♥ Hey everyone, my names Michele and im 17 years young. I love to give advice to everyone and i usually have the anwsers to almost any question! Please dont be shy (I wont bite) and ask any question that you need anwsered! Feel free to IM me if you have a question you really need anwsered fast. The picture i have is not of me its just a regualar picture that i pimped out!!


What's the best brand of peanut butter?

I really like Jiffy too. All the other brands just aren't as good!


hey there,
okay so ive been wearing contact lenses for about 6,7months. they are the soft monthly disposables they are great and i have no problems with them i recently went for a check up to see if they were working my optiitian said everything was great and the type of lenses were working for me.
but today I went to put in my right lense fine no problem,but the left one really stung,this might happen the odd time but it settles but my eye went really watery and blood shot so I had to take it out. I let my eyes relax for an hour then tried again the same thing,my mom said I should leave them out for a day or two then see.
but im kinda worried..is this serious..?has anyone who has contact lense ever expierinced this and know what it might be?.. i checked online and some solutions said it could be a smile scratch on my eye(cornial abrasion)? but my eye isnt that sore without the lense in just gets iritated when i put it in?.
Im worried to go see my optitian because honestly I dont know what il do if i cant wear my lenses again :(
im probably over reacting but if anyone knows anything about this please help i need some reassurance!

I have had contacts for a few years and this usually happens to me it there is a small cut or something on the lens. If i were you then i would throw the lense away and just try with a new one. If it does the same thing then you should probabaly go to your doctor


Ok, i saw the first episode but not the second one. Can someone tell me what happned last tuesday on this show? Thanks!

Here you can watch the second episode


its super good!!


so i take melatonins alot. their a natural sleeping pill, and i wanted to see if they could do anything harmfull to you. i typed the name into google, and i found some websites that had warning and stuff, but im not sure if they were talking about the same pill that i am. the website said that i could get depression, headaches, fetigge, stuff like that. now, can the sleeping pill melatonin really do all of that? and is it a bad that i used to take them everynight? their really the only way that i can get a good night sleep. thanks for all your help

I agree with the person below me but i think that you should just go to your doctors and bring the pills with you and ask if it is okay that you are taking it everynight and maybe your doctor can prescribe something that may help you a little more

Hope i helped


What's a good cell phone service provider? I'm looking at ones like Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or other major ones.

I share a T-Mobile family plan with my sister but I'm going to get my own once the contract ends, so I'll need a good service that's affordable. I wanted to get Metro PCS but the problem is that the coverage area is SO limited. It doesn't work in certain cities.

What are you experiences with these providers? Good/Bad?

Another thing, I owe a pretty big bill to my cell phone company. After my contract is up, I still owe them money, right? But the account isn't even in my name, it's in my sisters lol, so does that mean it screws with her credit?

I have AT&T and i love it.
It have service almost anywhere i go and i think its pretty cheap
i have a family plan and it doesnt cost that much

Im not sure about the big bill you owe.. but if it is in your sisters name and it doesnt get paid it will affect her.


does anyone know the name of dane cook's sketch when he says something like "have you ever just gone into an airport,looked some one straight in the eye and said "don't go on the plane." "

does anyone know what this sketch is called?! i've been looking for it everywhere

The cd that it is on is called "Harmful if swallowed"

the name of the accually little part of it is called "Pranks"

you can listen to it here



ive cut for like a year and for the 3rd time im trying to quit i just need someone to talk to about it and i dont mean a shrienk or anyone like that.im not trying to seek attention from this just help. i know how much my life can change if i keep cutting and how important it is to stop but i dont want to hear that.
if your a VERY trustworthy person that i could keep talking to and wouldnt annoy you then HELP ME PLEEZ!

Hey i think im pretty good in this department and i am more then willing to talk to you whenever you need

My aim is : Mosquared6
my myspace is : www.myspace.com/moshele6

your welcome to IM me whenever you want or you can message me on here or on myspace if you want


what are some of adam sandlers songs?/

preferably famous one

The Haunaka song(sp?)
and Lunch Lady land and pretty hilarious!


I was reading about the late comedian, George Carlin, and his famous "Seven Dirty Words You Can Never Say on Television," that is supposedly banned to this day. But, being the curious mouse I am, was wondering, what are those seven words?? Does anyone know?

Well im not going to accually say the words on here but here is the youtube video of the "seven dirty words" comedy thing

its hilarious btw




They are kanye west sunglasses because they had them in his video

you can buy them at



Hey i'm getting contacts soon and I just need to know everything about them, do you have any tips?

Hey ive had contacts for a while
1. Make sure you change the solution in your contact case everytime before you put your contacts in them.
2. Every once in a while... clean the cases or just go buy a new one
3. if you swim. do not open your eyes unless you have goggles because water gets under and contact and it hurts
4. Make sure you wash your hands before you put them it cause if not they will burn bad.
5.If you happen to sleep in them (and they are not designed to be slept in) make sure you take them out when u wake up the next morning because your eyes will hurt for the rest of the day.
6. Always keep extra solution and a extra case with you (if your a girl in your purse. and if your a guy. probably in your bookbag or somthing)Cause they will fall out somtimes if you rub your eye the wrong way.
7. If the contacts are only supposed to stay in for a month..make sure you change them and not try to strtch out the use. Because the contacts do weaken

Thats all i can really think of right now
but really the most important thing is just keep them clean and you will be fine!


I'm writing a short story, and in it the mother finds something the girl doesn't want to find. But I can't decide what I want it to be -- I'm thinking:
-birth control pills
-bong/marijuana pipe
-blunt papers & a lighter

What else would she not wanting her mom to find? That's all I can come up with, but I'd like her to have something else found.

Thanks for all help!

Well all those things you listed are good but the story might not have much depth. just in my opinion

so here are so suggestions.. sorry if this is noy what you are looking for

-The mom finds letters that her daughter has been writing to her father. Her mom and her dad arent together and her father has never been in her life. Her mom doesnt let the daughter ever call her father or have any contact with him. arent together and he was never in her life. (to make it even more exciting you could have the dad in jail or somthing like that)

-the mom can find a sonogram(sp?)..the mom wonders if its her daughters and goes into denial about being a grandmother. while dealing with the emotional feeling of her daughter not telling her mom she is pregnant.

- The mom can find razors and knives. You can talk about her mother finding out that her daughter is a self mutilator and she tries to find a way to help without her daughter knowing that her mom knows shes hurting herself.

well those are the only three i can think of right now

but if you want some more suggestions, or have questions about anything i wrote just IM me at MOsquared6 or you can ask me another question on here


I was wondering why people put their myspace friend id on their pictures...
why is this?

WEll this is mostly for like layout sites.

If a person makes a layout site a picture for their profile, they will put their friend id on it so people know who made it

So if people like the picture they can find the person who made its myspace


What are the bases?
For like making out and fingering and oral and what else
and what bases are they? Ex. First base

Here are my bases
1st- kissing and makeout
2nd- handjob and fingering
3rd- eating out and blowjob

thats just what i thought it was


I just got a new Windows Vista computer.. I've had it for about a month now. At first it worked amazingly well but but it takes about 2 solid minutes for any program to open or for any webpage to load. I have iTunes, MSN messenger, AIM, and Limewire all on this computer.

Is there I way I can fix this without wiping everything? I'm desperate. Thanks in advance!

The only thing i can think of is Limewire

I had it on my computer for about a month and a half and it completly destroyed my computer, we had to get it totally redone for it to work

The only thing i can think of is to delete limewire and delete all the songs you got from it (because those are the accual files with the viruses)

i hope i helped


So, Sadies is in about two weeks, and I have no idea how to ask my boyfriend. Oven's currently broken, I find the "scavenger hunt" kind of too cliche, and leaving little tidbits of clues here and there is, well, I don't know.
On top of that, just asking him straight up is kind of boring D: I sound picky.
Anywho, any suggestions ? I'd like to ask him sometime this week :)
Suggestions greatly appreciated !!

Well since you are going out with him im going to assume that you can get his parents involved

What you can do is get a box(prorably alot bigger than a shoebox)
you can go to a party store and get pink baloons

Then you can fill up the baloons with helium and draw little pigs on them(if you can find balloons shaped as pigs that could be good too.

Make a card or note that says "I'll ask you to sadie hawkins when pigs fly", put that in the bottom of the box then put all the balloons in it and seal it up

Then go to his house and put it in his room when he isnt home

when he opens it up the baloons will fly out and he will find the note

I think its a good idea, i hope you like it


I work at a phone center through my college. We call Alumni and stuff.

Of course, there are the titles we address the Alumni by:


I got into a little debate with my co-worker tonight. He said that the title "Ms." was simply an abbreviation for "Miss." I was taught differently. I was taught that "Ms." is a title used for women who are older, single, or would prefer to be addressed as such. I always thought the title "Miss" was meant for younger, single women/girls. I have never heard of "Ms." and "Miss" meaning the same thing.

Can someone formally explain what they think the titles actually mean? Who's right?

Thanks bunches!

I was taught that

Mrs. meant you were married
Miss. meant you were single
Ms. meant that you didnt want people to know if you were married or single(and if you dont know if they are married or single you would just say ms.)

I have asked many of my friends and they were all taught the same way i was taught

I hope i helped


you know how the itouch has like internet? DOES IT COST MONEY?!

No, the Itouch uses wi-fi and you either use sombody elses, your own, or liek somewhere that has it

it does not cost money at all


There is a computer game where you seat people, take their orders, and then serve them. I was wondering if anyone knew what this game was. thanks n toodles!

Its called Diner Dash

If you google it you can get a free download of it


what is rolling stones? what is it about? what type of magazine is it? like fashion? Cars? or what?

Its about music mostly...any type of band (old and new)

that pretty much it


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