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Question Posted Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:02 pm

would it be bad to be a pimp for halloween???

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Devyn answered Friday July 30 2004, 12:15 am:
No, I think it would be okay. Its Halloween for lords sake.
- Devyn

[ Devyn's advice column | Ask Devyn A Question

brunettebabe answered Wednesday July 28 2004, 3:40 am:
that would be a really good idea i might be a pimpette and just get some girls to be hoes and that would be really cute.ppl i kno have soo many more weird outfits lyke this fat chick dressed up as a playboi bunny like wore langerie and garders and shit and it was nasty but hey a pimp is a really good idea one of my friends was a pimp.

rate me and go for it

love always n forever erin

[ brunettebabe's advice column | Ask brunettebabe A Question

blueyedchic answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 11:13 pm:
definatley not!! that would be really kool and cute.


[ blueyedchic's advice column | Ask blueyedchic A Question

LoViny0ux914 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 9:03 pm:
no itd b cool!!

[ LoViny0ux914's advice column | Ask LoViny0ux914 A Question

Sagittarius03 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 8:18 pm:
hell no. my friends are all like that. my one friend is going to be 50 cent. thats a lot weirder than a pimp. -PA

[ Sagittarius03's advice column | Ask Sagittarius03 A Question

AnDiE answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 8:01 pm:
uMm.. a ReAl pImP? l0l.. i Do kNoT kNoE.. BuT aS a CoStUmE.. tHaTs PiMp!! (gOoD) l0l.. :-D

[ AnDiE's advice column | Ask AnDiE A Question

Sporkster answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 7:36 pm:
Lol, of course not! My cousin was a pimp for his Bar Mitzvah and everyone thought it was the cutest thing, lol. He had some of his girl friends hang around with him for the whole "pimp" effect, lol. Have fun

[ Sporkster's advice column | Ask Sporkster A Question

Sara8047 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 7:02 pm:

[ Sara8047's advice column | Ask Sara8047 A Question

OoxashlynxoO answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 6:48 pm:
no way! that would be awsome!!


[ OoxashlynxoO's advice column | Ask OoxashlynxoO A Question

confusedbabii answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 6:37 pm:
it's not badd,it's kool and u just gotta get sum gurlz ta dress up az hookers,it would be awesome. i say go for it!

[ confusedbabii's advice column | Ask confusedbabii A Question

kevin1986 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 6:35 pm:
No,that's a good idea.

[ kevin1986's advice column | Ask kevin1986 A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 6:27 pm:
nope it'd be cute get some hoes! lol

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

selectopaque answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:55 pm:
as lone as you get some hookers to go along with your costume then it's fine.

[ selectopaque's advice column | Ask selectopaque A Question

SweetAvenger102 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:41 pm:
NO way man!Being a pimp for Halloween would be awesome,go for it!
Go on wit your bad self! =)

[ SweetAvenger102's advice column | Ask SweetAvenger102 A Question

Duckhunt123 answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:14 pm:
To be honest with you, it wont! I mean halloween is to be scary and "dress up" so no one will really care.

[ Duckhunt123's advice column | Ask Duckhunt123 A Question

xobabyxthang answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:08 pm:

[ xobabyxthang's advice column | Ask xobabyxthang A Question

GC_rox_my_sox answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:04 pm:
I know someone who was a pimp for holloween, and I know a girl who went as a hooker. It's halloween, you can be whatever you want. I don't tink it's bad.

[ GC_rox_my_sox's advice column | Ask GC_rox_my_sox A Question

c_r_y_s_t_a_lt_e_a_r_s answered Tuesday July 27 2004, 5:03 pm:
hahaha! no thats be cute! now all you need is some girls!

[ c_r_y_s_t_a_lt_e_a_r_s's advice column | Ask c_r_y_s_t_a_lt_e_a_r_s A Question
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