(Rating: 5) thx
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thankss you!! =]]
(Rating: 5) haha, i will. thanks! ♥
(Rating: 5) thanks babe
(Rating: 5) thanx --someone else
(Rating: 5) kk tnx
(Rating: 5) thanks. that's good advice
(Rating: 5) i'll keep that in mind
(Rating: 5) Thanks for the help!
(Rating: 5) thanx you just described me by the way, the music talented funny sweet one not the bad ass lol well thanx if you want, you can add me at arsenic_4_@hotmail.com or AIM say_it_aint_so4444 if you dont want to its kool thanx bye
(Rating: 5) Thanx a bunch 4 the help, now we r going out! :) I'm so happy!
(Rating: 5) 0:-)
(Rating: 5) Thank you for your response
(Rating: 5) Thanks!
(Rating: 5) thxs
(Rating: 5) thnaks but no thanks its 600 dollars..im not that crazy about it. and why didnt you say thank you on my compliment? no manners
(Rating: 5) Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it!
(Rating: 5) haha thanks:)
(Rating: 5) thahnks...hih?
(Rating: 5) thanx
(Rating: 5) thanx alot!!!
(Rating: 5) thx alot nd ya it is picture ♥
(Rating: 5) ugg its going to be weird but ill do it thx
(Rating: 5) thanx :)
(Rating: 5) thx
(Rating: 5) thanks! =]
(Rating: 5) thanks!!
(Rating: 5) thank you ur the best!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thanks so much for answering!!! you know i didnt like it as much as the others!! but that is great that you enjoy it!!!
(Rating: 5) thanks i'll try
(Rating: 1) that wasnt my question SO DONT TRY TO RUN MY LIFE!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) Lol! I agree entirely! With it all :P thanks for you're time :)
(Rating: 5) annoying isnt it?
(Rating: 5) thanks so much!
(Rating: 5) Thank you for your response!
(Rating: 4) thanks
(Rating: 5) thanx that helps
(Rating: 5) thanx
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 4) thank you
(Rating: 5) I know this was asked a long time ago...but thanks :) And it did go away!
(Rating: 5) ^_^
(Rating: 5) thanx so much for helpin me out with 'is age just a number'- youre the only one who gav me postiive feedback, and wether its the thing to do or not, i thank you.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thanks a million! :)
(Rating: 5) You're advice was a little help, but it made me smile! Thanks! ^__^
(Rating: 2) well not wat i was askin for but thx anywas
(Rating: 4) thanks for your advice
(Rating: 4) Thanks!.. I play everyday but I mean I well take that to consdieration! Thanks for your help!
(Rating: 5) great help thanks for the advice
(Rating: 5) Thank you for your advice, and you are absolutely right..... shes actually been my friend for 7 yrs.... i dont plan on letting her go
(Rating: 5) ty girl! your my best best best best best ECT.....,FRIEND!
(Rating: 5) thanks you were the only one that remembered the aquwardness of preforming then giving advice!
(Rating: 5) thank you..no i understand completly! :)
(Rating: 5) Thanks a bunch. :) I hope youre right!
(Rating: 5) lol that's what I did... I was talking to ******, and at exactly 12:01, I proclaimed (over AIM) "I love you!". Of course, this isn't the first time I've told him, just the first time I've told him while we were talking about something totally different and random. :) ROCK ON!
(Rating: 5) Thanks!
(Rating: 4) thanks i talked to them and we soted everything out. xxx
(Rating: 4) Well, I can't give you a 5 cuz it didnt answer the question..... but you did try and compare, especially sicne you're female :) Keep it up ^_^
(Rating: 4) It was her fault. She was smoking pot and IIII didn't tell anybody even though I knew about it. So it's both our faults and now she's dead so it doesn't really matter, but some reason they didnt do an otopsy so now nobody will ever know.
(Rating: 5) lol yeah, i have only gotten one so far, but i guess i hae only been on here for a couple of months....but thanx!
(Rating: 5) THANKS!
(Rating: 4) thanx fo the advice it sounds like it will work your the best laters
(Rating: 5) hehe i hope ur right, thanks :)
(Rating: 5) Thanks
(Rating: 5) haha thanx
(Rating: 4) Thanks, but what do I say?
(Rating: 4) thx
(Rating: 1) No comment.
(Rating: 5) lol I know... it was a joke question anyway, to see if I got any funny answers... you do have a point, and I respect other people's music likes. I just vocalized my dislike... lol
(Rating: 5) That was REALLY great advice, thank you so much!! You rock :) xx
(Rating: 3) Do you really "laugh out loud" when you're typing those answers? There is no need to put "lol" at the end of that.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 4) i hope it works..thank you!
(Rating: 5) thanx!:)
(Rating: 5) thanx
(Rating: 5) thank you

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