im 13 female and im like so scared right now. i was just in the bathroom and i wiped and there was brown liquidy stuff on the toilet paper. no i didnt go number 2. ive never had my period b4 plz help

yea well you have your period now. it probably dryed blood. so you have nothing to worry about. its normal.


what should you wear under the spandex you wear in volleyball??

well you could go with out underwear. but if thats not comterble just regular underware or a thong, if thats even comfterble. whatever you feel best in.


I'm gonna try out for Cheerleading which is really out of character for me. Its like an image change thing but what kinds of things do i work on?

well you definatly have to be able to stretch so like stretches for your legs and arms are good. and weight lifting is good too because it helps you with the flips and all that. Running is a need because you're dancing and jumping around. Basically anything that will keep you in shape. And thats about all!
hope i helped and god luck to you!


i need some tips for my pitching,like how to increase my volosity and stuff

i have a bro that plays but he doesnt pitch much. but i know you can get lessons that will help you. and practice is also alot of help. arm excersices like circles and weight lifting will also help your throughing. and for aim, those pitching targets that you pitch into also help. ive tried my self lol.
well good luck!


does anybody have a quick and easy way of learning to swim?

go into the pool and use floties for a while, once you get the hang of it take them off or use smaller ones that dont lift you as much, but remember to move your arms and legs to keep yourself afloat.
good luck!


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