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I am 14 years old, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and I am currently in a relationship. :) And man, am I happy with it! She is the most beautiful girl on the planet (in my opinion)!
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I'll admit, I am only 14, but I love the military. I have wanted to be a fighter pilot dating back to when I was five. My father recently retired from the Navy, and I want to join USAF, but I can't. I have diabetes. I find is very discouraging and discriminating that diabetics can not join. If one wants to join, I think the oppurtunity should be there. Right now, I am in Junior Air Force ROTC and my high school. I love the class, and I we (the "flight") were informed that if we joined the service, we would automatically be started at a higher rank than the others. But I do not have the choice to join, and I am considering to write to George Bush explaning how I feel. Should I? (link)
It has been a little over four years since I visited this site. I had completely forgotten about it until I needed advice on life. Thank you everyone for the help with this question. I'm pleased to say I will be working as a contractor building the planes for the military, rather than flying them.

hi, my family has 4 animals, 2 dogs, a, cat and a guinnea pig. i REALLY want a kitten for my birthday or Christmas. my mom and dad already said no, how can i get them to say yes? (link)
Tell them that you will assume ALL responsibility for the kitty, even getting cat food and litter (though it can be a little costly) and teach it what to and not to do (clawing the couch, using the litterbox,etc.)

I love this guy and I think he might like me but he doesnt say anything about it hes kinda shy and i want to know how to tell if a guy likes you

~Mackie (link)
O.K, straight up, I'm a guy (and do i love to flirt or what?!--lol) A couple ways to tell if he likes you is if he:
1. smiles at you often
2. says hi ALOT
3. likes to be around you
4. talks to you when possible (mostly alone, or in the halls of school when there is alot of talking going on so ppl can't hear)

I just asked a girl out the other day, and I am EXTREMELY shy, so it took alot of guts and support to do it, and she said YES!

Good luck!


im 14f there is this guy i like i have know since i was a baby but we never really talked but now i talk to him like everyday online but when ever i see him in person he is like shy or something to talk iuno if thats true or wateva because a couple people think that he likes me?? i really like him what should i do to get him to talk to me in person or to do something to try to move this faster?
Yea, he probably likes you. Take it slow, and say hi when you see him and start a low-lying relationship. Build it up from there and w8 till he asks you out. I am a guy (:P) abd this happened to me, except the other way around (I had a crush, and we got to know eachother and I asked her out a few days ago and now we r happy) :) Good luck! hope this helped!

I have a problem. I cannot seem to stop eating. I at times have control over what I eat, but on the weekends when I have time on my hands, I eat a lot. Today, I said to myself that I would not eat a whole bunch and I did anyway. I am not sure what is causing me to do this, but I could use some tips to stop stuffing my face all of the time. It will start when I am hungry, but then I don't stop after I am satisfied.

I rate high for good advice.
No offense, but I would go see a doctor. I had the same problem, and they said it was just out of boredom. They gave me ideas of things to do that were my definition of "fun" (hehehe like blowing things up) and I stopped eating so much. It really does help to go talk to someone about problems you may have, like I am going to a psycologist (i think I spelled that wrong) once a week to talk about things and get ideas for thing to do. :) hope this helped.

Ok lets call her,Ashley.Well ok.Ashley and me are in the same class.She's really beautifull and I do really like her.I feel really attached to her,it's just like,like...,I just really like to see her.But I'm also a kind of I don't really know what to do.One of my friends I really trust everything(Let's say he's my best one),he says I should ask her e-mail adress.(MSN,Hotmail)So I thought about it,not bad.BUT there's also a party at the end of this week...So should I ask her to come with me?(I pay of course)Should I bring over some friends?Should she do?I don't know,I think we really like to see eachother.Almoost like to trust eachother.We allwats like to make funny things about teachers.She's also some kind of popular.When we had pauze she came sit next to me,we spoke eachother,and it was fun.After 5 minutes of nice,sweet speaking I was surrounded by a thousand girls so,I like to be alone with her.She's a very intresting girl.But I don't know she's a single.She's also a kind of HOT.So,the chance is great she got a boyfriend...I didn't saw her flirting or kissing with one I suspect she is single.

Ok till here,now,there's another problem.

A 'friend' of me who I dislike a bit.HES A DAM ASSHOLE!!Ok sorry.He is kinda jealous very very fast.So if he sees that I've got a hotter girlfriend than he does,he breaks up with his girlfriend and tries to steal mine.(It didn't happened yet but he did do that with other friends of him.)And he even always has some material at hand,he let's the girl strip(or something) over MSN,takes pictures,and sends those to her boyfriend in hope they break up.If so he strikes on the girl and the guy is lost.

I really could use great advice,I promise to rate 5's to good advice(to any positive)I also greatly appriciate tips the most to start a relationship with Ashley.

Sorry,this has been very long,hope I get good advice.

Thank you for reading. (link)
Ok, I had the same problem(until today) because I had the BIGGEST crush on a girl and wasn't sure if she was taken. I did some research if you will, and found out that she had just broken up. Knowing how HOT she is (and popular for that matter) I figured she'd be taken already. I started talking to her, and because I am shy so I didn't want to say it out loud so ppl could hear (lol, this was in 6th period) I wrote "do you want to go out sometime" on a piece of paper, and gave it to her. After she read it, she looked at me, smiled and went to write back. When I opened it, I was suprised. She put "sure, are you interested in a movie sometime?" Without thinking, (who would, if the girl/boy of ur dreams said yes) I wrote "Yes" (trying to to emphasize my happiness) and asked what she wanted to see. Yadda yadda yadda. In general, just get to know her, scout of her thoughts, likes and dislikes, and find out if she is taken. Then, ask her out. Let her choose where and when, and work with it if possible. It worked for me, and hopefully it will for you too. :) Good Luck

I never get zits, but i have one and it is big and uglly.


does anyone know any products from the store that really do work, and soon, it really is overcoming my face, and furthermore, it feels like its eating it.

Clearisil generally works for me, my g/f doesn't like zits, so I get rid of em a.s.a.p.

Her name is Allison, and she is AMAZING. I would ask her out, but I have one problem. I'm shy. What do I do to get over it? (link)

Ok, well I came home from school today and found my cat behind one of our landscaping trees, so I called his name, and he kind of looked up, but didn't come, which was REALLY unusual, so I knew something was wrong. Well, I took him inside, and kind of checked him out, to see if he was ok. I think I found what's wrong: in his right ear, I can see a little blood, and there's also a bit of dried blood below his ears on his fur. When I tried to touch it, he flinched, but when I touched his other ear, he was fine. So I'm pretty sure it's his ear. But he won't eat or move much at all. Right now, he's behind the rocking chair in the corner, not really moving. I'm scared, because I've had him for about 9 years, and I recently lost a dog who was only 7, and I can't bear to lose my other pet. I'm thinking he either got in a fight or got attacked by another animal. (he's an outdoor cat). My question is, does anyone know what's wrong with him? Is it really bad that he hurt his ear? I'm taking my dog to the vet tomorrow to get her sutures (sp?) removed, should I take my cat too? I tried calling both my parents, but they didn't answer. I'm really scared, what should I do? Please help me. (link)
He problbly just got into a fight with another can and needs some antibiotic. Take him to the vet, and let them do what they do best. :) (P.S. my mom is a vet)

My boyfriends(mike) best friend(Eric) who I am also pretty good friends with told me that Mike told him that he wanted to break up with me and that he regrets giving me a second chance.

He broke up with me a few months ago for reasons I wont say but we got back together. Now, we've been getting in all of these little annoying fights so I guess that would be his reason for saying that stuff to Eric.

But, when I asked Mike about what Eric said he said, he swore on his life that he never said such things.

So know I don't know who to believe. I totally trust my boyfriend so I think I'm leaning towards him. But then again, what reasons would Eric have to lie to me?

I know this isn't a lot of information because you guys obviously don't know me of the 2 guys but who would you believe?

18/f (link)
ok, I got feedback, but I dunuo how to'm a newbie..can someone help plz?

i am not sure what kind of litter to get for my new cat can somebody help me... (link)
Lol I like ur question. I have 24 cats, and fresh scoop always seems to be the best. :)

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