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Well Lets see here.. Theres not much to me.. I'm 21 yrs old. I got married in march of 2008... My husband is in the army... He is currently serving his second tour in Iraq.. He's due home in a couple of weeks! I love to help people in anyway that I can.. I hope to go to nursing school here very soon... I guess thats all to me

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Ok hi,
Im sayah. I recently got some symptons
of pregnancy, like missing my period,
morning sickness.. exasution. And well i told my mom and she was supportive. Im going to take a home pregnancy test and a doctors one.. but if i am pregnant. I dont know what ill do. Im 14. I dont want to have an abortion, im against it. And to get it up for adoption.. well no, but ill have to go through my first year of high school with my tummy. And i have to stop school for a bit. and i dont want to.. HELP!
and if you could, any parenting tips. and ill tell you if i am for sure pregnant or not. and should i tell my boyfriend.. if i am or not ? Or tell him about the test at all ? (link)
Sorry it took so long to get back to you.. I've been quite busy... So before I go any farther.. Are you pregnant?

Im going out with this girl and i really love her but my parents don't know about it.Im afraid to tell them or ask them if i can go out on a date.Im 13...but i think there over protective.
Someone help me please (link)
your 13 yrs old.. You def not in love... You just think you are... Your in something called puppy love... and you will grow out of it.. trust me.. But... as far as the date.. I think you just tell your parents you met this really nice girl (of course let them meet her before this "date") and tell them that you would like to take her to the movies or something. If they say no.. then maybe invite her to your place a couple times.. let your parents get to know her a little more. and then eventually they will grow to like her.. and then your date might just happen.

Hope This Helps... Need Anything Else Drop One In The Inbox..



i was just wondering what people think of glasses. do you find them nerdy or attractive? i have to wear glasses fullo time and i am wondering if contacts are the way to go or should i wear glasses but i dont want to seem like a four eyes freak. any inputs are appreciated. (link)
Personally I wear glasses so I would tell you that glasses would probably be the way to go. I chose glasses because I've worn glasses soo long that seein myself in contacts I looked stupid.. haha. But... you need to make the decision.It may take your eyes a long time to adjust to contacts, and your eyes can get very irritated if you wear them too long without properly cleanin them, even wearing make-up. and when your tired. so there are some downs to having contacts.

Hope This Helps...


what does this man? its in french
vous ├¬tes la chose la plus ├ętonnante que j'ai jamais vue (link)
It means your the most amazing thing I ever saw...

If you ever need help on things like that... All you have to do is go to

and switch to whatever language you need and your set....

Hope this helps..

** Jackie**

how do you get rid of pimples by, lets say, tommorow? ill rate 5's (link)
Ok.... First off.. there is no real way to get rid of pimples in 1 day. You need to wash your face every night with a good brand of face wash.. Ecspecially if you were makeup. makeup clogs your pores and results in pimples... and your face is naturally oily... so this clogs your pores too.. so to help prevent pimples.. Just wash your face and night.. and while your in the shower... This is the only way to help prevent getting pimples.. you cant get rid of them in a day... Sorry...


does it stub your growth or anything, if your a teenager? (link)
If your talkin about Birth control.... No... it doesnt stub your growth... However some brands of birthcontrol do make you gain weight.. but only a couple pounds... It's meant to regualate your periods mainly.... and make then lighter....

hope this helps...

** Jackie**

could someone give me the steps to successfully scrunching your hair? i always try it and can't do it right (link)
I take a shower before I scrunch my hair.. But after you take your shower... towel dry your hair do its not really wet.. Then take your scrunching spray... I Use Aussie Scrunchin Spray.. It comes in a purple bottle. I've found that this works the best... and I just spray my hair and then scrunch it.. Ive also used my blow dryer a couple times while im scrunchin I have my blow dryer on low and dry it while im scrunchin it. and it also looks good that way...

Hope this helps.... Goood Luck...


i like this guy and i have only met him once idk if he still likes me but we have been talking over myspace and i just sent him a message going, i need to tell you something
the thing that i need to tell him is how i really feel.
and if he relpys being a ass should i just forget it? what do you think? (link)
I think that if he does reply by bein an ass... then you should forget it.. You don't want to try bein with someone like that anyway. Maybe in the long run you wouldnt of wanted to be with him.. But.. You've got to think positive. Just believe that he will reply having the same feelings for you as you do for him....

I hope that this Helps..
Good Luck... Keep Me Updated..


What are some good game websites?? Like games i can play online. (link)
Pogo is a really good game site.. It has tons of games you can play...

You will have to make a screen name and stuff.. I play on this alot when I'm home and stuff..

Hope This Helps...


Well, last week, I got into a car accident. It was just me driving.

This guy was drunk, and speeding. He ran a red and smashed in the front of my car. He hit me, and then he ran. His plates were from April of 2004!

The policeman came back, telling me that he didn't catch him, but it is my fault, and they are going to send me a citation in the mail.
Should I go to court? Or just pay off the money..

It's not fair that he hit me.. and then ran, and didn't get punished, but I did. Now, I have to pay 500 dollars to fix my car, ontop of the citation...

Help? (link)
I think that you should def go to court.. If the guy hit you.. You guys can fight the accident... You shouldnt have to pay for the fine..or the car.. the guy that hit you should.. and im sure they will beable to find this person.. cuz he will pretty much be the only one driving around with a smashed in front end.. So I would def go to court..

hope this helps..


I know this is a stupid question. But can someone explain to me what a " queer " is ? Im so confused about it. I'll rate if you want me to (link)
A queer is somebody that is into dating guys.. People these days are disrespectful and use gay... faggot.. and queer to catagorize these type of people..

hope this helped...

ok well i have a pretty big crush on a girl at school. But there is a huge problem. Two other girls like me and i dont really like them and i dont want to say no to them cause they would freak out on me... I used to like one of the girls but now i dont and she still thinks i do. what should i do. i really dont wanna go out with them i want to go out with the girl a like. How should i begin to talk with her. (link)
Well.. I Think that you should just start off with.. Hi.. How are you doing.. Or.. Hey... What's going On... It's not difficult to talk to a female.. But.. If you like this girl.. you should tell her.. Before its too late and she has been takin by another guy... But for the other girls.. you need to tell them straight up that you dont like them.. and that you dont want to be with either of them.. So what if they freak out.. There are other guys out there that they can go out with... Talk to this girl you like.... Chances are.. she may like you too..

Good Luck.. Hope This Helps...


im a younge girl turning 16 in march the 1 and i been going out whith this guy for 9months now but the only diffrence is hes 21 a five year gape i dont see nothing wronge whith it but some people do im really in love whith him and he says he loves me and wants me 2 be hes 4 a enternity hes in jail at a moment but 4 somthing his friend done and i dont want eny one else to be his girl sep me can i hear what yous got to say plz (link)
Hunnie... Why are you with someone who is currently in Jail?? You may think your in love.. and in reality you might be.. your 16 years old... You have time.. Be a teenager...I'm 18. and my boyfriend is 16.. so mine is the opposite of yours... but.. he got sent away in April... and was able to come home at the end of June .. So I Guess I Know how you feel.. I cant tell you not to be with him.. because people told me the same thing when my boyfriend was gone... And I've been with my boyfriend a little over a year now.. You need to tell him that you truly have feelings for him.. and that you want to be the only girl in his life... and if he cant do that.. Then.. you can move on to someone better... you dont want to be with someone who is going to have other girls besides you..thats not far to you..

Hope This Helps.... Good Luck..


i met a cute guy this weekend, at a rebel paintball cuarse - he works there - my house is jus a few blocks away from it - we started chattin right away - well - long story short - i was playin with his phone, and he told me 2 put my number on - i asked him why, and he told me its so he can call me when hes there again - i dont know if he likes me - but it sure looks that way - i jus wanna know - does he like me - or doesnt he - cause i sure-as-hell like him. (link)
He def sounds like he might have some interest in you. I Dont think hed ask you for your number if he didnt have some interest in you. Give him a couple days to call you and see how things for from there. I would tell him you have a crush on him.. maybe things will end up going great and you'll be hooked up before you know it..

hope this helps... GOod Luck..


i want to be with this guy (we both know we like each other) but my friends don't want to see my with him. But i think every one know we want each other.We are mad cool, last year we got tighter than ever.He left for the summer came back.When school started everyone thought we were togeather. i stayed single he dated couple of girls (one of them was my friend) I love him to death he and everyone knows that.I started to call him baby boo. What should i do?I want him but i don't want my friend to me mad at me also.
Ok.. So Heres the deal.. if your friends were "friends" at all they would support your decision... Dont back out of something that your friends dont want you to do.. Its your life.. You live that life.. not them... They will get mad... but they will get over it... But.. I'm going to tell you... There has to be a reason that these friends of yours dont want to see you with this guy... So talk to them.. So why they dont want to see you with this guy.. and then decide what you want to do.. But you decid.. Do what you want to do... Not what your friends want you to do.

To me you sound like a smart girl... and he seems like he likes you too from the sounds of what you said.. I think that you should go for it..

Keep Me Updated... Good Luck.. And I Hope This Helps... If You Need Anything Else... You Can Drop One In My Inbox..

During 4th period yesterday, my friend, Ryan had my cell and I forgot to get it back from him at the end of class. So he had to keep it and his 5th and 6th periods are football. All the football guys know me so I guess they thought they could mess with my phone and it would be alright. Here's just a few things I found out they did:

1. changed my b/f's name to "cock sucker"
2. took pictures of themselves in the shower (surprisingly enough, I wasn't turned on)
3. sent dirty texts to people
4. changed my dad's name to "do not answer"
5. downloaded all these songs and games
6. i have a "never delete" folder for the texts i want and didn't want to delete and they of course, deleted them! (they claim this one was an accident)
7. and changed the language to German

I was furious with them when I saw my cell. Mostly at Ryan for letting them do it. So, I am not talking to any of them until I figure out if they're worth it or not. Specially Ryan. Now, he claims he is mad at me because I had no right to be mad at him because it wasn't his fault! How immature is that? I don't care that they used up my texts or downloaded stuff that cost money and I don't want them to pay me back or anything but what should I do?
You def have the right to be mad at them... I would be very upset about it... I would def make them pay for the games and ringtones they downloaded.. that stuff can be very expensive.. and you shouldnt have to pay for it when they did it.. So I would def confront them about it.. Ryan has no right to be mad at you.. He had your phone.. and he had the responsibility to protect your phone like it was his own..

Hope This Helps... Good Luck


i need some more advise any one pls (link)
No one can help you with this. But you def def need to tell her parents! because she is going to end up hurting herself! Havent you seen the TV shows about people who do that kind of stuff... They are tooo Skinny... And some eventually die.. So you need to get her to some how go to a doctor with you.. and get her to talk to someone... Because.. I'm guessing.. She is NOT fat.. and she thinks she is.. and thats why shes doing it..

You need to tell her.. She is beautiful no matter what she looks like that she doesnt need to make herself throw up...

Hope This Helps... Good Luck..


Alright, Me and this guy were talking a lot and he told me he loved me and all that jazz. Then he started getting mad at me over stupid things and once I would explain myself he would be like alright. Then we got in this huge fight. And fought for a week. Then just yesterday he IMed me out of the blue. He said that he wanted to try the friends thing for now. I really like this kid, If I don't love him. I don't know what to do. He's always flirting with other girls and everything and I'm just I really want to go out with him. But I know he would say no. I just wish he would like me.

I mean whenever he said he wanted to try the just friends thing for now part he sent me this poem/letter he wrote during the week we were mad at eachother and it made me cry. It basically said that he will always care about me and that sometimes he's stupid about things and wishes I would just over look them.

I really don't know what to do. I'm so confused. I just want him to like me..Wow...Please help me.

I rate 5's (link)
Hey Sweetie... Don't get stressed over it.. Everything will work out fine.. What I think you should do.. Is tell him exactly how you feel.. Dont leave anything out.. Because he may have the same exact feelings for you. and is just too shy to tell you about them.. being afraid of being denied by you. I'm guessing because he wrote you poems and stuff he likes you as well.

You are probably better off staying friends for a little while.. Get to know each other better then what you do. Then go from there. But if you both like each other. In the end it will work..

I Hope This Helps... Good Luck..

Need anything.. Drop one in the inbox..


i sumtimes think i am depressed

but wen i talk 2 my frends bout it the say no your not you cant b you have the perfect life(my parents arent divorded) and so0 if you were depressed it wouldnt be real!

also wen im around them(my friends) i feel sad!

i dont no whats going on but it worries me and ill also cry for no reason!

i cant talk 2 my friends about this though!

what should i do??? (link)
I know exactly how you feel.. Because I am the same exact way.. Have been for years..and I'm now 18.. Except.. My parents are divorced and they are both remarried.. I feel depressed right now... and I don't know.. If you honestly think you are depressed.. you can go and talk to your doctor and he/she can judge what they think.. and if they also think so.. They will put you on a antidepressant... That is your best bet.. Before you end up having it.. and you cant control it.. and you do stupid things.. I've seen this done by a number of my family members.. They dont think they are depressed and end up that they are.. and do stupid things to hurt and try killing their selves..

How old are you? And maybe if you talk to your parents they can guide you on what to do.. Theres got to be something going on in your life that is making you feel like your depressed and youve got to figure out what it is before things get too far...

I Hope This Helps... Good Luck... You Can Drop One In The Inbox If You Need Anything! I Will Help AnyTime...


Me and my g/f have been together for 8 months on and off, and I'm taking a liking to her friend...what do i do? (link)
we'll I'd shoot my boyfriend if he started liking my friend.. But.. Then again.. me and my boyfriend have been together over a year... No.. I wouldnt shoot him.. but id be pretty upset... But... You def need to tell your girlfriend that you have feelings for her friend.. You also need to find out if her friend likes you before you go and tell your girlfriend how you feel about her friend.. Then your gonna have no girl...

Sorry if this seems harsh..

Good Luck.


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