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okay ive been friends with this guy for a little over a year. i dont like him like that this isnt about that. well we got into a fight bcuz his girlfriend told him i said all these bad things about him. thats not true. he wont take my messages he wont even talk to me. his girlfriend totally ruined our friendship. i wanna no how i can get into his head that i didnt say those things and his girlfriend just said that.

PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ help!! ill rate 5s for good help (link)
I was in a situation similar to your before. The girlfriend is just jealous of you. She may consider you a threat or maybe she is just jealous that you talk to her boyfriend a lot. I'd leave your friend a message (because he may not listen to you if he is trying to get his point across simultaneously) on his cell phone or online (AIM) and tell him that hes your friend and your not that type of person. Tell him to talk to his g/f and ask her why she would make things up like that because it really hurt you. GOOD LUCK! =) -- Kate

okay so basically my dad said he is moving out .. him moving out = me moving some place else because my mom cannot afford this house we live in .. what am i going to do .. im leaving my friend jen if i move and she is basically my only BEST friend right now .. because i dont hang out with any of my other friends because well i dont know why but i feel like im losing all of my friends and that all i have left is jen and now im probably going to move away .. this is so hard for me because i lost my aunt on christmas and she was my best friend and i cant deal with this anymore and i dont know what to do.. please help me .. (link)
I know its hard, but try and put a positive spin on the situation. If where you live now you're kind of moving apart from your friends than maybe a move would give you a chance to make new friends. As for your best friend Jen, if you dont move far away you can still maintain a close friendship! =) Keep in touch with her through AIM, phone, visits, e-mails. w/e. Remember to stay strong, and be positive through the hard times! Good Luck! -- Kate

I've had my period for two years now. It's verrrrry irregular. It will skip months and come anytime during the month. I've gone 3 months with out my period. I never know when it's going to show up. I've heard that sometimes if you're skinny that might have something to do with it. I'm like 5'6 and i weigh 105 pounds. Do you think it has anything to do with it? What do you think i should do? Thanks. (link)
I've heard that for the first year or two your period might not be regular. I think you should tell ure doctor though, just in case its a problem. I'm not sure if it has to do with your weight, but that is possible. If your very thin, and your body cant 'afford' to have you lose blood every month than your period may stop. Id deffinetly go to the doctor though. Good Luck! -- Kate

i was in my friends pool all day today and after a while, it hurt when i wiped my eyes so i stayed in for like a half hour longer and went home. now my whole face is red and hurts really bad. how can i treat this right now and without having to go to the store because i have no one to drive me there (link)
If you have aloe vera than thats the best thing you can put on a sunburn.If not, cool it off by a wet towel. Maybe try some cream. Good luck! =) -- Kate

sorry for the weird question but how far do you put a tampon in ? =/ this is weird lol! x0x (link)
Hey..when i first got my period I couldnt use tampons for like a year lol. i was totally freaked out. A useful tip i have, is push it way up. You shouldnt be able to feel it in you. OK, back to your question. I recommend using Tampax Pearl. Inside they have a little pamphlet that tells you exactly how to do it. Good luck =) -- Kate

I found a treadmill online, but it says its manual. Whats the difference between manual and non manual treadmills? And what are the price ranges?

Thanks. (link)
Hey. Manual means it isnt electric. When you walk/run the belt of the treadmill moves at which ever pace you go, and if you stop than it stops also. A non-manual treadmill means that you plug it into an outlet (run on electricity) and turn it on and set the speed etc. It will go automatically and you just keep up with it. Good Luck! =) -- Kate

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