My name is Nicole .. but people call me nikki or Coley .. dont ask why lol .. I play soccer and basketball !! I love hanging out with my friend at the mall or movies.. i like listing to music and watching t.v Soo if you need any advice, ask me !! =)
You can IM me on xx nicolLeee x3


I'm probably gonna be getting braces soon and I was wondering some things about them. Do they hurt a lot? I know most of my friends said that they normally only hurt when you first get them & then when they tighten your wires. Do they really make kissing another person with braces harder or anything? Um, and just tell me whatever advice you have when having braces or whatever you know about them from your own personal experience, haha. Thanks!

i have braces and the only time it hurts is when you get them on and like mayb a week or less after ... it sometimes hurts when you eat something hard in the first week but after that you should be fine. and no it dosent make kissing someone harder its just the same like if you didnt have them on.
so i hope i help =)


Hey I'm a guy and was just wondering...should age matter in a relationship? What's your point of view on this one, like does it matter if both are close in age or far apart...by far I mean less than 5 years or so. Thanks in advance, will rate.

I dont think it matters because if you like her you shouldnt care either


I'm going out with this guy that my friends just absolutely hate! One of my friends even threatened to stab him in the neck with her pocket knife during church! I don't want to break up with the guy because he's absolutely perfect to me. What should I do?


I think that there not really friends to you. friends usually want the best for there friends which your friends arent doing. If you really want to stay with the guy i think you should you should go by what your friends say you should go by what you want.


what are some exersizes that i can do at home that REALLY do work? and fast? i rate 5's

you can do sit ups, pull ups, running, lifting weights, ect.
hope that helps


ok, i like this kid named nikk....and he said i mean alot to him but my 2 best friends like him too and one of them denies it but i kno she does because she was cryen when i gave him a hug. i just dont kno what to do because i want to be with him but my 2 best friends do too....HELP!!!!

Okay if nikk wants to go out with you then i think you should .. you should also talk to your friends if they get mad at you that means there not true friends because they should want the best for you. well thats what i think but its totally up to you
hope i helped


i've liked this guy for 4 years, and i've always thought he kinda likes me. i'm not so sure though, because he's had girlfriends in between, some of his friends say he likes me, some say he doesn't. he asked me out over the summer, but i wasn't sure if it was real or not, so i played hard to get. then i found out that it was real. i'm not sure if he likes me now, but every day i like him more and more, and i don't even know why. i feel like everyone is liked, except for me. how do i get over him, or feel better?? please help, i rate high! 13/f

you dont need to get over him. You should ask him if he likes you.. if you dont want to then have a friend.. thats what i usually do. Maybe he still likes and still wants to go out with you but because you said no in the summer hes afraid to ask you agian.
hope i helped.. !


Sorry if it`s long I`ll rate 5`s!
I love my mom and all but she really bothers me. I am 13 and I`m kind of mature for my age. My mom said I could get my belly button peirced a yeah ago and she said yeah after I turned 13 and now shes saying no. I turned 13 April 25th and its so unfair I`m getting to really hate her so now she asked " What do you want for Christmas?" and I said. " A new cell phone and a my belly button peirced" and she goes "Your not getting neither your phone is fine."
My phone is a peice of sh1t and falls apart like 5 times a day. And I really want my belly button peirced and she said yeah last year so it`s completely unfair. My little brother gets everything he wants its unfair to me.
How can I convince her to let me get my belly button peirced? And how can I explain that she is unfair to me?
Thanks in advance. I`ll rate 5`s!!

I have the same problem with my mom .. she gives mi younger sister what she wants but not me .. well anyways you sould sit down and talk to her .. ask her why she said you can get it done last year and not this year. but dont get to agravated and mad because most of the time when you have a temper they say no to eveything.( thats usually what happens to me) So tell her that you dont really think its fair she said you could last year and now your older and you still want a belly botten periced and she said no. The best thing to do is talk to her about it.. I hope that works..


im so confused! i am going out with ( lets call him bob ) bob but i feel like im using him just to get to ( lets call him fred ) fred. i know its not right but i actually love fred! what should i do. i dont want to hurt bob but even if i break up with bob doesnt mean that i will get fred. HELP!

i think that you should brake up with "bob" because even though you might hurt him, he might get more hurt if he finds out that your using him for someone else. You also never no if "fred" likes you because he probably didnt want to say anything because your going out with "bob" so if you dump "bob" "fred" might ask you out.. you never no.
hope i helped !!


my friend loves this guy n.s and i like him to and he might like me and if he asked me out i truly want to say yes but at the same time i dont want to lose my best friend . what should i do?

okay i think you should talk to your friend .. ask her how she would feel if you said yes if he asked you out. if she says no shes not a true friend because a true friend would want the best for her other friend. If she says she dosent care then that means you really have a true friend
good luck and i hope i helped



So next year I'll be trying out for High School and I play all positon's including goalie. And to be on the High School team and to go farther in life playing soccer I really need to find a position and work on it really hard. I just can't choose. Foward I love but I don't really have good endurance but I have speed and a hard kick. Midfield I'll always be moving and usually touching the ball but once again i don't really have the endurance for it. Defence I love too there's nothing really anything bad I can say about that. Then goalie I love to be goalie espically when I save the ball and everyone cheers (lol duh) but then i hate it because feel like I let my whole team down. Well i just can't decied what position to play and work on. What position would the High School probably need?

Thanks, sorry for the length

I think you should to defence because you said you really like it and you have a hard kick which is good for defence because you can kick really far to the other side and get it away from your goal. and i also think you should practice goalie too because you said you loved to stop the ball and have everyone cheer. So thats what i think but its all up to you.
hope i helped

- nicole


Hey, well I'm 14 female and like when ever I see a cute guy I fall for him. Like I like a guy at my school and another one and when I went to some men's college soccer games i like feel madly in love with them but i know I'll never ever be albe to have then and I can't cause that's like a 18 years dif. and yea. So is this normal for me to be falling for like every cute,hott guy i see? Thnaks

yeahh its normal ... it sometimes happenes to me lol .. but somtimes the hott guys and mean .. but yeahh its normal


How can I bulid up my arm strength so I can throw the ball farther?

i play soccer and what i usually do it pull ups and push ups ... then i usually practice trowing the ball ... sometimes you might need to get a little bit of a running start that always helps me .. soo i hope i helped


wow i have this problem my boyfriends thinks i been cheating on him and i swear i havent and is there any song out there that has to do something like my problem. I feel better if i hear songs that sound like my life??

i think because of you .. its by kelly clarkson..


what does 143 mean?

it means i love you 1- i 4- love -you ... it stands for how many letters...


ok so i have liked this guy at school for like ever and earlier this week he asked me out and i said yes of course! Then the next day he started to ignore me and tell everyone we were going out. He is really starting to confuse me what should I do?

Maybe he is just shy .. you never no .. you should talk to him. hang with him mayb he will stop ignoring you.


Well this young man, is all that I am looking for right now, I am so afraid to give him a chance because I had just jumped in a relationship last time and got hurt. So should I follow my heart or should I weight things out first? Please Help

You should follow your heart! .. if you really like him then you no whats right to do.. even tho you got hurt last time dosent mean its going to happen this time because its a different guy... so i think you should follow your heart..


ok so my friend. we were eating dinner with her parents. they asked me a question about something for school. we had something for our parents to meet our new teachers. then she got GROUNDED because i said we had em (since she didn't tell em). well now i feel like crap since i got her grounded. WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE IT UP TO HER? DID I EVEN DO ANYTHING WRONG!?!?!?!!

i dont think you did anything wrong. all you did was tell the truth and i think thats great. Tell her that you didnt know her parents didnt know about it. She should understand

hope i helped


I NEED HELP!!! my last boyfriend and i have been broken up for more than 3 months now, and within those three months, he already went out with somebody else. i still like him, however, and even though he knows that, he's still trying to hook up with this other girl, ever since he and his girlfriend broke up during halloween. i was thinking of asking him out, but there's this one little thought that keeps me away from it: the fact that he seems to not care after you two are broken up. i don't want that to happen anymore, because it hurts if we break up again, but at the same time, i still really wanna get that feeling again when i was with him.

what do you think i should do??

I think you should tell him how you really feel and see if you feels the same way for you to and is just afraid to show it. If you really like him you should ask him how he feels about you... its worth a try!
hope i helped



If you download music on limewire how do u put them on a cd from there cause i dont no how and i need 2 no soo

ill give 5's if u anser

to burn a cd .. you put the blank cd in and wait a couple of minute and something will pop up. When it does you see burn cd click that and then clcick okay and then it will tell you the drag the songs into the box and then when you have all your songs you click burn and then you go your cd!

hope it works !!



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