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*Hey wuts up! im ashley and love hanging out with friends and chatting online -go ahead ask me a question!*
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sorry i didnt no what this went under, so i put it under friendship.

anyways, im going to my friends sleepover tonight and if i stay up most of the night/all night then i get a headache, but the thing is, i think everyone is going 2 stay up all night and i dont want to be the only one asleep, while everone is having fun.

has anyone got anything i could do to help me not get headaches??

before u go to the party take some advil and viTAMINS

hi, ive got a french oral exam on tues and i havent hardly learnt any of it, we have to learn our presentatation about anything ( mines half a page long) the questions to go with it (5-6 questions), topic one and topic two which is like 13-15 questions. im getting really stressed out cos, ive got no time to revise.

can someone plze help!!!!!!!!!! (link)
sure wut grade are u in

Ok I'm in 8th grade and my one of my friends said that I should ask out this 7th grade girl, she kinda hot and a little sluty and i know she likes me but I dont know if I love her, and what if she already has a boyfriend. And why am I stresing out over this girl I should just end my pain right here and now! Please help!!!
well i think u should go ahead and ask her i mean u have a 50 50 chance of her saying yes!!!

Hey, I don't know what to download, so can anyone just recommend some songs that just fit the kind of like "chillin" mood? Preferably hip hop/rap... (link)
how about boulavard of broken dreams , solider, mockingbird,since you've been gone and stuff like that!!

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