Princess or Miss Dior Cherie. Which one smells better? any other perfume suggestions?


I like Miss Dior Cherie. I have Chanel Allure, and I'm in love with it. There's two kinds, but the pink one is amazing. I have this perfume by Naomi Campbell, but I bought it in Europe, so I have no idea if they have it here. It's called Sunset & it's my favorite! When I got it, it was about $120.


what are some new trends now? i really want to be the most fashionable in my grade. what are some new styles? i need to know.

Lately, I've seen these styles a lot:

- blazers
- pea coats
- plaid
- animal print purses/ flats
- high wasted jeans/skirts
- jumper dresses

- If you want more , inbox me (:


Okay. is a 7 1/2 penis size. Small, big or average?

and what is considered big?
and what is considered small?
and what is considered average?

because my boyfriend says hes 7 1/2 at FULL length (like hard) and will that give me pleasure?

i always wondered this.
if your not going to be nice with answering this question please don't answer it. =/

thanks in advance! =]

Well average is 6, so he's a bit above average. That's good.


me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time...how do we know if her cherry has popped??

If it hurt her & she bled, then her cherry popped. But ask her if maybe it popped before, because a girl's cherry can pop more than one way.


ok so i am going to have sex. i am on birth control AND he will use a condom. what are the chances of me getting pregnant?

It's really unlikely. There's really only a 1% chance out of 100%. Just make sure you know how to use the condom correctly. Good job on using both though (:


i had sex the other day and im supposed to get my period.. but it was unprotected, so im scared. he said he didnt cum in me so if i were to get my period in a few days, would that mean im not pregnant? or would i have to wait for next month?

He'll always cum inside you because there's precum. So there might be a chance. Either take a pregnancy test soon or just wait for your period this month. If you get your period, you wont be pregnant. But next time, use a condom.


sorry i dont know if you major in this kinda stuff or not...but i need advice and quick!! this guy was adopted into my family with his brother...well this guy is now my cousin and he has a thing for me...matter of fact he made that pretty clear over the summer...it was disgusting...but anyways...he came over yesterday and i stayed in my room...i was scared..cause he is so much bigger than me,,and im sure his brother scott wouldnt let him do anything to me...but yesterday he got my number from my grandpa and he has cingular like me so he can call constantly and it not cost nothing...he has called me like 5 times now...i have one friend jt..he is like my brother...and yesterday i told him what happened and i started to cry...i know it sounds weird but im just freaked out...jt told me it would be alright...i dont think so...and his mom and dad know that he likes me they just dont know what he did...they invited me over to stay with them for 2 days and stay the night...its nothing personal i just am afraid of what could happen...my mom knows...but we are on break now and i cant tell jt...he lost his cell and i dont know his house number...i just dont know what to say if he should call again...sorry its so long but what should i do!?!?!

Tell him to stop calling you. If he doesn't, then dont bother answering. & if you never want him calling you again, you can call Cingular and get his number blocked. Otherwise, just try to stay with a friend to not make you think abour him. I'm sorry if i didn't help much, but if you need more help, just tell me.


please! what kind of hat is this?


where can i get one like it? its so cute resting on her head like a muffintop!

You should try Forever21, and I heard Charlotte Russe might have some.


me and my boyfriend had sex last weekend.
so it went like it normally do. but when he had it in, it felt like he ''cumed'' so i kept saying take it out take it out i think you cumed and he was like no keep it in, it feels good, but i was like YOU CUMED and he said no i didnt i would know now lets keep going. now i was trusting him. so i kept going believeing him. so 10 minutes later he took it out but it was halfway in and felt like he really did cumed. so i was like i think you cumed and he said baby i didnt and he starting kissing on me, and he kept going down like he was trying to eat me out. so i left his head back up and we started tongue kissing again, my perious was suppose to come this week, but it didnt, and my tummy has been a little puffy from usual, what do i do?
should i break up with him? we been together for 2 years. && both madly in love, but then again i always had iiregular period, should i be worried?
oh if it helps 13/f, im in 8th grade
i wear a 34 b, && my body is pretty mature, && im 5'7 or 5'8,

The only way you'll know is if you take a test. And if he did cum inside you & said he didn't, then he obviously lied to you. I, personally, don't think you should be with someone who would lie about something like that [if he did lie].


my boyfriend wants to have sex but i dont know if im ready what should i tell him

Tell him you're not ready. He'll understand if you don't want to.


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