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it has to be good ♥

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i feel like my boyfriend is making me sad all the time. all of these girls that he's friends with tell me that he likes THEM and he's going to cheat on me for THEM. at first i didn't believe it, but then i found out he hung out with them yesterday and it made me feel hurt.. he did invite me to the movies but he said he could only stay for a half hour so i decide i didn't want to go and he said "i love you and i wanna see you" but after hearing what those girls told me, i was too hurt to see him. he said he's sorry if he hurt me and he loves me.. i asked him if he liked kayla [the girl who said he was gunna cheat on me for her] and he said he MIGHT like her. and i said why? and he said "because she actually showed up to see me." now i don't know if i can trust him because that girl said that he wrote a song for her and sang it to her and told her that he loved her. i don't know who to believe

Boys, boys, boys. Can't live with 'em, you can't shoot 'em either, hah :]. I experienced a simliar situation myself. As the relationship went on, he just got worse and worse until I just couldn't stand it anymore. If he treats you this way continually, I say break up with him. Get out of the relationship as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be.


Ok this question is going to be kind of deep, so here goes. When I was 14 I lose my virginity to my first love. I'm 19 now and married to another man. My first love, Tim, and I have been on and off since I was 14. No matter what we always seem to find a way back to each other. The problem is, I have been married now almost 2 years to this other man. BUT I still find myself thinking (alot) about my first, Tim. I don't know if I am in love with him still, or what. I am so confused. Everytime we bump into one another it's like that spark never left. Please help asap.

I think everyone has that first love that they will never forget. I personally believe you never fall out of love; it just adjusts. If your feelings for Tim are so extreme that it constantly affects your marriage, talk to your husband or someone else about it. Just remember why you fell in love with your husband in the first place.


hi i was just wondering what a dental dam was. thanks =)

Dental dams are small, thin, square pieces of latex that are used for oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex. They get their name from their use in dental procedures. Dental dams help to reduce the transmission of STIs during oral sex by acting as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that contain bacteria and viruses. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors - so you can find a dam that satisfies your tastes.

For more information:

hope i helped!


I've heard a lot about dental dams when giving a girl oral sex. If all you are doing is sucking on the clitoris is it alright NOT to use a dental dam? I'm the only guy that my girlfriend has ever been with and she's the only girl that I've ever been with and we've been together for over 4 years. Thank you.

Well since you guys haven't experimented with anyone else, I'm sure your chances of getting any kind of virus is pretty slim. It's better to be safe than sorry though so if you really wanted to make sure everything is good to go, you should go to a health clinic and you both should get checked out. You can get diseases from public bathrooms or anything like that so I would get checked out.


If you stop eating meat in general, it can help weight loss?

I'm gonna have to say false. I've been a vegetarian for almost two years now and I weigh the same as I did when I was a meat eater.

Also, if you stop eating meat in general, be sure you get enough protein through vitamins or any other alternative.

Maybe talk to your doctor about the kind of diet that would be good for your body.

:] hope I helped.


okay so in december me and this kid went out for a very short period of time..(i was rebound) and his last gf just broke up with him saturday and asked me out last night but i said no we can just talk for a little while and well today he came over and we fooled around went to like 2 or 3 base-ish and now i feel terrible (right after i was told my bff got outta jail but one of his best friends died so now hes gotta go to a funeral which also upset me) i guess my question is

1 why do i feel bad
2 how do i trust this kid that i fooled around with

Maybe you just feel bad because you feel like you were JUST a rebound and you meant nothing more to him. My advice is to just get to know him, but not just physically. Really get to know the person he is. Once you get to know him on a deeper level, you'll begin to trust him.

ps. i hope you and your best friend are dealing well with this death. im really sorry about that


i'm the type of girl who's very
clingy and wants to know where
my boyfriend is and who he's with.
it's not because i don't trust him,
it's just because i always want to hear
his voice. my boyfriend used to be like
that but now after we've been going out
for a while, he doesn't call me as much
and he barely goes online and he doesn't
go to my school. i always call him and he
never calls me and i seem desperate calling
him every hour. =( but i can't help it.

how can i stop seeming desperate and stop the need to call my boyfriend every hour?
because he thinks it's getting annoying....

Since you even see your behavior can seep annoying and somewhat desperate, you can probably sense that he's feeling the same way. Some guys even breakup with girlfriends just because clingy isn't going to work out for them. Just know that you COULD lose him over this. [Im sorry if you disagree with what I was saying and you find it harsh or whatnot in advance] That could be your motivation. But also keep yourself busy. Get a job, do chores, do homework, study harder. Go ahead and find a new hobby. I don't think a girl should revolve her life around a boy.



Hi, I'm a homosexual 16 year guy, I'll be 17 in two days. I was in a 10 month serious stable relationship with an 18 year old guy. We met in high school. We were perfect together, spent so much time together, had a great time together. He was like my best friend. I loved him and he loved me. We were in deep love. From when we first started dating, he told me where he stood on drugs. He's against them and does not like them at all. I was under the influence once when he caught me. I cried the whole night and asked for his forgiveness. I promised him I would never do it again. He gave me a chance. We were great for about 6 more months. I had used substances behind his back a couple of times, I didn't do it because I didn't love him... I honestly can't explain why, I just did, you know? So eventually... the day before our 10 month anniversary, he sat me down and talked to me. He was like "Look, I know you've done certain things behind my back.." and so from there we talked about it. He said he doesn't give out second chances.. and he left me. We now have been separated for a little over 2 months.. and we hadn't spoken the first month. He contacted me at the beginning of this year... telling me he didn't like this whole not speaking to each other ordeal, and that he would love to hang out. So we did this past weekend. We had a good time. But I was expecting something else, that maybe, just maybe he would want to be with me again... but it didn't happen. I cry almost every single night.. and I always think about him.. he's my first love. I just don't know if he feels the same way. I mean, like if you're trying to get over your ex who you were with for 10 months basically, 1 or 2 months is NOT enough. The only way to get over someone is to not speak or see them for a while you know? So this whole thing had confused me.. I want to know if he still loves me or not.. I really do.. but I don't want to ruin a friendship we have again now... What should I do?


Just call him up and tell him you would like to talk. I understand how a couple of months wouldn't be enough for you, and quite possibly even him. I'm sure by you asking him to be 100% open with his feelings toward you wouldn't ruin the friendship you two have created. Don't straight out ask if he loves you or not. That could make the situation complicated. Just ask him what he's feeling and if a friendship is the best thing or possibly more. Hope I helped :]


alright well im 16! female :)
soo there is this guy and we've known each other for a couple years but never really talked much or hungout or anything. well hes on my cousins hockey team and i went up there with them for their out of town tournament so i got really
close with all the boys. this guy though his name is nick and hes adorable and i knew he always thought i was hott and stuff but never really thought anything of it. well me and my other cousin hangout with him almost every weekend now. you see he is in 8TH GRADE..yeah i know kinda pathetic and sad because im in 11th but everyone thinks we are going out and he has a girlfriend but is like i like you so much more than her i have to dump her i feel bad but i cant go out with her anymore because i like you so much. and his parents were like arent you going out with her? and he is like no and then his brother is like why not she is cute haha he is in 9th grade but i dont know. my cousin thinks we would be perfect together and we were texting each other last night and im starting to kinda like him because he treats me like a princess but i just think it would be soooo weird to go out with someone in 8th grade. i just dont think i could take all the stuff people would say about that. and then he is like when i break up with this girl me and you are gonna go out okay for real? but i fell asleep and didnt text back. so i kinda like him but i dont know enough to go out with him i just love hangin out with him!! i dont want to lead him on either but then if i dont go out with him he could find another girl and then i would always have some feelings for him. so if he does ask me out or something sometime and i dont want to go out with him or have a boyfriend he is gonna be heartbroken and i dont want that because i care for him!! i just dont know..what should i do?!

Well if you really like him then go ahead. True, there is a huge age difference. But that's not the issue. The issue would be maturity. You've probably dealt with more relationships than he has so he doesn't really understand it fully yet. But if you don't think that will bother you, then I say do whatever you feel is right.


me and my boyfriend are continuously having little fights over nothing.... i think its because we hang out all the time and when were not hanging out together, were on the phone with eachother. i think were just too into eachother and i think we need to have lives besides eachother and i think that will really help. how do i not talk to him as much and see him less. because i love him and i always want to see him. weve been dating for over a year and were both 16. thanks!

Just tell him you think that you guys spend way too much time together and that it would help your relationship if you took a week off or something from hanging out or whatever. It's really helpful. It will help you realize how much you guys mean to each other. Trust meeee


ok so im on my period...funfun...and my tummy hurts like never before...what are somethings/anything i can do/take to feel better? 13/f if that helps?(not my first time also)

Motrin. Yup. Definetly ♥


PEYTON IS GOING TO ASK YOU OUT! yay! About time. You guys were like made for each other.. sort of. Haha. I love you girl. ♥


Hmm.. interesting. I doubt I'm going to say yes though. I don't know. He's just my MX buddy. Grrr. =]


LIMESTONE. NOW! Be there. Or be square.

Dude, you serioully need to go to Limestone today. Alright??? Good!

I can't! My parents are squares. Sorry =[.


i'm going out with this guy and like people are starting to know..... but alot of people are making fun of me telling me i'm desperate! but im not i love this guy but its soo annoying that these people think this..what should i do?

I really don't think you should care what other people are saying about you. If you really like him, then that's all that matters. No one else is involved in that relationship except for you and him. So the only people that matter are you and him ♥


Okay this may seem strange but my friend is going out with my ex boyfriend and i'm really mad. Jordan (( my ex )) and I broke up in August and I really don't think that i still like him, that is untill my best friend decided to date him. I could've told her that it bothered me but I didn't! I think I like Jordan again but i don't know...I just don't want my friend to date him or any of my friends...what's going on and what should I do about this? Please Help! I'll rate 5's unless you're mean...

brokenhearted && confused =/

You just need to talk to your friend and tell her that it bothers you that they're dating. Since she's your friend, she'll understand.

And just because you're jealous doesn't mean that you still like him.. trust meee


Meet me at the race track on Wednesday, please. Peyton and all the guys will be there too.


Uhh.. I don't know if I can. I'm supposed to go to the movies. I want to go to the track though dude. There's supposed to be a badass race. Tell Peyton thanks for fixing my bike.

Love you Drew. BFFL


I really did love you. No matter what you think, I really did. I know I fucked up and I regret it. I still love you.

Okay okay okay. I get the picture. We're still cool though. So it's all good. I'm sorry I dont believe you though. It's just really hard knowing all the crap you put me through. But it's fine. I'm sorry I dont talk to you much anymore. It's just that it's kind of hard and pretty pointless. But no matter what, I'm still here for you.
Love, the other end of the expired relationship ♥


My boyfriend tells me he likes me and all this stuff and he like actslike it sometimes but other times he acts like he completly just doesnt care and never talks to me and when i ask him he tells me he likes me and gets mad sometimes when i ask him. but idk does he really like me??!

Ehh guys are like that all the time. It's like they're bi polar or something. It's fine. Don't worry about it.

♥ Maria


Ok so I am 16 and I am in love with a 15 year old!!! is that wrong? I mean he really likes me as well as I like him and I cant stop thinking about him, is it wrong for a 16 year old to date a 15 year old that is about to turn 16 in 5 months???

Of course it's not wrong!

♥ Maria


Does anyone know the song that goes like were goin down down in an earlier round and sugar were going down swinging

Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down

♥ Maria


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