i like this boy and I think he likes me. like when we play dogde ball he tries to get me it or get me out.or when we play kick ball he always tries to get me out, but I went out with him before and now I'm scared he'll say no. and then tell everybody I asked. What should I do?

well he probably wouldnt tell anyone if you asked. But i mean if you went out with him before youll at least know that he chose you before so its possible he will again. Dont worry and just go for it! im sure itll turn out great!
good luck!


Okay, I really really really want to have sex with him (a.k.a. my boyfriend) but everytime we are about to "do it", I chicken out.

I don't know why, I guess that it's because I'm a virgin.
But I wish I weren't so scared. And I can never figure
out why I back out.

What should I do? Wait to have sex? Or just hold my
tongue and get it over with?

[p.s.] i'm a female, 16 years old

Well i think if your not ready i would wait. And just because everyone else does it doesn't mean you have to also. Its not kool. So i would wait until youre ready. But thats just me..
good luck


does size really matter to girls?

to many it doesnt. but everyones different soo it depends.


hi im a guy 15 years old and im gay. the only thing is im not out to my school yet n i like this guy n i dont know if hes gay. my sister heard from her best friend (one of his) that he admited to her he was. wo what would be the best way fore me to findout fore shore. and possibly ask him out depending on his answer. thnx bunches

well if your not sure you can always ask him in a funny way as if you werent. just incase he is.
hope this helped.


when do your boobs stop frowing..im 13

usually around 15-18 it depends with every girl though.


i want to tell this girl that she really upset me about something she said...should i do it online...in person or on the fone?

well defintaly not online. personaly i would do it in person. but the fone is okay too. just make sure that you know that they understand what your trying to tell them.


Is breaking up over the phone okay? Or should I make an effort to do it in person?

in person would be better. just because its more upfront and you might not seem as harsh. maybe do it while your alone though not that other people crown around and make who ever your breaking up with feel worse.
good luck


There is this girl that i realy like. I got her phone number. I am going to call her and ask her out to the movies or somthing.

What should i say to her when i call her? My mind is blank of all ideas right now. I want to let her know her how i feel without being too deep and emotional. Also, is there any way i can ask her out besides saying "Hey, wanna go out?" I am 13 and she is almost 14.

Thanks for your help.

trust me girls get as scared as guys do. i actually called a guy up once and asked him if he wasnted to hang out. and it all turned out great.
just be calm and ask her if she would like to go to the movies with you. or you just can come out with it and say hey i like you would you like to hang out sometime? :P
just be yourself and im sure things will go great!
good luck!


is 16 years old too old for a 14 year old?
because i don't think its a problem and it never ever seemed like a problem until one of my friends brought it up. hes totally cool with it. and he doesn't like force me to do anything. its nice. but is he really too old?

2 years differents is nothing. and it is actually more of a normal width apart. age shouldnt really matter though. i mean im almost 16 and i like a guy whos turning 15 i dono when but yea were about 2 years or so appart but in my eyes it doesnt really matter :)


If a guy tells you to have children when you're young; and then winks at you, does that mean anything? This happened to me with a guy friend of mine. First he started asking me if I wanted children. I said that I was still young (I'm 24) and had lots of time for that. Then he said to have them when I'm still young because I wouldnt want to be 60 when their 18. He has never had children himself (he's 41). This is when he winked at me. Do you think (because this is my theory), that this was his way of hinting he wanted to have children with me? Because obviously he wants them, and was telling me to have them young because if I waited until I was 40 to have his kids he would be in his 70's by the time our kids were in their teens.

yea thats exactly what he was hinting.
but if your not ready i would wait.


Can you fall out of love?

I mean ive been w/ my bf for a while now and its great! this last month however is kinda shaky. I feel myself NOT wanting to hang out w/ him. But i miss him.

Am i falling out of love or whats wrong?
how can i fix it?

you're probably just going through a rough time with him at the moment. try maybe taking a break from him for a few days and see if things get better. Or go out an have some fun and do something that you both love to do.
just give it some more time and if things really don't work out then.. i would call it quits with him and move on, though that could be tough too.
hope things get better!


i need to know if grils like geting secret antmirers gifts on valin time's day( i'm giving her a cristl heart) and if i should insribe some thing on it, what should i do.

most girls do like getting secret admirer gifts. its always fun trying to figure out who its from. but if you do want to insribe something in it then maybe like something about how you feel about her or even her name or something. or even something sweet that will make her think of you.
good luck


k, there's this (really hott) guy in my class. I don't care what guys look like all that much, his hotness adds to it.. a lot of other girls like him, but I'm not sure if he likes me or not. Another guy in my class shouted to the class that I liked him, and he didn't say anything but my friends said he blushed more than I did. so, do you think this guy likes me? I'll rate 5's for any sensible answer! 14/f

its very possible that he does because if i guy wouldnt like u he probably wouldnt blush so try talking to him :D


Hi. I like this girl a lot and i was thinkin of writing her a poem or song but i cant play any music for it since i play the drums not the guitar. I'm having trouble writing the poem. Any ideas on what i can do?

with the poem just write down how you feel about her and then start putting it together with how you think it sounds good. thats how i usually write my songs/poems.
im not sure how you could do the music with it but maybe like learn 3 chords on the guitar and make it into something or just sing it or somehthing. what ever you do i'm sure she'll love it :)
good luck!


i picked this out to show a girl how much i care what do you think?

I'm not sure if you know or not
But I really do love you a lot.
You still hold a special place in my heart
And you did, right from the start.
But when he came along and took your breath away,
I was devastated and didn't know what to say.
I spend my nights crying, time after time,
I spent my days lying, saying I was fine.
Little did you know, my heart was crushed inside,
And on that day, a little of me died.
But with her, you look so in love
'Cause you are an angel from above.
I now have to teach my heart to move on,
For, you are now forever gone.
But about one thing I am unsure:
Why it can't be me, and not him?

that is really sweet. i'm sure she'd love it. i know i would if i was her. :D And i like how its honest and very caring.


Hi. I like this girl a lot so i figured if i got her a present some sparks may fly. So i want to give it to her, but i can't figure out if she still has a boyfriend. I think they broke up, but im not 100% sure. If I give her the gift should i try and kiss her if they're broken up?

sure i think that would be cute and sweet :D Go for it!! Just make sure she likes you too but the present is a good idea to make some sparks fly.


i wanna get my girlfriend something nice for the holidays. i want to spend around 15-30 dollars. any ideas?

maybe some nice jewlery, a cd, maybe a purse, movie, make-up, something you made, a jurnal, maybe a good book if she likes to read. i mean be creative, im sure she'll love what ever you get her.
good luck and merry christmas!


I want to ask my crush to winter formal creatively. (girls ask guys for this dance)
I have different ideas. Please rate one through ten each idea on how cheesy it is [1 being not at all cheesy, 10 being wow that's cheesy!] And also give me feedback about each idea.

#1: The Guitar Pic Idea. I type "Will you go to winter formal with me?" in small font and print it out and cut it out and glue it onto one side of a guitar pic and put clear nail polish over it so it doesn't look tacky. Then I'd give it to him. (He likes to play guitar.)

#2: Fortune Teller Idea. This is probably most flirtatous. I playfully tell him I've learned palm reading. Ask for his hand and as I move my finger over different lines on his palms, I jokingly make up different predictions like "You will be a famous rockstar." Then I say "Let's see what's in your near future." Then as I look at his palm, I say "I see you going to winter formal with me." And then sincerly look at him and ask, "Would you like to go to winter formal with me?"

#3: Icing On The Cookie Idea. I bake cookies and on one write in icing "Would you like to go to winter formal with me?" (One problem: I've never baked cookies in my life before)

If you have any other ideas they are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

i think the first one with the guitar pic was a kool idea. #2 is kinda cheesy say.. a 5. and #3 is a good idea but since youve never baked before then yea. lol.
good luck!


ok the other day i was with my boyfriend and weve been together for a month and 2 months next week and he said 'i love you' to me like properly but hes into long term relationships, his last gf he was with for 8 months and he said 'i love u' to her.
do you think he really means it...i love him so much and i dont want to get hurt!
thanks ill rate high

its always hard to tell but it never hurts to take a chance if he does mean it. if you feel the same way though. just dont do anything stupid like sex. lol but if you think he really means it youll know.


ok i am signed up for advicenator but i never thought that id need advice myself theres this girl and everytime i see her my stomach feels really weird and i feel like i want to be around her for a long time and i try to pick my words carfully but they allways come out wrong, i might as well be saying hoopiewatlenslurgin? wat the heck is wrong? im confused!!!!!!!!!

your're just nevrus around her. maybe even like her. so you get all jumbled up because you dont wanna mess up.
but its fine. alot of girls think its cute so just chill and dont worry.


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