i need some new stuff to listen to. i like fall out boy, dashboard confessional, kelly clarkson, gwen steffani, good charlotte, ect... plz give me some suggestions of this type of music.

umm green day, goo goo dolls, weezer, kayne west, maroon 5, lindsay lohan. thats all i can think of at the moment.


I've been told I have a really odd taste in music. I'm just curios {sorry, I can't spell}, what kind of music do I like if I listen to: Fuel, Matchbox 20, Our Lady Peace, Weezer, Verical Horizions, Switchfoot, Poe, Savage Garden, Incubus, and Foo Fighters. But I like their old stuff the best, their new stuff sucks!

thats not odd i actually like some of those. and it shouldnt matter what other people think of which music you listen to because its just who you are and what you like. I mean i like Weezer, Matchbox 20, Switchfoot, and the Foo Fighters. I dont think your the only one either lol.


ok,(im 14 male and shes 13 female)and we were fooling around the other day.she was on top of me so on so on.I know shes not ready for anything oral or actual sex.I got really "hot and bothered" and i started undoing her pants and it didnt feal right.i asked her "are u sure ur ready"? and she says "I dont know not really but i REALLY want to beacuse i know itll feal good so im not going to stop you" i didnt want her to regret anything we did so i stoped.Did i do the right thing beacuse she says shes not ready but she wants to beacuse itll feal good?and should i ask if shes ready next time it happens?

i think u did the right thing to stop before anything happened. and yea i would ask her the next time weather or not shes ready.


I want to ask my crush to winter formal creatively. (girls ask guys for this dance)
I have different ideas. Please rate one through ten each idea on how cheesy it is [1 being not at all cheesy, 10 being wow that's cheesy!] And also give me feedback about each idea.

#1: The Guitar Pic Idea. I type "Will you go to winter formal with me?" in small font and print it out and cut it out and glue it onto one side of a guitar pic and put clear nail polish over it so it doesn't look tacky. Then I'd give it to him. (He likes to play guitar.)

#2: Fortune Teller Idea. This is probably most flirtatous. I playfully tell him I've learned palm reading. Ask for his hand and as I move my finger over different lines on his palms, I jokingly make up different predictions like "You will be a famous rockstar." Then I say "Let's see what's in your near future." Then as I look at his palm, I say "I see you going to winter formal with me." And then sincerly look at him and ask, "Would you like to go to winter formal with me?"

#3: Icing On The Cookie Idea. I bake cookies and on one write in icing "Would you like to go to winter formal with me?" (One problem: I've never baked cookies in my life before)

If you have any other ideas they are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

i think the first one with the guitar pic was a kool idea. #2 is kinda cheesy say.. a 5. and #3 is a good idea but since youve never baked before then yea. lol.
good luck!


ok the other day i was with my boyfriend and weve been together for a month and 2 months next week and he said 'i love you' to me like properly but hes into long term relationships, his last gf he was with for 8 months and he said 'i love u' to her.
do you think he really means it...i love him so much and i dont want to get hurt!
thanks ill rate high

its always hard to tell but it never hurts to take a chance if he does mean it. if you feel the same way though. just dont do anything stupid like sex. lol but if you think he really means it youll know.


okay i know this might sound like a stupid question, but im not quite sure what it means what does it mean when a guy says he wants to fuck you really badly? is it fingering you or to have sex?

thank you!



ok i am signed up for advicenator but i never thought that id need advice myself theres this girl and everytime i see her my stomach feels really weird and i feel like i want to be around her for a long time and i try to pick my words carfully but they allways come out wrong, i might as well be saying hoopiewatlenslurgin? wat the heck is wrong? im confused!!!!!!!!!

your're just nevrus around her. maybe even like her. so you get all jumbled up because you dont wanna mess up.
but its fine. alot of girls think its cute so just chill and dont worry.


Hey my next doorneighbor is 11 and im 15, she is mature for her age.. sometimes so we hang out sometimes because there is no one else in my neighborhood, she is 11 and weighs 135lb. shes 5'7 and looks like she could be 15. im 15 and i weigh 94lb and im 5'4. she isnt fat just tall but now that shes really growning and stuff and thinks shes mature, she is starting to think she can boss me around because i am smaller then her but i am still 4 years older, she is starting to get bigger boobs then me and for some reason thinking that she is so mature and old. how can i tell her that she is still 6th grade and needs to act like it and respect her elders

well you can either tell her what you just told me. or Just say that just because shes maturing doesnt mean she can start acting like shes all that and higher above everyone. shes only a sixth grader and she shouldn't be bossing you around like she's trying to.


ok, well i have a REALLY BIG crush on this guy, lets call him dan. well i wanted to know if you guys think he has a crush on me. ok, well, everytime i look at him he is looking back (sometimes i see it out of the corned of my eye) and then today in PA (sewing) my tetcher said my name wrong because she has trounle pernouncing it and i wen to correct her but dan corrected her for me (i sit at the table behind him) and when my table was talking about birthdays and i said mine, he looked back and it looked like he was memorizing the date.


P.S.: i rate everyone!

yea i think he does like u. i had a guy do the same too me and it was so ovbiouce that he likes me lol. so your answer to the quiestion is YES! he likes you :D


i babysit for this family once in a while & they called me a few days ago to babysit on this coming friday, but i can't. then the lady called today and was like "I know you said you can't babysit, but I am really desprate, so I was wondering if you knew anyone who would be able to?" So I told her I'd ask a few people and let her know if someone could. So I asked a few people, but none of them can either. I feel bad for his lady (even though it's not my fault or problem) but I don't know if I should still call her back. I would feel weird being like "sorry i couldn't find anyone" and leaving her with no one at all, but I would also feel guilty if I didn't call. Should I still call even though I didn't find anyone, & if so, what should I say?

yes call her back. and just say that your sorry that non of your friends could make it either.
just so she has time to find another sitter before friday.


When you make an xanga, where do you put the layout code??

you go to Look and Feel then At the top you'll be able to choose between 3 different headers. But for the code go to Custom Header. And then just paste it in there.


i'm trying to get close to this girl and talk to her more on aol so i can ask her out pretty soon. what kind of things can we talk about?

well maybe get into deeper and more personal conversations.


There's this girl that I hang out with all the time. I've liked her for a while. Normally, we'd just talk about school and stuff like that, but lately, she goes to different subjects. She talks to me about how other guys keep coming on to her, and how she doesn't like most of those guys. She tried to call me and get me to go to her backyard at like 10 at night the other day. Also, whenever I'm with some of my other friends, who are girls, she gives me this really evil look. She used to do that to a guy she had a crush on before, so I don't know if that means anything. She's usually a pretty flirty person, but not to me, at least she didn't used to be. I just want to be know if you think she likes me, because I've screwed up signals before.

yea she does like you. and maybe even a major crush on you.


a guy that likes me that i'm friends with is always pretending not to know things about me when he really does. For example, he knows darn well how old I am and what day my birthday is but when he's in front of others he'll say, oh your (not my age) right? Or {when is your birtday?) He also treats me really bad when he's with his guy friends. He will ignore me, and when I talk to him him won't give me eye contact. But when he's alone with me he's sweet and attentive.
Why is he so afraid of what his friends think? Is it that he's embarrassed that he likes me?

well i dono but its a guy thing. they care what their friends thing and they try to act tough so it looks like hes a little scared to show that he likes a girl. Try talking to him about it when you're alone.

good luck and h.i.h.


Heres my proble im female and im 16 I hope you can help,so to make a long story short i fell for my best guy friend and he lead me on for like 6 months im crazy about him it got to the point where he has become me security blanket. i've been going through a really tough time in my life right now and hes been there for me i'd tell him i loved him and hed say i love too but he wouldnt date me and i asked if him it was okay that im so dependant on him, and he told me yes its fine im here for you etc. and just recently out of the blue he was like you call me too much, I cant be your security balnket anymore plus he met someone and basically he was like here ill give you some space get over me and like now we dont really talk hes ina erlationship with this new girl of his , im so hurt cause he just like left and he promise he'd always be there for me and he promised me alot of things but he did lead me ona nd now hes basically doesnt want anything to do with me and he told me left like he did because he got sick of being my friend and i know that, thats not really the main reason why its because of this new girl and i dont know im still in love with hima nd hes my best guy friend and im so confused and hes said oh im sorry a million times but i just cant forgive him a part of me wants to hate him so much but i jsut cant because i love him and he was the first guy ive ever fallen for and ive cried so much overhim and i just cant let go of him and accpet that he did what he did out of all the people i truey care about he walked out me just like my parents did, How can I get over him i need to so bad all he does is hurt me

wow that is complicated. well i dont know what kind of answer you want but i can say that if you think you really do love him then you might forgive him in time. but if he hurt you so much that you cant forgive him then id say maybe move on. it probably was all started with his new girl. i mean guys are just weird. lol. but yea maybe give him some more time and see if you can forgive him. but if not then move on to someone new. good luck! and if you wanna talk some more my aim is: blooeyedguitar


I need some advice. You see, I'm kind of shy. Actually, very shy. I'm not shy around my closest friends. But around other people, I am. How can learn to be myself more? I want to open up and not worry about what other people think of me. Can you please tell me how to do that? Thanks. Oh yeah, and please don't say "shyness can be good at times," because that's not really helping me. Thanks

i think shyness is a fase that everyone goes through at some point. i am shy but its wearing off. but i mean you just need to feel confident and proud of who you are and i mean it will come naturally once you feel comfterable around people you dont know as much. and i always think when i meet someone new, they know nothing about you so i mean you can basically act how you want them to think how you are. So say outgoing for instance just act happy and your feel bubbly already.
good luck!


im 13 female and im like so scared right now. i was just in the bathroom and i wiped and there was brown liquidy stuff on the toilet paper. no i didnt go number 2. ive never had my period b4 plz help

yea well you have your period now. it probably dryed blood. so you have nothing to worry about. its normal.



okay background:
let's call her linda. i have known her since school started. she laughs at every funny thing i do and she doesn't hesitate to give a hug or a present or something. about a month into the school year she got a bf. another month passes and she wants to break up with him, she's a nervous wreck, comes to me for support and comfort.she gets mad when i hug on other girls.

i don't know if she likes me or if she is very flirtatious? can anybody help


i think she does like you but she just might not know it at the moment.


okay kids i gota ? do you think paola (or the americanized version , paula) is a mans name ???

i think its more of a female name but it could be a coed(sp?) name too.


im going to see harry potter tonight with some friends. i was windering if the moivie was scary or funny because ive heard both. thanks

it is both scary and hilariouce actually. but i'm sure you'll love it! so much happens and the movie is literally better than all 3 of them together! hope you have fun!


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