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Question Posted Tuesday July 27 2004, 12:59 pm

If you use a condom, can you still get an STD?

[ Answer this question ]

Additional info, added Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:52 pm:
can the guy still get an std toO?

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evanator answered Wednesday February 16 2005, 7:21 pm:
there is usually a 10% chance you could

[ evanator's advice column | Ask evanator A Question

xxBrOkEnxx answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 8:32 pm: could break...i think latex helps you not get it but i think its only for like AIDS and HIV... you could get it from even having oral

[ xxBrOkEnxx's advice column | Ask xxBrOkEnxx A Question

xO4uXo answered Sunday August 1 2004, 9:41 pm:
*hey sweetie*

YES of course u cud still get an std, if the condom breaks or rips.

best of luck

x's n o's


[ xO4uXo's advice column | Ask xO4uXo A Question

BeastFromTheWeast answered Saturday July 31 2004, 1:54 am:
Yes..but of course.

[ BeastFromTheWeast's advice column | Ask BeastFromTheWeast A Question

KaitlinAmber answered Saturday July 31 2004, 1:41 am:
Yes, there is a chance that the girl and the guy can get STD. If the condom rips or tears, it can not only give the girl STD's, but it can also get her pregnant. Be Careful and have safe sex

[ KaitlinAmber's advice column | Ask KaitlinAmber A Question

hellraiser answered Saturday July 31 2004, 12:12 am:
if the condom breaks or rips, yes there is a chance u can get std's

hope i helped

[ hellraiser's advice column | Ask hellraiser A Question

BabiiBubbles answered Friday July 30 2004, 4:53 pm:
YEAH! Condoms don't protect diseases, alot of my friends (that are guys) used condoms, and some of them even got their girls pregnet cuz the condom broke. Anyway condoms dont fight off diseases, be safe.

Best wishes

[ BabiiBubbles's advice column | Ask BabiiBubbles A Question

x3sweetbabiigrlx3 answered Wednesday July 28 2004, 11:28 pm:
No you cannot get an STD when using a condum unless it breakz

x0x JamieLynn

[ x3sweetbabiigrlx3's advice column | Ask x3sweetbabiigrlx3 A Question

mxpimpette26 answered Wednesday July 28 2004, 4:31 pm:
it's like 99% or something around that line safe!!

but go get tested jst to make sure!! if you fell like you are!!...but it's good ur using a condom!!!

[ mxpimpette26's advice column | Ask mxpimpette26 A Question

natalie04 answered Wednesday July 28 2004, 2:25 pm:
it's possible, because there are parts of the body that aren't covered by a condom.


[ natalie04's advice column | Ask natalie04 A Question

xChainMeUp13x answered Wednesday July 28 2004, 2:35 am:
yeah if it breaks theres always a chance,

[ xChainMeUp13x's advice column | Ask xChainMeUp13x A Question

kHsBaBiDoLl answered Wednesday July 28 2004, 12:20 am:

[ kHsBaBiDoLl's advice column | Ask kHsBaBiDoLl A Question

volcombabe answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 10:55 pm:
actually, yes. but its a slim chance. both sexes are available for it. if you look it up, theres a 98% chance you WONT get an STD

[ volcombabe's advice column | Ask volcombabe A Question

confusedbabii answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 10:32 pm:
yes,if yu use a condom you can still get an std...and partner A only has a chance of getting the std if the partner B has it,or vise versa. hope i helped, <3 Niki Lyn (plz rate me!)

[ confusedbabii's advice column | Ask confusedbabii A Question

LaDiixDeE4Ya answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 8:38 pm:
yes both of yew can.

[ LaDiixDeE4Ya's advice column | Ask LaDiixDeE4Ya A Question

dancer_freak05 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 7:22 pm:
Yep its possible if you dont use it right, and yeah a guy can get one too

[ dancer_freak05's advice column | Ask dancer_freak05 A Question

LoViny0ux914 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:04 pm:
yup..if the condom breaks or comes off or isnt on right or sumthn

[ LoViny0ux914's advice column | Ask LoViny0ux914 A Question

LakerChick answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 3:48 pm:
Yea and no if you use a condom and it dosent brake then no but if it breaks then yea you can!

[ LakerChick's advice column | Ask LakerChick A Question

treesrule14 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 2:46 pm:

[ treesrule14's advice column | Ask treesrule14 A Question

xOchErrytWistOx answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 2:29 pm:
YES!! even if the condom is properly on and nothing goes wrong, you can still get an STD. a condom can protect against sperm, but a virus is a lot smaller than sperm and it can get through the barrier of the condom. either person can get an STD while using a condom. its only about 45 - 55 % effective on preventing most STD's. be safe and use one though, rather then just risk it all.

[ xOchErrytWistOx's advice column | Ask xOchErrytWistOx A Question

jeanine278972 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 2:26 pm:
yes.. condoms are only like 70% or 80% effective. There is always that chance of getting an STD or getting pregnant. The only sure way to avoid either, is not having sex at all.

[ jeanine278972's advice column | Ask jeanine278972 A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 2:26 pm:
if it breaks

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

kevin1986 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 2:20 pm:
Sure. If it breaks or if he eats you out.

[ kevin1986's advice column | Ask kevin1986 A Question

queenbee answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:59 pm:
Some STD's like Herpes and Genital Warts are transferred skin to skin and they often appear on the inner thighs. If someone has an active breakout and you come in contact w/them than you can still get the infection regardless if you use a condom or not. It does not matter if you are a guy or a girl your risks are the same w/these types of STD's.

[ queenbee's advice column | Ask queenbee A Question

babycakes9357 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:58 pm:
Yes u can get an STD because condoms(if u read the label) do not protect against some STD's just most of them. B/c some cells are bigger then others and they can slip through the condom when he cums in it...Im not sure if he can get one but it might be the same story that the condom isnt thick enough and something will pass through-the safest thing that i would do is to go to your local health department and get tested for HIV/ AIDS and major testable STD's both of you should together then u will not have to worry everytime u have sex..hope i help-goodluck!

[ babycakes9357's advice column | Ask babycakes9357 A Question

selectopaque answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:52 pm:
Yes, you can.
Make sure you know how to put one on, even if your a girl. You can't always depend on the guy, because if they have any air bubbles, then it will break, and be completely inneffective.

You can also get most STD's from oral sex.

[ selectopaque's advice column | Ask selectopaque A Question

Just_Being_True answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:48 pm:
Yes, b/c condoms aren't 100% effective!

Hope I Helped........Alina

[ Just_Being_True's advice column | Ask Just_Being_True A Question

SweetAvenger102 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:43 pm:
Using a condom only lowers your chances of getting and std.Its the same thing with getting pregnet!Condoms are only like 98% sure,somthing could still go wrong!
Be carful

[ SweetAvenger102's advice column | Ask SweetAvenger102 A Question

spoiledx3shortii answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:17 pm:
yes there is still a chance of getting an STD...
hope i helped!
<33 xox court xox

[ spoiledx3shortii's advice column | Ask spoiledx3shortii A Question

Duckhunt123 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:15 pm:
Yeah, you can because the rubber on the condom isnt always good.

[ Duckhunt123's advice column | Ask Duckhunt123 A Question

ShOrThOnEy_ox answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:10 pm:
Yes, you can still get STD condoms are not 100% safe.


[ ShOrThOnEy_ox's advice column | Ask ShOrThOnEy_ox A Question

c_r_y_s_t_a_lt_e_a_r_s answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:04 pm:
Yes, definitley, just because you are wearin` protection doesn't mean you can't get std.

[ c_r_y_s_t_a_lt_e_a_r_s's advice column | Ask c_r_y_s_t_a_lt_e_a_r_s A Question

GC_rox_my_sox answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 1:04 pm:
Yes, if the condom rips you can. Comdoms are 99% affective.

[ GC_rox_my_sox's advice column | Ask GC_rox_my_sox A Question

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